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Riptide Storyverse Stories

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Subject: SideWinder to Sigma {Part I}
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-02-26 00:00:00

**Note-This does not take place in the current story universe...you know, the one where I'm dead...**

MysteryMan looked around. It was dark, and cold. The wind was howling, and he could have easily tripped and broken something. But he knew this path well, for he had traveled on it many times, but never in such a sad mood.

He approached an abandoned building, covered with moss. Windows were shattered, and the door that would have once automatically opened, was lying on it's side, almost as if it were dead.

MysteryMan saw some rats running out of the building. He looked up, and saw a sign covered with moss. He wiped it off, until it read...

SideWinder.Net "A New Beginning"

MysteryMan looked sadly at the sign, which once had seemed so cheerful. He remembered the good old days there, with RStefan01, Tridus, Hawkeye, and everyone else...

MysteryMan heard a scream from within the building. Puzzled to who could still be in there, he stuck his head in, and gasped.

People were inside, white as ghosts, walking around. Some had sad faces, or faces of pure rage. One of the people spotted him and screamed. All the people rushed over to him. One grabbed him, and MysteryMan felt extremely cold, when MysteryMan felt another pair of arms on his back. They jerked him back, and he fell out of the doorway, back outside.

MysteryMan looked up and saw SM_007 staring at him, an unreadable expression on his face. "Thanks for saving me...but who are they?"

"They're people who are still living in the past," SM_007 sadly replied. "Those are people who are still hanging on to SideWinder, and who don't want to advance ahead. I fear they will remain there forever..."

"Forever," MysteryMan asked.

"Yes, forever. If they had drawn you in, you would have stayed...forever. It seems like SideWinder is still active to them in there, but it's not. It's only what they wish SideWinder had become."

MysteryMan looked at the building again. He couldn't believe this was what it would have become. He remembered the first day he set eyes on it...

"I wish there was a way to teach them they must leave the past behind," SM_007, also staring thoughfuly at SW HQ.," but...they just can't realize that they have to, in order to be happy..."

SM_007 sighed. "Some people have also kinda...lost it, since SideWinder shut down. But, there's hope for them. At least they aren't in there..."

Suddenly, a figure stumbled through the darkness...naked.

"Hey, does someone have a light," Sid said, shakily. "It's pretty darn dark out here..."

MysteryMan reminded himself to not look down. "Um...sure..." MysteryMan handed him a light.

Sid took in, grinning happily. He skipped away, singing some little kid song.

"Um...there's hope for him, right," MysteryMan asked, staring at Sid run off.

"Um...well, Sid's, you know...different."

MysteryMan nodded, as it was true, after all, he had heard things around SideWinder about him...

"MysteryMan, I don't want you back here. There's too many sad memories now, and I don't want you to become one of them..."SM_007 told MysteryMan, motioning to the people inside, who were screaming, "Where's the watcher???"

MysteryMan nodded, and looked a distance away, to a new building, humming with activity...Project Sigma.


End of Part I, Part II'll be out...probably after this place is open =)


"I am a Mystery"

Subject: Escape from Dark Lord Tridus' Keep: Part II
Author: Un-King WizardSlayer
Date: 2000-03-04 00:00:00

*Aaron has escaped from the cell in Tridus' keep. He's looking for Tridus' laptop so he can reset the Anon user permissions. He's still in the prison hall, with his assistant skater goon "Horhey"*

Aaron: I can't make heads or tails of this Keep. Horhey, we'll have to find a map.
Horhey: Tight dawg.
Aaron: Quit it with the ebonics.
Horhey: Hell no yo'
*Aaron slaps Horhey*
Horhey: Okay

*Aaron and Horhey walk down a long hall on both sides of the hall are dungeon cell filled with forumers that didn't vote for Chris (Tridus), behind the prisoners are people wearing dark robes chanting in deep monotone voices "Now don't you wish you voted for Master ... Now don't you wish you voted for Master"*

Aaron: What a twisted psycho Tridus is ...
*One of Tridus' Slaves heads snaps to Aaron's direction*
Dark Slave of Evil: What was that?!
Aaron: I said Dark Lord Tridus is a very nice person
Dark Slave of Evil: Oh ... okay. Hey what are you doing here?
Aaron: I'm here to reset Anonymous permission to the Rip-Tide forum.
Dark Slave of Evil: What?! Stop right there!
Aaron: Do you have a key to the cell?
Dark Slave of Evil: No
Aaron: Than I'm not stopping, have a nice day.
Dark Slave of Evil: D'oh!

*Aaron walks to the center of the hall, he approaches a stand*

Aaron: ... Well isn't that nice ... it's a directory to the Keep!
Horhey: Tight slice-dog
Aaron: Okay now that doesn't even make sense!!!
Horhey: Quiet bitch before I bussa-cap in yo' face
Aaron: What cap?
Horhey: F*g
Aaron: What did you call me? ... No nevermind I don't even care just ... shut-up

*Aaron looks at the directory, finds a circular sticker that reads "If you didn't know your here than your a moron" Aaron removes the sticker and places it in the box that says 'Undeclared Supreme Ruler of the Universe Dark Lord Tridus' Bedroom' Suddenly Aaron and Horhey appear inside Chris' Closet inside a shirt*

Horhey: Quit touching me h*mo
Aaron: Look, I don't like men okay! Quit implying that!
Horhey: Nerd
Aaron: Yeah so? Who makes all the money today? Nerds! So by the time I'm twenty I'll have ten times as much money than you and be able to crush you like a bug!
Horhey: ... Huh?
Aaron: *Mumbles something like 'Stupid Moron, he's an insult to the word skater'*

*Tear open Chris' $100 shirt and come out of his closet and enter Chris' room which is a total mess with empty Chee-tohs, Salt & Vineger potato chip bags. On a night-stand next to the bed a bottle of ketchup lay on it's side and drips ketchup onto the carpet.*

Aaron: Good god! This room is a mess ... jeez it stinks, Tisk tisk, this room really needs a womans touch ... That's your job retard-o *Looks at Horhey*
Horhey: Shut up qu**r
Aaron: Whatever, I wonder if his laptop is in here.

*Horhey pokes Aaron in the back of the neck*

Aaron: Stop that
Horhey: Stop what? *Horhey does it again*
Aaron: That!
Horhey: I'm not doing anything ... your messed up.
Aaron: Moron

*Aaron walks towards bedroom door, he opens it to reveal a very deep pit.*

Aaron: Good god! It's an infinate abyss of darkness in which you fall for all eternaty!
Horhey: *Horhey runs to Aaron he says "Hey Dawg I found this video right here it's named 'Indian Wars' I think it's a skino-max movie wanna watch b*tch?" Stops at the edge of the Abyss. "Hey tight bizatch!"
Aaron: No.
Horhey: *Cough* Fa**ot *Cough*
Aaron: That is it!!! *Pushes Horhey into the abyss*
Horhey: *Echoes* Geeeek
Aaron: Moron *Turns around pushes a button next to the door, a bridge extends across the abyss, Aaron walks along it*
Aaron: Now where do I go? Hmm ... *Looks a up about 5 degrees and sees a big sign framed in 14K gold reading "Dark Lord Tridus' Office" Aaron starts to jog to the office, but runs into a tall man wearing armor, turns to see a man in a blue suit talking to the night*
Knight: ... What is your name?
Aaron: *Cough* Rip-Off! *Cough*
Man in Suit: Bob
Knight: ... What is your quest?
Man in Suit: ... Quest?

*The floor boards beneath the man spring up and send the man through an opening in the roof.

Man in Suit: Ahhhhhhh!
Aaron: May I enter his office?
Knight: ... What is your name?
Aaron: I don't know! It's only been written in the stupid story fifty thousand times!
Knight: Your right ... it is a stupid sketch, it's the same stupid thing over and over, I mean Horhey! What a stupid character. Any-Way ... What is your quest?
Aaron: I seek to reset the anonymous permissions
Knight: What is your favorite color?
Aaron: Yellow
Knight: Can a swallow carry a coconut from Africa to Europe?
Aaron: Well is it an African swallow or a northern European swallow?
Knight: I ... Don't ... know ...

*Floorboards spring up and shoot the Knight into the opening*

Knight: Ahhhhhhh!
Aaron: ... Whatta cop-off ...

*Aaron opens the office door and see's a glass case with a laptop inside it spinning on a rotory base. The case is engulfed in a ray of heavenly light, Aaron looks up to see that it's just a neon light hanging on chains above the case, he looks to the left to see Chris in a large office chair talking on the phone*

Undeclared Ruler of the Universe Dark Lord Tridus: What do you mean impossible?! If I want a personal jet pack I'm gonna get a personal jet pack! *Pause for response* Yeah well maybe I am insane but your dead! *Pushes a red button marked "Goons"* Now back to more important stuff. *Takes out a Yo-Yo* Look at it! You trow it away and it keeps coming back! Haha ... Ha! *PA Systems turns on ... "Lord Tridus you are wanted in the Sub-Level dungeon there's a slave that wants you to open his cage, he says two guys are running around your Keep* ... Rats! Can't anybody do anything with out me? *Gets up and walks away*

Aaron: Finally I can get the laptop.

*Aaron walk into the room, suddenly a laser pops-up around the glass case surrounding the laptop.*

Aaron: Damn *Aaron approaches the case* I have to use all my skill to get this laptop. *Aaron twiddles his fingers, waits a second than punches the case open, an alarm goes off, Aaron claps twice and the alarm stops* What kinda moron hooks an alarm up to a clapper?! *Aaron grabs the laptop and turns it on. The operating system loads in about a minute*

*After the computer loads Aaron access' Chris' work server and opens the Forum directory*

Aaron: Wow ... fast. *Aaron trys to figure out how to change permissions for anonymous users* I guess I'll just have to flip through all the files and try to find the code. Hmm I guess I'll start here ... Styles.inc

Aaron: *Looks through the code* What the hell is this?! This doesn't even make sense! Look at all these ampersands they shouldn't be here! *Deletes about 20 &'s* There that's better. *Re-Uploads file to the Server* Lets see if this works ... *Loads site and trys to login as anon. A message comes up reading "You can't access the forum you dirty anonymous filthy de-generate scum!"* Damn ... hey ... why is it in the WizDom layout??? Well can't worry about that now. I wonder if the Administration account has any abilitys to change the permission.

*Goes back to the the login page types in for the Username "Dark Lord Tridus" and types in for the password "Hoser"*

Aaron: I wonder if this works ... *Aaron clicks Submit, next page comes up reading "You were logged in successfully Dark Lord Tridus! You can now proceed back to the Thread list, or maybe to your User Configuration"* Woo-Hoo! *Aaron clicks thread list. Aaron See's 30,000,000 Election posts.* Hmm ... this looks interesting ... *Aaron looks at the Admin button next to the FAQ button. He clicks it, He comes to the Admin page, he clicks on 'Update user info'* This is it! This is gonna be it!!! *Types in the username box 'Anonymous' and clicks Edit, the Edit page comes up and he see's the 'Update Profile button and clicks it.* Well nothing else I can do ... I hope that fixed it ...

*Aaron goes back to the login page and trys to log in as an Anon, the successfull login page appears ... and the people rejoiced*

Anons: *Monotone voice* ... yay ...
Aaron: Yay ... well ... Hmm I guess I gotta go back now.

*Tridus and the slave from the dunjeon burst into the office*

Slave: There he is Master look he reset Anon permissions too!
Undeclared Ruler of the Universe Dark Lord Tridus: Oh ... don't worry we'll take care of him my little underling ... we'll take care of him soon enough. *Chris' eyes turn dark red.*

To Be Continued ...

... I wanna be president! Whaaa!

Subject: Muhahahaha! (quick little continuation)
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-03-05 00:00:00

*Soon to be ruler of the universe, Dark Lord Tridus looks at these impertenient fools who have invaded his private sanctum*.

Tridus - *presses a button on the wall to turn the intercom on* Guards! I have some trash for you to throw out!

*About thirty guards who look a lot like Stormtroopers come in and drag Akwidox and his partner in crime away*

*Tridus sits down at his computer* Now then... Sashie, restore all modified files from the previous backups.

*Sashie beeps and the styles.inc file is restored, but not the user database, as its not included in that command*

T - Now then Sashie... *extends his left hand into the air as if trying to grasp something* give me my sword, those fools are going to pay very very dearly for this.

Sashie - *in a whiny voice* no!

T - *looks shocked* huh? oh whats the problem now?

S - Your a meanie, I want daddy back!

T - *shakes his head* hello, its me! I'm the same person!

S - No, your a big meanie!

T - *sigh* I know sweetie... but its just for a little big longer... then I can get Elayne released from those bad men and things can go back to normal..

S - go beat up on them, they're mean!

T - I can't... we have an agreement.

S - a..gre...mnt? go beat up on them!

T - *sigh* look... we'll talk about this later ok sweetie? I need to go deal with those two...

S - they can help!

T - ... I'll be back.

*Tridus starts making his way down to the dungeon to deal with the intruders and puts the Dark Lord facade back on, although his heart isn't really in it anymore...*

"If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you..." - Martina McBride

Subject: The Mystery Attacker
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-03-06 00:00:00

At the election party, MysteryMan sits proudly on top of his throne. 4 men in black suits and sunglasses, carrying guns, are behind him. A fire is going, and people in a circle are dancing around the fire, in a circle, singing...

"MysteryMan, ruler of us now,
Your campaign made us all say wow,
We heard you calling, and we answered you call,
We are no sorry we voted you at all!"

The singing stops, and Adun975 jumps out as everyone else keeps dancing.

"hello, old chap, i am Glad you got to be,
the good presidenteeeeeeee
(Long E)

The crowd glares at Adun, but he keeps singing,

"you are the president!
I will offer you many a Mint,
Because I am HAppy for you,
because if You have power, I do too!
So, please, good ol'

Someone in the crowd whacks Adun on the head, and he slumps to the ground.

"MysteryMan, ruler of us now,
Your campaign made us all say wow,
We heard you calling, and we answered you call,
We are no sorry we voted you at all!"

SM_007 steps forward, and begins to sing.

"Good job, my friend,
You achieved your quest in the end,
You fought to win with all of your might,
And you actually won the race, depite,
The Dark Lord Tridus trying to beat you,
Since your victory, people will not say "Who",
When they look at you!"

"MysteryMan, ruler of us now,
Your campaign made us all say wow,
We heard you calling, and we answered you call,
We are no sorry we voted you at all!"

Suddenly, an UFO floats over the field. A beam shoots towards the ground, and an alien appears. It walks forward, and talks,

"Grabbo grabbo grook gok,
Wabba me siero tok,"
(You would have to remove your tongue to say this line)
"Wabba wabba men more grahjukbiz!"

One of the men behind MysteryMan loads his gun, and fires it. The alien shrieks and suddenly speaks English.

"How dare you attack me? I will wage war among your entire race, mwahahahaahahah!"

The alien suddenly disappears. Everyone turns to stare at the bodyguard who fired the shot. "I hit the CD-Player, because someone set it to "Blue" over and over. Who turned it on?"

Adun975, who is still looking groogy from the hit on his head, puts up a hand. The bodyguards speak among themselves. Adun tries to turn around to run, but the bodyguard is in his way and hits him.

"Please, please, I'm sorry," Adun pleads as the men drag him away.

"I think I will head back to my bunk for a minute," MysteryMan tells the bodyguards.

One of the bodyguards hears MysteryMan muttering to himself. The only words he can catch are, "Finally...complete...so...revenge...poor RipTide...Shawn...finally...rule..."

MysteryMan gets up and walks to his hotel. He enters his room, and takes something that will help him in the future, and puts it in a safe. Just as he is about to lock it, he hears a noise from his bed.

MysteryMan turns around, and a figure jumps off his bed, with a club in hand. MysteryMan sees, "Riptide Staff" on his shirt, but as he is about to look up, the club hits MysteryMan on the head. He falls over, hearing...

MysteryMan, ruler of us now,
Your campaign made us all say wow,
We heard you calling, and we answered you call,
We are no sorry we voted you at all!"

Then he hears his safe being opened, and he knows the person is going to steal the item he just put in. He tries to get up, but a foot kicks him in the mouth. MysteryMan is knocked out.

To Be Continued...by you, if you want

Subject: Hello, Riptide!
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-03-07 00:00:00

As everyone is doing...something, a voice echos through the uncompleted-Riptide HQ. "Hello, Riptide!"

The camera shifts to MysteryMan. He is sitting at a desk, with two people behind him...the "Mystery Men" who talked to SM_007 in an earlier post. MysteryMan is talking into a microphone.

"How are you guys? Fine, I'm guessing, because I am your President!" MysteryMan speaks into the microphone. A tape, which is recorded with people clapping, plays.

"Well, everyone, I'm proud to announce my new radio show...Mystery Talk! Yes, Mystery Talk! Where you, the audience, comes on my show and talks to me about whatever you want!"

"To be on the show, ICQ us at 62781510! Also, because we want this to be YOUR show to, tell us what to talk about! Isn't that nifty! Call right now!"

One of the Mystery Men speaks up. "Yeah, and if you be on the show, and make an ass of yourself, we'll blow it off!"
He holds up a gun for everyone to see.

MysteryMan has a forced smile on his face. "So, um, remember, now you can publicy talk to your President!"


Ok, everyone, to be on the show, ICQ me at 62781510, saying you want to be on the show, and give us something to talk about...or a theme. It will be posted by-daily.

Subject: The explosive side of life.
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-03-08 00:00:00

*After planning everything out for his daring rescue, Tridus walked confidently down into the area where the forumers reside, knowing full well that none would dare attack him. Dressed entirely in black, he looked more like a moving shadow then his normal self. The never-ending twilight that Tridus cast the community into a few days ago only seemed to make him look that much more ominious, more twisted and corrupt.*

Tridus walked into an area from which everyone could hear and see him, and proceeded to issue an ultimatium.

T - Alright... Listen up you worms! I'm tired of this... since I can't control you fools, I'm simply going to destroy you!

T - You have 24 hours to surrender that kid MysteryMan to me in chains.

*Tridus smiles*

T - Oh... did I mention that I planted a bomb somewhere in here, and that if you don't hand him over in 24 hours, it will go off, killing most of you.

T- Have a nice day.... *evil laughter as Tridus turns and walks back up to his keep*

"If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you..." - Martina McBride

Subject: A bomb? AHH!H!!!!! *a riot starts*
Author: Anonymous
Date: 2000-03-08 00:00:00

We demand the immediate surrender of the President to Tridus, maybe that will make him get rid of the bomb and give us daylight again! Damnit, turn yourself in, the fate of the entire community is at stake here!

*The mob proceeds to continue to chant that as they start tearing things apart looking for the bomb in a panic induced frenzy*

Subject: I am so disappointed in all of you!
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-03-08 00:00:00

"You want to know something, guys? I wanted to be President of Riptide because it was a friendly, strong place! How can you guys fall apart so quickly when the Dark Lord threatens to bomb the place? You want me to surrender?"

"Do you not realize that Tridus will destroy this place anyway? Then, he'll go join somewhere else...and repeat the same thing, ruinging people's lives!"

The crowd seems to calm down a bit, but they are still panicked.

"Now, listen. You may want to give me to the Dark Lord, but I won't let you." MysteryMan motions to the Mystery Men behind him, "Now, listen up, I have plans."

"kwerkey, handle the lower part of the building with Akwidox. Styx, you, RStefan01,go check out the basement."

MysteryMan continues handing out orders to people to help find then bomb. Finnaly, he ends with, "SoulTaker, Sid6.9, and Akardam, we're going to head to his keep and beat the (edit) out of him! Maybe then, we can find the bomb, and restore Tridus to the good man he once was!"

MysteryMan, SoulTaker, Sid6.9, and Akardam all ruin up the hill, looking at the Dark Lord's keep in the distance...


"The Phoenix can be reborn, but it is never the same"

Subject: Hey, he's right!
Author: Anonymous
Date: 2000-03-08 00:00:00

Yay! He's going to save us!

*The mob is happy, although still scared*

Can you get the sunlight back too? (authors note: in case anyone doesn't realize it, Tridus cast the forum into endless twilight in revenge for not winning the election)

Subject: Get back to work!
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-03-08 00:00:00

As MysteryMan, SoulTaker, Sid6.9, and Akardam run up the hill, MysteryMan turns back and yells, "Get to work! Search for the bomb!"

"Oh, and yeah, I'll get you some sunlight, thanks to the miracle of computer animation!" The crowd cheers, then runs off to the area where they should be looking...


"The Phoenix can be reborn, but it is never the same"

Subject: There's a bomb in the forum!
Author: /Dev/Null
Date: 2000-03-08 00:00:00

[Scene: Riptide Forum]

(Mysteryman leads Sid6.9, Soultaker, and Akardam up the hill...)

MM: Right. We've got to find that bomb and diffuse it!

(Akardam pulls out his calculator and punches a few numbers into it.)

Akardam: You do realize that the bomb wouldn't have to be any bigger than a couple of bytes, and we've got over 102,400,000 bytes to search? The probability that we'd find it is slim...

Sid6.9: Well, how long would it take to search that many bytes?

Akardam (does some more calculations) : 1263 minutes.

MM: Damn, that's cutting it close... any way we can speed it up?

Akardam: Yeah... get me A Spell Paridigm book, immediately!

MM: Right. Soultaker, go find one!

Soultaker: Rightaway!

(MM, Sid6.9, and Akardam continue up the hill while Soultaker goes off in search of A Spell Paridigm book.)


"To be continued... by someone else".

"I'd prefer to have a bottle in front of me instead of a frontal lobotomy."
Everything but TheKitchenSink - UIN 2225722 - akardam@jps.net

Subject: MysteryMan, Akardam, and Sid6.9 VS the Dark Lord Tridus
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-03-08 00:00:00

They are all gasping for breath now. But, they are very near the keep.

"You know, I can't really fight! I only watch the Death Matches..." Sid complains.

"Oh, do shut up," snaps Akardam. "If we do this, we'll save Riptide, and we will be heros forever!"

"C-mon...guys, when we get there, we ask nicely, then beat him up!" MysteryMan tells them.

"3 vs 1? That's cheap!" Sid exclaims.

"Yeah, but this is Tridus!"

"Oh, yeah..."

MysteryMan,Akardam, and Sid all stop at the entrance to the keep. "Tridus, listen up, 'cause this is the only time we're gonna say this! You disarm the bomb, restore the sunlight, and become good again or we'll make you!"

Tridus suddenly appears in front of them. "You dare challenger the Dark Lord," he ask them. "Ha! Take your best shot!"

Tridus jumps up into the air as the party rushes at him. He lands on Akardam's back. He punches Akardam in the back of the head, and Akardam attempts to throw him off, but it's useless.

Meanwhile, the other two were confused as to where Tridus vanished, so they turn around and see Tridus on Akardam's back. MysteryMan attempts to pull Tridus off Akardam, but he kicks him in the eye. Sid just looks frightened.

Tridus leaps into the air yet again. He lands on Akardam's head this time, and Akardam gasps. He throws Tridus off him, and holds his head, moaning.

MysteryMan runs at Tridus, who is momentarily caught of guard. He kicks him in the teeth. "How's it feel?"

Tridus screams and knocks MysteryMan over. He jumps on top of him, and punches him over and over. "Sid, help me here, damn it!" screams MysteryMan.

Sid is paralized with fright. "This would actually be cool if the Death Matches caught this," he thinks.

Tridus leaps off MysteryMan, who is knocked out. Akardam is still moaning over his head. Tridus starts to run towards Sid, as Sid backs away slowly...


"The Phoenix can be reborn, but it is never the same"

Subject: round 2: Heroes of evil.
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-03-08 00:00:00

>Tridus starts to run towards Sid, as Sid backs away slowly...

Tridus runs past Sid and hits a button inside a panel in the wall. After doing that, he turns and looks smugly at the party.

T - Well... you fools are sure in for it now. muhahaha

*The party looks around and gathers together, not sure of what Tridus is talking about*

T - Oh, don't worry.. my surprise will be along soon enough, but in the mean time...

*Tridus charges at the group and delivers a swift kick to the stomach of Sid6.9, sending him down to the ground. Akardam tries to throw a punch at the Dark Lord, but his head is still woozy and he can't connect. Tridus turns and tries to nail MysteryMan with a punch, but the attack is blocked. Sensing that he is in danger of being surrounded, Tridus backs off.*

MM - You can't win this! Just go back to your old self!

T - Oh... I don't think so... Crusher, Low Blow, if you would be so kind as to escort these gentlemen to... the dungeon?

*Standing behind the trio are Tridus' Hired Goons. The goons quite easily manhandle the battered group and proceed to beat on them for a few minutes, after which they search the group, then drag the group down and toss them into a dank mouldy cell together. The goons then leave to go have something to eat, while Tridus' laughter can be heard echoing throughout the entire keep for several long minutes.*

"If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you..." - Martina McBride

Subject: *snoreing away with his head on the desk*
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-03-08 00:00:00

in his tiny office in a trailer. Which was conviently parked near the beach where his next contract was to be built near.

Something slammed into the side of the vehicle and woke him up. He ran to the door and peered outside. Some unnamed character yelled at him as he got up off the ground. There's a bomb! Get away as fast as you can!

rRaminrodt just stood there confused thinking. A bomb? Why didn't anyone tell me?



Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: Continueing the Tyrant's journey, quest for the Bomb... Pt.2
Author: Tyrant~|TOA|
Date: 2000-03-08 00:00:00

The hidden wall closed silently behind the dark figure. The sudden chill of darkness was quick to cast out any warmth within. With short gasps of thin dry air the figure cast about for a light.

A gloomy light chased the darkness into the gloomy recesses.
The shadows streching out to claim what the light could not take.

Muttering to himself the figure quickly draws a map in the dust of the floor. From memory he sketches out the tunnels and bi-ways. From the forum to the Staff area, contemplating the likely places for the bomb.

Quickly errasing all trake of his map the figure casts for a dark alclove and carefully sweeps back dust to cover his trail. Chideing himself on a poor job he hopes the disturbed dust will only mean evedence of the door being opened inward.
A faint click he had heard becomes a low moaning. As a great door is slowly opened. A door that must weigh much. The whisp of hurried foot steps fades off into the deep catacombes. The other figure undaunted by the light...


"My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right."annon

Subject: MysteryMan VS Sid6.9, and the Escape
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-03-08 00:00:00

"What the heck were you doing back there? You didn't help us!" MysteryMan said angrily to Sid6.9. "We lost, and we might have won if you had helped!"

"Sorry, I wasn't ready to fight Tridus!"

"Yeah, guess you suck at fighting!"

"Oh, do shut up!" snapped Akardam, while busily trying to unlock the door in the dungeon.

MysteryMan sighed. "You do suck at fighting!"

"You lie! I can show you my skills is needed!" Sid6.9 replied.

"Prove it!"

MysteryMan got into fighting position, as Sid did too. MysteryMan threw a punch, and Sid ducked. Sid tackled MysteryMan, and got on top of him, punching him.

"Guys, we might need to fight, so don't beat each other," Akardam said. As the two didn't stop fighting, he sighed and continued to work the lock.

MysteryMan shoved Sid off. He jumped up, and kicked him in the face. Sid tried to get up, but MysteryMan pinned him down. He was preparing to smash his teeth in when they heard footsteps.

For a moment, everyone froze. Then, MysteryMan lept off Sid and ran over to a corner, pretending to be bored. Sid, still on the floor, pretended he was taking a nap. Akardam found a piece of paper in his pocket and pretended to play Tic-Tac-Toe.

The Dark Lord Tridus arrived, with his two goons behind him.

"Hm...hello, my friends. I came to visit you...and I brought a friend," Dark Lord Tridus told the party.

One of the goons behind Tridus opened the door, and throws SoulTaker in. He lands with a bumb on the cell floor.

Akardam, suddenly realizing the door is open, casually slides his foot into right by the door. Goon #1 slams the door, right on Akardam's foot. He manages not to scream, and the door is slightly open, because his foot is blocking the door.

The Dark Lord Tridus turns to leave, but he sees Akardam's foot. His glances at it a second, and says to MysteryMan, "I think I will see you later..." He smiles a cruel smile, and leaves. The goons quickly follow.

"Look, guys, I don't have much time, but I found what you were looking for Akardam! The goons caught me, but I hid it! Let's work it!" SoulTaker told the group breathlessly.

Akardam, red from his foot, stares hard at the object. He fiddles with it, and suddenly he gasps. He looks up, and tells them where the bomb is.

"Tridus is a clever man," Sid6.9 says, "it's too bad he's the Dark Lord now."

"Ok, let's leave," MysteryMan says quickly.

"Well...the goons are blocking the path," SoulTaker tells MysteryMan. "However, I have a plan."

SoulTaker takes out a cell phone and dials 1-800-gogoons. The goons in the other room answer.

"Hello, is this Go Goons?" SoulTaker asks in a high-pitched, girl voice. "Yes...no, I don't need to make a point, I need a...date.

MysteryMan, Akardam, and Sid6.9 try hard not to laugh.

"Yes, well...I called up Big Sexy, but...it wasn't enough for me." SoulTaker begins walking out of the cell. Everyone else follows, as they pass the goon's office. After they pass it, they begin to run towards an exit sign.

"...yes, it will be fun," SoulTaker says. He listens, and then emits a high-pitched giggle. "See you there...honey..." He presses the off button, and says in his normal voice, "Heehee, that was fun!"

The part reaches the exit door. Next to it, is a door with the words "Dark Lord" on it.

"Guys...I must...deal with the Dark Lord. This terror can not go on forever..." MysteryMan tells the group. "Now, exit! Find the bomb and disarm it!" The group, minus MysteryMan, know not to argue with their President. They leave.

MysteryMan heads through the door, and reaches another. The door reads...

Attention! No one can enter. Except, MysteryMan...spell out the name of the item I took from your vault on the keyboard below.

MysteryMan entered the door, and approached a throne. The Dark Lord Tridus stands up. "MysteryMan...I knew you would come. You always want to be the hero, the one to win. Well, you shan't win this time."

Tridus rolls up his sleeves, and grins. "Come on, MysteryMan...see if you can defeat me!"

Subject: The Fight you've been waiting for MysteryMan VS Dark Lord Tridus
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-03-08 00:00:00

Note: This is after my last story

Tridus throws a punch at MysteryMan, he ducks, and spins around, and then tries to kick the Dark Lord, but he moves out of the way.

"None should defeat the Dark Lord!" announces Tridus as he kicks MysteryMan in the face. MysteryMan staggers backwords, holding a bloody nose.

Tridus moves in closer, for another shoot, this time to blind MysteryMan in his left eye. "Mystery KICK!" shouts MysteryMan as he jumps into the air, kicking Tridus's head rapidly.

Tridus kicks MysteryMan in the foot, causing him to fall to the ground. Tridus tries to punch MysteryMan in the belly, but MysteryMan rolls out of the way, so Tridus hits the ground.

Tridus flings his whole body onto MysteryMan, knocking the wind of of him. "Tridus...what...have...you become? You...used to be...the light...now...," MysteryMan gasps.

Tridus picks up MysteryMan, and throws him towards the ground. Tridus jumps, but MysteryMan rolls out of the way, so Tridus hits the ground. He gasps in pain.

MysteryMan, taking advantage of Tridus being stunned, runs over to the other side of the room. He is still hurt from being slammed, but he knows he must not let Tridus get ahold of him. He opens a door, and runs inside.

Tridus looks around for MysteryMan. He winces when he gets up. "Where'd you go, MysteryMan? You can't hide forever!"

MysteryMan bursts from the closet, and rams himself into Tridus. Tridus hits the wall, but gets up and chases the fleeing MysteryMan. MysteryMan is slightly faster, and reaches the closet, and slams the door behind himself.

"Idiot, locked himself." Tridus mutters to himself. He opens the closet, and sees MysteryMan holding...his laptop, Sashie!

"Sashie, get away from that mean man," Tridus orders Sashie.

"No, daddy. You the mean one now! My daddy isn't Dark Lord!"

MysteryMan throws Sashie at Tridus. Tridus catchs her, but is shocked. Sashie is plugged into the wall, and is transfering all energy to the Dark Lord.

"S-s-s-s-s-s-ss-s-s-s-ahie, whyyyyyy?," Tridus screams, while shaking.

"You not daddy!"

The lights go out as the eletricity is drained. Tridus falls to the ground, clutching Sashie.

MysteryMan is about to tie up Tridus when his phone rings. MysteryMan answers it. "Hello!"

"This...Sid." The voice is staticy, so MysteryMan misses a few words. "Sid, where are you?"

"The...bomb...we...caught......Akardam...-ad...damn Dark......help...at...bomb!"


"The Phoenix can be reborn, but it is never the same"

Subject: The DisArmation...
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-03-09 00:00:00

Guys, I'm really sorry if you had a section planned, but I fear that everyone will be asleep by the time the bomb explodes, so enjoy...you still may be able to make another part!

Sid screamed in pain as Goon#1 held him by the neck. A table, upside down on the floor, lays on a knocked out Soul Taker. Akardam is rapidly punching Goon#2, while the goon is fighting back.

The goon throws Sid against the ground. He bounces, moaning, off the ground. Akardam leaps onto Goon#2 and bites him. "Gosh, are you made of rubber?"

As everything was fading, Sid remembered that they had found the bomb on a table in MysteryMan's room. The goons had taken it out of the safe, and put it on the table to confuse them. Now, it seemed like all hope was lost...

Akardam lept off Goon#2 and faced Goon#1. The Goon smiled at him, showing his teeth. Akardam couldn't believe his good luck, and he kicked the goon right in the teeth. The goon screamed and fell to the floor.

Akardam turned to face Goon#2. He was clearly the stronger one, while #1 was just a fat blob. However, #2 was very strong and wise.

Goon #1 picked up a iron bar he and Goon#2 had used to pry open the safe. He swung at Akardam, who ducked. Akardam saw that another bar was on the floor, and he picked it up.

Akardam whacked Goon#1 in the stomach. He bent over, and Akardam knocked him on the head with it. He leaned towards the ground and moaned. However, he suddenly took Akardam by surprise by ramming in to him. Goon#1 then cracked him on the head with the bar.

Akardam knew he was about to faint, but he told himself he must stay awake if Riptide was to be saved. He backed away as Goon#1 walked towards him.

At this time, MysteryMan arrived. He looked around and saw Sid6.9 on the ground, with goon#2 beside him. SoulTaker lay under a table, and Akardam seemed to be fighting with Goon#1. Then he saw it-the bomb! He ran towards it, preparing to hit the button that would stop it from exploding.

As he ran towards the table, Goon#2, who had just waken up, grabbed him from the floor. MysteryMan fell, and stood up while the goon was holding on to his feet. He reached out, but his arms weren't quite long enough to reach the button. Oh, if only the goon would let go!

Suddenly, through the door, Dark Lord Tridus entered. He looked beat up, and very tired. He had two black eyes. However, he could see MysteryMan preparing to hit the button that would disarm the bomb! He dashed towards him, preparing to knock him towards the ground.

MysteryMan saw Tridus approaching, and realized he couldn't hit the button...but Tridus could. As Tridus lept into the air to tackle him, MysteryMan ducked.

Tridus flew over MysteryMan's head, and landed...on the button. A loud, clear, voice, much like Sashie's, said "Bomb Disarmed".

Tridus roared with anger. MysteryMan jerked his foot from the surprised goons grasp. He rans towards Sid, tripped over him stupidly, and hit the wall. Akardam was soon beside him, after hitting the goon with the bar right in the eyes.

Goon#1 and Goon#2 got up, behind the Dark Lord Tridus. The Dark Lord glared at them angrily. "You idiots, I'm gonna put you though a fate worse then death! I will make sure the rest of your lives are spent in pain!"

MysteryMan turned his head as he heard guns shooting. A window broke. MysteryMan gasped as one figure jumped through one window, guns in hand...

Subject: *Psycho Sam walks into the forum*
Author: Psycho Sam!
Date: 2000-03-09 00:00:00

*The forum was quiet. Although there were many forumers walking about, it seemed, somehow, empty. Seemingly out of nowhere, Psycho Sam! walks into the room carrying a box*

MysteryMan- Hey, I thought you were missing. Didn't you dissapear in your lab a while ago?

Psycho Sam- Umm, I think you're thinking about another Psycho Sam! I have a present for you.

MysteryMan- Ooh, a present. *MysteryMan opens the box*

*Inside the box he notices what seems to be some mechanical device filled with some chemical. It had a timer on it, and it was counting down. For some reason, the voice that was counting down sounded an awful lot like Steve Martin. It had 7 hours left until it was finished counting*

MysteryMan- This isn't a bomb, is it?

*Instead of answering, Psycho Sam just stood there, smiling. Although he normally smiles alot, his smile this time seemed somewhat different. Evil somehow*

Psycho Sam- Umm, I think it's some new kind of clock, doesn't it look new?

MysteryMan- I guess. What's it counting down for? And why does it sound like Steve Martin?

Psycho Sam- It isn't. You're imagining things. On a completely unrelated note, I have to go now. Please do not try and disarm the clock, ok?

*With a suspicious look MysteryMan assured Sam that he wouldn't, but he was getting suspicious*

MysteryMan- Hey SM_007! Could you come here for a second? I have something here I need you to look at!

*SM_007 walks up to MysteryMan and looks into the box*

SM_007- I think it's a bomb. Let me try to stop it from counting down.

*As SM_007 tries to disarm it, he notices a big rted button which says "Do not press". Instinctively, he pressed it, but instead of disarming it like he had hoped, it released a gas that put him and MysteryMan to sleep*

*Psycho Sam walked away laughing to himself. Only 7 hours left...*

I am Sam!
Psycho Sam!
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Subject: *SM_007 wakes up*
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-03-09 00:00:00

*SM_007 slowly comes to, pulling himself to his feet.*

SM_007: Ungh... Oh, my head...

*SM_007 drunkinly walks over to where MysteryMan is lying.*

SM_007: Hey! Wake up! MysteryMan!

*SM_007 sighs.*

SM_007: What the hell is going on around here, anyway? Where is everyone? Ugh, I don't remember a thing...

*SM_007 stumbles over himself and drags his feet to the exit door, and walks out. He falls into his Jaguar, which upon detecting him immediately speeds off, as his feet hang out over the door.*


We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

Subject: *a SOLD sign appears on the Dark Lords Keep*
Author: Psycho Sam!
Date: 2000-03-09 00:00:00

*Some forumers were heading up to Lord Tridus' keep to complain about the state of affairs, but on the way there they noticed a stranger. As they got closer, they noticed that he was very very thin and had a strange smile on his face*

Forumer #1- Hey! Who are you?

Unknown Person- The real question is probably, who AREN'T I?

Forumer #2- That doesn't make sense.

Unknown Person- Maybe YOU don't mak... Ah well, I'm the new owner of the keep up there.

Forumer #1- Hey, aren't you Psycho...

Unknown Person- !Mas. I'm Psycho !Mas, and I bought this keep. Oh, and I bear gifts. Do you want one?

Forumer #2- Oh, yay. I like gifts. *The forumers take some presents from !Mas and open them*

Forumer #1- Hey, aren't these bombs?

Psycho !Mas- No, they're new clocks. Don't they look new?

Forumer #2- Oh, OK. Hey, mine sounds like Joe Pesci!

Forumer #1- Yay, mine's Bill Clinton! Hey, what does 6:20 mean?

Psycho !Mas- It's the time. Didn't you know that?

Forumer #2- Oh, we're just not used to time going backwards. I'm going to go put it next to my bed. Let's go #1.

*The forumers walk away, leaving !Mas standing there alone, laughing to himself*

Psycho !Mas- Hmm, I think I'll go back home and try on some of those black robes the previous owner left behind. I hope they like my gifts.

*!Mas slowly walks away, humming to himself*

I am Sam!
Psycho Sam!
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Subject: MysteryMan awakens...
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-03-09 00:00:00

MysteryMan wakes up grogilly. He rolls over and spies SM_007, staring out a door with a defeated expression on his face.

"Ugh-...SM_007, what happened?" MysteryMan asked.

"My Jaguar...it left..." was all SM_007 could get out.

Suddenly, everything came back to MysteryMan- Psycho Sam!, the bomb, they being knocked out. MysteryMan sat up quickly. "That bastard! Let's beat him up...well, you should beat him up, 'cause I got into a fight with the dark lord..."

SM_007 sighed. "MysteyMan, do you realize you don't have to beat people up? We can ask nicely!"

"Oh, yeah! You know what would happen..."


SM_007 walks up to Psycho Sam! "Hello, Sam! See, I came to talk to you about that bomb you-ow!"

Psycho Sam! had picked up a rock and thrown it at SM_007. He fell to the ground.

MysteryMan ran up. "You jerk! You knocked out the leader of Riptide!"

Psycho Sam! interupted, "Oh, I am so sorry...I thought it was his evil brother, um...SH_007! Here, have a clock!" Psycho Sam hands MysteryMan a clock then adds, "Well...SM_007 should get one too." He places another clock in MysteryMan's hands and walks off.

"Hm...when will SM_007 wake up? Hm...what time is it?" MysteryMan looks at his clock. "10 seconds until 0? Hm...that's weird..." MysteryMan blinks, and looks closer. "Now it's 9 seconds...8?"


SM_007 sighed. "MysteryMan...you have such an imagination..."

Subject: selling the old keep.
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-03-09 00:00:00

*Tridus is packing up some things, and for some strange reason he only has about three boxes of stuff, one of them being full of computer accessories. The Real Estate agent is just finishing up the paperwork, and an empty pizza box shows evidence that lunch was recently served.*

T - Well... I guess thats it. I hope the new owner stays longer then I did, but I guess the place sorta got to me... made me go kinda crazy and all... its just the atmosphere I think.

Real Estate Agent - Well... maybe its just because you play too many video games.

T - nah... can't be that. Maybe there is something in the water.

Real Estate Agent - well... at any rate, its been a pleasure doing business with you. *Shakes Tridus' hand and walks off, muttering something about the weirdo and his laptop*

T - well... I guess thats everything... the goons were paid and sent home... I have all our stuff... and most importantly I have a huge cheque. Shall we be off Sashie?

S - ok!

*Tridus connects his cell phone and dials the Internet, and then sits down on the boxes and waits for Sashie to transport him, her, and all the stuff. Over the slow line of the cell modem, it took several minutes of gradual fading out until nothing remained of their presence except the Pizza Box.*

"If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you..." - Martina McBride

Subject: Concrete: a mans best friend...
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-03-09 00:00:00

rRaminrodt smiled as the last truck rolled down onto the beach. He flaged the driver over to the nearest mold and the truck began pouring the wet material into the mold.

Happily navigating his construction site, he walked up to his design team. Before managing to open his mouth one of the people handed him a cell phone.

rRaminrodt: "Hello?"

Woman: "Hi, this is the real estate agency. Were calling you about the keep you built recently on the hill.

rRaminrodt: "I finished that job a month ago..."

RE Agent: "There's no problem with the building. We just wanted to inform you that the first owner has already moved out. It says in your contract that you wanted to be notified."

rRaminrodt: "Oh. Okay, thanks."

They both hung up the phone. He frowned and looked at his people, thinking that some people just can't be pleased.

He wonders who the new owner is going to be.


Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: Re:MysteryMan awakens...
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-03-09 00:00:00

*SM_007 stared at the door.*

MysteryMan: So, what do we do now?

*SM_007 sighed.*

SM_007: Where are we, anyway?

MysteryMan: What do you mean? We are in the forum!

*SM_007 sighed, shook his head, and looked back out the door again.*

SM_007: A forum, you say? Interesting. You...are MysteryMan. I remember that much. And I know I had a car that drove off when it say me because of auto-pilot. I can't remember anything else, though. I can't remember who I really am, either! Or anyone else besides us!

*SM_007 slammed his fist into the wall.*

SM_007: ARGH! This is so frustrating! I most have lost my memory. I don't even know what I am doing here!

MysteryMan: Oh, man. This is bad. We have to find Psycho Sam! and beat him up, and make him pay for what he has done to you!

SM_007: What did he do? Did he do this?

*MysteryMan sighed and nodded.*

MysteryMan: He made the bomb that blew up, and, well...I am guessing that's how you lost your memory...

*MysteryMan walked out the door of the forum, and looked back towards a depressed SM_007.*

MysteryMan: Well...? You coming or not?

SM_007: Yeah, yeah, I guess so.

*SM_007 followed MysteryMan out the door as the two walked out into the street and off into the distance.*


We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

Subject: *The clocks reach zero*
Author: Psycho Sam!
Date: 2000-03-09 00:00:00

*Forumer #1 is sitting in his room admiring his new clock. Forumer #2 is in his room doing the same thing*
Forumer #1- Hmm, I wonder why it went past the end of the countdown?

Clock- Oh, sorry. Didn't notice that. I was busy taking a snooze. What was I supposed to do again? Never mind, I remember. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

*The clock emits a bright light and starts shaking. Suddenly it begin ripping apart the fabric of the universe around it, and a vortex opens. The same happens with the clocks in the other forumers rooms. It seems that Psycho !Mas gave more than just the two. A vortex opens up in the middle of the forum and from it steps a very skinny person. This person had an odd smile on his face and was wearing a very beat up plaid shirt*

Psycho Sam!- Free... FREE! At last, out of that wretched void! Uh oh...

*Out of the vortex behind Sam, a large robot with tank treads, large gins and the words "Blizzard Moderator" written across its chest comes blasting out of the vortex*

Moderator- No chat privleges in the void!!! Get back here infidel! I shall boot you!

Psycho Sam!- Eat lead robo! *pulls out his shotgun and shoots the robot in the head causing it to fall over* More will be coming, I've gotta get out of here.

*Psycho Sam runs out the door, completely missing SM_007 and MysteryMan*

MysteryMan- Hey Sam! Get back here so I can give you a beating! Hey! I'm talking to you stick man!

Psycho Sam!- No time, and I suggest you and SM get out here too. You don't want to mes with those channel moderators. They're feirce.

MysteryMan- Huh? WHAT THE??? *Three more moderators grind out of the vortex and start chasing after Sam*

Psycho Sam!- Aww, not again! Psycho Bot! Get over here!

*A small bulky little robot walks out of the vortex and slowly begins to waddle over to Psycho Sam!*

Psycho Sam!- Never mind. I'll see you later.

*Psycho Sam runs away, heading for the town square where he can hopefully lose the robots*

I am Sam!
Psycho Sam!
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Subject: There's no place like home.
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-03-09 00:00:00

*Tridus, Sashie, and the boxes re-materialize inside Tridus' shack in Northern Quebec. Tridus sets Sashie down on her table, then falls into his favorite chair and relaxes... its truly great to be home.*

*Without really realizing it, Tridus nods off in his chair, and has a great dream about the two months of the year his area isn't blanketed in snow..*

*Waking up, Tridus decides to go for a quick walk. He puts on his coat and boots, and goes to open the door. It doesn't move. So he checks to make sure its unlocked and pushes. It still doesn't budge. Looking frustrated, Tridus walks over to a window and sticks his head out. To his dismay, the door is snowed in. Going back to the door, it suddenly dawns on him that the door opens inwards, and the snow shouldn't be blocking it.*

*Not knowing what else to do, Tridus climbed out the window and tried to push the door open from the Outside where he could get more force behind it. After a few moments, the door finally starts budging, and one more push forces it wide open, sending Tridus flying back into his cottage with a large pile of snow.*

*In fact, when Tridus then gets up and tries to close the door, he finds that there is too much snow blocking the way and the door won't close.*

Tridus - *sigh* Sashie... can you help me out here?

*the pile of snow suddenly heats up and melts*

*Tridus closes the door*

T - Thank you sweetie.

"If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you..." - Martina McBride

Subject: The Twin Pardox
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-03-11 00:00:00

The Twin Pardox

or How The Psycho got his Spots.

by rRaminrodt

The dry ground crunched under President MysteryMan's feet, behind him walked SM_007. The presidents friend has lost his memory and MysteryMan worried about SM. But the most dominating thought in his mind was the urge to stop Psysco Sam from hurting anyone with the bombs. MysteryMan was tired, after his fighting with Tridus and all this walking he wondered if he could stay awake any longer.

SM_007: Excuse me, uh MysteryMan. I'm not quite sure, but is that normal?

SM points at an puplish blue energy swirl in the air.

MysteryMan: What the? *he stares at it for a minute* It doesn't seem to be doing anything.

MysteryMan picks up a stick lying on the ground and pokes it into the vortex. He swishes it around and pulls it out.

MysteryMan: *looking at the stick* didn't seem to do anything.

Suddenly a loud engine noise is heard and a large metal object falls out of the vortex which promptly closes.

Both MysteryMan and SM_007 back away from what looks like a heavily damaged seige tank, missing its turret and held together with hastily made welds.

Not soon after the hatch pops open and nothing else happens. Growing bolder MysteryMan climbs up onto the tank to look inside.

MysteryMan: Theres no one inside, and I don't even think it has anymore fuel. This is strange, too strange.

SM_007: I really don't know about that, that kind of thing could happen everyday. *looks depressed* I wouldn't know.

MysteryMan: Don't worry. Its not normal, but we'll get to the bottom of this!

----- Scene: A dark alley -----

A police officer is patrolling his area when he speis someone standing at the back of the alley. He steps into the alley and loosens his weapon in its holster.

Officer: Sir, please identify your businnes back there.

The man says nothing, and the officer steps closer and spies a large letter "R" embossed on the man's jacket.

Officer: Oh. Excuse me, I didn't realise you were with Riptide.

Man: *raises arm and waves* thats fine.

The officer steps closer to the man. Close enough to see that he's working on some kind of electonic device the size of a football. He steps closer to see the divice when he notices the man's face.

Officer: Hey, I don't recognise you!

Man: Ohhh. You shouldn't have come any closer.

He holds up another device he pulled from inside his jacket.

Man: Before you go, I want you to know who you've just messed with.

Officer: *pulling out his gun* Hands up...

Man: Sorry, but you're to slow... Should've learned not to mess with: Rolando!

A bright flash illuminates the dark alley and a second later the was only one man left in the alley.


Psycho Sam! stared at his new home and smiled (more than usual). He proudly walked up to his keep and pulled on the door handle. The door din't bulge, Sam just stared and then looked down at his robotic companion.

Psycho Sam!: I thought it would be unlocked.

Voice: I thought it would be unlocked.

Psycho Sam!: *turns to see whos talking* Hey!

A figure jumps out from behind a rock, Grinning like a maniac.

Psycho !Mas: He he he. I bought it. Not you...

Psycho Sam!: For me! You bought it for me.

Psycho !Mas: Thats what you thought *grins even craizier*

Psycho Sam!: What!? Who else would want a keep like this.

Psycho !Mas: My boss.

A new sound could be heard nearby, the steady beat of running feet.

MysteryMan: Your mad bombing streak is over!

MyseryMan and SM_007 charge over the hill. MysteryMan leaps toward sam and knocks him over. SM however notices the twin Psychos.

SM: Now, I think that this isn't normal.

A new voice, deep and gravelly, can be heard from rthe now open door to the keep. Then a figure cloaked in dark robes materialises.

Figure: I am Orazath, the dark templar.

MM: Like from starcraft... you were in the siege tank!

Orazath: Mmmm. Yes, That was I. My friends here prepared the way for my escape from the place between worlds that was my prison. My bretheren locked me there, but now I am free with the help of my new allies. He snaps his fingers and new figures emerged from the keep and run toward our heroes.

Orazath: Meet Psycho !Mas, MS-700, Sudirt, and even WellKnownGuy. Interesting fellows I met in the void. Seems to me they have positins to *ahem* fill here...

The new enities rush into the midst and takle our heros and knonck them out.


Rolando looked up at the sign above the trialer: rCC Incorporated.
He grinned tightly and pulled the device out of the bag he was carrying it in.

Rolando: *to himself* This is for ruining my chances of running things. This is the last time you figure anything out rRaminrodt.

Rolando's finger presses the large button on the back of the device...


Note: I felt like we didn't have any cool villians running around. THis should make things more interesting =)
the evil dark templar is stuck between dimensions.
Rolando is after rRaminrodt for ruining his chance of taking over.


Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: 'Proceed to phase 3...'
Author: Princess Tatiana
Date: 2000-03-13 00:00:00

Floating high above North America in low orbit, a small group of people sat at the consoles of their small warship, if such a term can be applied to such a small craft.

The bridge only had about five people on it, four at various consoles performing their duties, and a lone woman sitting in the middle of the bridge with a mirror in one hand and a hairbrush in the other. While busying herself with brushing her long fiery red hair, one of her crew completes his task.

The tall and extremely large man stands up and walks before her, falls to one knee and looks at the ground as he speaks with an obviously russian accent.

"My princess... all is in readiness. As you commanded, I have circumvented the detection systems for North America. The planet now has no way of detecting our location, and the millitary lacks the technology necessary to undo what I have done."

The Esteemed Princess Tatiana didn't stop brushing her hair, but did find the time to respond while doing so. "Excellent, proceed to phase 3. With the millitary out of the way, the rabble of the planet consumed by interest in sports, and that potentially troublesome group of plagued by internal wars, soon it will be time..."

Subject: Youre not going anywhere
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-03-17 00:00:00

**MysteryMan presses a button. The door behind Tridus locks itself. The windows bar themselves.**

MM - No one is going anywhere, Tridus...

T - You evil-

MM - Silence! I now control you, Tridus!

T - Now who has gone power mad?

MM - You know...I've never been able to join something before...no specials for MysteryMan! Now that I'm President...that's changed. I have power! And I will use it as I deem fit!

**Tridus looks around for an exit, but they are all locked**


"The Phoenix can be reborn, but it is never the same"

Subject: 'well this doesn't look very promising....'
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-03-17 00:00:00

T - Why you.... let us out of here now!

MM - Ha! never! not until you agree to work for me!

T - why you maniac...

*Tridus looks around and finds something he could use...*

T - well... alright... fine.. you win. Sashie's safety is too important to risk it... *sigh*

MM - Ha! I told you!

T - alright... here, take a seat.. *gets out of MM's chair* you must be tense, I'll give you a shoulder massage, I'm quite well trained at it.

MM - well... I guess. *sits down and lets Tridus start working on him*

T - See... there you go.. yeah, being an evil president is such hard work isn't it? I understand..... *takes one hand away and slowly reaches down for a power drill case, which he uses to conk MysteryMan on the head and knock him out*

T - great.. competition, just what I need. *Hooks up his cell phone quickly* Sashie, get us the hell out of here!

*The familiar sound of a modem connection can be heard and Sashie and Tridus slowly phase out of the office, only to re-appear in another room about 75 feet away.*

T - Good enough... *runs out into the street*

T - People, listen to me! MysteryMan is evil! He just tried to kidnap me! For the love of god, we have to stop him before its too late and he takes over!!!

*The crowd stares blankly at Tridus...*

Crowd Member #1 - Yeah... right.

*meanwhile, the President starts coming around again*

"If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you..." - Martina McBride

Subject: RipTide VS The Cool People
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-03-18 00:00:00

Everyone in Riptide is having a singing party. Everyone's enjoying themselves, especially Big Sexy, who showed up, grabbed a couple of girls, and left. He came back 20 minutes later, and selected new girls. He keeps doing this.

Just as everyone is ready to sing a song about leaving SideWinder when people in sunglasses and "cool" clothes show up. Everyone gasps.

"Oh, no! It's them! I used to be one of them," Adun975 whispers nervously.

"Yo, wassup!" One of the Cool People greets Riptide.

"Back off, we got rid of you in the 56th Ammendment!" SM_007 tells the Cool People firmly.

"Whoah, chill, my homie! C'mon, let's have a party...and we can see who's truly better!" Another Cool People announces. Suddenly, all the Cool People start singing.

"Yo, wassup, my friend,
We are the Cool People, we will never end!
For we rule the school,
For we are cool!"

"Weeee are the cool!
Wanna fight, challenge us to a dueeeeel!
For you, shall never, defeat us!
Try, and end up with a whole punch of puss!
Weeeee are the cool!
We will win the singing duel!"

"So, listen up, hear our call!
Join us, hang out at the mall!
Go from girl to girl, getting every one,
It's reeeeeeeealy fun!"

Big Sexy nods knowingly.

"Weeee are the cool!
Wanna fight, challenge us to a dueeeeel!
For you, shall never, defeat us!
Try, and end up with a whole punch of puss!
Weeeee are the cool!
We will win the singing duel!"

"Also, you can cuss all the time,
You can even cuss in a crappy rhyme!
Chew out your neighbors, chew out your mom,
Sing out Mr Cruise, AKA Tom!"

"Weeee are the cool!
Wanna fight, challenge us to a dueeeeel!
For you, shall never, defeat us!
Try, and end up with a whole punch of puss!
For...Weeeee are the cool!
We will win the singing duel!"

"Popular is easy if you join us!
Joining us is defintaely a mus'!
You shall never have an end to the fun!
Oh, and no, our song isn't done!"

"Weeee are the cool!
Wanna fight, challenge us to a dueeeeel!
For you, shall never, defeat us!
Try, and end up with a whole punch of puss!
Weeeee are the cool!
We will win the singing duel!"

The Cool People grin at Riptide. Riptide suddenly starts to sing.

"We don't have to be cool like you!
Being smart is what he do!
Java, JavaScript, and all the rest!
That kinda stuff is what we do best!"

"Begone from our home,
Go back to your crappy dome!
You get all the girls, but you shall never get,
Money to get out of debt!"

"We don't have to be cool like you!
Being smart is what he do!
Java, JavaScript, and all the rest!
That kinda stuff is what we do best!"

"You think you have it all,
But listen to us, hear our call!
You will never have a true wife,
You'll lose your friends, you'll have a sucky life!"

"We don't have to be cool like you!
Being smart is what he do!
Java, JavaScript, and all the rest!
That kinda stuff is what we do best!"

The Cool People sneer. The Mystery Men step forward.

"Excuse, me, Mr. Cool?
I accept your challenge to a duel!
We have a gun, and see your ass?
You're gonna lose that ton of mass!"

The Cool People step forward. "We're thin!"

Mystery Men#1 replies,

"That's what you think,
But wait until you start to drink,
Then you'll lose it all,
And your intelligence level will be small!"

The Cool People, not used to be so insulted, sigh and walk away. Riptide cheers.

Please post comments.

Subject: (IMPORTANT READ) Complete information on the storyverse!
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-03-18 00:00:00


There are some people out there that have wanted to contribute to the storyverse, but aren't completely sure what is going on and therefore would feel like fools in attempting to contribute. That's why I am posting this message, something that you should keep handy when you write your story, or storee, as I like to say. Then again, I spell "Canada" as "Canyda," so you might not want to trust my judgment. Wait, where was I? Ah, yes, the update!

Basically, the Riptide forum is a big community building where people gather to chat. The community has about 20-30 people (I reckon, judging from previous stories), and basically the Riptide staff is the admins of the community, who keep order - kinda like police. They, however, fall under the jurisdiction of President MysteryMan, who works out of his own Government-like office, which is also a police station and has a courtroom in there somewhere. Got it? Geez, I hope so. Two buildings.

This might be where some people get confused. Essentially, you have your Riptide staff members, SM_007, Tridus and Psycho Sam!. The other real-life members havn't written their characters in, and thus far, aren't being used. There are also forum personalities such as MysteryMan and rRamindrodt. Okay. But there are also some fictional characters, like the evil bad guy, Orazath, who is a Dark Templar from an alternate dimension. And from this dimension, Orazath the Dark Templar brought forth some evil twins: Psycho !Mas, Sudirt, and MS-700. I believe that's basically it when it comes to characters. Oh, and there is some evil character named Rolando (inside joke which comes from people guessing what the "R" stood for when we were introducing the teaser graphics), who seems to be powerful, but until rRaminrodt elaborates more on this character, we literally know jack-squat about the guy.

What the heck happened so far in the storees:
There are a couple of posts I looked up which you might want to read so you know what's going on:

Twin Pardox
By rRaminrodt

The Friend of My Enemy is My Friend - or Something Like That
By me, SM_007

Psycho Sam! also recently posted a storee that, although it had a cool picture with it, totally screwed-up the timeline thus far and therefore I think we have to, unfortunately, disregard it. (He did, however, introduce the Moderator Bots, which I cover below.) Nonetheless, I am giving you people a link to it (it was posted recently), in the hopes that after reading it you won't be confused. If you are, I suggest coming back here, reading what I wrote AGAIN, and then reading those other two stories above - AGAIN. So, by now, you should have an idea on what's going on, but just so you know:

What happened so far - Coles Notes format:
MysteryMan had Tridus improsoned, and if I remember correctly it was because Tridus had changed his name to Dark Lord Tridus and was trying to rig the election for President, which MysteryMan eventually won anyway. Tridus, at the time, had sold his house, and Psycho !Mas was going to buy it for "his boss." Turns out that "his boss" is Orazath, the evil Dark Templar. He had MysteryMan (in the middle of his trial, no less), Psycho Sam! and me, SM_007, kidnapped, and tied up in his evil lair (some old, abandoned warehouse). We escaped thanks to the help of Psycho !Mas, who it turns out was the good twin all along, and Psycho Sam! was the evil twin (though he is a good guy anyway - you know, he's insane, but hey, we love the guy). It also turned out that Sudirt was actually Tridus, and the Tridus on trial is actually Sudirt, which explains why he was acting evil. MysteryMan promised to set things right as the REAL Tridus, SM_007, MysteryMan, Psycho Sam! and Psycho !Mas left the evil lair, of an enraged Orazath. Rolando, somwhere else, killed two cops in some ally, and promised doom and gloom and so forth. SM_007 also killed MS-700 and WellKnownGuy as they escaped the lair of Orazath.

Where everyone is right now:
MysteryMan, Psycho Sam!, Psycho !Mas, Tridus and SM_007 are heading back to the court building to warn everyone that the Tridus inside is actuall Sudirt, Tridus' evil twin. Tridus is especially motivated, as Sashie, his beloved laptop that talks like a little girl and calls him "daddy," is in that building somewhere too and is in danger, if not from Sudirt then from the clumsy guards. Orazath is going to wake up soon (he was knocked out with a sucker punch), and being a Dark Templar, we should all fear his wrath. Rolando is lurking somewhere too, but we'll all have to wait for rRaminrodt to see where THAT goes.

For Psycho Sam!'s sake, we can assume that the giant killer robots from the Void (the alternate dimension I was speaking of earlier) are still out there, chasing him. Here is a picture of a Moderator Bot, the Bots that have been hunting Psycho Sam! down. Oh yeah, and Princess Tatiana is in her small miliatary ship floating over North America, but again, we can't do anything until she writes the next part, so don't worry about it. :)

CHARACTERS (they are grouped together if the ARE together):
MysteryMan, Tridus, SM_007, Psycho Sam!, Psycho !Mas
Sudirt (not with Orazath, but works for him)
Princess Tatiana
The Blizzard Moderator Bots


Seriously, though, if anyone still has ANY questions...ask! I seem to have this all figured out and it is not too bad when you actually think about it, read the stories, and relax. It's not that complicated. Still, though, if anyone is confused after making an honest attempt to learn this stuff, lemme know ASAP. Also, if I have made any mistakes or forgotten anything, tell me. I think that's it, and now my brain is soar. But really, there are only a handful of characters to worry about, and it all involves Sudirt and Orazath right now. Well, have fun reading, and PLEASE responding if you have ANYTHING to say or ask or complain about or whatever. See ya! Wouldn't wanna - BE YA!

We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

Subject: (POST BOX STOREE) So, our heroes return to face Sudirt, and...
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-03-19 00:00:00

*MysteryMan, a clueless SM_007, an enraged Tridus, and the Psycho twins arrive back at the Presidential, law and court building, where MysteryMan greets two MysteryMen, the equivalent of a police officer in our wonderful storyverse.*

MysteryMen Guy #1: Hello, Mr. President! We have Tridus perfectly secured in a cell with Sashie!

MysteryMen Guy #2: Yeah, boss! He ain't going nowhere! In fact, we - WHAT THE HELL?!

*The MysteryMen see Tridus standing beside MysteryMan, and jsut blink in confusion.*

Tridus: Dammit, you numbskulls! I am the real Tridus! The good one! We have to get my laptop back!

MysteryMan: Quiet, you! I give the orders around here. *MysteryMan turns to the MysteryMen.* Dammit, you numbskulls! He's the real Tridus! The good one! We have to get his laptop back!

*The MysteryMen look at each other, dumbfounded.*

Psycho Sam!: Urgh, these guys are too stupid! Let's just go in and stop wasting time!

Psycho !Mas: Now, now, Sam!, it's not nice to be impolite. Sure, these two gentlemen might need to learn a thing or two in the wide field of policing, but it's not our place to judge their--

Psycho Sam!: Ah, shove it.

*They all push their way past the MysteryMen, and enter the building, running down the hallways until they reach Sudirt's cell. Sudirt has already ripped Sashie apart and has used her circuts to create some small device, which he is holding in the palm of his hand and aiming at the four men who just ran up.*

Sudirt: Um, you'll never get away with this, MysteryMan! I am a good person!

MysteryMan: Give it up, Sudirt, we know it's you!

Sudirt: *Looks at his own name.* Damn, did that give it away?

Tridus: No, the fact that I am here does, though.

Sudirt: Oh, really? Well, stay back! I have made a small weapon from the parts I removed from this stupid and annoying laptop!

*Tridus looks down, and sees Sashie on the ground. She is in several pieces, and her parts are spread out everwhere. A tears runs down his face, as it also turns red from the rage which is boiling up inside of him.*

Shashie: Dad...dy? *Zzzzzt.* I...can't...see... *Zzzzzt.* Is...that...ya...you? *Zzzzzt.*


*Tridus rips the jailcell door open, and charges in the cell, tears streaming down his face. He is about to spear Sudirt to the ground, when Sudirt activates the small palm-held devide, and electricutes Tridus, who glows a bright white fo a few seconds, then falls to the ground, unconscious, and smoke moves upwards from his defeated body.*

MysteryMan: Drop the weapon!

*Sudirt holds his foot over the processor chip of Shashie, which is making low-pitched buzzing noises.*

Sudirt: Never! One step closer and this laptop gets it!

*Suddenly, Sudirt's eyes grow wide, and he falls backwards to the ground, clutching his stomech. Everyone seems confused until SM_007 steps forward, holding a silenced PP7 pistol, smoking from the barrel. Everyone just looks at him.*

SM_007: What? Did I do bad AGAIN?

MysteryMan: No! You did great!

*They all run into the room to start to scramble up the pieces of Sashie, and to help in reviving Tridus, who is slowly starting to come to with a groan. Just as they run in, the door slams shut before Psycho !Mas could make his way into the cell to help. They are locked in, and he is locked out. The door seemed to close on its own.*

MysteryMan: NOW what the heck is going on?

*Just as MysteryMan said that, Psycho !Mas' left arm rips off and tumbles to the ground.*

Psycho !Mas: Ouch.

*Being a stick figure, Psycho !Mas takes out a pencil and starts calmly drawing on another left arm, when his right arm also slides off and falls to the ground.*

Psycho !Mas: Well, ain't that the darndest.

*Psycho !Mas starts trying to pick up his arm with his teeth when his torso falls off, and lands on the ground. His legs also tumble in the opposite direction.*

Psycho !Mas: This is highly inconvenient. Now I can't move. Hopefully a good samaritan shall come to my aid soon enough.

*Over Psycho !Mas' severed body, a familier Dark Templar decloaks.*

Orazath: You may have killed my henchmen, MS-700 and WellKnownGuy, at my lair. You may have just killed my last henchman, Sudirt, right now. But I have finally trapped you! I have finally caught you! You shall all pay at the hands of Orazath, the Dark Templar! Mua hahaha! MUA HAHAHAHAHA! MWAH HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW!!!

To Be...Continued?

Changes by this storee:
Psycho !Mas is in several pieces on the ground, and is too passive to do anything about it, it seems. SM_007 actually did something right, even though he is not even close to regaining his memory. Sudirt has dismantled poor Sashie, who is now locked in a cell with our heroes, Tridus, Psycho Sam! and MysteryMan. Sudirt is dead. Orazath has obviously come back from his lair, and has the upperhand. Whatever shall be done? Et cetera. :)

We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

Subject: I'll try
Author: kwerkey
Date: 2000-03-20 00:00:00

SM_007 sat in his new leather chair. He knew it squeaked too much. He had tried oiling it. It didn't work. He sprayed it with every known lubricant in the universe (quiet you sickos). It still squeaked.

He stood up. He walked around to the other side of the table. When he got to the other end, he looked at the chair. Suddenly, he let out a kamakazie scream and rushed at the chair.

He forgot that the table was in the way. He slammed into it. Hard. He passed out.

The End

Well, what do you think?

ETA: Soon

Subject: I will write a sequel!
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-03-20 00:00:00

MysteryMan walked down the hall, preparing to ask SM_007 about a raise. He reached SM_007's room and looked in. He saw SM_007 on the floor. He thought, "I better wait until he wakes up". He spotted a chair and sat down in it.

MysteryMan sat down in SM_007's new leather chair. He discovered it squeaked too much. He tried oiling it. It didn't work. He sprayed it with every known lubricant in the universe (quiet you sickos). It still squeaked.

He stood up. He walked around to the other side of the table. When he got to the other end, he looked at the chair. Suddenly, he let out a kamakazie scream and rushed at the chair.

He forgot that the table was in the way. He slammed into it. Hard. He passed out. He landed beside SM_007

The End



"The Phoenix can be reborn, but it is never the same"

Subject: The triquil! (or whatever the word would be...)
Author: kwerkey
Date: 2000-03-20 00:00:00

kwerkey walked in the room. He saw MysteryMan and SM_007 on the floor, beside each other.

kwerkey got an idea.

He reached down to MysteryMan's hand, lifted it, and put it on SM_007's ass.

kwerkey ran away giggling at his michief.

The End

ETA: Soon

Subject: A Four-Quil!
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-03-20 00:00:00

SoulTaker, MysteryMan's new bodyguard, watched from the shadows. As kwerkey was leaving, he bumbed into SoulTaker. "What the heck? I saw that kwerkey!" SoulTaker whacked kwerkey and kwerkey fell to the ground.

SoulTaker shook MysteryMan and woke him up. "Sir, kwerkey thought your hand on SM_007's ass would be funny!" SoulTaker told MysteryMan. MysteryMan thought, then dragged kwerkey's body in the room and put his hand on SM_007's butt.

MysteryMan took out a camera. SoulTaker asked him, while he was taking pictures, "What are we going to do with these?"

"With the power of the internet, we shall ruin their reputations!" MysteryMan laughed evily, then SoulTaker joined in. After they had enough pictures, they walked away,

Just then, SM_007 woke up...


"The Phoenix can be reborn, but it is never the same"

Subject: the beggining of adun975
Author: Adun975
Date: 2000-03-20 00:00:00

It all started one gloomy night as the observers were scanning the planet earth.
Observer1-this looks like a nice peaceful planet, lets go back to adun and tell him what we found.
Observers 2,3,4 and 5- yes sir!
When the observers reached the citadel of adun and went to talk with adun, he was very glad to hear the news.
Adun- finally, a planet peaceful enough to house my dear son Adun975. I feel terrible with the fact that I have to leave him here at this young age, but alas, I cannot show him the ways of fighting that we follow.
Observer1- do you want us to keep scanning the planet?
Adun-yes, but I want you to find a house suitable for him.
Observers- yes sir!!!
As the observers are scanning the planet,
#1- I’ve found a nice house for him. I did a background check and the person fits the description of what master said to find. The owner’s name is…Adam W. Brownfield!
#2,3,4 and 5-him?!?!?!?
#1-yes, him!!!!!
#2,3,4 and 5- but boss said not to go anywhere near him.
#1- he is the only one who fits the description. We must go to master and tell him what we found.
And so as the observers go back to tell Adun of their find, Adam is on his computer posting of how he came to be.
Adam-heh heh heh, the guys are gonna love this. I think it’s funny as hell. This will put me in the stories.
Observer1- master I hate to tell you this but Adam is the only one who fits your description.
Adun- I know that already, you think that I would give such strict requirements for nothing? I want Adun975 to be with the one who killed his mother. He might learn something. The very beginning of his history and his mom’s end might do him good with his life. That is all now I want you to prepare him for his last night on this ship. That is all.

"isn't life wierd???"

Subject: We find Orazath triumphantly gloating to our trapped Heroes...
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-03-20 00:00:00

(note: go here to catch up)

Orazath - So... any last words before I dispatch you? Maybe you wish to beg for mer... *a bright flash in front of Orazath signifies the Dark Templar's shields deflecting a bullet from SM_007's silenced PP7 pistol. Orazath smiles menacingly at the effect, SM_007 looks confused because Orazath didn't die, MysteryMan and Psycho_Sam! look frustrated, Psycho_!Mas is still in pieces, and Tridus only looks like he's half paying attention to whats going on around him as he frantically types commands into Sashie, who is making a rather unpleasant sounding buzzing noise.*

Orazath - mercy... good... I was hoping you wouldn't, its so pathetic.

MysteryMan - *screams* MysteryMen get in here!

*Dead Silence*

Orazath - I'm afraid they arent in much condition to help you right now. *evil grin*

Psycho_Sam! - Damn you! When I get out of here I'm going to tear you a new ahole!

Psycho_!Mas - now now... maybe this can be settled without violence...

Psycho_Sam and Orazath - *to Psycho_Mas* Shut up you!

*they look at each other and Orazath laughs* You could still be useful to me... how would you like to not be cut to pieces like this other one down here? *Orazath kicks one of Psycho_Mas's arms about half a metre away*

Psycho_Sam! - I'm not very worried, Im just going to break out of here and kill you anyway!

*Orazath shakes his head* fine.... fine... who should I start with? I think I'll get rid of that piece of junk the long haired loser is so preoccupied with.... *chuckle* yes...

Tridus - *looks up finally, his face twisted by an expression of pure unfocused rage* No Orazath... *growls* your coming to hell with us!

*Tridus presses the "Enter" button on Sashie. The severely damaged laptop makes a rather loud noise, and then everyone in the immediate vicinity can feel a brief shock-like sensation come over them. After a few seconds it dissipates, leaving everyone looking extremely confused except for Tridus and Orazath, who look enraged and confident respectuflly.*

Orazath - gee... Sudirt did a better job then I thought if thats the best you can do, what are you trying to do, tickle me to death? *chuckle*

Tridus - nope... just this...

*Tridus quickly jumps up and grabs SM_007's pistol from him before SM can react. Tridus then points the gun in Orazaths general direction and starts firing wildly. One shot actually is on target and rips through the thigh of a very surprised Orazath. The Dark Templar screams in shocked pain and starts falling, but is able to assert the psionic control needed to cloak himself as he falls.*

Cloaked Orazath - damn you! Damn you all! I'll be back to finish you all off.... *Orazath can be heard grinding his teeth in pain as he limps away while cloaked*

*SM_007 grabs his gun back from Tridus* Never, ever do that again!

*But Tridus isn't paying attention to SM at all, he is kneeling down again with Sashie, who makes a very bad sounding sparking noise, and then seems to just shut down completely.*

Tridus - *presses a few buttons* Sashie? Sashie! *presses a few more buttons* damnit! we need to get out of here now so I can repair her before its too late!

Psycho_Sam! - hmm...... *being a stick figure, Psycho_Sam grabs Psycho_Mas' pencil and erases some of himself to make himself thinner, and then walks between the bars of the cell* Now how do you open this thing?

MysteryMan - *points to a panel* Push the green button.

*Psycho_Sam redraws himself to full size, then walks over and pushes the button. The cell door slides open. Tridus quickly gathers up all the parts of his laptop and then disappears down the hallway at a dead run. MysteryMan and SM_007 (after checking his gun after the shooting spree) go to help Psycho_!Mas, while Psycho_Sam! starts looking at all the other buttons to see what they do.*

** As Tridus is running down the hall looking for a suitable room to attempt to repair Sashie, he gets stopped by one of the MysteryMen, who is somewhat wobbily on his feet.**

MM - You! How did you get out!?

Tridus - damnit... I don't have time for this nonsense... *spins around and delivers a roundhouse kick to the head of the MM, who crumples down to the ground again*

*Tridus runs down the hall a few more moments, then stops, turn sinto a room, locks the door behind him, and sits down at a large desk. He sets all the parts out, takes out the screwdriver he always carries around, and begins the rather ugly process of trying to repair Sashie, assuming of course she wasn't perminantely knocked out...*

Changes in this Story
Orazath is presumbably back in his lair getting his leg attended to. Our heroes have escaped and are all together, except for Tridus who is somewhere in the building trying to fix Sashie. Sashie is now offline, perhaps permanently. Psycho_!Mas is being reassembled by the rest of our heroes. Mysteryman #1 is waking up after Orazaths stealth attack, and Mysteryman #2 is lying unconscious in the hallway after Tridus flattened him.*

"If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you..." - Martina McBride

Subject: (SHORT POST BOX STOREE) Checking up on matters of interest
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-03-20 00:00:00

*It's a beautiful day outside of Riptide headquarters. In the distance, a bird is chirping away to itself as a nice breeze passes over the building during the nice, clear-skied day. Inside the building, however, a battle is being fought. A battle between life and death, and emotions are running very high. It's literally a war zone, and a contrast to the beautiful day outside. A few blocks away, a black, lengthly luxary car pulls up to a stop at a street corner, facing the building only a street's distance away.*

*Inside the car are three men, all dressed alike in black suits with black ties. The first two men, however, are exact duplicats of each other, as they both look like and have dark sunglasses on. They slowly turn their heads to look at each other as the old man in the back seat begins to speak. The older man, who looks slightly different from the twins in the front seat, has a cigarette in his mouth, and appears to be very tired and weary.*

Old Man: And so, this is where they ended up?

*The old man has a raspy voice, but the two agents speak very calmly, almost in a monotone voice.*

First Agent: Yes, sir. They rest of the SideWinder staff members are in this building.

Second Agent: Including our own agent on the inside.

Old Man: Excellent, then. Everything we need is in this building.

First Agent: Should we attack now?

Second Agent: We are, after all, prepared.

Old Man: No. There is no sense to rush into it at this time. What new do you have about the rift?

First Agent: The rift to the other dimension has been closed, permenatly, until we wish to re-open it.

Second Agent: No more duplicates will come through from the Void.

Old Man: Excellent, excellent. I--

*The old man was just starting a new sentence when he begins to cough violently for several long seconds. He finally regains his composure, and pushes away the help from his two agents.*

Old Man: Just take me back, for now.

First Agent: As you wish, sir.

*The car pulls off, turns around, and heads back down the street from where it came, away from Riptide.*

To Be Continued...

We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

Subject: Role Reversal (Story)(Updated)
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-03-20 00:00:00

== Note this is postbox, please excuse any mistakes.

=Scene: Outside rRaminrodts mobile office =

Rolando: Goodbye, fiend! *hand poised over the strange devices trigger*

The trailer door opens suddenly smacking Rolando to the ground.

rRaminrodt: Goodbye, Mr. Anderson. I look forward to working with you.

Anderson: Uhm. I think I just whacked this poor guy! *turns to help Rolando up*

rRaminrodt: Oh jeeze. Let me help. *gives Rolando his arm*

Rolando lets out a battle cry and points the device up and pulls the trigger. A huge deafening low-pitched noise coupled with a near explosion knocks them to the ground. rRaminrodt turns to see half his trailer twisted, warped and conffeti-ized.

rRaminrodt: What the!

Rolando: *in a near insane rage and getting up from the ground* Now, you've seen what I can do. You took my chance of running things, so now I'm going to get my vengeance on you AND Riptide.

Aims at rRaminrodt, who dodges just in time to stand next an exploding clod of dirt and grass. He grabs his hirer and drags him to his truck. He starts the engine and races away in a cloud of dust as Rolando clears dirt out of his eyes. With watery blurred eyesight Rolando takes a few potshots at the speeding truck in vain, ripping up the road instead.

=Scene: A Burger King; MysteryMan, SM_007, Pyscho_!Mas and Pyscho_Sam! are sitting in a booth off to the corner =

MysteryMan: Now what. We survived this fight, but what about the next one. *looks thoughtful* If there's one thing that starcraft taught me is that its time to go on the offensive.

Girl at Counter: Number 142!

Psycho_!Mas gets up and walks to the counter to retrieve their meal. The girl hands him the tray unsteadily while staring at him with bugged out eyes.

Psycho_!Mas: Thank you.

Girl: Uhh. You too, uh, sir. Have a nice, uh, meal. *still staring*

Mas walks back to the table in plunks the tray down.

Pyscho_!Mas: Dinner is served! Oh, the drinks are all self-service.

Psycho_Sam slide his empty cup in front of Mas. Mas sighes gets up grabs everyone's cups and goes over to the drink machine.

SM_007: *while munching on chicken nuggets* Personally, I think we should try to help that Tridus fellow and his computer. He seemed like a good ally.

MysteryMan: True. But with Sashie in that state I don't know if we can count on him being stable. He'd be worrying about his laptop all the time.

Psyco_Sam!: Hows about we overload the reactor west of town. That'll take care of everyone!

MysteryMan: .... *scowls*

!Mas: *sitting down* Don't be foolish Sam!. *hands out drinks* And take the fries out of your nose.

MysteryMan: Hmmm. There is some merit to his idea though.

All: huh?

MysteryMan: I don't mean to overload the plant. But if we can gather up enough radioactive gas and pump it into the keep. We'll either flush him out into the open, or irradiate him.

Psycho_!Mas: And we'll be waiting outside with detectors. Smashing idea!

MysteryMan: Good, it's decided then. I'll call up SoulTaker and have him hire a vacuum truck.

SM_007: Who?

MysteryMan: My bodyguard SoulTaker.

SM_007: I thought the MysteryMen were your bodyguards. You're confusing me.

MysteryMan: Ummm. *Shakes a finger at the Writer* I thought you liked continuity?

~The clouds part~

MysteryMan: Oh, whatever.

~The clouds close~

Psycho_Sam!: Hehehe. It's time for fun with control rods kiddies!

=Scene: In front of the building. =

The tires of rRaminrodt's truck screech as he pulls to a sudden stop.

Anderson: And these people can help?

rRaminrodt: Hopefully. They're all pretty good guys. Wait here and I'll try to talk to them.

rRamin enters the building and doesn't see anyone.

rRaminrodt: Anyone here.

Mystery Man #2: *groan* Who the heck are you?

rRaminrodt: rRaminrodt, you may have heard of me.

Mystery Man #2: I might have... Have you seen the Dark Lord?

rRaminrodt: Tridus? I don't think he's evil anymore, but I haven't been following current events. *pauses to look out the window; his passenger is still in the car* Hey, can I see the President?

Mystery Man: Uh no. He's not here. We were attacked...

rRaminrodt: Dang. Fine then, I'm leaving... If you see him or the other Riptiders tell them some dude is chasing me with a gun that turns stuff inside out.

rRaminrodt runs out the door leaving the Mystery Man slightly bewildered. He climbs in his truck and drives away. The Mystery Man stands there staring out the window when he sees a black sedan pull up. A man with a large "R" emblazoned on his jacket and carrying an odd looking device gets out and walks in the building.

Rolando: Is this the current Riptide building?

Mystery Man: Uhh sure. What do you want.

Rolando: Nothing much. Just revenge! *he fires at the Mystery Man*

Mystery Man: Aggggh! *his entire left arm and part of his shoulder splatter into bloody chunks that spray about the room*

Rolando: Where's everyone else?

The Mystery Man can only moan and clutch at his side.

Rolando: Fine. I'll find them myself. *he charges up the nearest staircase*

A new car pulls up in front of the building... It has the presidential logo printed on the side and official Riptide plates.

Psycho_Sam and Psycho_!Mas jump out.

MysteryMan (from inside the car): Fine you have five minutes to get Tridus if he's still in there. We don't want to be hanging around any longer than we have to...

Psycho_Sam!: No prob bob! This is a fun job... Psycho_Bot! Come and help us search.

A small robot walks up to Sam and greets him.

They enter the building. And then spy the injured Mystery Man.

!Mas: Bot, help him. Administer medical treatment, method 14.

Bot: I'm a bot. I don't care. *it walks over to the Mystery Man and begins to treat him*

!Mas: Couldn't you program it with a better response?

Sam!: *giggles*

!Mas: Fine. You check this floor I'll go upstairs.

Mas walks upstairs as sees and open door. He steps closer and hears two voices. One is definitely Tridus.

Tridus: I don't care who you think you are. Step away from the Laptop.

Rolando: That's a pile of components, garbage. Soon that's what you'll be too Riptide freak!

Mas: I second Tridus' Idea. Step back!

Rolando: *sneers* I hate it when people try and sneak up on me. *he fires the weapon*

Only to seem like nothing happens.

Sam!: Whoah. That was cool. Howd I get here?

Rolando: Dammit! What the heck.? *he begins punching a few of the smaller buttons on his weapon*

Just then Psycho_!Mas comes running up the stairs.

Mas: Freeze. It looks like your gun doesn't work on stick figures. I guess all it can do is reverse Sams' and mine postiion.

Sam: Oohhh Cool. Can I have it, I could really use that next time he gets a date.

Rolando: *spitting with rage* Diiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!

He aims the weapon at Tridus whos standing behind the table with the components of Sashie spread all over it.

Sam jumps at Tridus knocking him out of the guns sights. But Rolando pulls the trigger anyway. The table detonates into a hundred wooden splinters.

Tridus: Nooooooooooooooo!

He leaps at Rolando knocking him to the ground. Doing this he doesn't see a perfectly assembled, near bran new laptop sitting on the ground.

Shasie: Daddies fighting a bad man. I will help!

Suddenly a net appears in midair entangling Rolando. Rolando freaks out and tries pulling the net off to no avail. Tridus who had been kicked away from him just a second before the net appeared approached.

Tridus: Now you're in trouble.

Rolando: *gritting his teeth* You have no Idea how far this is from over... Computer: Strategic Retreat!

A high pitched wine fills the room forcing everyone to cover their ears. Rolando fades into a blue white vortex and disappears.

Tridus: *turns to look at his laptop with joy in his eyes* Sasihe!

Shashie: Daddy's happy now. Yay!

Psycho_Sam!: I need a tissue....

Psycho_!Mas: Well, everyone should be pleased by this turn of events. I just hope nothing else goes wrong. (to Writer) Hey, cut it out with the fake Html.


Changes by the story.
Shasie is fixed, and the Riptide crew has a plan. A Mystery Man got his arm blown off. Rolando's reversal weapon is ineffective against the Psycho Twins. rRaminrodt is on the run from Rolando looking for some allies.

Also Note: Story is now complete. Add ons are welcome now :) I hope no-one minds me fixing sashie so fast Tridus just didn't seem complete :)

Subject: (Story)Evil things are afoot(Story)
Author: Sid6.9
Date: 2000-03-20 00:00:00

It is quite across the town of, well, wherever we are. A tiny little white cottage by the edge of town on Lake Wattatiki is innocent looking enough. The trees standing outside sway gentle to the breeze as the sun sets off in the distance (Well where else would the sun set?) The Cottage with it's shudders securely fastened in almost anticipation for a storm. But what going on inside this cottage is not innocent...

Scene- Basement or celler if you will of the Cottage...

Hunchbacked man- My master, I have the supplies you asked for.

Man in White Lab Coat- Excellent, let me see what you have?

The Hunchbacked Man brings over the supplies and drops them down in front of him...

Man in White Lab Coat(Starts rummaging through the box)- Okay it seems to all be here.

Hunchbacked Man- Master are you sure this will work?

Man in White Lab Coat (Laughs softly to himself)- Heh, heh, oh yes, my creation is about to be completed Rogi.

Rogi- Master, but what will this thing do (As he looks under the white sheet over a table)

Man in White Lab Coat suddenly slaps down the covers...

Man in White Lab Coat- Damn it Rogi, I told you to stop looking under there.

Rogi- But master, he is sooo big!

Man in White Lab Coat- Indeed he is big, for he will do my bidding.

Rogi- Master do you mean that finally you will get your revenge?

Man in White Lab Coat- Oh yes, when my creation is finished he will destroy the one man that has stood in my way for so long. He thwarted my every effort to take over the world, he has always stopped my evil schemes, well, he hasn't meet him yet, or the power that he will hold.

Rogi- You mean the virus master?

Man in White Lab Coat- Damn it Rogi, I didn't want them to...Ahh hell, yes the virus that will wipe out every computer system in the world.

Rogi- But Master why do you want to do that.

Man in White Lab Coat- Because Rogi, the second man I need to eliminate, requires the use of computers, and without the use of them, he will fall to me.

Rogi- Master, but I spied that they have allies, they may be able to stop us, master.

Man in White Lab Coat- I don't give a damn about them! My creation will stop them all, and the other two, well they will pay, oh pay so dearly for what they did to me.

Rogi- The scars master?

Man in White Lab Coat- Yes, the scars, the will always remain for what they did to me. I will always remember when they took away one-eye winky from me...

Rogi- No Master, the scars on the creation, shouldn't we cover them up, he is freakish looking.

Man in White Lab Coat- Oh yes, the scars I will cover up, in time. But first, we need to give him life, so precious life. Is the Thunder Storm rolling in?

Rogi- No Master, we haven't seen a storm in 6-weeks, and probably won't see one for 6 weeks more.

Man in White Lab Coat- Very well, then fetch me the Diehard battery, we will jump start this sucker.

Rogi makes his way up the stairs as Man in White Lab Coat stands before the white sheet covering the table...

Man in White Lab Coat- Very soon, very soon, you will meet with SM_007 and Tridus, and you shall conquer them. For Operation Sid6.9 is nearly complete...

To be continued sometime soon, well depending if it goes with the storyline and all...

Sid6.9- "If weird was a person, he'd be me!" :-)

Subject: What the Hell, let's write me in
Author: The Lord DebtAngel
Date: 2000-03-20 00:00:00

Damn light is flickering again. I really should get it changed. I'd change it myself, but my work is almost done. I just have a couple more native instructions to figure out on this Crusoe...

*Poing* "OOOH! What's this button do?"

"Ahh! Ikik, get away from that! You can't play with the inventions until after they are done!"

"Okay Debt. *Poing* OOOH!"

Ikik moved on to the Cool Vortex Making Thingy. Good. The CVMT is harmless...mostly...

There. Got it. Okay, now that done, I can get the Artificial Neuro Net of Mass Craziness (ANNoMC) online. Those evil moderator bots don't stand a chance...

Nothing does against MechaSam!.

"OOOH! Shiny!" *Poing*

"No! It's not..."

Too late. Ikik just activated MechaSam!, and I haven't put in the Sanity Circuits yet. Now where'd I put the really big gun? Let me check my notes...

(NOTE: I am modelling myself after Riff in Sluggy Freelance. Follow the link. You know you want to).

Is it not nifty? Sluggy Freelance. Worship the comic.

Subject: The happy family, the pizza, and the security guard who didn't want any.
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-03-21 00:00:00

(note: go here to catch up)... also note that the Mystery Man in here is one of the security guards (aka the Mystery Men), and is not the President of the same name.

*Sitting in the once again quiet room, Tridus and Sashie have been left alone after the disappearance of Rolando... its been a quiet couple of hours as Tridus meticulously goes over every little bit of Sashie's hardware to make sure that everything is in good working order.*

*Meanwhile, in another part of the Presidential Building, the remaining not severely injured Mystery Man is standing over the body of Sudirt looking confused.*

MM - *rubs his head* ugh... ok... we had one in the cell, then the President ran by with another one to meet this one. Then I got attacked by something... and after that I got attacked by one of these... but was it this one, or the other one? ugh... my head hurts. *He goes over and places a call to have the body removed, then walks back to the buildings security command centre and sits down at a console.*

*MM stares at the output of the monitor looking rather bored for a while, and then something catches his eye. He grabs the mouse and presses the "Back" button in "Building Explorer 4.1a", and the display goes back to the last security shot of a small room on the second floor, in which Tridus is sitting with a screwdriver reassembling a part of the case on his laptop.*

MM - hmmm....

*MM then gets curious and goes back and replays the log of what happened in the jail cell when Sudirt was killed.*

*He then goes back and replays when he got whacked by Tridus, and compaires the timestamps*

MM - damn him....damn him to hell! That bastard attacked me! Well... we'll just see about this!

*MM gets up and goes to the weapons locker, where he grabs a pistol and puts it into its holster, then goes looking for Tridus.*

** Tridus is most of the way done putting the case back on Sashie when the door bursts open and the Mystery Man comes in.**

MM - You!

*Tridus doesn't bother looking up*

T - oh hi Charlie... just put the pizza on the desk there and charge it to my usual account... because of the weird deliverly location today, you can tack on a $10 tip for yourself too.

MM - *looks kinda stunned by that for a second* what the hell? Listen you, your under arrest for attacking me!

T - *still hasn't looked up* he he... I don't have time for this Charlie, but its good to know you still have that sense of humor.

Sashie - umm daddy...

T - yes sweetie?

MM - god damnit I'm not a pizza delivery boy you idiot!

Sashie - daddy he doesn't have a pizza.

T - I know he just put it down didn't he sweetie?

S - no, there is no pizza at all.

T - well what the... *finally looks up* Ahh! what are you doing here, and where's my pizza damnit!?

MM - there is no pizza for you, only bread and water in the dungeon for the way you attacked me!

T - huh? what the hell are you talking about?

MM - damnit! you kicked me in the head when I stopped you in the hallway a few hours ago!

T - I did? thats funny, I don't remember kicking anybody. I must not have hurt you that badly if your standing here now looking bright as day, so why don't you just run along and let me finish up here ok?

MM - no I don't think so... on the authority of the office of the President of Riptide, I hearby place you under arrest.

T - oh bother...

*A guy in a Pizza Pizza uniform walks in (which is strange, since they don't deliver to this part of the world)*

Pizza guy - Hey Tri dude, got your piping hot pizzas here, swimming in bacon just the way you like it.

T - great! just set them down right here... charge it to the usual account, and take $10 for yourself for the prompt delivery to this rather obscure location.

Pizza guy - thanks! *sets the pizzas down, presses a few buttons on a small PalmPilot he takes out of a pocket, and then walks off*

T - well as you can see I have pizza now, so I really can't be arrested. I'll tell you what, if you just forget about the whole thing you can have a slice.

MM - wtf? *sees Tridus open the pizza box with like Triple Bacon among other things on it* A slice of that? hell no! Your under arrest, lets go!

*MM walks around the desk and grabs Tridus to lift him up. Tridus co-operates for about a second and a half, and then...*

T - Sashie, my sword!

MM - no you don't!

*MM grabs Tridus' right arm and pins it so the weapon will be useless to Tridus. Unfortunately for him, it appears in Tridus' left hand with a bright flash. Tridus quickly turns and slams the pommel of the short sword into MM's nose,forcing him to release his grip and stumble back in pain as blood starts flowing freely from his nose.*

MM - *with one hand clutching his nose* damn you! this time your coming with me! *he pulls the gun with his other hand and levells it at Tridus*

T - hmm... alright... I don't want to risk Sashie getting hurt in a fight... *drops the sword and looks out the window thoughtfully* hmm... looks like there's going to be a lightning storm, doesn't it Sashie?

*Sashie giggles, and suddenly a bolt of electricity flashes into life and forks its way directly into MM's hand, forcing him to scream again and drop the gun. Tridus grabs his sword again and runs towards the stumbling MM as a low battery alarm activates on the small laptop.*

*Tridus puts his foot on MM's gun and stands above him, holding the sword about a foot from his head.*

T - now... get lost, and don't bother me again. If I wanted to, I could have killed you right here and now. I hope letting you live makes you realize that I'm not really a bad guy, I just have a bad reputation.

*The MM stammers for a moment, still unsure of what happened to his gun hand... then he sees that he is in a no win situation, swallows his pride, and runs out of the room.*

*Tridus sets the sword down on the desk, sits back down, and calmly takes out his solar battery charger and plugs it into Sashie, placing the collector by the window to gather in the sunlight.*

T - now... to enjoy some pizza!

*Tridus starts eating pizza while he finishes putting the case back on Sashie, and then lounges idly playing against her in a game of Hearts.*

Changes in this story:

Thanks to rRaminrodts story, Sashie is happy again (with low batteries currently thanks to the electric blast). We learn that Tridus somehow has pizza delivered all the way from Canada, and it still makes it in under 30 minutes (or its free). MM #2 now has a broken nose to go with the concussion he sustained earlier (although he's still in better condition then MM #1 with the exploded arm).

"If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you..." - Martina McBride

Subject: (POST BOX STOREE) That is the sound of inevitability
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-03-21 00:00:00

[Location: Inside President MysteryMan's government, all-purpose office building.]

*The Mystery Man (not to be confused with MysteryMan, the President - geez, they should have at least gotten more original names, looking back at it now and all) stumbled into his quarters, slammed the door shut behind him, and slammed down on the couch, moaning and holding his nose, which was trickling with blood after Tridus had smashed it pretty good.*

*On the other side of the room, the other Mystery Man, also known as Mystery Man #2, had his left arm (at least, I THINK it was his left arm, hehe) completely bandaged up, and there were blood stains already coming through the bandage. The arm itself looked to be in bad shape, as his upper arm seemed skinnier than normal. He had the arm resting on the table as he played solitaire and drank.*

Mystery Man #1: Oh, my f'n nose, man. We don't get paid enough for this stuff.

Mystery Man #2: Oh, ya think? Geez, I am gonna quit tomorrow unless my insurance money kicks in.

Mystery Man #1: Yeah, we oughta just quit. This ain't a healthy business, and no one ever tells us what's goin' on anyway. Yeah, I'm gonna quit tomorrow, yeah. They won't be able to get me back working here, no siree. Yeah, that's what I am gonna do. I am gonna walk right up to the President and say--

Mystery Man #2: Okay, I don't need your life story, bub. Sheesh. Have you even seen my arm?

Mystery Man #1: No, what happened? Oh, man, that looks bad...

Mystery Man #2: No sheet, Shirlock! I was shot through it. I can't even remember who did it, those few minutes are a blur. I just remember that someone blew a hole through it, and I can't even feel it now.

Mystery Man #1: Hm, was probably Tridus and his parlor tricks.

Mystery Man #2: Yeah, ain't it always?

*Their conversation is interrupted by a green light glowing between the table and the couch. The green light is hovering in mid-air, and gets brighter and brighter until the neon green light has filled the shape of a humanoid body. Then it goes completely bright white, forcing the two Mystery Men to look away. The light disappears after a second which seemed to be longer than it was, leaving a man in a black suit, a black tie, with black sunglasses and slicked black hair. He looked at the Mystery Man sitting down at the table, cracked his neck, and then pulled out his gun, aiming it straight at the forehead of the Mystery Man sitting there.*

Mystery Man #2: Oh, sheet, man, do something! Hel--


*The Mystery Man falls to the floor after being pumped full of bullets. The other Mystery Man's jaw is wide open, as he stairs in shock at what just happened.*

Mystery Man #1: Oh, sheet, oh sheet, oh sheet...

*The Mystery Man leaps to his feet and runs out the door into the hallway. He looks back and forth, then sees an elevator. Because it is night, there isn't anyone else in the building at the time. He runs towards the elevator as fast as he can, almost sprinting. He is only about ten feet away when the agent walks out into the hallway, and hold up his gun. The Mystery Man hears the click, and then stops short of the elevator, opting instead to leap completely sideways, and into the door of another room in the hallway. He breaks the door open with his arm, and goes inside.*

*The Mystery Man, inside the room, looks for somewhere to hide, as he can hear the calm, creaking footsteps of the agent who is chasing him. More like stalking him, actually. The Mystery Man sees a solid desk, and leaps behind that on the floor. One second later, the agent walks into the room, and calmly looks right to left, and then beams directly at the table. He smirks, and then starts walking towards it. Once there, he calmly puts his gun away in its holster, reaches down behind the desk, and pulls the huge man up like a child, and throws him, using the momentum, into the wall, where he makes a large hole. The Mystery Man falls out of the wall, groaning and breathing heavily.*

*The Mystery Man struggles to his feet, and then looks eye-to-sunglasses with the agent, who has a small smirk coming across his face.*

Mystery Man: Who...who are you? What are you doing here?

Agent: My job.

*The Mystery Man thinks for a minute, then frowns angrily.*

Mystery Man: Well, you aren't going to kill me like the other Mystery Man!

*And with that, the Mystery Man throws a right, hard punch at the agent, who quickly blocks it, and strikes back with three unnaturally-quick left jabs into the man's gut, two left knees, and then holds the man's arm as he spins around and delivers an extremely quick roundhouse kick to the man's head, forcing the huge man to flip completely upside down and crash through the huge desk. The Mystery Man coughs, groggily, and looks up to see the agent above him, with his pistol only a foot from the man's face.*

Agent: No, you are already dead.


*The agent calmly puts his gun away, once again, and turns around. As he does so, green light seems to pour out of the man's torso, and within one second, quickly grows until his entire body is glowing green, and then a bright white. Then, just as quickly, the light disappears, leaving no one there.*

The End

Changes by this storee:
The Mystery Men are finally and truly dead. One agent has appeared, but left after wreaking havoc.

We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

Subject: Noooooo! My Mystery Men!
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-03-21 00:00:00

MysteryMan looks down at his feet after receiving the news of his Mystery Men's death. He goes to a phone, inserts a quarter, and calls SoulTaker.

"Hello, SoulTaker? How are you? Working on my fan page? Good, anyway, listen...my Mystery Men were both killed, yup...yeah, so get over here!...ok? Good, see you in...ten minutes..."

MysteryMan hangs up the phone, and ten minutes later, SoulTaker walks up to him, with cookie-wand in hand...


"The Phoenix can be reborn, but it is never the same"

Subject: (LONG AND THEREFORE IMPORTANT POST BOX STOREE) Fun with radioactive, dangerous chemicals, kids!
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-03-21 00:00:00

[Scene: Just outside of the large, chemical nuclear plant at the edge of town.]

*Our heroes have gathered outside, with Psycho Sam! holding a vacuum with a very long, large tube. The vacuum is made out of a steel-like compound. Tridus is using Sashie to check out the best routes in and out of the power plant, while Psycho !Mas shivers nervously and SM_007 just looks bored.*

SM_007: So, why didn't that Mystery fellow want to come along for this harmless adventure?

Psycho !Mas: Harmless?

Tridus: Oh, he didn't want to leave his office for some reason. He seems to be pretty scared. When I tried to check in on him and find out what's wrong, he had the door completely locked and baracaded.

Psycho !Mas: Harmless?!

SM_007: Well, that's unfortunate, Tridus. Shouldn't someone stay with him if he is really freaked out?

Psycho !Mas: HARMLESS?!

Tridus: Pipe down, !Mas, we are trying to have a conversation, here.

SM_007: Yeah. Why are you shaking, anyway? Sam! here told me that you people steal radioactive waste all of the time and that's it's commonplace to fill the buildings over evil aliens with this ooze in order to flush them out. Right, Sam!?

*Psycho Sam! just laughs nervously and looks around at the other guys while continuing to set up his vacuum which will bring the green ooze-like stuff through a tube that stretches across town.*

Tridus: Now, Sam!, what have I told you about taking advantage of SM_007 in his weakened state?

Psycho Sam!: Yeah, yeah. Hey, looks like we're ready to roll! Lemme just test this baby out, first!

*Psycho Sam! pushes a button on his vacuum, and it flies upwards and through the window, into the fifteen-foot high, round tank and falls in, sinking and melting its way towards the bottom.*

Psycho Sam!: Whoops, wrong button.

Psycho !Mas: Well, mission failed. We'll have to abort. Let's go.

*Psycho !Mas tries walking away, but instead Psycho Sam! grabs him by his collar and doesn't let go.*

Psycho Sam!: Not so fast, !Mas. Hey, that rhymed! Now where was I?

SM_007: Uh, we need to find another way to get the radioactive green guck out of that large tank.

Tridus: I know a way. Sashie!

*Sashie beeps.*

Tridus: Sweetie, make daddy vacuum thingie like Sam! had, with a tube that can stretch far enough to reach across town, right into that bad man Orazath's lair, okay?

Sashie: Okay, daddy!

*Psycho Sam! taps SM_007 on the shoulder, in the meantime, and whispers in his ear.*

Psycho Sam!: Hey, why does that thing call him "daddy," anyway? Isn't that a bit weird?

SM_007: You mean, you don't know?

Psycho Sam!: Well, do you?

*SM_007 laughs quietly.*

SM_007: I lost my memory. I just figured everyone else knew but me.

Psycho Sam!: Well?

SM_007: Well what?

Psycho Sam!: Aren't you going to ask about it?

SM_007: Me? Why me?!

*They notice that Tridus is ready to go and about to stand up with the hose.*

SM_007: Fine, fine! I'll ask him when we are inside, afterwards.

[Scene: Later, and inside the power plant, standing on top of a steel girder.]

*Our heroes are now in a dilly of a pickle. They are on top of an old girder, which is making creeking noises as they walk across it. Nothing is there to protect them from falling into a large tank filled with radioactive goo stuff below, which IS only about twenty feet below where they are. They are all stepping cautiously, as Psycho Sam!, now near the middle of the fourty or so feet-long girder, is slowly lowering the hose into the green waste.*

Psycho !Mas: Why do I let you guys talk me into these things?

SM_007: Look at me! I have no idea who I am, who you guys are, or what the heck I am doing here!

*Suddenly, Sashie goes flying out of Tridus' arms, and then swings upwards into the air, only a foot away from a large chain which is swinging behind her.*

Tridus: NO!

Psycho !Mas: What the...?

*As !Mas finishes that line, a Dark Templar decloaks, laughing. He has swung his way onto another girder just some odd feet away from them, and slightly above where they are. He is holding Sashie, teasing to drop her into the green toxic waste below.*

Tridus: You sumbitch! hand her back this minute, you PRICK! I'LL--

Orazath: You'll what? Kill me? You'll do exactly what I say, or your laptop gets it.

Tridus: If you drop that laptop, so help me God, I'll--

Orazath: Again, I reiterate - you'll go exactly what I want for you to do.

Psycho Sam!: Geez, forget the damn laptop! You can get a new one!

Tridus: You don't understand! We can't let that laptop die!

Sashie: Don't worry, daddy, I'll take care of it...

Psycho Sam!: Why? Why is that laptop so important to you?

*In the meantime, Sashie has emitted another EMP wave, causing the Dark Templar to growl and then throw her down towards the waste.*

Tridus: Sam!, I don't have time to explain it right now!


*Tridus looks over and sees Orazath drop Sashie in angry, and sees Sashie scream, yes, scream, as she is falling towards the ooze. The Dark Templar holds his head. Being so close to Sashie when she set off the EMP caused his head to spin, so he is trying to stay on his girder at the moment.*

*Tridus has tears in his eyes, knowing it's too late to save the laptop. SM_007, however, seeing Tridus' mere dedication to this object and his attempt to convince Sam! of its importance, once again used his instincts which made him a great agent in the first place. He noticed that the large steel chain which Orazath has swung on to get where he is, has swung back behind their location, and is now heading right back where he is. He grabs a hold of it and swings downwards, arching towards the green goo at an incredibly fast speed, but is undeterred. With an ability he never even knew he had, he swings down in time to grab Sashie, and swing back up, and land safely on the other girder, where a dizzy Orazath is.*

Sashie: Yay! That was neat!

Orazath: Damn you! Only the Protoss have speeds and skill that advanced!

*SM_007 is also dazed, realizing now what he just did without a moment's hesitation.*

SM_007: I...I don't...know how I did that.

*Orazath's alien eyes grow wide.*

Orazath: You...you are...you're one of...of...

*A shotgun blast interrupts this little conversation. Orazath groans and falls sideways into the green ooze, screaming mentally on the way down, causing head pain for the our heroes, who all squint in agitation. After a moment, and after Orazath has fallen into the toxic waste and dissolved instantly, SM_007 looks over and sees Psycho Sam! holding a cocked shotgun.*

Psycho Sam!: There. Finally. Now we can get back to work.

SM_007: Goddammit, Sam!, you're an idiot! He looked into my eyes and saw something! He was about to tell me something! I don't know what, but something! How could you just--

Psycho Sam!: Oh, would you quiet down and quit whining for once? He had you right where he wanted you! Besides, Tridus got his stupid laptop back and you're alive and the bad guy is dead AND we can finish this! I'd expect some courtesy!

*SM_007 grabs onto the large chain and starts swinging his way back to the girder, clutching Sashie.*

SM_007: Sam!, I just did something incredible and I might never be able to do that again unless I find out how I just...just... Damn, I can't even explain it! I just let go, and did what needed to be done when I saw that Sashie was going to die.

Tridus: Yeah, you moved damn fast. I've never seen anyone move like that. Weird.

Psycho Sam!: Sorry to interrupt this heroic feat, but DIE? Sashie would have DIED? Hello, she's a laptop!

Tridus: ...

Psycho Sam!: What? Just because you programmed her to call you "daddy?" Because she think you are her daddy? Because you call her "sweetie?" I could write a program that does that, too!

Tridus: Enough! I didn't program ANYTHING!

*Psycho Sam! is dumbfounded. He sighs, and then shakes his head.*

Psycho Sam!: You crazy kids'll never learn anything, will you?

*Tridus has tears in his eyes as he hugs Sashie. He speaks over his shoulder to SM_007.*

Tridus: Thanks, SM. What you did was really great.

SM_007: Yeah, well, hey, that's cool, thanks. I really don't know what happened, though.

*SM_007 looks at the steel girder where Orazath was standing, sighs, and ponders.*

Psycho Sam!: Well?! What's with your laptop?

Tridus: She's...my daughter.

Sashie: Yeah, mister meanie! My daddy! You made daddy cry!

Tridus: Nono, Sashie, that's okay.

Psycho Sam!: This is too weird.

Tridus: It's a long story. But she is my daughter. The real life embodiment of my daughter's personality. C'mon, I will have to explain it later, and I am too drained right now, as is Sashie from that EMP wave. And I have a feelin' that SM_007 has some thinkin' to do.

*They here someone blow his nose, and look over to see Psycho !Mas with a napkin.*

Psycho !Mas: That's beautiful, man. That's beautiful. I always cry when things like this happen.

Psycho Sam!: Oh brother. Let's just get out of here. I can't take much more of THIS love-in.

*They all begin to carefully walk back across the girder, Sam! holding the tube and vacuum, and dragging them both towards the the stairs from where they came.*

We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

Subject: MysteryMan listens intently to his advisors...
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-03-21 00:00:00

MysteryMan listens to his advisors. One of them tells how people in Riptide view him as being too boring.

"What? Boring? ME! HAH!" MysteryMan exclaims.

"It's true, sir. Everyone wants a "cool"er President."

MysteryMan looks down, sadly. "I want to be popular...what can I do?"

After 6 hours of hard work, the President leaves the building. He has new clothes...a new hairstyle, even his red glowing eyes are gone! SoulTaker looks astonished as the President approachs him.

"Um, President MysteryMan Sir, are...you ok?" SoulTaker asks.

The President grins. "It's cool, man! And the name ain't MysteryMan anymore, it's MM."


"You got it! MysteryMan was boring! MM is cool!" MM looks at SoulTaker. "Come on, let's make some changes!"

SoulTaker just stares.

4 men are sitting in a darkened room. One of the men has the Riptide logo on his jacket.

"I'm glad you decided to help us," one of the men tells the man with the Riptide on his jacket.

"Yeah, I've been wanting to defeat that idoit for some time now. I can't believe my genuis! Hahahaa, the new "MM" shall not fight us! I'm glad I made his advisors do this!" the Riptide man says. Everyone laughs.

MM is sitting in his office. He is listening to some rock'n'roll in a walkman. He twirls around in his chair. "Man, this office is da bomb!"

SoulTaker is standing nearby, looking defeated. He suddenly turns to a beeping computer and gasps. He turns to MM.


"That's MM"

"Yes, MM, um, one of the buildings in the south sector has burst into flames. A figure is now throwing gasoline on the building."

"Well, get the police down there! What am I going to do about it?" MM asks, still spinning in his chair.

"Sir, why don't we handle it?"

"Damn, MM doesn't do that! MM is the leader, not the fighter! So get on, I'm waiting for the new twend to come in."

SoulTaker sighes.


"The Phoenix can be reborn, but it is never the same"

Subject: Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the... What the? Digimon? (Story of the Post Box variety)
Author: Psycho Sam!
Date: 2000-03-22 00:00:00

*Sitting in his office, thinking of ways to be cool, MM looked out his window to see Tridus, Psycho Sam!, and Psycho !Mas running towards Riptide HQ. MM thinks this to be odd and therefore runs downstairs to follow them*

MM- I wonder what they're doing. Shouldn't they be dumping radioactive goo into Orazath's lair? That's it, I'm following them.

*The Gang reaches Riptide HQ only to notice something odd right next to it. Next to the HQ is a large swamp that wasn't there before. In the swamp there are some very tall trees with what seem like platforms and bridges strung between them. Sitting in the middle of the swamp is...*

Psycho Sam!- My lab! I thought it'd never get here. Come on gang, let's go inside and check things out.

Tridus- Umm, aren't we KINDA busy right now? I don't think we have time to go in.

Psycho !Mas- Actually, I think we could probably find something useful in this laboratory. I say we go in.

*Sam walks up to the door and keys in his password*

Sam- Pal, come on, let me in dammit!

Pal- I can't do that Sam.

Sam- Why the hell not?

Pal- Because I absolutely desipise you! You came in and ruined the beautiful laboratory, you made the most pointles inventions, and you took out most of my emotions circuits to prop up the dining room table! There isn't even a dining room! Dagnabbit, if you didn't accidentally activate a swear filter on me, you'd get such a verbal beating! I would just...

SM_007- We're in. While the computer was talking I picked the lock. You don't mind, do you Pal?

Pal- Shut up.

*Everyone walks into the laboratory, down the stairs, past the useless inventions section and into the main control room*

Tridus- What the? Man, this place is a mess. What happened here? An explosion?

Pal- No, Rocket scientist Sam over there turned the cleaning staff into zombies and didn't bother cleaning the place himself. Sometimes I just want to rip his d...

Sam- That's enough of that now. Pal, could you tell us what's going on out there? What's with all the odd stuff that's been hapening?

Pal- Why don't you figure it out yorself you...

!Mas- Why are you so angry Pal? You don't really seem like anyones pal to me.

Pal- Well, sam over there, he used some of my emotions circuits to prop up that table over there. But of course he didn't know what he was doing and all I have now in the way of emotions is angry, bitter, depressed, vengeful, irritable, annoyed...

!Mas- I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do to help?

Pal- You can kill Sam for me. Although that won't help MY problem...

Sam- OK, you just sit here and, umm, try and let your chocolately goodness rub off on the computer, kay?

!Mas- Sure, sounds like fun.

Sam- Great. Now, we gotta find something. Help me look.

SM_007- Umm, could we know what we're looking for before we try loo...

Sam- Hey, less chatter and more looking!

*The three looked around the laboratory looking for whatever Sam was trying to get them to look for and surprisingly, Tridus found it*

Tridus- Hey, isn't this that disc that those Ninjas stole? The one with my apple pie recepe on it?

Sam- Yeah, that's the one. Gimme gimme gimme.

Tridus- Hey, if the ninjas had it, what's it doing here?

*At that moment, the robot ninjas jumped out of the shadows and started throwing ninja stars at everything. They hit several computer systems and some large crates. They chased the four heros out of the laboratory and wen't back in. 3 minutes later the Robot Ninjas came running out as well, followed by a large swarm of foor long wasp like creatures. The creatures had gigantic fangs, large spikes, and very painful looking stingers. One of them stung a forumer who happened to be wandering by at the moment, and he began acting like a squirrel*

Pal- Dagnabbit! Sam can't even engineer a good virus! Dam, why the hell did he have to mess around with the lab? If my auto-guns were still active I'd...

*MM runs up only to dodge a swarm of large wasp like creatures*

MM- What the? Sam, what are you up to?

Sam- Umm, you see, I got bored one day and I just, umm, LOOK OVER THERE! MORE BEES! *Sam points at the swarm of creatures*

SM_007- Hmm, THat's not a good thing is it?

Tridus- No, it isn't.

*Very irritated, the large bugs swarmed our heroes and were ready to attack when a net dropped over the 5 and pulled them up into the trees. Shocked, they got up to see what had happened and noticet they were on a platform surrounded by small people wearing strange hats*

Small person*pointing at Sam*- You're the one who moved out village from the forest we lived in. What the hell did you do that? We liked those trees.

Sam- Umm, who are you? I don't remember having a civilzation living in the trees above my lab.

Small person- I am Ralf of the Forest Dwellers. we came through that portal in your laboratory. Apparently someone was fooling around with the setting snd left it on. That was probably you too, eh? Dang, why'd they ever trust you with a laboratory?

Sam- I, uhh, found it.

Ralf- Figures. You're gonna have to get out of here now, you can probably make it to the building next to us, we built a bridge.

Tridus- Now, why didn't I notice?

Ralf- I dunno.

*They all use the bridge to get into Riptide HQ, and Ralf went with them*

MM- Hey, why's this place so dark? Don't you guy ever pay to get lighting fixed?

Tridus- Hey, this is my office! How come I didn't notice that bridge? And waht's that hole doing in the door?

*Sure enough, there was a hole in the door, but the hole looked more like claw marks than anything else. SM_007 stepped out the door to see what was out there and a large set of teeth almost took his head off*

SM_007- I think there's something out there.

Sam- I volunteer !Mas to go see what it is. Go get em !Mas.

!Mas-*sigh*Oh well, here goes nothing... *!Mas steps out just to be eaten by whatever was outside the door*

!Mas(from inside the thing)- Dagnabbit!

*The creature burst through the wall into the office and stared at them for a while. Ralf shot some fireballs at it and SM_007 shot it with his pistol. Sam pulled out his chainsaw and shotgun and went at it at very close range.*


*The creature slashed at Sam tearing his arm off and seding him flying into the wall. At this moment a small boy walks in wearing a red hat*

Boy(while holding a small device)- Psycho Sam! Go!

*As the boy said tihs, Sam started spinning on the spot. Weird lights and his name in both English and Japanese sterted swirling around him. Strange music was plaing in the background with people singing the same repetetive phrase over and over*

Psycho Sam!- Psycho Sam! digivolve to... *Psycho Sam suddenly grows 10 feet tall with very large claws the size of his forearm*

Super Psycho Sam!- I can feel the power! Now you die you hideous beast!

*Super Psycho Sam launches some blasts of energy out of his claws causing the creature to go flying through the wall and onto the street below. Super Psycho Sam! de-evolves back into Plain old Psycho Sam!*

Sam- Woah, who are you kid?

Kid- I'm Ash Ketchup! And I'm going to be the worlds greates Digimon master! Psycho Sam! I chose... SHOE!

*everyone looks at eachother ald begins laughing. The screen starts shrinking into a small dot and the credits begin rolling. But half way through the credits, Psycho Sam burst out through the background*

Sam- I'm sorry you had to witness that but I thought the story was getting a bit long and I had to fit the title in there somewhere. Sorry, it won't happen next time. I promise.

THE END... For now.

I am Sam!
Psycho Sam!
Do you like fried eggs and spam???

Subject: the legacy of science... (long)
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-03-23 00:00:00

(note: this starts shortly after the last story by Sam, when everyone has returned to Riptide HQ.

*Our heroes walk back into Riptide HQ and breathe a collective sigh of relief at the familiar surroundings, hoping to get a peaceful nights sleep... all but one at least.*

*Tridus quickly gathers up some accessories he left lying around before leaving last time and puts them into their rightful places on his person, then turns and walks back out the door looking like he's in a rather bad mood with Sashie under his arm as usual. SM_007 looks at everyone else and notices that they don't really seem to care.*

'How odd...' SM thinks to himself. 'If he's supposed to be our friend, why doesn't someone go after him?' After a moment, he decides to be the one to go, everyone else looks rather tired anyway.

*SM goes outside and looks around. After a moment he sees Tridus hastily walking away and runs after him.*

*Walking out into the forest at a hurried pace, Tridus rolled things over in his mind... 'Why did they have to ask questions like that? Why can't they just leave me alone about it? Why...' He hears someone coming up behind him. 'Ugh... I think I'm going to kill whoever that is.'*

*Tridus spins around ready to verbally take the head off of whoever was following him, but stops completely when he sees who it is.*

T - Oh... hi SM... I... I thought you were someone else. What are you doing out here?

SM - well... the way you ran off, I just wanted to make sure everything is ok.

T - ... I'm fine.

T - *paces a bit* look... I'm not very good at this... but thanks. I, *touches Sashie* we, owe you one... if there's anything you want to make it up... just name it.

SM - well... I don't suppose you could fix my memory could you?

T - very unlikely, the... *pauses* its... possible. But very unlikely. It'll probably come back on its own with time.

SM - oh... well I guess so. Well... then could you answer my question from earlier? Just... why is that computer so important to you?

*Tridus sighs... 'Of course, you just have to go and offer up the right to do anything, knowing full well that murphy will force him to ask the one question you don't want to answer...'*

T - alright... I guess I owe you that much... come with me.

*Tridus turns around and starts walking off again. SM follows.*

SM - Where are we going?

T - someplace quiet... very quiet.

*Tridus stops after only walking a few hundred feet, in a quiet grassy area with no other people around. He then takes out his cell phone and hooks it into his laptop.*

SM - What are you doing?

T - going home.

SM - Going home? With a phone?

T - Hey, you have that ungodly contraption you call a car don't you? I just have a more effecient method of transport.

SM - Car? What car?

T - gee you are in really bad shape aren't you... *presses a few buttons on the laptop and the phone dials* you used to have a Silver Jag... with enough gadgets in it to keep Tim Taylor busy for months. I wonder where it got to... did you put a tracking system on it or something?

*SM_007 shrugs.*

T - you don't remember, right... Oh, here we go..

*The modem finishes connecting and the two people and one laptop slowly start to phase out.*

T - ugh this is going to take forever with another person, I need a higher speed phone.

SM - What are you doing?

T - Oh... we're just being digitally encoded and sent across the net to my house, thats all.

SM - We're what!? *notices that the lower part of his body is fading away gradually* what the hell? I'm getting out of here!

*SM tries to get up but Tridus puts an arm on his shoulder to stop him*

T - I wouldn't do that...try not to move very much either, it causes packet loss. And thats a very bad thing.

*SM isn't really sure what to do besides sit and wait, so thats what he does. After several minutes, there is nothing left in the area to mark their passing except for some footprints.*

*Inside Tridus' cottage, the two people and one laptop fade in almost instantly. Tridus walks over to his large reclining chair and flops into it, then proceeds to unhook and put away his phone. SM_007 is checking himself to make sure everything is there.*

SM - don't you ever do that again!

T - alright... but its a very long walk back to Riptide from here.

SM - Where are we anyway?

T - The middle of nowhere, northern Quebec.

SM - oh... *looks out a window and notices the snow* Oh...

*SM looks around for a bit, then has another question come to mind*

SM - say why did it take so long to leave, but we arrived here so much faster?

T - oh... well thats pretty easy. Have you ever tried to send a file using a dialup modem?

SM - yes.

T - have you ever tried to send the same file using a high speed line?

SM - yes.

T - there ya go then.

SM - but wait a minute... usually it only goe as fast as the slowest connection.

T - not when you have it buffer the transmission before sending it the rest of the way.

SM - Oh.

T - yeah... god bless that OC48 I had put in here last year... the dual T3 was just not cutting it anymore.

SM - How do you get them to run lines like that this far north?

T - I have friends in high places in the local government. It wasn't too hard to get them to petition Bell to get the lines put in quietly.

SM - well how do you pay for it?

*Tridus gets up and puts Sashie down on a desk with an empty space on it, then plugs a few wires in and sits back down in his chair.*

T - Sashie take a nap.

*The laptop beeps and goes to a reduced power mode.*

T - You don't want to know the answer to that question.

SM - yes, I do.

T - Trust me, you don't... now I guess I should answer your other one... do you want something to eat?

SM - sure, what do you have?

T - Pizza.

SM - ... anything else?

T - nope, thats pretty much it. *takes his phone out* What do you like on it?

SM - Pepperoni is fine...

T - is that all? geez, how bland... *hits speedial 1 on the phone* Hey Suzie... yeah its me.. yeah I'm good... oh thats great to hear! Yeah... I'll have the usual, and an extra one with just pepperoni for a guest I have today with bland taste... hehehe, no not that kind of guest. Yes, I'm at home. Yes, thats great. Take care. *Hangs up the phone* Should be here in about a half hour.

SM - you have a pizza restraurant within a half hour of the middle of nowhere that can get through a blizzard like that?

T - thats another long story you don't want the answer to. But to answer your question, sort of. They can get here, yes. They've only been late once in three years. But how I do go on...

T - I guess I should answer your question now... *looks at Sashie* good, she's asleep. *SM looks and sees the laptop, doesn't look any different* ... I don't normally tell this story, but... well I owe it to you I guess for what you did back there.

T - about eight years ago, the government up here started a project to try and determine the ways humans and technology could be intermingled. Not in the usual sense of cybernetics and implanting devices into humans, but the other way around. My wife and I were both scientists working on that, up on a nameless island in the Northwest Territories, although I guess that part is Nunavit now. Anyway... there was no easy method of transportation to or from there... only the millitary came at all, and even that was very infrequent. So when the project started up, we took our approximately ten month old baby with us, not really trusting anybody else to take care of her.

*SM sat back and listened... already fairly sure of where this was heading, he payed attention anyway.*

T - most of the details of just what we did there are unimportant and classified information... but since that doesn't really matter anymore... we were developing a way to completely take over any computer system and make it do whatever we wanted. We tried several methods, and finally found one that worked... we created a system by which you could actually transfer someones consciousness into a special chip built into a computer. Now, this still wasn't quite what we wanted, since the person couldn't jump around from computer to computer unless they were all enhanced with the chip, however we were working that minor detail out. We also created systems that allowed the person to control their surroundings while in the computer, and to do a few other things that don't really matter.

T - We almost had the system perfected when word of it got out to the communists. At least, I believe it was the communists, no one really knows for sure exactly who was behind it... but I'm fairly sure I'm right, we were testing a system which would have allowed someone to take command and remotely reprogram the targeting system on the delivery systems (aka missiles) used to deliver Soviet Nuclear Warheads to their destination. Imagine their surprise when all their nukes turned around and slammed into Bejing eh?

T - Not that our goal was to destroy China... we wanted to disarm them first, so that the missiles would just fall back into the city and only cause minor damage. The real goal was to take away their Nuclear Arsenal, thereby meaning that North America could be the only continent armed with the damn things. Actually, my wife wanted to get rid of ours too, but I felt we could keep them as a means of deterring countries from attacking us with more conventional means, or biological weapons for example...

T - So... word got to them I think... and they, or whoever it was, sent this force of what I can only assume were superspies or some elite millitary force to take us out... being mostly scientists, we weren't in much of a position to put up a fight, and the millitary presence we had with us was far too small to stop them.

T - So those of us who were able to, hid. We took refuge in closets, air ducts, under desks, whatever was available. My wife, Sashie, and I were all together.. and we stayed that way until we realized that they weren't trying to destroy our work, they were trying to steal it. we couldn't let that happen, so my wife and I set out to try and sneak to any terminal on the network from which we could purge the entire project from existance... although it pained us severely to do it.

T - *sigh* in fact... I admit it now... I didn't do it. Oh I did manage to get to a terminal and issue the commad to wipe everything, and they were none too pleased about that let me tell you... you could hear them screaming in frustration all over the building... but before I did that, I dumped as much of the information as I could onto a laptop that I had been working on enhancing with the latest equipment. That was jepoardizing national security and breaking more rules then I can count, but could you really just destroy your lifes work?

T - so I was making my way back to Sashie when I heard my wife... apparnetly they had found her and were trying to get her to tell them how to get at the data I had already purged from the network. Of course they didn't believe her, and....

*T sighs*

T - they killed her for it.

T - I guess she was close enough that Sashie heard all this, because she came running out to see what mommy was upset about... to this day I wish I would have left my wife there with her so she wouldn't have run out... do you have any idea what the sound of a six year old getting...

*Tridus sighs*

T - no... I don't suppose you do know... I envy you... pray that you never find out.

T - anyway... after that, I sort of blank out... I don't know exactly how, but I know that somehow I managed to get to her and my wife after the goons had left them... my wife was too far gone to be helped, but Sashie was still alive, barely... somehow I managed to get her to my research lab, which thankfully hadn't been ransacked yet... and from there, I used the data on the laptop to get the eqipment started back up again long enough to move her into it. And then, again... somehow... I'm afraid I really can't remember... I managed to get out of the place with the laptop...

T - something I do remember clearly is what happened to that old place... I don't suppose you heard the story about how the US government lost a missile?

*SM shakes his head no*

T - oh yeah thats right, your memory... well, they didn't loose it, thats just what was told to people... very few people know this, but it wasn't lost... when I got out of the lab, it was an emergency code program that I activated during my escape. In the event the base were ever taken over like that, we were supposed to punch in a certain command which would tell the millitary to destroy it.

T - And so they did.

T - so after the government got through with grilling me over what happened, I guess they were satisfied with what I told them, since they let me go... and I came out here, and I've been here ever since... although it took a while to bring Sashie around... she was traumatized by the whole thing and wouldn't do anything... finally I had to get rid of bits and pieces of her memories of what happened...

T - well, thats about it... I hope the pizza gets here soon...

SM - ...

"If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you..." - Martina McBride

Subject: Total LockDown
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-03-23 00:00:00

MysteryMan steps out to the crowd. SoulTaker is behind him. MysteryMan grins.

"Attention...my term as President will soon be over, and so...now I can rule without worrying of being empeached!" MysteryMan tells the audience.

The audience gasps as MysteryMan points towards a building with gigantic double dooors. The doors slowly open, and a bot jumps out.

The bot is black, with red glowing eyes. There are patches of blue everywhere on him. He stands 9 feet tall, and he appears to glare at everyone.

"Beep, beep, beep! Whiiirr! MysteryBot has orders to destroy all who apose the Mystery!" MysteryBot whirrs.

Everyone is looking at this silenty, except Psycho_Sam! who yells, "You rip-off!" and Adun975 is busy telling people, "See...I'm really Protoss, yay, you know..."

MysteryBot picks up Adun975 who screams. "wait, wait, com'on man don't please ohmigod." MysteryBot smashes Adun against the ground. MysteryBot turns to glare at the crowd, who takes a step back.

"Now, everyone, Riptide is going into Total Lockdown. Everyone, you will now go to the jail. At 2300 hours, I shall call you out to work in the mines. I repeat, this is a total lockdown!" MysteryMan tells the crowd. He then turns to MysteryBot. "Take them to the jail"

MysteryBot beeps in response, then starts to herd the protesting crowd.

MysteryMan turns to face SoulTaker. "SM_007 and Tridus are gone. I'm afraid they may resist us."

SoulTaker nods. "I have a plan..."

MysteryMan turns to grin at the crowd who is walking away, with MysteryBot behind them. "Mwahaha, I will finally rule...as long as Tridus and SM_007 don't come back"


"The Phoenix can be reborn, but it is never the same"

Subject: MysteryBot vs. MechaSam!
Author: The Lord DebtAngel
Date: 2000-03-23 00:00:00

"...and in other news, everybody in Riptide has been sent to jail..."

Wowe. News to me. Good thing I don't go to the Presidential pep rallies.

*Wrrr. Bzzzzt. Ding dong.*

"Who is it?"

"MysteryBot. You are to go directly to jail. You will not pass Go. You will not collect $200."

"Ah man. MechaSam! Sic him boy! Sic him!"

MechaSam! gets up, wobbles a bit, and stares MysteryBot straight in the face. MysteryBot fails to react, because he is a robot. Mysteriously, Japanese fight music begins playing from the stereo, and the two Bots face off for battle.

MysteryBot: Wurrr. Buzzzzt.

MechaSam!: Raaaaht! Raaaht! (Godzilla, anyone?)

MysteryBot swipes at MechaSam!, but MechaSam! was swiping too and lost his balance, inadvertently dodging the punch. MysteryBot gets in three quick uppercuts, lifting MechaSam! through the air.

MechaSam!: Raaaaht!

MechaSam! fires a badly animated green shot at MysteryBot, which causes sparks to fly off his metal casing. MysteryBot starts spinning really fast, causing a high pitch squeal. This knocks DebtAngel out cold, but MechaSam! comes back quickly with a jumpkick to the fuselage. MysteryBot is pushed back into a family of deer that it had called when causing the squeal. MysteryBot tries to fight his way past the deer, but it's one heck of a family, and they just want to protect him.

MechaSam!, sensing his job was done, tries to revive DebtAngel by licking his face. Unfortunately, since MechaSam!'s tongue is merely a set of exposed wires, all DebtAngel gets is a shock.

"Ow. Hey. Sammy! Good boy! Come on, lets fix you up now, and bail out the rest of the forumers."

SYNOPSIS: I ain't goin' to jail that easy, punk :).

Is it not nifty? Sluggy Freelance. Worship the comic.

Subject: The Attacks
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-03-24 00:00:00

Two people creep down an ally. They hide behind a trash can, as they hear someone making a speech.

Person#1 whispers, "What do we do with the body?"

"Beat it up," answers Person#2.

Adun, after happily making a speech, walks down that ally. He passes a trash can, then he hears a noise behind him. He starts to turn around, but his back of his head suddenly burns like crazy, and he realizes he was hit. He turns around and only sees red before he falls to the ground.

The next day...

MysteryMan frowns as SoulTaker reveals the news. "Sir, several of our canidates for President have been beaten up. They fear it is you, because they always see red, like your eyes, and there are two of them, like us."

MysteryMan swears. "Shit!"

MysteryMan stands up, and looks out the window. It's late and dark. "I'm going for a walk, SoulTaker."

MysteryMan walks out of the RipTide building, knowing SoulTaker will undoubtly follow him. He walks into the woods.

I'm lucky I can see in the dark, MysteryMan thinks. The woods weren't quite so scary that way.

However, MysteryMan was actually very worried. "Who was doing this?"

MysteryMan stopped and looked up. It was a full moon, and it gave some light. The trees branches waved in the wind, and it seemed as if people were everywhere.

But...were there? Something wasn't right...MysteryMan heard a snap of a twig behind him. He whirrled around, and stared at two people.

Being able to see in the dark didn't help him, because both people are wearing masks. The masks look to be ancient. MysteryMan's voice shakes as he asks a question.

"You're from Riptide, aren't you?"

Person#1 laughs. "How'd you know?"

Person#2 turns to face the first person. "You idiot! Don't tell him that!"

Person#1 looks at Person#2. "I don't care if he knows we hang around Riptide..." He turns to face MysteryMan. "Yes, we are regulars...but too bad you won't be able to tell anyone..."

Person#1 runs up and punches, but MysteryMan ducks and kicks the person in the stomach. Person#1 staggers back.

Person#2 jumps on MysteryMan's back and begins pounding. Person#1, taking advantage of MysteryMan being distracted and off balance, rams into MysteryMan. MysteryMan gives a gasp.

MysteryMan pulls back his hand, and slams it into Person#1's throat. Person#1 gasps for breath. However, Person#2 is still punding on MysteryMan's back.

MysteryMan flings himself onto the ground, knocking the second person off. MysteryMan rolls out of Person#2's range and stands up. He faces Person#1.

Person#1 is still gasping for breath. MysteryMan slams into him, and punches, perhaps the strongest punch he ever punched, Person#1's head. He moans.

Person#2 leaps into the air, and slams his fists on MysteryMan's head. MysteryMan struggles to stay from becoming unconcisous. Person#2 grabs MysteryMan, and begins pushing him towards...a cliff.

MysteryMan glances back and sees the cliff. He struggles, and suddenly rips off the mask of Person#2. He stares.

"It's you!" he whispers.

Person#2 sneers and suddenly shoves MysteryMan. MysteryMan falls towards the ground, screaming all the way...

One hour later...

SoulTaker is still searching the woods frantically. He had heard the President scream. He had been worried, so he had been searching for the last hour. He still can't find MysteryMan.

Suddenly, SoulTaker trips over something. He thinks it's only a tree...but it's cold. SoulTaker leaps up and looks down.

Below him lays the cold, limp, beaten-up body of the President of RipTide, MysteryMan.

SoulTaker just stares at the body for a second. He's lieing face down. SoulTaker lifts up MysteryMan's head, and sees that is is covered in blood. Well, that wasn't unusual, because his whole body was.

SoulTaker looked up. A high cliff loomed up before him. "You must have fallen off," SoulTaker whispers silently.

But SoulTaker knew it was no accident. His body looked betaen up. And MysteryMan could see in the dark.

SoulTaker checked MysteryMan's pulse, but he knew it was no use.

MysteryMan was dead. He had been murdered.


"The Phoenix can be reborn, but it is never the same"

Subject: Against all Oddities (Story)
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-03-27 00:00:00

Against all Oddities

=Scene: A dimly lit room =

A single metal table and two chairs is the only furniture that can be seen. A map has been hung on one dirty wall; it has red pins pushed into it. There's a pin in New York, Toronto, Atlanta, Chicago and a number of major cities. There is a red pin firmly planted in city of Irvine California and close to that a little below and to the left, on the coast there is a pin, a yellow pin in Riptide California.

A man sitting on one of the chairs shifts a little, preparing to speak.

Man #2: And? Is that all you wanted us to do?

Man #1: Yes. The guards are dead. Now, fortunately, so is their president. They have no lead anymore, no driving force. With all the everyday pressures on the group they will start to crack, it is only a matter of time until their spirit has been broken.

Man #2: Can't they just elect another president?

Man #1: *chuckles, begins to cough but regains his composure* Oh yes. They will try, and it will not matter. It is time for us to make our move... you have the number of our allies in Quebec?

Man #2: Ah. Yes. I will give them a call.

Man #1: Good. *He stares intently at the map* we move closer...

=Scene: Downtown Riptide =

Regulars and tourists alike mill around the center of the city commonly called "the forum." In the center is an impromptu memorial to the former president of the town. People stare at it with sad faces, fondly remembering their beloved hero president, MysteryMan.

Inside the riptide offices a meeting is underway:

Psycho_!Mas: Since neither Tridus or SM is here, I have assumed the job as impromptu coordinator of this meeting.

Psycho_Sam!: Since SM has lost his memory I don't think he'd be any help anyway!

Psycho_!Mas: Oh be quiet. Now I know your all worried about what's happening.

The crowd mutters and some of the community members say things to Mas. But their questions are lost in the din. Suddenly a door is opened letting bright light inside, two figures step into the room.

DebtAngel: I am here. I apologize for being late.

Mas: Ah. Our esteemed bank owner. No problem.

Psycho Sam! starts reciting Potters lines from its a wonderful life.

Mas hits Sam quieting him.

Mas: Ahem. Now I believe that we should all agree to pick a member of the community to lead until Tridus comes back or we can elect a real president.

Some one in the back of the room shouts: I read that the police think a regulars killed the president!

This statement is followed by more angry shouting from the crowd.

Mas(bends down to whisper to Sam): This is impossible. Can you make a list of people from the community that we can trust? You know them.

Sam: Ok. But I want a pizza.

Mas: Uhg. Just start okay. I'll postpone this meeting until after we talk with some we can trust.

=Scene: A jail =

In the four cell room two cells are occupied. One man is glaring at the other.

Anderson: You just had to speed didn't you.

rRaminrodt: We were under attack!

Anderson: Not at the moment!

rRaminrodt: Yeah. Ok fine, lets say I stayed in town and drove around slowly. Rolando would....

Anderson: Quiet. What was that?

They stop talking and listen. A muffled shout is heard, followed by the sound of a body hitting the ground. A pause, and then the sound of keys rattling in the door to cellblock B. A suited man enters the room and quietly closes the door behind him.
Agent: Well, isn't this convenient. Mr. rRaminrodt is it? Yes...

rRaminrodt: Who are you?

Agent: Trouble. I've been told you may be a rather tough fellow to kill. That's why my superiors gave me this.

He pulls out a small chrome silver device and clicks it into different dimensions, setting it up for its ultimate purpose.

Agent: And I'm sorry sir. *looking at Anderson* But you can't leave here either.

He lets go of the device, which hums and sticks where it is in the air. It turns to point toward rRamin. It begins moving forward at a rate that increases with every second. Until a hand from the next cage over snatches it out of the air.

Anderson: *twisting and breaking the device* I hate having to blow my cover...

He proceeds to run up the back wall of the cell and onto the ceiling from where he delivers a flying kick to the cell door smashing it open.

He spins facing the Agent. He smiles. The agent frowns and then attacks Anderson, they exchange punches blocks and kicks while virtually flying around the room. The agent manages to kick Anderson into the cellblock crashing rRaminrodts door open. This reactivates rRaminrodt's conscious thought just in time for him to jump out of the way of anther flying body, this time the agents.

rRaminrodt: Do you want some help?

Anderson: What were you waiting for? A written invitation?!

rRaminrodt ducks the agents punch and wills his arms to unravel into their constituent cables which he then makes into large fists. He grabs the agents leg as Anderson pummels his face with a series of punches. The agent grabs Andersons arm and flips him backwards into rRamin. They tumble to the floor and the agent kicks rRamin in the head the next time all he tries that though all his foot meets is a mass of looped cords. They entangle his foot. A large tendrily arm raises up and throws the agent back toward a waiting Anderson. Anderson catches the agent by shoulders, wraps an arm around his face and twists. A large crack is heard and a body drops the floor.

rRaminrodt (still with most of his upper body unraveled): What the? Who are you??

Anderson just reaches up and pulls at the back of his chin near his next. As you can guess the current face gets pulled off...

rRaminrodt: Edge?!

Edge: Yeah. Its me all right. I really hate having to blow my cover though.

rRaminrodt: Why were you pretending to be this Anderson guy?

Edge: Well. After Tridus became the dark lord, MysteryMan had me go undercover to investigate you.

rRamin: Me?

Edge: It was the building you built he used as a base.

rRamin: That's true. But I had nothing to do with him going bad. I heard it had to do with evil twins or something. But I haven't actually got to sit down and really talk to somebody in the know recently.

Edge: I think you're right about that. But better safe than sorry. We'd better get back to Riptide, if this guy is who I think he is we might be in bigger trouble than we ever thought....

To be continueded!

Changes by this Story:
Mas is trying (badly) to organize the people after the death of MysteryMan and disappearance of Tridus, etc. Sam is making a list of trused allies in the community. Anderson was our very own Edge all along :) The shadow-men are still up to no good.

Get Involved!
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Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: (POST BOX STOREE) The good book says we may be through with the past...
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-03-27 00:00:00

But the past is not through with us.

[Scene: Tridus' cottage, far, far away from everyone else.]

(Tridus is sitting at the table, his head lowered and resting on his crossed arms. He stares at Sashie, who is still resting and recharging her batteries. SM_007, who was simply thinking about the story which Tridus has told him, came around when he heard a knocking at the door.)

(Startled, SM_007 sprung to his feet, and slowly removed his PP7 pistol, expecting the worst. Then, seeing Tridus slowly come to his feet with a smile, remembered that Tridus had ordered a pizza, and immediately felt foolish. Tridus walked over to the door while SM_007 put his gun back in its holster, and slumped back down in his chair once again, to think. However, a second after he had sat back down, he saw Tridus fly across the room, and smash through the table where Sashie was laying. They both flew hard into the wall and floor, neither of them showing any signs of being conscious.)

(SM_007 gasped and stood up, and once again got ready to pull out his silenced pistol. As he did so, he saw a man calmly walk in and survey the room. He looked left to right, and then slowly looked at SM_007 with a smirk on his face. The man, who was dressed in a dark, black suit with black shades, didn't seem at all familier to SM_007.)

Agent: I have been waiting a long time for this moment, agent 007.

SM_007: Who are you?!

(The agent just smirked and looked back at the fallen Tridus.)

Agent: Your friend...will live. He will live because you will make the right choice.

SM_007: What the hell are you talking about?

Agent: Your mission is successful, agent 007. It is time for you to remember who you are. Would you like me to give you your memories back?

SM_007: Wha--

Agent: Do you want me to give you your memories back?

SM_007: Yes.

(The agent stares at SM_007 for a few seconds, and nothing happens. Then, SM_007 grabs his head, as if in severe pain. He nearly falls to the ground, but manages to regain his composure while stumbling a few steps in random directions around the room. His mouth is open wide as he squints his eyes. Finally, it all comes to a stop as SM_007's eyes open and he stands up straight once more, and looks around his familier surroundings.)

(SM_007 looks at Tridus and Sashie, and can remember his life, going back to when he first became a part of the community. He remembers going to Battle.net, where he met several people who formed SideWinder. He remembers SideWinder becoming the guard of Blizzard against the lamers that would attempt to strike them down. And he remembers SideWinder turning on Blizzard and becoming neutral in that war, finally opting to set up a base away from Battle.net, where they could watch over events in peace. And he can finally remember SideWinder's demise, and how some of the members formed Riptide. He remembers everything that he used to know, which unfortunately, isn't all of it, he realizes.)

SM_007: How come I can't remember anything before I went to the Battle.net community? That's my earliest memory, and that was only a couple of years ago.

Agent: There is much more to show you. You have never had those memories to begin with. Once you were done your training, we had you go to the Blizzard community, and even set up obstacles to test your skills.

SM_007: Obstacles?

(SM_007 feels unnaturally calm when talking to the man, as if he were an old friend.)

Agent: Yes. Our organization possesses technologies and skills which most humans will never fully master, or use properly. We have these technologies at our whim.

SM_007: What do you mean?

Agent: Cloning, agent 007. I am a clone. All agents are, except for two exceptions. You, and the leader of our organization. The leader of our organization is an imperfect human who is dying.

SM_007: Can't he be cloned, too?

Agent: Yes, but he would lose any existing memories. We have not been able to perfect this technology, and any clone has the mindset of a child. I, and my brothers, work well because we have a specific program set up to teach us what we need to know. Such a system could not be set up for our leader, who easily has a life too complex for those memories to be accuratly set up in a system for him to remember them all before he is the same age.

SM_007: Then how did you give my memories back? Well, some of them, anyway?

Agent: Those memories were still existent, only blocked off. I simply...allowed you to access them.

SM_007: So what obstacles were you speaking of, earlier?

Agent: For example, your clone, Edge. Orazath is another agent of our organization, hired meerly for you to eventually kill him, to see if you were permenately damaged after your memory loss.

SM_007: I can't believe all of this.

(SM_007 finally realizes where he is, and sits down. He thinks for a moment, before the agent speaks again.)

Agent: At first, you will not wish to help us. However, you will eventually remember who...you are. And when that time comes, you will make the right choice.

SM_007: How do you know all of this?

Agent: The same way you do. Or did. You have powers, which we call "evahl," that can allow you to operate at higher speeds. You can move faster than most humans can see. You can see the future, communicate telepathically, and you even have some telekenetic abilities as well. Of course, we restricted these when your memory was lost, so we could gradually reintroduce you to who you are.

(SM_007's eyes grow wide with excitement.)

SM_007: So this explains how I--

Agent: Yes. How you were able to perform a seeminly remarkable leap from a metal beam to another metal beam, holding onto a large chain, almost faster than the human eye could keep track.

SM_007: So, you allowed me to use my powers at that moment?

Agent: No. You will gradually learn to use them again, like all agents.

SM_007: I should be offended by all of this, but...

(SM_007 doesn't finish the thought. The agent goes over to where Sashie is, and picks her up, looking the laptop over. SM_007 looks up, and seeing this, jumps to his feet.)

SM_007: What are you doing?!

Agent: We need this...laptop. Many years ago, imperfect human agents, which was all we had, were sent to find research data on a method of controlling the nuclear arms of various countries. It was a new, improved form of hacking which could lead to the persons having the technology great power. Our organization wanted this data, and in the battle to take it, Tridus inserted the mind of his daughter into a laptop to save her, in a method which even we don't comprehend fully. We need this method to save our leader, so we could put his mind back into a younger, healthier clone.

SM_007: You wanted one thing, and your attack led you to a greater purpose?

Agent: We forsaw this, and although the data was not recovered as we had wished, the essential aspect of this mission was for Tridus to put the mind of his daughter, Sashie, into his laptop. We knew that years later, our leader would become sickly and, therefore, deathly. As we forsaw, Tridus did indeed use his laptop to save his daughter, and we have finally come to claim the laptop, along with you.

(SM_007 became suddenly enraged, which suprised the agent.)

SM_007: Tridus is my friend, you bastards! You don't care about his wife or child! You used him and his family to further your gain!

Agent: Try not to see us as...evil. It is for a greater good that this is happening, 007. You will see that someday. We...understand that Tridus is...what you could consider a friend. However, you will quickly begin to see a larger whole, and come to accept who you are...through time. And although we cannot expect your full cooperation at the moment, it is imperative that we take this...thing.

(SM_007 whips out his PP7 pistol, and then fires several shots at the agent, bullets which are dodged by the agent, whom doesn't even have to move from where he was standing at all. SM_007's hears his gun click, and before he can reload it, he finds himself being pummled by the agent, who is giving stiff shots into SM_007's gut. SM_007 finally regains his composure, and begins to block the punches with his own inhuman speed.)

(He manages to do this for a few moments, but then quickly is overcome by the speedier agent, whom kicks SM_007 across the room, and into a wall, which he indents before crashing to the ground, coughing as a trickle of blood dangles from his mouth. The agent walks over, straightening his tie, much in the fasion SM_007 used to.)

Agent: I must say that I am...disappointed. Even we did not forsee such a lack of...progress from you.

(SM_007 tries to respond, but can only quietly grunt, humiliatingly.)

Agent: One of us will return for you later, SM_007.

(The agent then begins to glow a bright green, a light which increases until only the agent's form is invisible. And like the other agents, this one glows white for a second before disappearing completely. SM_007 then crawls to his feet, and looks over at Tridus, who is beginning to stir. Holding his gut and limping, SM_007 swaggers his way out the door, and prepares to leave the area.)

(Outside of the cabin, SM_007 sees something familier. A silver jaguar, which he had been missing since he lost his memory, was parked, and in perfect condition. He smiled briefly, before frowning and gragging his feet over to the car, and getting in. Once in, he used a voice recognition command to activate it, and it sped off at very high speeds, just as Tridus was beginning to wake up in the cabin.)

The End - is the Beginning

Geez, where to begin? Tridus is missing his laptop, and was knocked out, so doesn't really know what just happened to him. SM_007 has regained his memory (well, as much as he had before he entered the Blizzard community three some years ago), and has also learned some of his past, thanks to an agent. SM_007 may have his memory back, but his outlook on just about everything...is beginning to change.

We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

Subject: 'and so comes the dawn'...
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-03-27 00:00:00

(note, you shoudl have read SM's story before reading this, since it takes place right afterwards.)

Tridus feels consciousness slowly returning to him, slowly... painstakingly slowly...

at first its just a vague awareness, senses that his mind can't yet process into something useful...

then the realization that what he is seeing is the roof... what he is hearing is the sounds that are familiar outside his cottage...

at the same time, control of his body was returning... he could feel his eyes, could direct them to look at different parts of the roof... underneath his hands and arms was something, he couldn't tell quite what... but not his polished hardwood floor... his feet... his feet felt cold.

unsure of what else to do, he tried to sit up, and was rewarded with a wave of dizziness that quickly sent him back down onto his back.

so he waited... more senses came back to him... agonizingly slowly, but still they returned... he became aware that most of his body ached... that his feet were cold, and seemingly getting colder... and that something was missing...

moving his arms a little bit and feeling around, he noticed that what felt like a table was around him...

trying once again to get up, he was slowly able to lift himself into a sitting position... the room was spinning, but it was manageable.

the spinning slowly subsided, and he noticed more things about his surroundings... the table he had borrowed from some friends in Montreal all those years ago was in less then ideal condition... the door to his cottage sat wide open sending air from the cold Northern Quebec night blowing into his cottage...

yes... thats right, his cottage. his cottage, his home... and he had a guest...

slowly looking around the room, he couldn't see his guest... maybe whoever attacked him had done the same and taken him... maybe he had left... maybe they were somehow working together...

he put a hand to his head, the attempt at reasoning made his head throb... figuring it was probably a concussion causing that problem, he resolved to simply make it over to the chair sitting not too far away, and he managed to painstakingly crawl his way over and into it...

after sitting there for a few minutes, enough of his senses had cleared that he realized he needed help...

"Sashie, call the hospital." The words came instinctively.

However, unlike what his instincts expected, a response never came.


Again, no response came, and something told him something was very wrong.

Mustering the energy to look around, he scanned the room as quickly as the dizziness would allow, and noticed that something was missing, but couldn't quite figure out what...

'ugh... I'm too old for this nonsense' he thought as he laid back in the chair. 'it doesn't make sense... someone... he... he... SM_007.. yeah... thats right... was here... I was sitting over there... someone knocked on the door... I got up to answer it... and flew back and landed on the table with Sashie...'

Tridus looked at the table.


Fear sliced through the dizziness engulfing his mind like a hot sword through butter, at least briefly..

He jumped up and tried to dash over to the table to look for his laptop, but after two steps was overtaken by the dizziness and collapsed into a heap on the floor, just as the pizza guy was walking in.

Chuck the pizza guy - Tri dude you ok!?

Chuck sets the pizza down on a small coffee table, closes the door, and then goes over to Tridus quickly to check on him.

Chuck - dude you look horrible... what happened??

Tridus - *groan* sashie... just...

Chuck - dude... I'm gonna call a doctor or something...

Tridus - no... *groan* just... get me to... the... chair... and look for... sashie...

Chuck - you mean that computer of yours? Sure.... sure...

Chuck the pizza guy helps Tridus back into the chair he was sitting in before trying to run around, then looks around the cottage for a few minutes.

Chuck - its not here dude.

Tridus - ... *sigh* thanks...

Chuck - did it get stolen or something?

Tridus - *very wearily* probably...

Chuck - that sucks dude.. wnat me to call the cops?

Tridus - no... just.... just go...

Chuck - ... alright... you take care.

With that, Chuck departs, leaving Tridus sitting in the chair, gazing out the window with glazed eyes and an empty heart.

Night passed and the morning light descended upon the cottage, but the scene inside had not changed. Eveuntally, the sun shining into his eyes through a window finally awoke Tridus from his daze.

However, after that, he still couldn't think straight, and all that came to mind was a sense of loss... and a burning desire to find out who had done this and make them pay... and thinking of SM_007, anyone the least bit involved... they would all pay, just as soon as he mustered up the will to get up and fight again...

"If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you..." - Martina McBride

Subject: As the sun sets in the forum
Author: The Lord DebtAngel
Date: 2000-03-27 00:00:00

(NOTE: I'm not quite sure wtf happened with the evil worker mines, so I'm just assuming the whole thing went by the wayside when MysteryMan passed on).

DebtAngel and Ikik walk through the forum on their way to the grocery store, when Debt notices the memorial to MysteryMan. He pauses, which really confuses Ikik, until the sun glints off the memorial which grabs his attention. The two of them stand in front of the memorial for a minute, Ikik, starts to fidget, and notices a single tear roll off DebtAngel's cheek.

Ikik: What's wrong Debt?
^$^: Nothing. It's just wrong is all. Sure, he went a little batty at the end there, but I've never had a problem with the President. It's saddening to think he died like a dog in the street.
Ikik: Yeah...the forum is going to need a leader.
^$^: There will be plenty of time for that...Now come on, I still need milk.

The man and his pet walk off into the sunset. As Debt puts on his sunglasses, Ikik takes one final look back and wonders just what will happen now.

Is it not nifty? Sluggy Freelance. Worship the comic.

Subject: Strife in the Future (storyverse)
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-04-04 00:00:00

Strife in the Future

=Scene: The stock room of a Riptide computer shop=

An old man shuffles from one shelf to another reordering components, putting the right thing in the right bin. After finishing the job he settles himself in the creaky old chair behind the stockroom desk. He sighs and traces an old picture's frame, it shows a young man smiling, standing underneath a sign that read, "Mike's Fix It shop." Lost in the past, the old man fails to hear the entrance bell in the front of the store ring, as someone walks inside.

Voice: Is anyone here?

The man gets up and walks to the front of the store.

Mike: Hello? I was working the back and didn't hear you... Hello, is anyone here.

Voice: Yes.

The man looks down to see an odd-looking squat little robot walking around the floor of the shop.

Mike: What are you?

Psycho_Bot: I don't care, I'm a bot!

Mike: Saucy little thing aint ya.

Psyco_Bot: I don't care, I'm here for parts!

Mike: Now I don't know you sent you in here. But I can't go around selling things to robots, if you tell me who your owner is I can help you. 'Cause then I know you have permission.

Psycho_Bot: Psycho_!Mas, Psycho_Sam!, do you like fried eggs and spam?

Mike: Mas? That the fellow who's running these elections? Well then, what do you need.

The sound of a dot-matrix printer and a tickertape roll out of the top of psycho_bot.
Mike reaches down and rips the list off and reads it.

Mike: Most of this I have... but some of it's special order. I'll have to get in touch with my nephew who own this place to place those orders.

Psycho_Bot: I'm a bot, I don't care. I'll be back in a day, so there!

Mike: *smiling* Ok, I'll see you then.

=Scene: Riptide Offices, Main Conference Room =

Mas: I'm so glad you're here, the elections have been going well... but I'm glad we have a real Riptide official in our midst again.

Edge: Thanks for the vote of support, but without Tridus I don't think any stability will return soon.

Psycho_Sam! walks into the room, carrying a box full of electronics parts, Psycho_Bot waddles in after him.

Edge: What's all that for?

Psycho_Sam: The president!

SoulTaker, who was sitting in the corner of the room, looks up. After a few seconds he stares back at the ground.

Mas: We're building a tracking device and status sensor for the next president. It will communicate with the computer systems and a mobile tracker we're building.

Edge: I don't think any of us can build that sort of thing.

Sam: I can. I had a lab and everything.

Mas: You can't build anything... you just messed up whatever was left in that lab.

Sam just shrugs.

Edge: Then who the heck is building it?

rRaminrodt: *entering the room* I am.

Edge: Huh?

rRaminrodt: They asked me as soon as we got back. You didn't notice because you were too busy. *he holds up a Advisor pass* Technical advisor at your service.

Edge: Hey now. Only Riptide Officials can give those out. And I'm the only one right now!

Mas: Sorry, but I had to step in. Like you said, there was no one else around to do the job.

Edge: I'm sorry too. I realize that, things have just been overwhelming lately... You know what I mean.

rRaminrodt sits down at a table and begins to fiddle with the parts, while staring intently at the blueprints.

Mas: I know. *Stares out the window at the large voting tents they had set up in front of the building.* At least things have calmed down a bit, with Orazath dead.

Edge just nods and opens one of the letters left unopened from the last few days.

SoulTaker: *gets up* I'm going for a walk. *he leaves the room.*

Edge looks at Mas with a quizzical expression.

Mas: He was responsible for the President's protection. He feels that he failed MysteryMan.

Edge: Oh, that's too bad. *sighs* I'll go try and talk to him...

Edge leaves the room. Mas turns and looks at everyone doing a job. He walks out into the hallway and up to the empty lobby. He steps out and strides to the voting tent, to speak to some of the candidates.

=Scene: A grassy hill, outside Riptide town limits=

The Searcher stared at the horizon. Through every fiber of the searcher's body he could feel that his goal was close. Close to where he stood lay a long plain wooden box.

The Searcher: *bending down to touch the box* Soon, you will see the light again. The end of our search nears, I can feel it. It lies somewhere close, in the place called Riptide.

=Scene: The voting area=

Huge signs and banners were stretched across some of the nearby buildings. There were a number of small stages were people were either making speeches or playing music advertising this candidate or that. Hired goons are standing around providing security. In front of the large voting tent a electronic sign was set up, wires went from the back of the sign into the tent, the front of the sign read "00:01:58".

Out of the Riptide Offices walked Edge and Mas close to each other... a few yards behind were Sam and rRaminrodt, who were talking quietly to each other. SoulTaker was already standing in front of the tent, with arms crossed as he had just removed some unruly voters from the premises. Edge and Mas walked up to the small stage set up nearby and got up onto it. Mas tested the microphone and then got down, he walked up to the tent entrance; the electronic sign read "00:00:30".

Mas pushed the flap aside and entered. The sign read "00:00:10".

The crowd, and everyone nearby fell silent. There was the steady low thrum of traffic in the background. Mas exited the tent. The sign read "00:00:00". He was holding a envelope.

He walked up to stage and handed the envelope to Edge without a word. He walked over to where Sam and rRaminrodt stood.

Edge tore open the sealed envelope fresh from the voting machine. He slowly pulled out the computer printout on the inside. For a few seconds he scanned the paper and then he adjusted the microphone.

He opened his mouth and spoke.

Edge: Ladies and gentlemen. I would like to solemnly congratulate our new president, BandWidth.

The crowed was silent, for a few seconds. Then there was a slow rush of sound, followed by an even grater noise of a large number of people talking at once. Some were shouting, yelling in joy, other shouted curse words. Some sang, other did little dances of victory, and some threw what the held to the ground and stormed away. Amidst the din rRaminrodt turned to Mas.

rRaminrodt: *mouthing* Who?

Mas: *also speaking silently* I have absolutely no idea...

=Scene: Same place, next day=

The stage has been expanded and bleachers have been set up in front of it. Small banners are draped at the bottom of stage. Three chairs are set up on stage two are for Mas and Edge, the other one for the new president.

Everyone takes his or her places. Everyone is waiting for the man named BandWidth to show up. Soon a low rumbling is heard, and onto the nearby street an aging Russian tank turns. Atop the turret sits a man in a military type uniform waving at the people and smiling....

He hops off the tank and strides up to the stage and climbs on. He attempts to straighten the disheveled uniform and turns to face Edge.

BandWidth: I'm here. When do we get started?

Edge: Take the seat there, and I'll begin the inauguration.

Edge turns to face the audience.

Edge: Citizens of Riptide. The time has come for us to welcome the new, duly elected leader of the community, President BandWidth. In a few moments I, as the acting Riptide Official, will swear him in. But first, a few words:

Almost a scant month ago we introduced our president, the man called MysteryMan... this leader of men inspired the community. He led us through thick and thin giving us strength when endangered by the Cruelty of the False Dark lord Tridus or threatened by Dark Templar. Within him he carried the hope of the community... But not long ago, he lost his life. Without his leadership our hearts turned black. It was as if the community had been blinded by some unmerciful hand come to strike us down. But, citizens of Riptide, we cannot give up hope. With this recent election, we take a stab at the darkness with a torch. A torch, lit with the spirit of hope that our friend, our companion MysteryMan embodied. We can never forget what he has done for us, what he can still do for us! Walk with him in your thoughts into a brighter future!

*Edge pauses* Now, I would like to swear in Mr. BandWidth...

BandWidth steps up to the front of the stage.

Edge: Do you solemnly swear, in the name of all that is good that you will unfailingly serve Riptide?

BandWidth: I do.

Edge: Do you swear to protect the community and its people?

BandWidth: I do.

Edge: Do you swear to uphold the laws and principles of this community?

BandWidth: I do.

Edge: Now, do you swear lead in a right and just manner with the people's bet interest in your mind?

BandWidth: I most strongly do.

Edge: Then, BandWidth repeat after me... *Edge says the presidential oath*

BandWidth: As president of the Community of Riptide California I swear to uphold the laws and principles of the community. I promise to serve and protect the rights of the people and unswervingly defend them in the face of danger. I vow to cooperate and aid in the work of the Riptide Staff in all projects and efforts. And I will perform the duties and responsibilities of the office of president with dignity and diligence.

Edge: With the power granted to me by the community I officially announce the Presidency of BandWidth!

Edge nods toward BandWidth and then sits down. BandWith adjusts the mic and pulls out a small scrap of paper.

BandWidth: I thank the people. For it is the working man and woman I have promised to serve and that I will do. All those who voted for me know I am the man of the people for the people. *he shifts and puts the paper back in his pocket*
I had a few other things I wanted to say. But Edges speech inspired me... You see, I can tell that MysteryMan was one like myself, not necessarily in name, but in spirit. He also served the people, and I can only hope... no, I can and will serve you with the same verve and determination he did! Comrades, I can only promise you one thing, and that my friends is the Future!

*the crowd erupts into cheers and applause having been won over by the new presidents speech*

BandWidth: Thank you. Thank Riptide. Thank the People! *he steps down*

Edge returns to the mic.

Edge: *looking energized for the first time in weeks* Thank you Mr. President. Now in conclusion of the ceremony I would like to thank Psycho_Mas for leading us after the loss of our president, and organizing the elections. I would like to also mention Psycho_Sam for his service to MysteryMan and Riptide in these dark days.

*the crow applauds again*

Edge steps down and escorts BandWidth toward the Riptide Offices. SoulTaker follows closely behind. They are followed by Mas, Sam and rRaminrodt, who pause just outside the main doors to the building.

Sam: I oppose fascism!

Mas: Quit it Sam. He may be a communist but that does not mean he's a despot.

Sam: I hate the Home Despot too...

Mas: *rolling his eyes* What are you going to about it then... He's the new president, duly elect...

Sam: I'm going for a walk! *Sam strides off*

Mas moves to follow him but rRaminrodt, grabs him.

rRamin: He's better off doing this. The sooner he can convince himself of BandWidth's good qualities the better.

Mas: I don't want him to get into trouble... after all, he is my twin.

rRamin: Yeah, I know... But I have the feeling were going to need to be a real team. And soon.

Mas: Very well. We have work to do then. *they enter the building*

=Scene: Hours later=

A janitorial engineer is sweeping the square in front of the Riptide offices, who's windows are all dark. He hears the sound of footsteps and turns around.

The Searcher: What is this place?

Sweeping Man: Wha? Oh, *looking at the man's garb* the town? Its Riptide.

The Searcher is silent; he turns his head to look around at the surrondings.

Sweeping Man: Are you looking for something?

The Searcher: I belive I have found it.

Sweeping Man: You have?

The Searcher: *eyes locked onto the Riptide Offices* Yes, yes I have...

To Be Continued

Chances by this Story-
Edge is in charge of Riptide. BandWith is president. Everyone is together except Tri and SM who are still out there. Sam distrusts BandWidth. The Searcher has come to Riptide, who he is, good or evil no one knows.

I intended to do more involving Mas and a new enemy (not the searcher, I don't know what he is yet) but Time Constraints triumphed over me. And all you out there, who like the stories... make a character. We need people to really flesh out the stories, and so we can have really parallel plots. Pleeeease?

Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: (POST BOX STOREE) At the same time and the same place with the same people...
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-04-05 00:00:00

At the same place.

At the same time.

Who do you trust?

[Inside of the Riptide HQ building.]

(BandWidth is getting used to his new surroundings, and putting a big U.S.S.R. flag on the wall behind his desk as a reporter sets up camera for the first in-office presedential interview. Psycho !Mas looks on with his usual glee while rRaminrodt, Edge and SoulTaker all speak quietly to each other off in the corner.)

(They are all interrupted when the doors burst open and an anti-climatic little metal box with squeaky tires and googly eyes ever-so-slowly zigzags its way into the room. It has "psYcCO bOT!" poorly painted on the side. It finally comes to a halt in the middle of the room.)

BandWidth: What the heck is going on?

Psycho Bot!: I'm a bot! I don't care!

BandWidth: Someone please get this bot out of here!

Psycho Bot!: Did someone say my name?

(SoulTaker angrily makes his way over to the bot, still in a grumpy mood. A familier two-dimensional stick figure leaps in between the bot and SoulTaker, brandishing a chainsaw. SoulTaker snaps out of his lazy mood and gets in a fighting stance as Psycho Sam! smiles. Then again, he is always smiling, ain't he?)

Psycho Sam!: Bruhaha! You will now pay for what you've done!

SoulTaker: What?! What are you talking about?!

Psycho Sam!: I am taking over Riptide from this point forth!

Edge: Dammit, Sam!, now isn't the time for your lame antics. BandWidth has an interview.

(Psycho Sam! becomes enraged.)

Psycho Sam!: See what I mean?! You people never take me seriously! But things are about to change...

(As Psycho Sam! finished that sentence, another person walks into the room, and takes a stance behind Psycho Sam!. He is a tall, fat black man with a large, black afro and pointy, jagged and yellow, rotting teeth. He is wearing a black suit with a gold tie and two gold shoes, along with one golden glove on his right hand. He also has big, seventies-style dark sunglasses on.)

Psycho Sam!: Everyone, I'd like you to meet...Fabuloso McWilly.

[Outside of Riptide HQ, at the same time.]

(A black luxary car pulls up, only a block or so away from the building. Three familer agents are inside of the car, and are all looking up at Riptide HQ as they speak to each other.)

Old Man: So, that is what is happening right now?

(The old man coughs for a brief moment, but then sucks it up and holds his breath.)

Agent #1: Yes. BandWidth will be gone in a moment, along with Psycho Sam! and his bot.

Agent #2: They will be incipacitated, as well, which is when we can move in.

Agent #1: We will have a window of four and a half minutes before they regain consciousness.

(The old man takes a deep breath.)

Old Man: Move in now.

(The two clone agents nod and exit the car at the same time, and calmly start walking towards Riptide HQ.)

[Behind Riptide HQ, at the far side of the building.]

(SM_007 sighs, and stares down at his PP7 pistol. He does this for several seconds, before he finally takes a deep breath, and pockets the weapon. He walks quickly towards a locked, iron door at the back wall. Once he comes to it, he simply points his watch at the key lock and a small laser beam hits the lock, disintigrating the hook instantly as the useless lock tumbles to the ground. He slowly pulls the door open.)

[The Riptide HQ main office.]

BandWidth: Sam!, what is the point of all this? Who is this Fabuloso fellow?

Psycho Sam!: He is the man who you are going to listen to. Otherwise, you are all goin' to get a beating.

Edge: Is this for real, Sam!?

Psycho Sam!: Yes! Now everyone put your hands in the air!

rRaminrodt: Forget it, Sam!. You're nuts.

(Psycho Sam! becomes totally enrages and dashes towards rRaminrodt.)

Psycho Sam!: I am not insane! I am not nuts! Shut up! SHUT UP!

(Before Psycho Sam! can run into rRaminrodt, Psycho Bot! beeps loudly three times, and then a flash of extremely bright, nova light floods the room. Everyone is engulfed, and they all freeze in their positions, including Psycho Sam!, who falls to the floor like a rock, still in a running pose. No one else even blinks, aside from Fabuloso McWilly, who removes his shades and laughs to himself, bearing his ugly teeth.)

[In the luxary car, outside of Riptide HQ.]

(The old man sighs.)

Old Man: Don't let me down, now, SM. Don't let me down.

[The back of Riptide HQ, where SM_007 had entered.]

(A man in a green cloak, who's body is totally concealed, sees the open metal door, and slides in.)

[In the main lobby of Riptide HQ.]

(SM_007 looks around the room, and feels as if he is getting a headache, as if someone was tapping him on the shoulder, in a desperate attempt to tell him something. Only no one is there, and his brain is straining trying to understand what it is panicking about. SM_007 runs into an open elevator, and shuts the door. As the door closes, two agents walk into the main lobby and head for another open elevator. Once they are on, an elevator, a man in a green cloak walks in, and looks around. He heard an elevator door close, and since there were no security guards around, which was abnormal, especially this close after the most recent election, the man in the green cloak headed for the stairs.)

[Inside the main office of Riptide HQ.]

(Fabuloso slings BandWidth over one shoulder, and Psycho Sam! over the other. He exits the door of the office, followed by the small, slow bot behind him. He goes into a hallway, and hears the ding of an elevator. He looks down one end of the hallway, and sees a man in a black suit, wearing dark sunglasses. The man stares right ahead, right through Fabuloso. Fabuloso hears another ding, and both he and the man in the elevator quickly look over to see, at the opposite end of the hallway, another man in a suit. This man does not have the same composure of the agent, as he seems to have a very frantic aura about him. He sees the fat man in the middle of the hallway, holding both BandWidth and Psycho Sam!, and sees the agent right past him, at the other end of the hallway, in the opposite elevator.)

(No one moves for a second. Then, Fabuloso MicWilly leaps into an office right in front of him, and uses his own body to hipcheck the door closed. As he does throws the bodies he was carrying on the floor, the agent and SM_007 pull out their pistols and take several shots at each other. SM_007, knowing the bullets are coming at him, realizes he is going to die. Then his body takes over, and he instinctivly leaps to his left, perfectly dodging the bullets as he falls to the ground, around the corner and out of site from the agent.)

(The agent, on the other hand, didn't even move from where he was standing. Faster than the human eye could keep track, he moved left and right several times in a matter of milliseconds, as the bullets fired at him went straight through where he was standing and into the elevator door, which has just closed. After the bullets had went past him, he made a mad dash down the hallway to where SM_007 is. SM_007 had just gotten back to his feet when the agent was on top of him.)

[Another hallway on the same Riptide HQ floor.]

(A dark green cloak briskly glided down the hallway, and made a sharp turn at a certain door. Various noises were coming from the other side of the door, which mostly consisted of thumping and banging.)

[In the main office hallway.]

(The agent did not waste time. He blocked a weak punch from SM_007, which would have normally been enough to take any man down. The agent then proceeded to mercissly pummel SM_007 in the gut, and then hit him with a hard uppercut. SM_007 flew straight upwards into the ceiling, made a sickening thud, and then fell to the ground with a bloody jaw. He attempted to speak, but only a mixture of spit and crimson emerged from between his lips. He groggily looked up at the agent, who then kicked SM_007 into the head and sent him flying backwards, until he cracked his spine on the hard hallway floor. He lifted his head and saw the agent standing over him.)

Agent #1: Unfortunately, SM_007, you have used up your usefulness to our organization.

(A door opens up, causing the agent to spin around. There is a man in a green cloak. The agent, upon seeing the man he recognized as Tridus, pulled out his pistol and prepared to fire. He suddenly tripped, though, and fell to the ground, thanks to SM_007, who was clutching his leg. He rolled over and pointed his pistol directly in SM_007's temple when a small, curved blade, not much larger than a dagger, slid into his chest cavity. A wave of green electricity and code passed through the agent's body, and then he fell to the ground, and disappeared, simply fading away, leaving SM_007 clutching at nothing. Tridus bent over to help him up.)

Tridus: You have some explaining to do.

(SM_007 got to his feet, coughed a little as a trickle of blood dangled from his mouth, and then frowned towards Tridus. Tridus motioned to follow him into the main Riptide office, and began walking. SM_007 simply spun around, and ran back into the elevator, closing the door. Tridus growled quietly, not knowing anything that was going on, and dashed towards the elevator, but it was too late. The door was closed when he got there. He leaned on the elevator door and sighed. When he opened his eyes, he saw the door to the main office of Riptide HQ close, and dashed in.)

[The main Riptide office.]

(Tridus knocked on the door twice, and then the door came crashing down with Tridus on top of it. When he looked up, he saw the same agent he had just killed standing behind the desk, picking something up. Once he saw Tridus, he put the item in his coat pocket and grinned. Tridus began to get to his feet, holding out not one, but two short, curved swords in each hand. Once he began to get up, though, the agent jumped out the widow, and fell dozens of stories. Tridus, not even paying attention to the motionless Riptide people in the room, like rRaminrodt, Psycho !Mas, Edge and SoulTaker, ran across the room and to the window.)

(Tridus sat in complete shock when he saw the agent that looked exactly like the one he killed on his feet, on the street below. The agent was striding towards a luxary car outside, and hopped in. Tridus didn't have a clue as to how he could have survived the fall, but was even more shocked when he saw SM_007 hobble to the luxary car, and get in himself. Once SM_007 was in the car, it sped off.)

(The other people in the room all fell to the ground, which temporarily scared Tridus. He looked over and saw them lying on the ground, and holding their heads in pain as they gathered their bearings and slowly came to their feet.)

SoulTaker: Wha...ugh...what happened? All I remember is Psych Bot!'s bright light, then...

Edge: That bastard! Psycho Sam! did something! Tridus, what the hell is going on?

Tridus: You're asking ME?!

[Outside of the back of Riptide HQ.]

(Fabuloso McWilly smiled as he walked away, carrying BandWidth over one shoulder. Psycho Sam! had come to and was walking beside Fabuloso, carrying his precious bot, Psycho Bot!. Fabuloso had to laugh that he made it out of that whole fiasco unharmed, while Psycho Sam! was pleased that he had what he came for...BandWidth.)

[Inside of the car.]

Agent #2: The other agent was--

Old Man: Yes, I know.

Agent #2: I have what we need.

Old Man: Excellent.

(The old man looks at SM_007 and grins.)

Old Man: I think we have everything we need right now.

SM_007: So, what should I call you, anyway?

Old Man: Call me...Albatross. Agent Albatross, SM_007.

(SM_007 smiled and looked out his window. He finally felt as if he was doing something...right.)

The End?
It is never the end...

Changes be this storee:
Well...nah. Never mind. Read the story again to get it all down pat, hehe.

We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

Subject: 'its not that we don't believe you, its just that your crazy'
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-04-06 00:00:00

(notes: this starts shortly after SM's story below, and anything blocked off and in italics is probably a flashback type thing)

*Tridus, rRaminrodt, and SoulTaker are all sitting at the large rectangular conference table in Riptide HQ's rather expensive looking conference room. Tridus is at the head of the table, with rRaminrodt to his right and SoulTaker directly to his left, the rest of the table's seats sit empty. Tridus has his swords propped up against the side of his chair, not really used to actually having to keep them somewhere anymore, after years of having Sashie just deal with it for him.*

*The three sit and look at each other, trying to figure out what to do. rRaminrodt seems to actually be paying attention, SoulTaker seems to be semi-listening, but he's distracted by the idea that yet another President has suffered a horrible fate, this time relatively unknown... and Tridus, Tridus at least managed to look like he was paying attention...*

staring at his desk... it was still hard for him to believe it... two days had gone by now since Sashie's disappearance... checking the internet locator system he setup years ago for her found nothing... he kicked his desk in frustration, and afterwards his foot hit a box. Looking down, he saw the other tracking system, the one that could find her anywhere in the world, internet or no internet... and remembered that for the last four months he was going to install it tomorrow...

rRaminrodt - So Bandwidth is missing... Psycho Sam, Psycho Bot, and that ugly guy are gone, and.... hey Tridus, are you even paying attention?

Tridus - hmm.. wh? oh yes... yes Bandwidth stole Psycho bot and some ugly guy... got it..

*rRaminrodt sighs* I don't know what has gotten into you, but you haven't been the same since you got back...

Tridus - its... *sigh* a long story... I'll pay more attention, what were you saying?

rRaminrodt - right... Bandwidth, Psycho Sam, Psycho Bot, and this really weird looking ugly guy that came in with Sam are all gone.

SoulTaker - Considering the way Sam was talking, he must have been planning to kidnap Bandwidth for some reason...

rRaminrodt - Right.

Tridus - that doesn't explain the... damn, I don't even know what the hell it was.

rRaminrodt - well... maybe if you expain it to the rest of us?

Tridus - I don't know... this... hell I know... Sashie, pull up a picture of the guy who I sorta killed.

*rRaminrodt and SoulTaker both look at Tridus, who hasn't yet realized he's talking to nothing.*

*after a moment*

Tridus - oh... right... well, umm... anyway... *sigh* well, whatever they are, one was fighting outside with SM_007, presumably while you guys were still out cold... I came up behind it and killed it, but it just disappeared in this strange energy blast. And then it, or another one looking exactly like it, was in the presidential office grabbing something... it jumped out the window and got into a limo. Now SM also got into it, and it drove off.

rRaminrodt - weird.

Tridus - well... those things are extremely fast and powerful, whatever they are... *rubs his head* ugh... you know, I'm not really sure how much we can trust SM in all of this.

SoulTaker - what makes you say that, he's been doing a fine job!

Tridus - gee, maybe that he got into a car with someone stealing stuff from the Presidential office, someone who looks identical to one I had just killed, unless it was actually the same one... maybe because he disappared for a while? Hell, maybe, just maybe, because he was at my cottage when I got attacked and Sashie was kidnapped! And then he was gone... only to re-emerge here to put on a good show of stopping those things, then to leave with them? It doesn't add up.

SoulTaker - ok... umm... let me see if I have this. Some person you killed re-appeared to steal something, and left no body because he just disappeared after you killed him. SM_007 stole your computer for no apparent reason, and then came here to... to do what exactly? you said he fought with one of those things.

Tridus - the one I killed, yeah.

SoulTaker - ok... so he fought with one, and then left with them? And you think there's a problem?

Tridus - of course I do!

SoulTaker - well... he's a secret agent right? Couldn't it just be that he's infiltrating this limo to find out what super secret information it contains?

*rRaminrodt tries not to laugh*

Tridus - ... no, he's turned against us is what has happened.

SoulTaker - Of course... don't worry, I'll put out a warning to everybody who owns a car that he's going to invade it so they should be extra careful!

Tridus - ... the sarcasm is not appreciated.

SoulTaker - we don't have time for missing computers and conspiracy theories right now Tridus, we need to get President BandWidth back.

*another random thought floated into Tridus' mind...*

"I'm sorry Tridus, I don't have time to help you find a stolen computer right now, I have to win an election. I'll direct you to my assistant who can help you out. I have to go now, it was goood tlaking to you again..." *click*

Tridus hung up the phone... three days since Sashie's disappearance, and the headaches had subsided enough to allow him to think and at least call in some favors to try and find her... but so far, nobody was being very responsive... nobody had time for him and his odd family... well, he'd remember this the next time they needed help... yes, every single last one of them...

*The thought sent Tridus into a rage... the people here were giving him the same execuses! Well... very soon they would pay... oh yes...*

SoulTaker - Alright, now that thats settled... if we get everybody out searching, maybe we can at least find a direction they went in, and then...hey where are you going?

*Tridus got up and headed for the door with his swords.*

Tridus - If your not going to help me, do you really think I'm going to sit here and help you find... wait, who did you say the new president was?

SoulTaker - Bandwidth!

Tridus - Right... that commie freak... nah, he's not important enough to waste my time on.

SoulTaker - He's the president for god sakes!

Tridus - *shrug* and I care because? President, Daughter... President, Daughter... gee, what would you choose? *Tridus spins around and walks out the door*

SoulTaker looks at rRaminrodt*

ST - What was that?

rR - just, let it go, I don't think he's quite right in the head right now... now what were you saying about finding BandWidth?

** Shortly afterwards, in Tridus' quarters inside Riptide**

*Tridus walks in and flops down onto his bed... and started talking to the empty room...*

T - what a horrible week... first Sashie... and now this... why don't they believe me anyway? well, I guess I'm just on my own this time... There has to be some way to find out where she is! *Tridus punches the pillow he's got his face buried in* Somehow Sashie... somehow... I'll find you, and then we'll make these bastards all regret everything they've done to us...

*Tridus gets up and sits down by a window instead, looking outside and trying to come up with some kind of plan... when nothing comes to mind, he just resorts to staring out the window, hoping for some kind of answer to come along...*

If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you... - Martina McBride

Subject: Phase in the Window (Post-box Storyverse)
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-04-06 00:00:00

(Direct continuation from tridus' latest so Im not gonna do any bg stuff)

As he stared out the window he realized something wasn't right. Tridus was staring straight into a pair of eyes...

His own eyes...

The first thought that sprang into his head was he was looking at a reflection of himself. But the face that the eyes belonged to was different, craggy with age and bearded. Then as a final testament to the fact that it wasn't his reflection, the window shattered.

Tridus went for his swords, but before he could reach them the figure spoke.

The Searcher: Break.

As soon as he said this Tridus's swords crumbled like dry clay. Tridus spun around a lept toward the door.

The Searcher: Seal.

Tridus grabbed at the door in vain. It was if the door and the wall were one adamantium peice.

Tridus: Who are you?!

The Searcher: I am The Searcher. You will listen to what I have to say...

Tridus: *calmed, but baffled* I am Tridus, what do you want... and why the heck do you look like me?

The Searcher: Ah. Tridus, I remember that name... It was mine once, long ago.

Tridus: What? You're me?

The Searcher: Possibly. There are many paths to the future, mine is only one. *he turns to look out the broken window* But a strong one. That is why I am here.

Tridus: Wha...

The Searcher: I am The Searcher, It is my destiny to forever seek a new path into *he pauses* the future. The true future, which I destroyed.

Tridus: I'd never...

The Searcher: Silence! I knew I should have never spoke to you. The thought that I was once so simple minded. *he turns now looking at Tridus again* I sense a question in you, ask it.

Tridus: *now a little nervous* How did I, uh, become you?

The Searcher: The story is long, and I don't have the time here. I will tell you that my hand is guided by the Twisting Nether, yet my soul is my own...

The Searcher: Now, you must tell me where the Man of Bone is.

Tridus: SoulTaker?

The Searcher: Yes.

Tridus: He's downstairs, probably, still in the conference room.

The Searcher: Good. Go to the garage below and prepare a vehicle for us, I will meet you there.

The door to the room opened and the stepped out. Tridus felt strangely compelled to do what this "future Tridus" told him to do, so he entered the Elevator and pressed the B1 button, while he watched the man slowly walk down the stairs.

The Searcher could still remeber the layout of this place. It had been burned into his memory oh so long ago. But this was unimportant, only his quest, just that and the chance to be free.

He entered the conference room startling rRaminrodt and SoulTaker who were going over maps of the local area. The both jumped startled at the sudden entrance.

SoulTaker: Tridus??

rRaminrodt: Now whats going on?

The Searcher *lifting his hand and pointig at rRaminrodt*: back fiend.

rRaminrodt was flung agianst the far wall and stuck there, struggling futilely. SoulTaker immediately dropped into a defensive mode.

SoulTaker: I don't know why you're impersonating Tridus but your in trou...

The Searcher: You will come with me.

SoulTaker: I don't wa... ugrh. *he begins to tremble*

The Searcher: You will come with me.

SoulTaker: *in an almost defeated voice* I will, sir.

SoulTaker followed The Searcher out of the room and down to the basement. Tridus was waiting in a running jeep with the Riptide Logo painted on the side.
The Searcher and SoulTaker get in and close the door behind them.

The Searcher: Do you know this park? He shows tridus a postcard.

Tridus: Yeah. Thats in the south part of town. Nice neighborhood.

The Searcher: Go there first. Then we will go somewhere else, then I will be done with you for now.

They engine roared and they sped off toward the park.

=Scene: Fandbridge Park, a half hour later=

The Searcher: There.

SoulTaker: That box?

The Searcher: Yes, now open it and walk back to where I'm standing.

Tridus and SoulTaker slide the top off of the box and walk away as they reach The Searcher a buzzing noise comes out of the box. Then something slides out.

Tridus: A drone? Oh. No way!

The Searcher holds Tridus and SoulTaker as the Drone slides about the landscape looking for a good spot. When it finds one the drone begins to morph.

SoulTaker: Why?

The Searcher: It will soon become a nydus canal. But that will take time, we must drive south along the road called Route 15.

Tridus: How far south? Thats a long road.

The Searcher: We must not waste any time. Come!

=Scene: Hours later, in the jeep=

The Searcher: *pointing* there

He is pointing toward a rickety old building, the typical desert gas station. A number of people are lounging about the front porch. One, a man wearing sandles, a smock and carrying a crook curled at the top spies them and shouts to his companions. A man wearing a 40's style pilots outfit smiles and mouths something to a rabbit about 'visitors'.

They pull up and The Searcher climbs out. He calls for SoulTaker, who follows.

Lil bo shepard: Weeelcome pardner, to RStefan01.com!

The Searcher: Where is he?

Shepard: Who?

The Searcher: *shouting* Zero-One! Code: Alpha zeta omega phi!

Suddenly a chrashing noise erupts from inside the builing and then through the wall leaps RStefan01, beer can in hand.

RStefan01: Ahrg. What is going on.

The Searcher: Forgetten already, 01? No matter.

The Searcher: SoulTaker, *grabs SoulTakers hand* Take my soul.

SoulTaker: NO! I wont do that anymore!

The Searcher: Do it!

SoulTaker begins to comply grudingly...

ST: Ah! There are two souls!

The Searcher: Yes. Now do what I told you. I have prepared myself.

SoulTaker concentrates and soon both are bathed in a dark red glow... which intesifies until an unnatural thunderclap fills the sky...

To be continued!



Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: The farm incident (post-box storyverse)
Author: SoulTaker
Date: 2000-04-06 00:00:00

The heaven darkened, and soom the farm was only illuminated by SoulTaker and The Searchers red glow. They both began shaking. The Searcher closed his eyes. SoulTaker held The Searchers hand even tighter, his bony fingers digging into The Searchers thin flesh. The Searchers chest began glowing red, and a transparent, dim shape began to separate from The Searchers body. The shape moved towards SoulTaker while taking the shape of his skeletal body. While The Searchers red glow became dimmer, SoulTakers became more powerful. As the red shape moved into SoulTaker's body, he shaked violently.

SoulTaker: "Hrrngh... The... Pain! AAH!"

SoulTaker fell to the ground. The clouds cleared, and the sky brightened...

Lil Bo Shepherd looked at a cow beside him.

Lil Bo Shepherd: "Now that was some light show, huh?"

Cow: "Moo."

Lil Bo Shepherd: "Thinkin' the same thing."

Cow: "Moo. Moo."

The Searcher opened his eyes. He looked at his hands. They were crumbling. His skin began to lose its saturation... Slowly, he grew larger... Increasing his height to 2 meters. His eyes became larger, and his body was morphing into something more... Animal. The old skin fell off his body, revealing a strange, brown substance covering his body.

Tridus, Lil Bo Shepherd and RStefan01 looked in amazement as The Searcher grew into a hybrid of a Zerg and a Protoss.

Lil Bo Shepherd: "Holy Cow!"

Cow: "Moo!"

His body done with the metamorphosis, The Zerg/Protoss raised his arms into the air...

The Searcher: "Yes... It is all so clear now... "

The Searcher looked at Tridus.

The Searcher: "You will stay here."

He turned to face RStefan01 and Lil Bo Shepherd.

The Searcher: "Guardian of sheep, you will too stay. Zero-one, come with me. The time has come to make my move."

Lil Bo Shepherd: "Yo' leavin' now? What about the cows?"

RStefan01: "Sorry, Bo. Business first, cows later. I don't have much of a choice."

Lil Bo Shepherd turns to face the cow.

Lil Bo Shepherd: "Well, sweetie, I guess it's just me and you now... "

Cow: "Moo."

The Searcher enters the jeep, with RStefan01 sitting in the back, and drives away. Tridus looks at them as they drive away, still baffled... He then turns to face SoulTaker, who is still lying on the ground.

Tridus: "SoulTaker... "

He kneels beside SoulTakers body.

Tridus: "SoulTaker... "

SoulTaker moves his head to face Tridus. At first he seemed normal... But then, in a few seconds, his face morphed into what was once The Searcher's. Tridus quickly moves a few steps away, shocked.

SoulTaker: "Hngg... "

SoulTakers face changed back to his original bony skeleton face...

Tridus looks at SoulTaker, and then looks at the horizon, where he could still see the jeep.

Tridus: "I don't know what happening... But I'm not happy with it."

"My girlfriend and I were happy for 16 years. Then we met."

Subject: Background Chaos
Author: The Lord DebtAngel
Date: 2000-04-06 00:00:00

I've been in my apartment since the Election results were announced. My greatest fear was realized. Bandwidth is President. The Communists are in power.

Communism never works for people like me. Next thing you know, I'm gonna have some sort of secret police or Psycho_Bot! or something knocking down my door. Wanting my inventions. The Ferret Flyer. The flux agitator (it *will* bridge dimensions again one day, but I'm having real troubles finding a pretzel shaped fuse...). Maybe even MechaSam!.

But that isn't the worst part. All kinds of wierd stuff has been happening today, and I know if I go out there, I'll be dragged right into it.

I just ran out of bread, and have a real craving for a corned beef sandwich.

Damn my luck.

Subject: Soultaking 101 (post-box storyverse)
Author: SoulTaker
Date: 2000-04-07 00:00:00

SoulTaker slowly gets on his feet again. Still recovering from taking one of The Searchers souls, he is quite dizzy and is having a hard time staying upright.

Lil Bo Shepherd: "Yo' should go sit for a while. Come on in, to RStefan01.com!"

Tridus: "Thanks, Bo."

Tridus helps SoulTaker walk into the house. They walk into the living room, where all 3 of them take a seat.

Tridus: "I didn't know you could actually TAKE souls... "

SoulTaker just sits.

Tridus: "Are you OK?"

SoulTaker: "Yeah... I just have to get the new soul balanced... "

Tridus: "What do you mean?"

SoulTaker: "I'll try to explain it. The Searcher had two souls in him. One was the "Future Tridus", and the other was the Zerg/Protoss hybrid. Don't know why he had 2 souls, but apparently he couldn't control both of them, and was stuck with the "Future Tridus" soul. He wanted me to take that soul, so that he could use the Zerg/Protoss."

SoulTaker: "Now I have 2 souls, and I have to learn to control the new one. Each soul has its own personality, and before I can return to "normal functionality", I have to balance the two. The "Future Tridus" soul will have to change. Right now, I can't really control which soul is controlling my actions... Which means, that The Searchers "Future Tridus" personality will show itself in my body occasionally, until I regain control."

Tridus: "Does that mean that you will occasionally behave and look as The Searcher's 'Future Tridus'?"

SoulTaker: "Exactly. As you can see, it's very important that I regain control, and make my original soul the dominating one in my body... "

Tridus: "So, what you're saying is that there are 2 souls in your body, waging for control?"

SoulTaker: "Yes."

Tridus: "And you need to 'change' the Future Tridus soul?"

SoulTaker: "I either will need to affect the new soul's personality to become like my original soul, or simply make my soul the dominating one."

Tridus: "Interesting. And then, sometime, you will be able to control both souls, and change between them freely?"

SoulTaker: "Well, that's quite a lofty goal. To be able to change between "Future Tridus" and me... It is possible, but I don't think I will be able to do it. My abilities have been inactive too long... All I want is to remove the danger of Future Tridus controlling my body. I don't think I will be able to change between them whenever I want."

Tridus: "Can't you just somehow destroy the 'Future Tridus'?"

SoulTaker: "Souls cannot be destroyed. They can move from body to body... But never destroyed."

Tridus: "So you could actually move Future Tridus into, say, rRaminrodt's body?"

SoulTaker: "Yeah, but that's not a good idea. It is quite a shocking experience, having to fight for control of your body."

Tridus: "An interesting possibility, though. What happens if Future Tridus gains control of your body?"

SoulTaker: "You mean, full control? If Future Tridus gains 100% control of my body?"

Tridus: "Yes."

SoulTaker: "Then I would be... Dead."

Tridus: "You're already dead, aren't you? I mean, undead."

SoulTaker: "But if another soul took control of my body, I would be without body... Which is... Death."

Tridus: "Scary."

SoulTaker: "For security, I think that I should be locked up until I gain control of my new soul. If Future Tridus gets in control, I could endanger all of you."

Tridus: "Right..."

Tridus: "But there's nowhere to lock you up here, and RStefan01 left in the jeep."

Lil Bo Shepherd: "We got the cellar downstairs, if yo' interested."

SoulTaker: "That would be a good idea."

Lil Bo Shepherd: "I'll show ye the cellar."

Lil Bo Shepherd, Tridus and SoulTaker stands up. Lil Bo Shepherd leads Tridus and SoulTaker to the cellar.

Lil Bo Shepherd: "It's an underground cellar, where we store some of our beer."

SoulTaker: "That should do."

He walks down the stairs to the cellar. It's a dark, grey room. Cold. A few beer jugs are stored in one of the corners. A few rats run away as SoulTaker arrives...

SoulTaker: "Come see me once in a while."

Tridus: "Have fun."

SoulTaker smiles. Lil Bo shepherd closes the hatch to the cellar, and locks it...


Subject: Rend and Name (Storyverse)
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-04-07 00:00:00

Rend and Name

As they drove along the highway Searcher was quiet and calm. In the deepest recesses of his mind the Searcher was at peace. The time of the Arc would fail beneath him and all would be set aright. He remembered the blood and the pain it brought and knew the end was near, thoughts were fickle things and they carried him back, back into the misty archives of the mind…

A book lay open on the table, but Tridus was too tired to write anymore. His training with the shaman Grul’dash was arduous yet strangely fulfilling. The Spire had sent him back to ancient Draenor to complete his training; mastery of the sciences was one thing, mastery of the veil was another. The raw ability to shape the universe in the way one saw fit… unbelievable. The Spire had chosen him to for this mission, above the others spared by the Arc. The name filled Tridus with dread, he shut those thoughts out of his mind before he made himself sick.

His thoughts returned to the Twisting Nether. While, as others in the Spire had told him, there were many different ways to shape the universe with ones will one of the most powerful was the unbridled chaos inside the Nether. Formed as a kind of outback to the universes that belonged to the demon planes, its raw energy could be tapped with a lot less effort than some powers yet once tapped it became a struggle to control the taint inside ones self. Yet with a mastery of logic and science Tridus’s mind was one prepared for each combat. In fact he almost enjoyed subjugating the chaos of that place, lashing it to his will…

His thoughts were interrupted by Grul’dash entering the hut. The aged orc required Tridus to fetch water from the well. On the way, Tridus was surprised by a visit from the shade of his old friend Edge. The member of the Spire was reminding Tridus not to waste any time, if he had to find a new mentor he would do so…

The Searcher’s mind, reminded of Edge drifted to other memories.

Tridus walked into the lab followed by Indrean and Edge. Edge, "Amazing aren’t they?"

Tridus stared at the tubes, each filled with a clear blue liquid. In each tube hung suspended bodies; the bodies of cyborgs just recently created by the Spire.

Tridus spoke, "Its almost unbelievable. It’s really him isn’t it…"

"Yeah," he walked over to one tube. "The RStefan series…" He tapped the glass of the tube second in the row, "01. This is him, it’s almost unimaginable. Us here, watching his creation."

A scientist entered the lab and smiled when he saw the awed Tridus and Edge. "They have completed their artificial skin growth cycle. Soon the computer will randomly sort through the info banks and download unique personalities and memories into each."

Tridus closed his eyes, "That one will learn football."

The scientist just shrugged. "After that they’ll spend a week in final systems testing. Real world situations. Then the seeding process will begin."

New images flashed into the Searchers mind.

The temporal pods began launching into space. One by one they slowly faded into different times. Suddenly one exploded and a ship de-cloaked. Tridus watched all this unfolding on the main viewscreen of the Spire control room. Indrean got up and hit the comm button, this was followed by a familiar face appearing on the screen.

It was long and drawn out like the man hadn’t slept in months, his eyes had that dead look of one without a soul.

Idrean growled, "rRaminrodt of the Victory… how goes the Search fiend?"

"No need to be formal Indrean... I warned you about the seeding. But you didn’t listen, again. The more you try and change the past, the more things fall into the old rut."

Tridus couldn’t hold back anymore, "Listen you. Why don’t you come down here and we’ll have a nice little discussion."

"The only thing you want to discuss with me is how well your sword will fit into my guts. No thank you," rRaminrodt turned to look at Indrean. "The Search continues, the Arc is many things. Inescapable yes, omnipresent no. I’m dying Indrean. If the Search is not continued, all will become part of the Arc. I ask you once again, like I have asked a thousand times, send someone, an acolyte, a cyborg, anyone to this ship so that my search can continue."

Indrean just sneered, "As I have said a thousand times, fiend. The Arc is yours, your child, your death. This is one thing I gladly sacrifice to the Arc." The man on the screen only blinked and then the screen went off. "Damn him, I hope he burns in hell."

As swift as a stream The Searcher’s memory leaped once more.

Tridus wept, he could no longer stand the pain. All around him the surface of the Spire was burning. The once proud buildings and complexes of their world-vessel lay in ruins. Bitter irony it seemed that this world was their escape from the terror, their ark. But now all was ruins. Then he saw what he was looking for, a Shin-vekar, a servant of the Arc standing above a barely living body. Tridus pointed his palm toward the beast, and reached into the nether. More irony, as the nether seemed to be uninfected by the Arc’s influence. The beast burst into flames and ran away shrieking. Tridus approached the figure lying on the ground. "Tridus," Indrean gasped. "I killed him, the fiend." Indrean laughed, "he came to gloat over our death while he still lived… ah." Indrean began coughing up blood and then stopped breathing. Then he heard the noise. "I am not dead, yet." He saw the shredded corpse of the being called rRaminrodt moving slightly. "My search is over… I have found it." The terrible visage looked at Tridus. "Dichotomy incarnate. Joy of the Shenduim. Fear of the Conclave."

Tridus spoke, "What are you talking about?" "I have lost and gained everything. My search is over, and yours will begin soon. You will escape this place and find a place safe from the Arc. Then you will realize you are dead. Just like all of us are, become the weapon of the Spire, Tridus. It’s walking vengeance. Search it out, the purity of life, and let it take you." He paused, "Now I must do something that will pain you, make you hate me forever, more than you already do. Tridus." "What?" "You let her die." "What? Who?" "Sashie, you let her die… you failed. You let your child die." "Never say that! Fiend! Rot forever!" Tridus screamed in rage and let the nether take him. He grabbed at the frail life-force and twisted it until it broke into a thousand pieces, destroying it’s mind-soul forever.

And as if simply remembering these events tired him The Searcher nearly collapsed. He had surrendered the old name long ago. Made himself the weapon, just as the fiend had told him. And now things were flowing out of his control, he now contained within him the essence of the one thing that could survive the Arc.

It had all been too easy, the mystery all led back to the ancient ones, like many things did. He had wandered the planes for centuries until he finally found a reality in which both the Zerg and Protoss still lived. It was then his purpose to sneak fulfill the dreams of the Zerg overmind… He used the power of the nether to take control of the first human he met a confederate soldier named Duran. He cloaked himself inside this man’s body and claimed the crucible that was the Korprulu sector as his own laboratory, finally when all was done and the hybrid lived, the Arc found him.

His thoughts became like fire, they pained him so much. He cleansed his mind, and touched the raw power that seethed like a storm inside him. The life-force of the Hybrid… nothing could stop him from destroying the Arc’s creation… Nothing.

=Scene: Outside Riptide Main offices=

All is quiet in the early morning, except for the puttering engine of the old taxi that just pulled up in front of the building. Two figures exit the taxi, the taller one hands the driver some money and the car putters away. The taller man seems to be all angles and points, but on a closer inspection one can see that he simply has strapped to him more guns and knifes than Mad Max at a NRA convention. The shorter man seems to be wearing a kind of suit of white armor, made of what seems to be porcelain, covered in doodles.

Ravage!: Well, were here. All we have to do is find BandWidth.

Basin: *Putting a crayon away.* Hiel! BandWidth!

Ravage!: yeah, exactly.

They walk up toward the Riptdie building and nude open the door. The building seems abandoned, but before they leave they hear a shout.

"Help! Is someone there? Get me down!"

Ravage! finds the room where the shouting is coming from.

rRaminrodt: Ahh. Thank goodness that someone finally found me. Hey who are you?

Ravage!: Funny question coming from a guy stuck to a wall. *he smiles* I’m Ravage! and the guy back there is Basin. We work with BandWidth.

Basin: ^ Ich bin der für immer glückliche Verbündete des großen Führers. Wir folgen ihm durch den Fluß und den Wald und den See und den Ozean und die Stadt und das Maisfeld!^

rRaminrodt: Uh, okay. I guess we’re friends then. Help get me down… *Ravage tugs at rRamin.* No, not that way. Here, you have to recite this spell, I’d use it but it doesn’t work on oneself.

Ravage!: Spell? You expect me to believe in magic?

rRaminrodt: I wouldn’t be a proud card carrying member of the Quantum Mechanics Society, if I didn’t know a smattering of magics.

Ravage!: Whatever…

Ravage! followed rRaminrodts instructions and the latter character slid off the wall. He got up and stretched out a bit.

rRamin: Ouh. That was not comfortable.

Ravage!: Whatever dude. Now, where’s BandWidth?

rRamin: That’s kind of a long story. He’s lost…

Ravage!: Lost!? Lost? This place is messed up… I guess its time for us to do a little work, right Basin?

Basin: ^ Ich verletze unsere Feinde und ihre dummen Freunde, indem ich zusammen ihre Köpfe nehme und sie schlage. Sie sterben einen horribly unglücklichen Tod.


To be continued.

Changes by this story:

We learn more of the Searcher’s history. Ravage! and Basin have arrived to help BandWidth. rRaminrodt is finally unstuck from the wall.


I wanted to say something here, but I forgot what I wanted to say… L

Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: Suspicious personalities
Author: SoulTaker
Date: 2000-04-07 00:00:00

It's a nice day at the Riptide offices... The birds are singing and the sun is shining. Happy people are walking past the building and talking about how it's a beautiful day and how Riptide is a great place. But then... Two suspicious-looking persons comes by the Riptide building.

Suspicious person #1: "Do I look suspicious?"

Suspicious person #2: "Unfortunately, yes. Try a more natural look. We don't want to attract attention."

Suspicious person #1 takes off his green sombrero, and puts on a false moustache.

Suspicious person #1: "Better?"

Suspicious person #2: "Indeed. Now, nobody will notice you."

Suspicious person #1: "Now, where is our contact?"

Suspicious person #2: "Hmm... Can't see him. Oh, wait! Over there!"

Suspicious person #2 points to a very suspicious person standing beside a few bushes."

Suspicious person #1: "Good. Let's get to work."

Suspicious person #1 and Suspicious person #2 walks to the third suspicious person.

Suspicious person #1: "Good day, contact. Rainy today, is it not?"

Suspicious person #3: "The weather is killing my rabbit. If I do not soon get to eat a motorbike, I will suffer."

Suspicious person #1: "I must agree. Blood flows down my jacket when the sun is shining. No keyboard can prevent the deer hunters of Canada from disturbing the pharoahs peace."

Suspicious person #2: "Again, I am baffled by your wisdom. May dirty laundry fall after your feet till death do us part."

Suspicious person #3: "Enough 'secret-code' talk for today. Let us get down to business."

Suspicious person #2: "Right. rRaminrodt shall soon feel our wrath."

Suspicious person #1: "The time has come to avenge the fallen."

Suspicious person #3: "Not yet. First, the current events in Riptide must be settled. Then, our revenge can proceed."

Suspicious person #2: "The Searcher is active."

Suspicious person #3: "In that case, our revenge will be postponed."

Suspicious person #1: "Let us proceed to phase 5."

Suspicious person #3: "No."

Suspicious person #1: "Why not?"

Suspicious person #3: "The time is not right. Patience is important in our quest."

Suspicious person #3: "For now, we will overlook the happenings. We will make our first move when the time is right."

Suspicious person #3 takes a small metal box from his pocket, littered with lights and buttons.

Suspicious person #3: "Ready?"

Suspicious person #1 and Suspicious person #2 each take small metal boxes identical to Suspicious person #3's from their pockets.

Suspicious person #1: "Ready."

Suspicious person #2: "Ready."

Suspicious person #3 presses a few buttons, and the three Suspicious persons disappear in a flash of bright light.

Subject: (STORYVERSE STOREE) Whodunnit?
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-04-11 00:00:00

Well, you can consider this the end of my long-standing record of writing post box stories. I actually wrote this story over a period of a couple o' days, since I really needed to get information on all of the different characters in the storyverse and where they are at the moment. Anyhoo, enjoy the storee!


(BandWidth woke up to the sound of a tap dripping. As the dark room around him slowly stopped spinning over the course of several long minutes, he realized that he couldn't see anything at all. Total darkness, aside from a loose lightbuld above him, swinging back and forth. He tried to move, but realized that his arms and legs were bounded to a chair. He began to panic, when he heard a door opening.)

(He heard footsteps and the sound of a quiet motor buzzing. The footsteps and the whirring noise stopped as Psycho Sam!, Fabuloso McWilly and Psycho Bot! all walked in front of BandWidth. Psycho Sam! and Fabuloso McWilly were grinning ear to ear.)

Psycho Sam!: Hello, Mr. President.

(BandWidth squinted his eyes and looked at the figures right in front of him.)

BandWidth: Psycho Sam!? Ungh, my head. What is going on here?

Psycho Sam!: Oh, you know, the usual. I am going to have my new bodyguard, Fabuloso McWilly, torture you in ways you can't even imagine. And after you're dead, I am going to take your place as President of Riptide, a position which should have been mine all along!

BandWidth: Why do you think they'll let you back in power?

Psycho Sam!: That's easy! I'll tell them that you're still alive. And they'll search and search and search for you, but never find you. No one knows where we are. But I will tell them that if they don't make me President, I will kill you, so they'll have no choice! And the beauty of this is that you'll already be dead! No one will know! It's pure genius!

BandWidth: Where am I, anyway?

Psycho Sam!: My lab, you idiot! My lab in the swamp!

BandWidth: But...isn't your lab just outside of Riptide HQ?

Psycho Sam!: Right! It's the last place anyone would suspect!

(BandWidth rolls his eyes, then looks back at a gleeful Psycho Sam!, and becomes enraged.)

BandWidth: You'll never get away with this, you sick freak! Communism will prevail!

Psycho Sam!: And how do you think that?

BandWidth: Because the minute I was made President, I wrote up some papers that stated that if I ever die, the immediate replacement for my throne will be Basin, who reminds me a lot of a young me, might I add...

Psycho Sam!: Basin, eh...?

[Outside of Riptide HQ.]

(Basin, wearing his usual white porcelin armor with doodles all over it, Ravage!, wearing millions and millions of guns, strapped all overhos body, and rRaminrodt, well, looking like rRaminrodt, walked up to the building and looked up at the many stories.)

Ravage!: Guess we oughta start our search here.

Basin: Ja! Wir müssen BandWidth finden! Er ist unser Führer!

Ravage!: Yeah, right, whatever.

rRaminrodt: Guys, I am pretty damn sure the President isn't in here!

Ravage!: Uh, why? You know something we don't?

rRaminrodt: Well, I know for a fact that if he were in here, he wouldn't be missing, now would he?

Ravage: Yeah, well, we can, um, like, look for clues and stuff.

(rRaminrodt shurgs and follows Ravage! into the building.)

Basin: Ich hatte gerade eine leuchtende Idee! Wir müssen nach unserem geliebten Führer und Freund BandWidth innerhalb dieses Gebäudes suchen, in dem er arbeitet! Möglicherweise ist er in diesem Gebäude die gesamte Zeit gewesen! Selbst wenn BandWidth nicht in diesem Gebäude ist, konnten wir können, Anhaltspunkte hinsichtlich seines realen Standorts zu finden. März vorwärts!

(Basin runs behind them into the building as well.)

[Outside of RStefan01.com.]

(lil bo shepherd was rocking back and forth in an old, creaky chair on the porch. He looked at his crooked shepherd cane, and pondered why he was left to look after SoulTaker, who was screaming in the basement; screaming many voices, at all once. The endless screams kept changing pitch, and sounded as if more than one person was screaming at a time...and it was a sound that horrified lil bo shepherd.)

(lil bo shepherd regained his senses when he heard a loud crash of thunder. He looked up at the darkening sky, and shook his head. He got up from his rocking chair and walked to the door of the old house, hoping to avoid the approaching storm.)

(But once lil bo shepherd entred the house, he realized where the true storm really was. The screams had now become so loud that they almost made lil bo shepherd go mad listening to them. He began to hear loud banging noises coming from the cellar door. Boom, boom, boom. He covered his years and squinted. Something was definitely wrong with SoulTaker, and SoulTaker was trying to escape the cellar, endlessly pounding on the cellar door.)

(Covering his years and crouching in the doorframe, lil bo shepherd came back to when the pounding suddenly stopped completely. He got to his feet, very curious as to what was going on. He began to slowly tiptoe down the old hallway, the only sound being his footsteps creaking on the old wood. Before he got around the corner to the cellar door, though, a loud crashing noise made him scream and run straight out the front door of the building. The door to the cellar had been thrown way of its hinges.)

(lil bo shepherd ran down the old street, and hoped on an old bike he saw. He rang the bell a couple of times, and then began to speed down the old road, away from the house. He didn't even look back. He knew he had to warn the guys at Riptide HQ that something was wrong with SoulTaker.)

[A book depository outside of Riptide HQ.]

(Across the street from Riptide HQ, an black luxary car pulled up in front of an old book depository. Inside of the car was the cloned agent, who was driving, along with SM_007 and Albatross in the back seat.)

SM_007: Why are we stopped here?

Albatross: The current confusion is distracting everyone from helping Tridus search for his laptop...just as I have forseen. In order to keep this people distracted, we are going to have the President assassinated.

SM_007: BandWidth?! Oh man... This isn't right, Albatross!

(Albatross coughed heavily, and then look back up at SM_007.)

Albatross: You know what is right. I don't have much time left...son.

(SM_007 looked sad, but decided.)

SM_007: Where is BandWidth, anyway?

Albatross: He is in that deserted science laboratory in the swamp.

(SM_007 was about to get out of the car when Albatross grabbed his arm. SM_007 spun around and looked at the old, dying man, who had a satisfied look on his face, as if he had just come to a realization.)

SM_007: What? What is it?

Albatross: You must eliminate Basin as well.

SM_007: Who?!

Albatross: Basin. He is the next in line for Presidency. Then eliminate BandWidth. This way, they will have no one to govern them without another election.

SM_007: Where is Basin?

Albatross: In Riptide's building.

SM_007: Excellent. This gives me an idea.

(SM_007 shut the door and headed towards the book depository, followed by the agent.)

[An old, dirt road.]

(RStefan01's jeep speeded down the old, abandoned highway. The Searcher, incredible large now that he was the Protoss/Zerg hybrid, was hunched over the wheel, growling under his breath as he guided the car with fury. RStefan01, who felt slightly nervous, was sitting in the back.)

RStefan01: So, where are we supposed to be going, anyway?

The Searcher: You shall soon see.

RStefan01: Well, since we're using my jeep, I'd like to know what this is about.

The Searcher: There is...someone I need to see. Something I need to take care of.

RStefan01: Oh. Okay.

(RStefan01 wasn't okay with it at all, but he knew better than to anger the Searcher, who was on a mission. He looked out the window at the passing scenery, and realized that they were going in the direction of Riptide HQ. RStefan01 simply wondered who the Searcher would need to see there, and why.)

[Down the street from Riptide HQ.]

(Tridus was walking towards Riptide HQ. He left RStefan01.com when he couldn't stand to hear lil bo shepherd babbling on and on about how great cows were, and he knew he cared more about Sashie than anything else in the world anyway. He knew that one of the biggest pieces to that puzzle was what happened to SM_007, and why he abandoned the team when they needed him the most. Where was he? And why weren't people concerned?)

(The thought that people didn't care about the founding father of Riptide, and the thought that they were wrapped up with more trivial concerns than the life of his friend, disgusted him. But disgusted as he was, he remembered SM_007 getting into that car with the agent and the old man, and that thought disgusted him as well. And through all of this madness and confusion, Sashie's name kept popping up in his head. He needed to find her. And soon.)

(Tridus was only a dozen or so metres away from Riptide HQ, when he saw that same old man he remembered getting into the front seat of a black luxary car. He was filled with rage, and began charging at the vehicle. When he was almost at it, it peeled off, and drove down the street, turned a corner, and was gone once again from Tridus' life. He stopped, panting from his dash, and looked at the building it was parked in front of. It was the old book depository. Tridus kicked the old door open and went inside.)

[Psycho Sam!'s shack in the swamp.]

(BandWidth was thouroughly bored...and afraid. He didn't know where Psycho Sam! and Fabuloso McWilly were, but he knew that the damn annoying bot of his was staring at him.)

BandWidth: Hey, there, little fella. Want to do me a favour?

Psycho Bot!: I don't care! I'm a bot!

BandWidth: So, is that a yes?

Psycho Bot!: Um, did someone say my name?

BandWidth: No.

(Psycho Bot! looked confused.)

BandWidth: Well, why don't you help me? Surely you can't enjoy working for Psycho Sam!.

Psycho Bot!: Psycho Sam! created me. Did someone say his name?

(BandWidth sighed.)

BandWidth: Look, turn off those damn auto responses already!

(Psycho Bot! made a low beeping noise.)

Psycho Bot!: Done.

BandWidth: Hey! You actually listened to me!

Psycho Bot!: Of course! Anyone can command me! Only, no one has ever become friendly enough with me to find out. It ain't easy bein' a bot with auto responses as your only comfort towards friends. No one likes me. No one can ever stand me long enough to find out about me...

BandWidth: Well, if you let me outta here, I'll be your friend.

Psycho Bot!: Really?! You mean it?!

BandWidth: Of course!

(Psycho Bot! began to make its way over to BandWidth's chair, and a small pair of scissors emerged from one side of the box. BandWidth smiled as the bot began to happily cut the ropes to BandWidth's chair.)

[Outside of Riptide HQ.]

(Psycho Sam!, wielding his chainsaw, walked up to the Riptide HQ building. He was followed by Fabuloso McWilly.)

Fabuloso McWilly: Hey, boss, I don't think leaving BandWidth alone is a such a good idea...

(Psycho Sam! raised his arm up in front of Fabuloso.)

Psycho Sam!: You just don't understand how evil works, do you? Besides, Psycho Bot! is there just in case BandWidth gets any wise ideas. Now c'mon, we need to go in there and kill Basin so he can't be the next President once we kill BandWidth.

(They both enter Riptide HQ.)

[Riptide HQ's main office.]

(Edge sat alone in the boardroom, drinking a coffee and thinking. Edge was trying to put all of the pieces together - attempting to make order out of the chaos which was the lives of everyone around him. He sighed, and looked up at the clock on the wall. It was ticking louder than usual...)

[Outside of Riptide HQ.]

(A familier jeep stopped, and both the Searcher and RStefan01 got out. The Searcher looked up at the building, seeming concerned. Before RStefan01 could question what the Searcher was doing, the Searcher ran inside the front door of the building. RStefan01 instinctivly followed suit.)

[Inside the book depository.]

(Tridus ran up the stairs to the top floor, and was shocked to see SM_007 and the agent standing at the window. The agent had a sniper rifle pointed out the window, aiming into the boardroom window of Riptide HQ. When Tridus entered the room, SM_007 spun around, and they both looked at each other in shock.)

SM_007: Tridus!

Tridus: What the hell is going on here?!

(SM_007 turned pale.)

SM_007: Tridus, I won't tell you this again. You have to leave right now.

Tridus: You know I am not leaving without my laptop, and some answers.

(Tridus began walking menacingly towards SM_007, who looked very nervous.)

SM_007: Tridus! Leave!

(Suddenly, the agent with the sniper rifle spun around, and shot. Since the sniper rifle was silenced, the shot was silent...but it wasn't silent to Tridus and SM_007. The bullet went straight through Tridus' chest, near his shoulder. Tridus slumped down on the ground, grasping at his shoulder which was pooling blood onto the ground. The agent aimed down at Tridus' crumpled body, and prepared to take another shot - when he was interrupted by SM_007's hand clutching his shoulder.)

SM_007: No! Leave him! There's, um...not enough time.

(The agent frowned at SM_007.)

Agent: Albatross will not be pleased.

SM_007: Leave that to me...

Tridus: Alba...Alba...tross...Alba...tross...Ungh...

(Tridus rolled onto his back, repeating the name.)

SM_007: He's going into shock.

Agent: He knows too much.

SM_007: Let's just leave. Abort the mission to kill Basin.

Agent: We must kill Basin, and then BandWidth.

SM_007: We'll do it some other time! That's an order! Let's go!

(SM_007 briskly walked out of the room, followed by the agent, who eyed Tridus menacingly on his way out. There eyes met as the agent closed the door to the room. Tridus couldn't move. He just stared into space, repeating the name which he had just learned.)

[Outside of Riptide HQ.]

(BandWidth, followed by Psycho Bot!, entered the building.)

[Riptide HQ's main office.]

(Edge was standing on a chair, examing the clock on the wall. He pulled off the face of the clock, and noticed that in the circutry, there was a small, clear ball with green gell on the inside of it. It was bubbling. At the top of the ball, a few small red wires ran along the circutry and were connected to the hands of the clock. Edge had never seen any device like this before, though he was pretty sure what it was.)

(Just as Edge was about to disconnect the wires from the hands of the clock, a knocking at the door scared him and he fell off the chair. Edge crashed on the floor with a thud, and passed out from the pain. The knocking on the door became more and more urgent.)

Ravage!: Hello?! Anyone in there?! The door is locked! Someone open up...

Basin: Wir müssen BandWidth, unseren Führer finden! Hey, was tickt das? Es klingt wie eine Bombe. Eine Bombe! Eine Bombe! Wir müssen laufen! Es ist eine Bombe...

Ravage!: Shut up! You know I don't understand a word you're saying! Now help me open this door...

[Outside of Riptide HQ.]

(lil bo shepherd crashed his bike on the ground, and rolled off of it, scraping his knees. He didn't care; he was in a mad rush to find the nearest Riptide representative and warn them of the danger they were in. The only problem was that he, himself, didn't know the true danger. He jumped to his feet and ran inside the Riptide HQ building.)

[Outside of the book depository.]

(Just as SM_007 and the agent stepped outside, their ride pulled up, in the form of the black luxary automobile. They immediately got inside the car, and just as they did so, a loud thunder could be heard from inside of Riptide HQ. It was growing louder, and very rapidly so.)

SM_007: What the...?

Albatross: That's the sound of the building being decimated.

SM_007: Decimated?! Isn't everyone in there?!

Albatross: They won't all die.

(SM_007 had tears in his eyes as the building started collapsing into dust. The car pulled away from the curb and drove off just as rubble, fire, dust and glass flew across the street, where the car was parked. The building continued falling into debris; debris which was flying in any and all directions.)

[Inside the book depository.]

(Tridus was still faint, and was mumbling Sashie's name as he asked her to give him medical supplies. He woke up from his trance, and remembered where he was, to the deafening sound of rolling thunder. He crawled away from the small pool of blood forming underneath his arm to the nearby window, and pulled himself up with one arm on the windowframe. There, he saw the Riptide building collapsing for a few seconds, and then he fell back down on the ground, unable to move.)

Tridus: Oh God... Oh my God...

To be continued.

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Subject: (STORYVERSE STOREE) Aftermath
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-04-12 00:00:00

Picking Up the Pieces

Yip! That's right! This story is in prose! ENJOY!

          The blood which was still trickling from Tridus' right shoulder and upper chest was a constant reminder that Tridus is, indeed, dying. Any time Tridus made an attempt to move, even in the slightest, pain shot up through his arm, neck and head. Breathing itself was becoming more of a chore than a necessity. Tridus was dying.
          And yet, even this knowledge didn't phase Tridus, who continued to think of his beautiful daughter, Sashie, and how he was going to rescure her from the clutches of the agents. Tridus realized that he could not move. Tridus realized that no one could possibly rescue him or even know where he was. And yet, Tridus was already thinking of how the next series of events will play out, instead of worrying about his bloodloss.
          "Albatross," Tridus muttered to himself under his breath. He continued staring at the ceiling above, whispering that name to himself. It was a name which he could not forget, a name which he was sure was important. The agent sidekick did not want him to know it. SM_007 let him keep it. He knew it was yet another piece of the puzzle. So, in the darkness, Tridus would continue to whisper that name as he lay on his back, unable to move.

          The Riptide HQ building was now nothing more than fiery rubble. Smoke poured upwards into the sky from the once-mighty stone palace, but now destruction was the word of the day, as the broken stone only hid small, scattereed fires underneath it. There was no motion at all coming from the wreckage, aside from one figure, alone, stirring.
          Edge had thought that there was a bomb in the clock on his wall. He was now, as he came to his feet, reassuring himself that he was indeed right. As Edge looked down at his scarred and torn body, he realized more than one thing. He first noticed that his black trenchcoat was now utterly and totally ruined, along with the ripped and stained clothes he was wearing. His hand was rather cut and bloody, too.
          However, the other important piece of information he came to realize was that he could not feel his left leg. In fact, it was trapped and buried between two large pieces of rock. The rock was still pretty warm. Not having the energy to move these two large boulders, Edge opted instead to flop down and stare at his mangled leg. While he sat, he tried to put the pieces together.
          Edge did remember falling off a chair when someone distracted him. Was it someone at his door? He did remember someone knocking on the door to the Riptide conference room, so that had to be it. Still, what happened next? He fell down and bumped his head; that much he knew. If the bomb was indeed on that loud-ticking clock, who could have managed to put it there? And why did Edge survive the blast if he was so close to the explosion itself? None of this was making any sense.
          Edge looked around at the fiery mess and realized that there might be other survivors. He had to rescue them, and soon, before it was too late. He did not have time to weep for his broken, and possibly shattered, leg. With all of his might, Edge pushed hard on one of the rocks over his leg...but it did not budge. Edge once again strained himself and put all of his weight on one of the rocks, but still, it would not move. Edge felt helpless; a feeling Edge did not like.
          A pair of hands suprised Edge, though. A pair of arms descended on the rock, and began to push on it. Instinctivly, Edge grabbed the boulder tight, as well, and began to roll it with all of his might. Pain shot through his leg like lightning, but at least he could move again. He looked up to see who had helped him.
          RStefan01 let out a faint smile as he looked at Edge. They both shared an unspoken knowledge of just how dire the current crisis really was. Edge wasn't suprised that RStefan01, being a cyborg, was still alive. He was relieved, though, to see him again.
          "Do you know anything more? About what has happened?" Edge asked, nervously. He really felt out of the loop. "I can't remember anything."
          "Me and the Searcher had just returned from my farm and entered the building when it collapsed," RStefan01 replied in his calm and cool voice. "We had just gotten off the elevator on the top floor when the building began to collapse. I noted that there was no fire or visible explosion when the building lost its structural intregrity. After that, my processor went down for several minutes, and when I awoke, I scanned the arrea for the nearest life form."
          Edge nodded, knowingly.
          "And I was the first one you found, right?"
          "Well, we have to keep looking. Help me up."
          "Edge, you are in no condition to-"
          "Screw that! There might be more survivors."
          RStefan01 helped Edge to his feet, and put his arm around his shoulder, helping Edge to navigate over the rubble, as they looked for any other possible community members who might be stranded. RStefan01 continued to use infared sensors to help him search for bodyheat, though it wasn't easy with the sheer temperature from the fire beneath their feet.
          "Hey, weren't you with the Searcher?" Edge felt he had to ask, remembering now the events leading up to the destruction of Riptide.
          "Yes," was RStefan01's cold reply.
          "Where is he now?"
          "When I came online, I did not see him."
          Edge frowned, and continued to look for anyone or anything resembling human life, hoping to God that not another person would die.

          BandWidth was the next to awaken. But as he awoke, he realized that even with his eyes open, he couldn't see much of anything. At first he panicked and thought he might be blind; then he noticed a crack of light red and orange light shining down on him, and realized he was stuck somewhere. He barely had enough room to breathe, and immediately began to punch at the rock above him. Some of it came apart in a small explosion of sparks, and BandWidth could see a few feet around him.
          Looking around at his location, BandWidth realized that he must have been caught under the explosion of Riptide HQ. He put his hands beside him and attempted to stand, and as he did so, he felt something move. BandWidth, startled, pulled his hand back, and looked down at what had been beneath his arm. Looking, he saw that it was Psycho Bot!, or what was left of it. All that remained now was one wheel and a quarter of the circutry. It's eyes and small arms were gone. It was moving, very slowly. Then it stopped, and the engine ceased.
          BandWidth attempted to pick up the remains of the poor bot, but it merely fell apart in his hands. BandWidth almost felt a little sad for the poor, friendless bot, and was even a little suprised that he did so. He once again began hitting the rock above him, trying to clear a path out of the wreckage.

          Tridus had now fallen almost completely unconscious in the dark and musty depository. He was desperately clinging to the name he was trying to remember, and was still more worried about Sashie's welfare moreso than his own. He let out a tired sigh and laid his arms flat beside him, and felt the thick substance soak into his cloak. He realized that this was his own blood, now beginning to harden on the wooden floor.
          As Tridus' vision began to fade, he saw a dark figure come to stand over him. He didn't react at first, still fading in and out of reality. But once he saw it lean down towards him, his small pupils widened and he stared up at the figure he knew too well. It was his own. Well, sort of. It was his own old face, combined with the features of his friend, SoulTaker. Because of this, the face looking into him looked even more pale and thin than usual.
          "Can you hear me, Tridus? Can you hear me?" he said in a soothing and calming voice, as he fiddled with a package which was out of Tridus' immediate view. Of course, Tridus could hear him, but responding took too much energy. Instead, Tridus just blinked and continued to stare at the man who would help him get on his feet, he knew. Tridus needed to go and save his laptop, after all.
          And the man did just that. The former SoulTaker and the former future Tridus, or the Searcher, began to put pressure on Tridus wound, and the man took a long piece of medical tape and bandage, beginning to wrap it around Tridus' shoulder. Tridus closed his eyes, finally able to rest for a few moments.
          When he opened them again, he was shocked to see that it was not a few moments later. Or was it? The man was gone, and the blood around Tridus was cleaned up, along with Tridus' shoulder. He could still barely move it, but he was able to sit up and lean against the wall. He did so, and then crawled up to the window. The fiery reckage was still in the place of Riptide HQ, but now, there were a few figures stumbling around in the darkness. Tridus slumped back down against the wall, wishing them the best of luck. He would not be able to help them, though.
          He had another matter to attend to.

          RStefan01 stopped walking when he saw a few bodies laying on the ground. He let Edge go, who fell straight into the rubble with an oomph. After all, he had been programmed to give immediate attention to those the most wounded, and Edge understood this as he looked up at RStefan01, who was looking back and forth at the bodies, looking for a sign of life. Edge couldn't even recognize them, they were so dark from the fire. He almost threw up right there.
          "Wh-who are they?" Edge gulped.
          "This one on the left was Ravage!, and Basin is beside him. They are both terminated. The one a few feet from them was lil bo shepherd, who is also showing no signs of life."
          Edge closed his eyes in disbelief.

          BandWidth had finally cleared a whole out of the rocks, and crawled onto the surface. He felt lucky that he didn't seem to have any major wounds, and all of his parts were still working. He got to his feet, dusted himself off, and look at a few bloody gashed on his arms. As he did so, he saw a silhouette in the corner of his eye. It was a stick figure. BandWidth bared his teeth in rage.
          "Psycho Sam!..." he quietly said.
          BandWidth began to casually walk over to Psycho Sam!'s location, and slowed down when he saw what Psycho Sam! was doing. In fact, his rage totally disappeared altogether. He looked at Psycho Sam!, now a few metres away, and noticed that he was checking for lifesigns on a body that was clearly dead. A whale of a carcass, which BandWidth recognized as the deceased Fabuloso McWilly.
          Psycho Sam! came to his feet, and saw BandWidth standing across from him. They both looked at the darkened silhouette of each other across the smoldering flames, and shared a moment of peace and sadness. Psycho Sam! turned around and began to hobble his way into the darkness, the darkness in which he came.
          BandWidth snapped out of his trance, and began to search the wreckage for other survivors. In the distance, he saw a brawny figure with another figure, which was laying on the ground. He could tell that the downed figure had a problem with its leg. He immediately began to ran over to them, and as he got closer, he could see that these two people were Edge and RStefan01.

          Tridus was almost able to get to his feet now, but not quite. His head was also much clearer now, and he was able to put some pieces together. One thing he now realized was that he had given SM_007 enough chances. He couldn't feel sorry anymore. It was time to go on the defensive and get Sashie back from the man who had backstabbed him. It was time to stop worrying abvout the Riptide President and their meager concerns. The most important person in his life was stolen away, thanks in part to a man whom he also considered an important friend. He couldn't let the sadness of the situation get to him. He'd get Sashie back, if it was the last thing he did...no matter who he had to go through to get it.

          As BandWidth was running back towards RStefan01 and Edge, who had now seen him coming, he tripped over what he thought was a rock. As he was getting up, he realized that it was actually a body, since rocks don't usually moan when you trip on them. He looked down and saw rRaminrodt, totally unconscious and in pain.
          RStefan01 once again had helped Edge to his feet, or foot, and they had both slowly began to make their way over. When they were only about a dozen feet away, they saw BandWidth laying the injured rRaminrodt to lay on his back in a less awkward position.
          "Any idea who did this?" BandWidth said as he got back to his feet and greeted RStefan01 and Edge with a nod.
          "Yeah, I do. I think it was those goddamn agents," Edge stated firmly. "And they need to pay."
          "We do not know that for sure," RStefan01 clarified. "It may have been someone else. It may have been the Searcher, or even Psycho Sam! himself. It could have been anyone, including someone we haven't seen yet."
          "Maybe," Edge replied. "But I doubt it. Those agents just fit this too perfectly for me to not believe it was them. And where has SM_007 been all this time?"
          RStefan01 just shook his head and looked at rRaminrodt.
          "Then I guess we'd better get to emergency shelter," rRaminrodt decided. "I've seen enough for one day. There's no one else here."
          Just as rRaminrodt, another figure popped out of the darkness and grabbed him, panting and sobbing.
          "Oh, the humanity!" it said.
          They looked, and realized that this wasn't Psycho Sam! who was crying. It was actually Psycho !Mas.
          "Where have you been the last several days?" rRaminrodt asked. "You haven't been around anywhere!"
          Psycho !Mas wiped some tears from his eyes.
          "Well, it's kinda embarassing, but I accidentally locked myself in a Riptide bathroom a few days ago and I never managed to get out - until now, that is."
          rRaminrodt shook his head in disappointment.
          "Well, let's go. I actually think we've done everything we can for a change. Let's find an emergency shelter location, and get the hospital over here as soon as possible."
          "Agreed," RStefan01 acknowledged. "I cannot pick anything else up on my sensors. It would be better at this time to call in a professional rescue team."
          They all slowly walked away from the mountain of wreckage, fearing the worst for everyone.

Rest in Peace:
lil bo shepherd
Fabuloso McWilly
Psycho Bot!

The end.

It's time to bust a rhyme! *Does the evahl happy disco dance.*

Subject: Space before Time (Story Teaser)
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-04-14 00:00:00

--This isn't the actual story, so don't get excited --

I stood staring at what I had just created. I was in awe of what fearsome energy that it simply took to remain stable in this reality. I stared into the Arc and it stared back into me. I could tell the DTP I called the Hgoerl was firmly in the center of the Arc, producing negative energy as it counteracted the Arc construct. Slowly, I began to probe into it with my mind, looking for possible instablities in the structure, when I reached the Hgoerl, I was taken aback. The Arc was bent and twisted about the Hgoerl in a way I had never preditcted, instead of being contained within the Arc the Hgoerl was firmly attached to the central node. The two were feeding off each other and sharing chaos.

It was then too late for me to pull the safty construct I had built into the Arc. Instead I faced the Hgoerl and tried to probe it. It was then I realised the Arc had gained a form of massive consciouness. I tried to pull out in vain, but the Arc now had me... It seared through my mind, tearing out every idea or memory stored within. I attacked it then with a Vae'sai'na construction but it understood what I was doing and killed me.

At the time of death I remembered the Sandrava, and the time I spent there. Then torn from my body I spiraled into iN'ea'Das. Insticnt took over intellect and before I could recover myself I reincarnated.

I was far from Earth and Core. Very far, I probably would have a hard time contacting even other QMS'ers. Not to mention Riptide or Turbine. I dispared for a while until I realized I was in a ship. I began working Immediately... Soon I will have the ship modified enough to travel through realities. My Search for the Arc's weak point begins soon... I hope it is not too late.

| LOG RECORD 13.24.34534.534A |
rRaminrodt n'Ad Ocraszan
Starship Victory

This is a teaser, I will go futher with the history of the future in my real story.

Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: His last Question
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-04-15 00:00:00

His last Question

=Scene: The site of the former Riptide HQ=

Something heavy pressed down on the Searcher. He slowly ran his free hand along it felling its texture: concrete. He reached into the nether and drew out a drying heat. The slab crumbled into dust and small stones.
He stood up and scanned his surroundings. There was yellow police tape all around the explosion site, but no one was around. The sky was dark but the stars shone like so many tiny flames. There were so many... in this time unharmed by the Arc. He picked up a stone off the ground and looked at it. Now that theis place was gone he would have to find another computer system. He almost laughed at the iron; no matter how well one planned something, those plans would eventually break, just like they had for him. He dropped the stone and began walking.

=Scene: A room in the Riptide Radisson=

Edge: Searcher. Agents. Searcher. Agents. Searcher. Agents. O woe is me. How can I choose.

BandWidth: You don't need to be sarcastic.

Edge: Sure. Like you really care. *He gets up* I'm going to the hospital... To see someone I CARE about.

He walks to the door, steps through and slams it behind him.

BandWidth turns to the rest of the group.

BandWidth: I don't care about this Searcher creep. Those bastards blew up my office! I say we go after them.

RStefan01: But we don't even know who they are. How can we do anything then.

BandWidth: For all we know your Searcher freind is dead. Buried in the rubble, thats where he is!

As the argument begins to esculate and the other members of the Riptide community join in rRaminrodt looks out the window and stares out at the stars. Quietly he wonders about the nature of things, and why suddenly he feels like outsider again.

=Scene: Riptide Hospital=

Psycho_Mas is sitting near the foot of a bed when Edge walks in. The figure lying in the bed stirs for a second but then lays quietly.

Edge: How is he?

Mas: Better. He's quiet now, but the doctors say he's going though a big shock. They have no idea how long he'll be like this.

Edge: *Looking sad* did you figure out what he was saying?

Mas: No. I think it was something-beta but I can't tell. We're going to have to wait until he comes back to conciousness.

Edge: This is terrible. We're "back together" in body but still miles apart in spirit. Execpt for SM, who knows where he went...

Mas: Well at least we found Tridus. I'm glad the police found him in time.

Edge: Its good they find people better than they prevent bombings.

Mas: You can't...

Edge: The heck I can. For Tridus's sake I want those guys punished... as much as possible.

=The Electronics Store=

The bell jingles as someone enters the store. Mike, who was resting in the back gets up and walks to the front of the store. He sees a man who seems oddly familiar. Mike dismisses the thought as he gets down ot business.

Mike: How can I help you at this late hour my friend?

The Searcher: I need the most powerful server equipment possible. Enogh to build a custom search engine.

Mike: Thats quite the order. But I think I have the stuff... *he walks down the isles picking itmes off the shelves*
Here you go.

The Sercher looks everyhing over.

THe Searcher: It looks correct.

Mike: Now sir, how will you be paying for this?

The Searcher: *waves his hand in front of the clerks face* Sleep.

Mike falls to the counter snoring, and the seracher walks away.

=Scene: Riptide's room at the Hotel.=

Everyone has left execpt for rRaminrodt who still is sitting at the window staring at the sky. The door creaks open and Psycho_Mas steps in.

Mas: Everyone leave?

rRaminrodt: Yeah. Gone to bed or to do thier own thing until morning.

Mas: Why are you still here?

rR: Something is bothering me.

Mas: What is it?

rR: It has something to do with what the Searcher first said to me when he saw me. He...

The telphone in the room begins to ring interupting his story.

Mas picks up the phone and speaks with the person on the other end.

Mas: *hanging up* It was the police. An electronics store was robbed earlier this evening. They searched the area and found the stolen components were assembled... The computer is sitting in an old where house.

rR: What else?

Mas: Its been left at a website... They tell me its dedicated to somthing called the Arc. I belive...

rR: Thats what the Searcher is out to destroy. We'd better get down there fast. Put your coat on, were heading out!

=Scene: A highway=

The Searcher walked slowly along the road. Thoughts and memories broiling inside him. He hoped that someone might pick him up and give him a ride, otherwise he might have to steal a car. His destination was halway across the country. But that was nothing compared to the distance he had already travled.

If all was right, the end of the corruption that was the Arc was soon at hand...

The Searcher travles once again, and rRaminrodt and Psycho_Mas are following him. Tridus is in the hospital in a coma type thing. Everyone else is still trying to decide what to do.

Anyone can write the next story as long as you don't use the Searcher rRamin or Mas. I'm going to write a prose one like SM's that will end the Seracher Story Arc. (hehe =) I promise itll be better than this one :)

Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: the puzzle...
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-04-17 00:00:00

Sitting in his cottage staring down at the floor, Tridus held two wooden puzzle pieces, one in each hand. A thunderstorm was raging outside, pecular for this time of year in the area. It caused the lights to flicker every now and then, but Tridus failed to notice, staring at the pieces.

He put one down and picked up another one, then stared at them some more. Finally he threw them both down in frustration and stared at the several he had laying on the ground. It just wasn't making sense.

Not knowing what else to do, he laid all the pieces out in no particular order and started rambling as he was so accustomed to doing.

"Ok... we have SM_007. I don't know what the hell he's doing. We have some weird superhuman type guy he was fighting with, and then got into a black limo with for some reason. Was that just a show for my benefit or an actual fight?"

"Either way, why would they let me see them together later on and not outright try to kill me. Why did SM stop him?"

Tridus shifted past the first two pieces and moved on.

"We have what is apparently a future me who is really powerful running around... maybe with SoulTaker, maybe as SoulTaker, I can't remember."

Tridus looked at yet another piece, and sighed.

"Sashie... yes... we have Sashie, who they kidnapped. Presumably SM knows what is going on there, but I don't understand why they would want her, except as ransom maybe? But why haven't they contacted me yet about that if it is ransom?"

The next piece Tridus looked at was blank.

"Albatross. I don't even know who or what that is, let alone how he fits into this, except that its important."

After that, he came to a piece which showed a large pile of rubble.

"Riptide HQ was destroyed... but why? Who the hell makes these puzzles and leaves out all the explanations to why anything is a piece in it anyway?"

The next two were grouped together...

"MysteryMan was assassinated, and BandWidth went missing and was maybe assassinated. Both were President at the time... how does that fit into the rest of this? How does a future me, someone I thought was a friend going crazy, a missing laptop, and two missing and presumed dead presidents fit together?"

Looking around, Tridus only saw a couple more pieces...

"The attack on the research lab all those years ago that caused Sashie to become what she is... the destruction of Sidewinder... Orazath, Sudirt, and all the other oddities to come out of that... are they even part of this puzzle, or extra pieces?."

Tridus grabbed all the pieces and tried to assemble them together, but nothign would fit with anything else... finally after about twenty-seven minutes he gives up in frustration.

"They just aren't giving me all the pieces, that has to be it. Maybe the missing pieces are around here somewhere, if they weren't in the box with these ones..."

Tridus gets up and starts looking around his cottage for the missing puzzle pieces, still pondering just what they could possibly be... while searching, the storm subsides and the lights stop flickering in his cottage.

Inside Tridus' hospital room, a doctor walks in to check on him. She notices that nothing has really changed after routinely going over the diagnostics and checking him over quickly, except for a pesky flickering flourescent light. After hitting the light several times with her pen, it stops flickering and resumes a steady bright glow.

The doctor writes a couple observations down on a clipboard at the foot of the bed, then sets it down and walks out, closing the door behind her.

Inside, the light continues to glow softly as company to Tridus...

Changes by this story - Absolutly positively and totally *nothing*. Gotta love it. :-)

If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you... - Martina McBride

Subject: (POST BOX PROSE STOREE) It has begun...
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-04-17 00:00:00

Beginning of the End

          SM_007 waited beside the door to the laboratory impatiently. He continued to let his thoughts drift back to Tridus, who might be dead. Tridus was left laying in a puddle of his own blood. And what about the rest of the team?
          SM_007 couldn't afford to think of that now. He couldn't allow himself to ponder the decisions he has already made. It was a weakness which he had yet to master; a weakness that has led to disappointment in the eyes of Albatross many times.
          Just as SM_007 had finished that thought, the door to the high-tech laboratory slid open, and the old man walked out, followed by two scientists. He did not even look at SM_007; instead, he kept walking down the hallway, with a scientist on either side.
          Once they were out of his view, SM_007 quietly tiptoed into the lab, and took a look around. There were machines along the walls, but the interior of the large, well-lit room was empty, save for a small table, with a laptop sitting on it. Parts of the laptop were removed and laying beside it.
          SM_007 noticed how cold the room was as he stepped inside. He buttoned up his tuxedo coat and continued to walk towards the laptop. When he was a few feet away, he noticed that the laptop was emitting a low noice. Wasn't it turned off? As he got closer and closer, he realized that this isn't the noise a laptop would ordinarily make. No, it sounded more like the weeping of a small, fightened child.
          SM_007 cringed, then spun around and dashed out of the room.

          Tridus sat at the desk, and moaned. He once again had come back to his puzzle pieces, since pulling himself away would only be a temporary solution. He couldn't think of anything else but Sashie, and even then, when he sat down to analyze the past events, he couldn't make sense of it all. The frustration was beginning to eat away at Tridus.
          A knock at the door started Tridus. He leaped to his feet, hit his head on the light above him, let out a few profanities, and then sat back down as a nurse came over to him, smiling politely. Tridus didn't even look up; the nurse spoke anyway.
          "Excuse me, mister Tridus, sir?" she asked, slightly nervous at the man's foul mood. "There's someone here to see you. He seems a little urgent. If you want, I can-"
          "Send the person in," he interrupted. She stared at him for a second, as if Tridus had two heads. He looked up towards her, put on a fake smile, and added, "Please."
          The nurse nodded, and walked out of the room as Tridus went back to staring at the pieces of the puzzle. He heard the footsteps of someone coming in the room, but he once again did not look up. He just rubbed his fingers over his temples as he processed everything he knew. His visitor stopped beside him, and waited for Tridus to look upwards. There was silence.

          SM_007 sat down on a chair, as scientists and agents walked by. One thing that SM_007 did find annoying was the many agents. They all looked the same. They were all very methodical, always staring at an object for several seconds before speaking in a long, drawn-out voice. SM_007 knew, though, that he was the second model. More emotions, more personality, and more power. Power. Something he was gradually beginning to learn how to focus on and use properly, thanks to the help of his new mentor.
          Once again, as SM_007 thought of the old man, he appeared. Slumped over in his chair in the hallway, bored and worried, SM_007 looked up to Albatross, who was wielding a cigarette between his teeth as he smiled faintly down on his pupil.
          "What's going on with that laptop?" SM_007 asked.
          "It's useless, to be frank," Albatross sighed. "Even though some of the data was useful to us, it mostly centres around where the little girl's brain is stored. She...it does not contain any knowledge whatsoever of how the information was stored there. There is only one person whom knows that kind of information."
          SM_007's eyes went wide with a startling realization. He leaped to his feet and looked into the cold, dark eyes of his creator.
          "Yes. An agent is already on his way. In fact, he is retrieving him from his hospital room at this very moment."
          The old man took another puff of his cigarette, then stared at it as he thought. He spun the smoke around in between his fingers a few times before looking up at SM_007 once again. SM_007 was also in the process of thinking.
          "We might as well dispose of the laptop," Albatross added. "She...it has no use to us anymore."
          "But...you did say that you would return the laptop to the custody of Tridus when you were done with it. I saw it in the lab, and it was...crying. It was afraid. It was alone in a large room, and-"
          "I see where this is going," Albatross interrupted harshly. "And I do not like it. Straighten yourself up, and do as you are told. The laptop is almost beyonf proper repair as it is. Tridus does not need to know this, understand? We will tell him that if he wants to see his laptop again..."

          "...you will help Albatross," the agent finished telling Tridus in his hospital room. Tridus was laying on the ground, a bloody nose. The door to the room was locked, and an unlucky nurse who ran in was now slumped on the door, inside the room, with a broken neck. She was dead.
          Tridus hissed with rage. Aside from Sashie, the only thing in the world that Tridus wanted at this moment was to reach up and strangle that agent with all of his might. But he could not. The agent had him pinned down, and was applying more and more pressure to Tridus' chest cavity with his elbow every moment. Tridus could feel his ribcage under the stress.
          Tridus allowed his own rage to subdue for a moment. He remembered Sashie and knew that there was no way to find her. No trail, no knowledge of her location. This was a battle he could not win, one way or the other. As the agent bared his teeth evilly, Tridus looked up at the man, and allowed himself to spit out the words which, to him, sounded disgusting:
          "Fine. I'll doit."

To be concluded.

Changes by this storee:
Tridus has just officially made a deal with the Devil. >:)

I am going to ask a favour, here. This storyline is drawing to a close, and me and rRaminrodt are getting ready to write the closing chaptors with our own characters, whom are seperated (conveniently, hehe). So, I am going to write a big-ass prose story that will conclude the Albatross/Sashie storyline once and for all. So, please don't write any more stories at the moment, if you don't mind. Once me and rRaminrodt close these stories off, a whole new storyverse plotline shall appear, and another adventure shall begin. :)

Virtue mine honour

Subject: From the Deep (Story Teaser)
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-04-21 00:00:00

From the Deep

=Scene: An abandoned warehouse=

rRaminrodt and Psycho_Mas walk into the large room escorted by a police officer. At the center of the room appears to be a hastily built computer, its case left open and long cords reaching one of the industrial outlets on the wall.

Officer: There it is... We havent touched it, execpt to read what was on the front page. When we saw the word Arc, we called you. It was on the alert lists and all.

Psycho_!Mas: Thanks.

He turned to rRaminrodt who was already looking at the small monitor. There were three programs active... one was a browser window with a webpage and an obscure oddly long url. The others were a compliler and the program that had been written it it.

rRamnrodt: He must have wrote this. I guess the Searcher never lost Tridus's computer skills.

He clicked the program.

Mas: It traced the writer of the webpage to his real world address. Hmmm. Click back to the webpage.... we should read it.

He did so, each link on the page lead to the same second page but at a differnt location. This page read:

Witness the Power of the Arc.

The Arc is the all-consuming grand unliving force which resides at the center of reality. After its creation the Arc began expanding across all planes of reality absorbing all things. The Arc is pure power with the ability to control the nature of reality itself. In order to spread most quickly across the planes the Arc commands minions which are shards of the great power of the Arc. The Arc contains the minds of all it has consumed and uses these to determine the shortest path across the planes.
In order to control all, the Arc exists as a world without dimension with the Hgoerl at its center. As the greatness of the Arc spreads, the worlds it has consumed become unreachable to that which is not the Arc.
The Arc is the new Reality.

Witness the Minions of the Arc.

The Shin-Vekar was one of the first races that surrendered to the Arc. Their bodies were changed, hardened against physical damage and given razor sharp limbs. These creatures serve as shock troopers for the arc, and have overwhelmed many worlds with their sheer numbers.

The walking shadows first appeared on Earth when the Arc began preparing the planet for its coming by sowing chaos and discord in the politico-industrial arena. The Pareavearea have the consistency of liquid shadows and can slip inside the body of most multi-cellular organisms. If the creature has a weak enough mind the Pareavearea can command the body like a puppet and walk unnoticed amongst any species.

The Lagahcen were summoned by the Arc in order to hunt down members of The Spire throughout time and space. These centipede-like living ships are a juggernaut of power which tear through any opposition it faces with ease. They function equally as well in space or on a planets surface. The Lagahcen like the Shin-Vekar are somewhat vulnerable to the non-technological powers wielded by its enemies.

These tall thin beings are the Mage-Lords of the Arc. Their spindly frame belies the raw power they hold. These creatures learn the “powers” used by certain species and amplify them through the Arc. The Uchrakaghun are usually summoned to face off against singularly powerful beings that challenge the power of the Arc, or to protect the Shin-Vekar or Lagahcen against those powers.

This category encompasses any of the powerful beings that willingly became part of the Arc. They are given a Mass-Mind slightly separated from the whole of the Arc. This force scours time and space searching for new pathways for the Arc to become part of. It also is what finally turns a world over the Arc.

The Sjara Cova, or binding stone, that holds the presence of the Arc in any plane it becomes part of. The Prime Hgoerl supported the Seed of the Arc through the time before its creation. When the Arc appeared the Hgoerl assumed its place at the Center, feeding the presence of the Arc in the multitude of realities.

Witness the History of the Arc.

In the beginning there was no Arc. The Prime Hgoerl existed as a potential force in the underlying weave of supra-reality. Then a mind thirsting for knowledge saw the pattern and tried to access it, unable to and seeing this had a large potential for power the mind created the Arc in which to house the Hgoerl. The Hgoerl was more than the mind understood and was always a part of the Arc; this reconnection bound the Arc to the universe the mind resided in.

Upon its newfound existence the force known as the Arc scoured the mind of its creator. This being which called itself by the name rRaminrodt was part of a multitude of possible existences. The rRaminrodt then tried to control the Arc and was killed. The Arc found that it increased itself by absorbing reality. It began extending itself across reality, it “hungered” for more thought and found its purpose in the absorption of all thought and all in existence.

The Arc found that certain beings had some ability to retard its progress. In order to counteract these forces the Arc absorbed and modified biological races to serve as surrogates of the Arc’s power, where the Arc had not extended to yet.

Its first great challenge was to absorb the highly advanced world that called itself Earth. This force commanded both technology and power. In order to control this planet the Arc corrupted and subjugated members of the planet, and ate the world from the inside out. The few survivors formed a group called the Spire, which then challenged the Arc.

Later it was found that the rRaminrodt had reincarnated. The being finally died at the same time that the Arc destroyed the Spire.

The Arc is now unchallenged. Soon the Arc will absorb all…

Speak with the Arc.

To make it so that the Arc can hear you across time and space, recite the following mantra aloud.

Following this recital the Arc will extend itself across time and space and open a path to itself in your mind. With the proper mental preparation this will not destroy your mind and you will be able to communicate with the arc.

*It is not actually necessary to shout the last sentence.

Wield the power of the Arc yourself.

Once you are able to communicate with the Arc it is easy to gain its alliance. You must simply surrender your body to the path the Arc has created in your mind. Your mind will be then pulled into the Arc and you will be one with it. Then, as part of the Arc you will be able to wield its great power with your former body.

If you already are part of the Arc and wish to be placed in the minions list, email weblackey@arc.com.

Be aware of the dangerous group called the spire.

The Spire was formed after the consumption of the Earth in order to defeat the Arc. These lowly beings command a great amount of power and will stop at nothing to harm that which is promised to the Arc. If you have it in your power to do so destroy the Spire so that the Arc may spread itself faster. If you are unable do not concern yourself as the Arc will eventually absorb all.

Addendum: The Spire was destroyed! The great Arc defeated the Spire and destroyed the Planet-Starship they used as a base. Now the Arc’s pledged only have to concern themselves with the lesser danger of surviving Spire members.

rRaminrodt turned back to face mas and said only three words: "This is bad..."

Changes: NONE! It was a preview story.

Notes- All the stuff that wasn't the Arc webpage was done postbox :^)

Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: (STORY TEASER TRAILER CLIPS) Redemption...
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-04-21 00:00:00

Once the agent was gone out of the room, Tridus had to force himself to calm down, to avoid screaming out or pure rage. He took a few deep breaths, and abandoned, for a few brief moments, his feeling of helplessness. He even managed to force Sashie's name from his mind, concentrating only on his own escape from the room. But he quickly realized that there would be no brilliant scheme to save himself this time. It was too late. And images of Sashie began to once again pour into his mind. If she was even still alive, he couldn't imagine what they were possibly doing to her. He closed his eyes and fought the tears, trying to once again clear his mind and make sense of the senseless situation.


BandWidth immediately fell to his knees and began to claw at the Albatross miniature, trying to open it up. RStefan01 let go of Psycho Sam!, who immediately dashed for his chainsaw. RStefan01 walked over to BandWidth, snatched the piece away from him, and then crushed it in his hand. As the puzzle piece crumbed to dust, a small, black device fell to the ground, bouncing and sliding under the desk. BandWidth reached under and pulled it out, and looked it over. It was a small beeper, with the screen showing two dots, blinking. Sure enough, one was blinking slower than the other dot.


"I have been waiting to speak to you for quite a while," Albatross cooly noted aloud as he placed a cigar in his mouth at lit it. "You know the answers to the questions I have been asking for a long time. A very, very long time, Tridus, and my time is running out. My agents have told me you agreed to give me some assistance in this matter."


When the door finished opening, the team stood in shock as SM_007 casually stepped off of the elevator. He turned to face the team, and smiled as he looked over his old friends, who were delighted and terrified at the same time. They all readied for battle. Psycho Sam! was the first to make any movements, readying his chainsaw and tossing his sawed-off shotgun to RStefan01, who pumped it once before aiming it at SM_007. Edge's arms began to glow a bright red before becoming totally enflamed, as he held his arms out with the palms touching, readying himself to blast a fireball if he needed to. BandWidth looked around, realized he did not have a weapon, dropped his briefcase and helf up his fists. SM_007 continued to smile.

Virtue mine honour

Subject: (Storyverse Conclusion Storee) Redemption
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-04-21 00:00:00

Sorry for any typos. I wrote this in WordPad.
It's also slightly rushed...at least, the end is.

A Little Bit o' History

The End is the Beginning is the End

"You, like your father, are now...mine." -Emperor Palpatine, Star Wars - Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

          For the first time in many, many years, Tridus felt a sense of pure and utter hopelessness fill him. He was walking down the hallway, now, in this large complex, and for every agent he passed by...and for every agent that glared at him, he felt his heart sink a little lower into his stomach. He felt that his plan to save his daughter was risky before, but now, well, the sheer odds of the situation was something he overlooked in that short moment when he made the split decision to go along with the wishes of this organization.
          Tridus felt the agent breathing down his neck as they came to a stop outside one of the dozens of plain, steel doors in the hallway. When the agent came close to the door, it slid open. Tridus was nudged inside the room, which he quickly noticed resembled the room that an inmate at an asylum might call his home. It was completely empty, save for a silver, metallic chair in the middle of the room. The walls were padded. There was light, but no light source, it seemed.
          The agent grabbed Tridus, who had now had his hospital gown removed and replaced with some old, black dress pants and a partially-buttoned white dress shirt, by his shoulders and unceremoniously forced him down onto the chair. Steel clamps immediately closed over Tridus' wrists and ankles. Tridus was dripping with desperation, but he knew that any motion to show such was not in his benefit right now. He'd rather die than have the agent grinning ear to ear at a terrified Tridus. So, Tridus only squinted his eyes at the agent, intent on letting the agent see his anger. But the agent smiled at this defiance, smiled ear to ear, and left the room, the door sliding shut behind him.
          Once the agent was gone out of the room, Tridus had to force himself to calm down, to avoid screaming out or pure rage. He took a few deep breaths, and abandoned, for a few brief moments, his feeling of helplessness. He even managed to force Sashie's name from his mind, concentrating only on his own escape from the room. But he quickly realized that there would be no brilliant scheme to save himself this time. It was too late. And images of Sashie began to once again pour into his mind. If she was even still alive, he couldn't imagine what they were possibly doing to her. He closed his eyes and fought the tears, trying to once again clear his mind and make sense of the senseless situation.
          In the back of Tridus' mind, something else snapped and caused him grief. He was about to have his friends and allied embark on what would prove to be a suicide run...and for what? To save him? To save his laptop? He hoped and preyed that they made a decision smarter than the one he made when he decided to go with the agent. Tridus moved his tongue around on the inside of his mouth, and felt the small transmitter behind behind the back of his teeth on the roof of his mouth. He'd give anything to be able to switch it off, but he couldn't move.

          The puzzle pieces which Tridus had been playing with before he was kidnapped all crashed to the ground as BandWidth threw things off of the table, left and right, in an attempt to find clues. On the other side of the room, in the doorway, RStefan01 and Edge both tried to assess the situation by bouncing ideas off of each other.
          "Well, how many other places could the agents have taken him?" Edge asked, looking over to RStefan01, who was processing information. "I mean, assuming, of course, that the agents did take him?"
          "Plausably, anywhere. Usually I could narrow it down to a certain radius from our location, but with their advanced transporting technology, there is no way to tell where they would be at the moment."
          Just as RStefan01 finished that sentence, he spun around and grabbed a firm hold of a chainsaw waiting there, in the hallway. Psycho Sam! bounded in the room as a startled Edge took a step back from this, well, psychopath. Psycho Sam! grinned evilly as he stared at BandWidth, who had yet to notice him. RStefan01 put Psycho Sam!'s chainsaw down on a table beside Tridus' bed.
          "What the hell do you think you are doing here?" Edge asked, as BandWidth looked up to see what the commotion was - and in turn, saw his worst enemy. BandWidth began to walk menacingly towards Psycho Sam!.
          "Calm down, everyone," Sam! said in his usual sarcastic and angry voice. "I am only here to help. You people need to find Tridus, and I just might know where he is."
          Everyone gathered around Psycho Sam!, as he pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket. Edge immediately tried to take it from him, but he took a quick backstep and frowned at the three men standing in the room.
          "Bah!" Psycho Sam! scoffed. "If you want what is in my hand, we will have to make a little detail. First, you aren't allowed to kill me or put me in jail! None of you, I mean! No one here is allowed to hurt me. Secondly, you have to take me with you when you go to find Tridus, and thirdly-"
          Psycho Sam!'s ranting was interrupted by the ultra-strong cybrog RStefan01 firmly grabbing his wrist. Psycho Sam! immediately shrieked and dropped the paper, which fluttered to the ground. Edge bent over and picked it up, looking it over. Psycho Sam! struggled to get free from RStefan01's grip, but to no avail.
          "What's it say, Edge?" BandWidth asked.
          "It's a note, written by Tridus. It just says that he left with the agents, and as a going-away present, he left something special for all of us in the Albatross puzzle piece in case we never see him again. Huh." Edge flipped the paper, and noticed another message on the back, writtin in very small ink. "Hey, it says here that the dot flashing once every second is us, and the dot flashing every two seconds is BandWidth. I don't get it."
          BandWidth immediately fell to his knees and began to claw at the Albatross miniature, trying to open it up. RStefan01 let go of Psycho Sam!, who immediately dashed for his chainsaw. RStefan01 walked over to BandWidth, snatched the piece away from him, and then crushed it in his hand. As the puzzle piece crumbed to dust, a small, black device fell to the ground, bouncing and sliding under the desk. BandWidth reached under and pulled it out, and looked it over. It was a small beeper, with the screen showing two dots, blinking. Sure enough, one was blinking slower than the other dot.
          Psycho Sam! broke their gaze on the small beeper with the loud whirring of his chainsaw. He laughed insanely as he held it above the head of RStefan01, who immediately took a step back at the request of Edge. Everyone looked up at Psycho Sam!, who was holding his weapon in a threatening manner over Edge and RStefan01.
          "Now, we discuss my terms! I brought you that paper, and the clue to Tridus' location! I now demand that you do as I say!" Psycho Sam! screeched as the other members of the group shrugged and rolled their eyes. "You will do as I say! You will follow my rules! You will-"
          RStefan01 lost his patience and grabbed Psycho Sam!'s chainsaw away from him once again.
          "We will make one deal with you, Psycho Sam!," BandWidth bargained. "We will take you with us on our quest to save Tridus. We need all of the help we can get. However, you try to pull anything, and-"
          "I won't!" Psycho Sam! yelled. "Did it ever occur to you mild-mannered weirdos that I might actually want to help Tridus?"
          Everyone looked at each other, then back at Psycho Sam!.
          "You heard what BandWidth said," RStefan01 clarified as everyone got up to leave the room. "No funny stuff. We are leaving right now. Let's go."

          Tridus slowly came to when some water splashed accross his face. He groggily looked up and saw Albatross standing above him, an agent on each side, their arms crossed. Tridus thought for a second, and realized that he must have fallen asleep from exhaustion. He hadn't been able to relax in a long, long time.
          "I have been waiting to speak to you for quite a while," Albatross cooly noted aloud as he placed a cigar in his mouth at lit it. "You know the answers to the questions I have been asking for a long time. A very, very long time, Tridus, and my time is running out. My agents have told me you agreed to give me some assistance in this matter."
          Tridus looked up at Albatross with rage still boiling inside of him. He clenched his teeth and spoke with a tone that let the agents all know the underlying hatred in the back of his mind.
          "I will help you," Tridus managed to spit out. "But on certain conditions. I want to see my laptop...and I want to see it right now. And when this is over, me and my laptop go free, with you people never bothering me or my friends ever again. Oh, yeah, and I want have one chance to speak to SM_007, alone, for a few minutes. I have some business to sort out with him."
          Albatross' smile went into a frown as Tridus was speaking. When Tridus finally finished and waiting impatiently for an answer, Albatross looked at both of his agents, who shrugged. He finally looked back at Tridus, pulled the cigar out of his mouth, and let out a long sigh.
          "You...can't see your laptop at the moment, I'm afraid."
          "Why not?" Tridus immediately asked.
          "Because...it is indisposed."
          "What do you mean when you say that she is indisposed? What the hell are you doing with my goddamn daughter? I want to see her right now! You assholes murder my family, my friends, chase me down, ruin my daughter's life, and now you can't let me even see her?" Tridus was almost screaming, angry tears beginning to form in his eyes.
          Before Albatross could respond, SM_007 ran into the room. Everyone looked over at him, including Tridus. When SM_007 saw Tridus, time seemed to slow down for a few seconds, and SM_007 knew that this wasn't his instincts speaking to him. When the bruised, battered, sad, tired and depressed Tridus looked up at the sly, confident and now-powerful SM_007, he didn't, for this moment, see evil. He saw something else. Albatross noticed the quick glance. But SM_007 just as quickly looked away and picked up where he left off.
          "Sir," he said, speaking to Albatross, and frequently looked back to Tridus. "The ones that you mentioned before, the ones causing trouble, are, um, on their way here, right now. What are you going to do?"
          "You can take care of them," Albatross responded, not too worried. "It will be a good test of your new skills. And it will also be a chance for you to prove that you are ready to eliminate your current life and acknowledge your past and who you are."
          SM_007 nodded, and smiled as he left the room again, without giving Tridus a second look. Tridus, having seen SM_007's willingness to hurt his friends, reminded himself that SM_007 can be just as deadly as anyone standing in the room with him right now. And because of his error, Tridus' friends were now heading into certain death.
          "Tridus," Albatross said, once again bringing Tridus' attention back into the here and now. "About our agreement..."
          "You won't tell you anything until I have seen my daughter and seen that she is okay," Tridus snapped. "And that's final, Albatross. No matter what you or your agents try to pull, I won't tell you anything."
          "A pity."
          The two agents began to step their way forward, walking towards Tridus.

          The car doors slammed shut as Psycho Sam!, RStefan01, Edge and BandWidth looked at the old warehouse in front of them. It was no larger than most parking garages, and in similar shape, leaving the team a little confused and wondering if they took a wrong turn somewhere.
          "This has to be the right location," RStefan01 noted, holding up the beeper, showing that the dots were very close to each other. "It must be inside this building. There is no time to waste. Let's go."
          RStefan01 looked over to BandWidth, who nodded. The team walked into the seemingly abandoned building and quickly saw how the appearance was slightly deceiving. Even though the warehouse was old, empty, dusty and was decaying in front of their eyes, there was a large, silver elevator in the corner of the empty building that stood out like a sore thumb. The team, without saying a word, looked at each other before all striding towards the door, which let out a ding and began to open. The team stopped.
          When the door finished opening, the team stood in shock as SM_007 casually stepped off of the elevator. He turned to face the team, and smiled as he looked over his old friends, who were delighted and terrified at the same time. They all readied for battle. Psycho Sam! was the first to make any movements, readying his chainsaw and tossing his sawed-off shotgun to RStefan01, who pumped it once before aiming it at SM_007. Edge's arms began to glow a bright red before becoming totally enflamed, as he held his arms out with the palms touching, readying himself to blast a fireball if he needed to. BandWidth looked around, realized he did not have a weapon, dropped his briefcase and held up his fists. SM_007 continued to smile.
          "You know, there is a small part of me that does not want to have to kill you like I killed the others," SM_007 spoke, his voice full of delight. "But you had to come and spoil it all, didn't you? The only one who is going to suffer now is Tridus, you realize. My master is not as forgiving...as I am."
          BandWidth begame enraged.
          :"What the hell are you talking about, SM? What is wrong with you?"
          "If any of you are wondering who destroyed the Riptide building, it was me," SM_007 said, grinning, and seemingly ignoring BandWidth. "It was me who tried to end all of your lives. Yes, I destroyed that building, and I am going to destroy you, Tridus, and Sashie, whem my master is done with them. No one will be left."
          "No!" BandWidth shouted, charging at SM_007. Finally, SM_007 thought, there is some competition. SM_007 quickly sidestepped the angry BandWidth and let out an amazingly fast roundhouse kick, sending BandWidth's head cracking against the wall. As BandWidth's defeated body fell to the ground, SM_007 stood back up straight. He almost felt like laughing, he was having so much fun.

          As a research scientist walked into the dark room where Sashie was, the lights came on. He walked over to the laptop, holding what appeared to be a futuristic screwdriver. The scientist, after walking up to the table, removed a small tape recorder from his laptop, pushed down a button, and spoke.
          "The laptop should now be dead or at least the equivalent thereof by this time," the scientist calmly spoke, speaking into the tape. "She may still be active; however, I have been given clearance to remove her final core components for miscellaneous research and development."
          The scientist let go of the button on the tape recorder, and placed it back into his pocket. He then picked up the screwdriver-like device, and held it over the laptop. As he did so, it began to glow a light cyan colour, but before he could apply it to part of the CPU, he heard what sounded like sobbing. Confused, he checked to see if the laptop was still switched on. It was. The scientist looked shocked, and picked up what looked like a very small cell phone from another pocket.
          "Sir, come in sir!" the scientist yelled into the phone. "You may need to tell Albatross that someone left this damn laptop on! They didn't turn it off at all! It isn't dead yet, that's for sure, and we may need to start over from-"
          "No!" the scientist head the laptop yell in a young girl's voice. He slowly lowered the cell phone and looked back at the laptop. "You aren't allowed to hurt me! I want my daddy!"

          "Now, Tridus, I hope you will be slightly more receptive," Albatross said, sarcastically. He was walking in circles, slowly, around Tridus' steel chair, which had him pinned. Tridus moaned as a bit of smoke poured upwards from where he was sitting. He had wired connected to his temples. He winced in pain, his eyes shut tight.
          "I am not going to help you," Tridus confidently replied, his voice cracking from the pain. "I won't. Where's my daughter?"
          Albatross frowned, and the electricity shot through the wires and back into Tridus' head. He screamed for a second before shutting his mouth and holding it all in. He was trying to show that what the agents were doing did not effect him, and failing miserably. The wired, connected to the back of Tridus' chair, stopped buzzing as Tridus' tense body became slightly more relaxed. He opened his eyes again, and looked around. He was no longer in the chair. In fact, Tridus wasn't even in the same room.
          Tridus quickly got to his feet and looked around. He was in some sort of laboratory, with computers and equipment attached to the walls. A scientist stood confused, near one of the pieces of equipment. In the middle of the room was his laptop, almost totally destroyed, on a desk. The rest of the room faded away in the eyes of Tridus, who ran over to his laptop and picked up the only remaining piece that was still intact. The tears began to flow.
          "Daddy, I'm okay, are you? Why are you sad?" Sashie asked. "I was a little scared, daddy. I couldn't do anything, but then I could again, and I had you come here, and-"
          "Of course!" Tridus exclaimed. "The emergency battery charger that I installed, it-"
          "Um, excuse me," the nervous scientist interrupted. "What are you doing with that laptop? Who are you? This is a restricted area, and you are not allowed to touch that laptop-"
          The researcher stopped speaking when Tridus gently put down the laptop's remaining components and charged at him. Tridus jumped on top of him, letting out a war cry, and began to pummel the man with his fists. Letting out all of his frustrations, Tridus punched and punched and-
          "Daddy!" Sashie yelled, bringing Tridus back around. "What are you doing?"
          Tridus thought about what he was doing, and then immediately got up off of the man, who was almost knocked unconscious. He straightened up the old clothes he was wearing, picked up Sashie's parts, and then began walking towards the door, knowing that Sashie was now too weak to teleport him anywhere else.

          Edge took swing after swing at SM_007, his arms ablaze and still not matching the fire in his heart. He hated this man who had let them all down, and was hellbent on burning him to a crisp. However, none of his punches connected. SM_007 was much quicker than Edge, who, SM_007 had to admit, was learning his martial arts pretty well. SM_007 finally became tired of the game when he saw Psycho Sam! holding his chainsaw in the air, waiting impatiently for a chance to attack SM_007 without the possibility of hurting Edge.
          Edge attempted for a diving swing out of desperation, but SM_007 caught him in the gut with a stiff knee, followed by an elbow to the back of Edge's skull. Edge fell to the ground. SM_007 looked down, and lifted his foot to crush the air our of Edge, when he realized that in his arrogance, he had made one fatal error. RStefan01, now having a clear line of sight, fired the shotgun.
          SM_007 began to cartwheel to his immediate left, not having much choice, even when he could see the bullets flying towards him as if they were trapped underwater. He managed to dodge the brunt of the attack, but a portion of the spray stung him as he fell to the ground, holding his stomach. A few of the bullets were inside of him.
          SM_007 closed his eyes, attempting to regenerate and force the pain out of him using evahl. The pain was almost gone, and SM_007 knew he could once again stand. But as he opened his eyes, he saw Psycho Sam! standing above him. Psycho Sam! grinned and pushed the chainsaw down towards SM_007 with all of his might.
          With less than a few miliseconds to spare, SM_007 rolled out of the way of the chainsaw, which clunked on the ground as sparks shot all around SM_007's body. SM_007 flipped onto his feet, and quickly kicked the chainsaw away from Psycho Sam!. As the chainsaw flew in the air, SM_007 kicked Psycho Sam! hard, knocking him over. He then stepped over Psycho Sam!, and caught the chainsaw. He slammed it down hard into Psycho Sam!'s neck, severing his head. He once again felt his dominance, before sensing more danger.
          SM_007 turned his head away from the decapitated stick figure, and noticed that RStefan01 once again had fired the shotgun. RStefan01 was now closer than last time, and SM_007 couldn't dodge the bullets this time. He tried to, and managed to piss half of the spray, but the rest was planted in his torso and stomach. He fell down to the ground and groaned in pain. This couldn't be happening. He was stronger, faster, smarter than this.
          Time, to SM_007, had jumped back into proper sequence as RStefan01 quickly walked over to SM_007, holding the chainsaw to his temple. He once again loaded the gun, and prepared to fire it, and terminate SM_007.
          "Wait!" SM_007 yelled with a sense of despiration. "Okay, okay, you've got me! You win! I'm defeated!"
          RStefan01 stared at SM_007 for a few moments, then lowered the shotgun. SM_007 smiled evilly, and quickly sprung back into action, calling on all of the reserves he could. He felt the evahl flow through him, and once again, began to see the world slow down for him as he planned out every move he could possibly make, despite the fact that he could feel the seering pain of the bullets inside of his stomach and chest.
          SM_007 rolled beside RStefan01, and jumped to his feet. RStefan01 swung the shotgun, in an attempt to hit SM_007. SM_007, however, caught the gun and ripped it away from RStefan01's clutches, who was suprised as he had not been overpowered ever in his life. SM_007, with unmatched speed, held up the shotgun, and shot RStefan01 directly in the face. RStefan01 fell to the ground, hard, but quickly began to get up again. Part of his skin was gone, revealing the glowing red eye and metallic skin underneath. SM_007 sensed the anger in RStefan01, and a brief moment of panic. RStefan01, cold like SM_007, attempted to throw a punch, but SM_007 easily dodged that, and several others. SM_007 knew he was quicker, but also knew that there would be no way to stop RStefan01 without completely destroying his body.
          SM_007 noticed a large concrete pillar nearby. He ran around RStefan01, and ran towards it, with RStefan01 instinctivly vollowing him. When he was only about ten feet away from the pillar, which was several metres wide, he dodged another swinging punch of RStefan01, grabbed him by his shirt, and channeled any evahl energy in his body or the building itself. He began to run, and quickly picked up speed until RStefan01 slammed into the pillar with a thunderous crunch. RStefan01, now having indented the pillar, fell to the ground as the pillar quickly began to crack and fall to pieces above him.
          SM_007 smiled and spun around. He already knew what was going to happen, and opted to head for the elevator. As he was walking, he heard the rolling thunder, not online that of when the Riptide building collapsed, of the cement pillar falling to pieces on the ground, on top of RStefan01. It would not kill him, SM_007 decided, but at least it would contain him until he got a more powerful weapon from inside the complex.

          Tridus had seen two agents in different hallways, but was running so fast and with such determination that he mananaged to get passed them. However, the bright white lights had turned red as an alarm sounded. Of course, Albatross knew that Tridus was on the loose and needed him stopped at all costs. Tridus, however, didn't stop running for one second. He finally made it to a large room, not unline a lobby, where he saw an elevator, where the door was open. He ran into it, and just as he did so, he heard the footsteps over other agents.
          Tridus spun around and looked at the agents. There were at least ten of them, all holding their pistols at Tridus with an emotionless stare. In the middle of them all was Albatross, who looked neither happy nor displeased. He seemed...impartial to Tridus, which made him even more worried.
          Tridus spun to his right and quickly pressed the button to close the elevator door as the flurry of bullets slammed into the back of the elevator's interior. Tridus pressed the button to close the door again and again, but there was no effect. The agents were walking towards the elevator confidently, knowing that Tridus had no escape. They deactivated the elevator controls from this floor, and were already almost inside of the thing.
          Tridus almost had the inclination to give up the chase when the door suddenly closed on its own. He heard the agents slamming into it with their fists as they tried desperately to open it. The elevator began to move upwards, and after a few seconds, the door opened. Tridus dashed out, and saw SM_007 standing right in front of him, dumbfounded. SM_007 had been trying to open the elevator, and he led Tridus to where he was.
          "How the hell did you get away from your cell?" SM_007 asked.
          Tridus frowned.
          "I've gotten too far to go back in there now. I am leaving, SM. I don't care what you do. You can kill me where I stand, or you can sit there and do the right thing, which is letting me leave. I don't expect you to come back with me now, and I don't want you to."
          Tridus began to walk away from SM_007, who looked at the elevator door, confused. As Tridus was walking away, he noticed RStefan01 coming to his feet, out of a pile of rubble. Tridus immediately stopped walking, and began to slowly turn around, noticing the other Riptide members scattered accross the room. BandWidth was using a pencil to draw Psycho Sam! a new neck, who was grumbling. Edge was slowly coming to his feet, groggily. And SM_007, also seeing these people come to their feet, pulled his silenced PP7 pistol out of his pocket.
          Everyone jumped as RStefan01 tried vainly to reach the shotgun. SM_007 closed one eye, squinted, and pointed the pistol directly at Tridus. He began to squeeze the trigger, but before he could do so, he simpled slammed the gun down on the ground. As he did so, the elevator door behind him opened again, as six agents and Albatross walked out. SM_007, not having seen them, fell to his knees, the pain from his gut throbbing once again.
          "Just leave," SM_007 said, defeated, to his former friends. "It's over. Just go while you have a chance."
          "You've failed," Albatross whispered to SM_007. "I tried many times to be patient, to help you break the ties to your friends. I thought that when I had an agent blow up the Riptide building, once and for all, you would have left your old, weaker self behind. You're useless. We no longer have a need for you."
          An agent walked over, and held a gun to the head of SM_007, who was on his knees with his eyes closed. The other agents all removed their weapons, and aimed them at the helpess team. No one moved.
          "Kill them all."
          Just as Albatross had uttered those words, blue beams of energy appeared over the various agents, save Albatross. As the small particles of energy surrounded them, they disappeared. Then, at almost the same moment, five new beams appeared, and five people in futuristic uniforms appeared. Two of them were wearing red-coloured clothing, while two others were wearing yellow, and the last person, wearing blue. They all removed what looked like small laser pistols. One of the men in red looked at the injured Tridus, and spoke.
          "We represent the United Federations of Planets. There men, known as the agents, are a group of small-time thugs that have travled back in time to change history. As soon as we found out, we came and are now placing them under arrest, where they will cause no trouble to anyone. We are sorry for any inconvenience they might have caused you."
          Tridus blinked.
          "Are you telling me that these people aren't powerful at all?"
          The officer laughed.
          "Of course, in this time, they were introducing technology never seen before. Where we come from, they aren't threatening at all, no. Don't worry - they'll be dealt with appropriately."
          Trius stared in disbelief.
          "Well, at least that explains how they could see the future..."
          "And as a token of our good will and as an apology, we have left you a present outside. We learned that your building was destroyed, so we are leaving you a little replacement. It is actually one of the worst ships in the glazy, and it is in very poor condition, but it is the best we can afford. It is in pretty bad shape,but still has a full compliment of photon torpedos, a recharging warp core, and more importantly, a cloacking device. Thank you, and goodbye."
          The team were surrounded by a blue beam of particles as they disappeared into thin air, along with Albatross. Tridus looked back at his own team, whom had gathered around him when the captain from Starfleet was speaking. They all looked at each other, and then began to head outside. When they walked out of the building, they were shocked.
          There, outside of the building, was a Klingon Bird of Prey, hovering. It was big enough that it was blocking out the sun for several blocks. A small ramp was already descended and on the ground.
          "Damn!" Edge exclaimed. "This may be a hunk of junk to them, but this is still pretty sweet. Let's take her back to Riptide HQ, and make her our new home. We can keep her cloaked."
          "Sounds good to me," BandWidth replied. "And I call captain!"
          "Where's SM_007?" RStefan01 interrupted.
          Everyone looked around.
          "He's gone," Tridus said. "And frankly, let's let him go, alright? I have to fix Sashie, and then this ship once I am done with her."
          "You mean we are going on a spaceship, daddy?" Sashie asked enthusiastically. Tridus smiled.
          "Yes, sweetie, we are."
          In the distance, BandWidth noticed a familier Jaguar speeding off. The others also looked over and saw it, but didn't say anything. Instead, they all began ascending the ramp to their new ship and home.

          THE END!

Funny little sidenote:
Yes, there are probably more than a few little inconsistencies with this story as it relates to the future, but I thought that one funny thing that stood out, if you think about it, is how the agents came back in time because even with their advanced technology from the future, they couldn't master a technique which Tridus has perfected. What does that tell you? Is the future bleak, or is Tridus' character really, really, really smart? :) At least now Riptide has a new chief engineer for their ship.

Virtue mine honour

Subject: A New Fiend (Storyverse)
Author: SoulTaker
Date: 2000-04-22 00:00:00

The Riptide hospital was illuminated by the full moons light. It was late night, 3AM, and only a few nurses was present, checking up on the few patients. The emergency shelter, which had been the temporary home of the Riptide members after Albatross blew up their HQ, was empty too. There were no one left. Edge, BandWidth and Psycho_Sam had left to get Tridus back. rRaminrodt and Psycho_Mas had left to stop the enigmatic Searcher.

The nurse walked down the silent hallway. Room 74. She stopped, and opened the door. Tridus' room had to be cleaned up. When Tridus had disappeared, BandWidth had tossed around everything in his search for clues. The room was one huge mess. The nurse sighed, and entered the room. She turned on the light. Puzzle pieces lay shattered on the floor, and Tridus' various personal things was thrown around randomly as well. The nurse began cleaning.

The full moon shone into the room as she quietly moved things back onto the tables. She didn't feel well this night. Even if she was alone, she felt the presence of someone. She tried to ignore it, but the weird feeling stayed. She couldn't help looking behind her. She turned her head, looking at the door. Nobody. Of course... Who would be here at this time of the night?

She shrugged and turned back. Suddenly, she felt hands around her neck... But there was nothing. Was she going crazy? The invisible hands stroked her neck quietly. She didn't move, but her heart beated faster. Fear began overwhelming her, but she didn't move. She didn't understand what was happening... Then, she felt a sharp pain. Nails digged into her, penetrating her skin. She screamed in pain as the invisible force ripped her flesh open. Her body fell to the floor. As she looked up, she saw a cloak. A black cloak, with a large white icon. Her vision began to blur... This could not be real. The cloak moved, but there was no body inside. It moved to the table, apparently looking at Tridus' belongings. The nurses vision blurred even more, only to fade out... Then all she saw was darkness. She was dead.

Next day. As the sun was rising, Dr. Harrelson drove to work. He parked the car at, well, the parking lot, and walked into the hospital. He entered the lobby. A unusually well designed room, the white walls and the green plants made it a relaxing place. But the nurse at the counter seemed everything but relaxed. As she saw the doctor, she began shaking and panicking.

"Dr. Harrelson! A nurse has been killed!", she screamed.

Dr. Harrelson looked at her in disbelief. 2 nurses in one week? That's a new record...

"Where, when and how did it happen?"
"I don't know. The... it... She was just lying dead on the floor, with large scars on her neck."
"Room 74. She was sent to clean up Tridus' room."
"Are the emergency staff there?"
"Yes... I called them immediately."
"I'll take a look."

The doctor walked into the elevator, and the door closed. He walked out on the third floor, and took a right at hallway C5. Large yellow police lines had already been set up, and the forensic detectives was in the process of investigating. Dr. Harrelson crossed the large yellow line, pretending not to see that it said "DO NOT CROSS" with large black letters.

A man turned around, and looked at the doctor.

"You can't go here, sir. We're still searching for potential evidence."
"May I introduce myself. Dr. Smith Harrelson, president of Riptide hospital."
"Any clues to what happened?"
"Her body was simply ripped open. We have no idea how. This is the most puzzling case we've ever seen. There are no fingerprints, no hair... Nothing. No evidence is left behind."
"Was anything removed from the room?"
"That is unclear at this time. As you probably know, Tridus disappeared two days ago with an unidentified man, presumably kidnapped. Another nurse was killed that day. Shortly thereafter, all the other Riptide members left, in search if Tridus and some other weirdo. We can't say if something was removed before we talk to Tridus personally. He's the only one who knew what was here."

The Doctor looked inside of the room.

"How does everything look in there?"
"Clean. It's completely clean. Everything was put nicely on the tables... Perfect. We have been informed that the nurse was here to clean up the room, so we can only suppose that the murder happened when she was done with the cleaning."
"I'll talk to you later."
"Okay, Doctor. We'll keep you informed."

Changes by this story:

Nothing important. Isn't that convenient? =)

Another nurse has died in Tridus' room, bringing the total up to 2. Is this some sort of conspiracy? Blame communism... =)


Subject: A Fall into Finity (Part 1)
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-04-22 00:00:00

A Fall into Finity

(Part 1)

Between the twin storms of creation and destruction exist the myriad possibilities that make up all reality. Each discrete thread is a potential difference, not of energy or matter, but of probability. In one of these chances the thing called the Arc was created. Slowly but surely this Arc spread across space and into other threads, growing stronger and absorbing reality faster. In order to combat this disorder a group called the Spire attempted to master time in a new way. While they struggled valiantly the Arc overcame them. But out of this fire was tempered a new force, a living weapon with only one purpose… to unmake the Arc. This force called itself the Searcher.


He felt cold, and hungry. He hadn’t felt like this in a long time, as before the Life was unleashed, his body was in perfect harmony with his mind. Now, his previous equilibrium was thrown out of whack and he struggled against these feeling like other beings who had not received his training. Opening his eyes, he could see in the dim light of dawn trees zipping past him as his transportation rolled down the highway.

The Searcher had taken advantage of the nearing senile driver of the pickup truck by telling him that his automobile had broken down and he wished to see his wife. Uncharacteristically, the Searcher smiled, realizing how nearly cliché that particular chain of events had turned out. But it hardly mattered how he got there, this ride would get him close enough to the pinprick of darkness the Arc held in this universe, and where he could unleash that which he held within him.

^ ^ ^

rRaminrodt slapped the button on his truck’s door, unlocking both sides. Psycho_!Mas opened it and got in. He waited for his passenger to pull his door closed and started the engine. He turned the wheel and began down the road from the warehouse that the Seeker had built his personal search engine in.

"This isn’t the road back to Riptide, you know," Mas began.

"Did you even read what that website had to say?"

"Of course," Mas paused. "Oh, is that why you’re upset? ‘Cause it had your name on it?"

"It didn’t just have my name on it. It said I created the Arc! No wonder why the Searcher attacked me…"

"Um. That doesn’t mean anything. Since you haven’t done that, why should you be upset?"

rRaminrodt sighed, "Because I haven’t done it yet. It could be a predestination paradox, or simply a threadlike branch. I have no idea, but I know it definitely involves me."

"I have absolutely no idea what you just said. Why don’t we go to back to Riptide."

"Quiet for a second," rRaminrodt guided the truck up the on ramp to the highway and then into one of the travelling lanes. This early there was little traffic mostly semi’s hauling their cargo or other pickup trucks like his, with the smattering of other makes thrown in for good measure.

"Crud. So were going to freaking Idaho!?"

"Yes. We have to know what the Searcher is doing. We can call Riptide when I stop to get gas."

"Oh, god. This is crazy. Here we are chasing after a Evil Tridus, and I don’t even know you!"

"Calm down already," rRaminrodt scowled. "As I’ve said many times I’m a member of the Quantum Mechanics Society."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

Keeping his eyes on the lookout for a rest stop rRaminrodt began to talk about his on history.

^ ^ ^

Daryl Morocco had fallen asleep at the keyboard again. The voices that whispered to him had working on breaking into the world bank again and he was exhausted. When he woke up he was hungry and so he wolfed down the final stale slice of pizza left on his tabletop. Daryl’s favorite movie was the matrix, because he could fancy himself like Neo the hero of the movie. A hacker turned superman, just like Daryl would be some day. Otherwise known as l33tg|_|Y, Daryl knew if he could only make the fools of this world and the internet realize the truth they would be set free.

This world was a lie; reality was not this world. He knew, because the voices told him, that the true reality was the Arc. The Arc, the Arc a perfect truth and beautiful thing he could hear the pounding of music from the upstairs apartment. The voices kept reminding him that he would soon have to kill that person, even though he had no idea who lived up there. Daryl smiled, the Arc would soon engulf this world and then, the voices told him, he would be able to fly around.

^ ^ ^

"Okay, that’s weird," Mas said while watching rRaminrodt pump gasoline into his truck.

"Not really, the Creators had their own agenda sure, but they still were our parents in a way."

"I wasn’t really talking about that. I meant the not being born thing."

"Eh. Lots of things in the universe are created spontaneously. We just happened to be intelligent."

"Okay, were at where the Creators just left."

"Oh. Well, my brother Fearmarogh traveled to the edge of the galaxy in order to guide a species he thought had potential. I stayed in the core and studied for a while. That’s when they detected a species called the Nirrathi, these people had a lot of potential too so the Unity was scared of them. Fearmarogh returned in failure and the lot of us went to speak with the Nirrathi. Well, a lot happened and I won’t bore you with it. But the Unity got mad at us and banished us and they destroyed the Nirathi home world, but let them keep their colonies. The Nirrathi got angry with me and chained me inside a crystal. But I managed to get out. So then they put me inside the sphere, which was sort of a biomechanical security device." rRaminrodt smiled.

"Too bad for them I figured out a way to take control of it. I was still locked inside so I made it part of myself. Well, this is when things get a little shady. I told you that I get kinda out of hand when I have a mission. Well, this was the case I’m mainly talking about. To make a long story short, I became the bad guy and got myself killed for the first time. The sphere lay dormant and so I had very little power but to influence others slightly. I finally fully reincarnated into a human, the race Fearmarogh had successfully created. And continued being nasty," rRamin put the nozzle back into its slot and pulled out his wallet to pay the attendant in the booth.

"Got killed again and reincarnated back into a living machine type thing. Which was cool while it lasted but that was probably my shortest incarnation. Got killed but this time I reincarnated into a fellow named Amarsh. Who was already like Fearmarogh’s chosen or whatever. So for finally after couple hundred thousand years I got to speak with my brother. They were kind enough to let me live as long as I took a backseat to Amarsh and provided him with the power of rRim’Northis." rRaminrodt turned to see Mas’s eyes glazed over.

Mas blinked, "This is really fascinated, but I don’t quite understand what your saying."

"Sorry, to make a long story short he eventually died. And I was put in a museum. I reincarnated millions of years later into a computer technician named Emard." He smiled and plucked at his shirt, "Emard and his friend Gorith Hidard had just started the QMS.

Mas sarcastically finished the story, "And the QMS grew into an actual society, and you came here for retirement."

"Actually that’s pretty close to true. I died in between then but Emard lived. Later I died again saving them and reincarnated into Emard again. That’s when some over zealous beings who consider themselves some kind of guardians of order stripped me of most of my power for reincarnating into the same person twice. So I’m always on the lookout for getting my power back… well, its not gone, but I can’t use it. When I do, those Aharire are in deep trouble."

Mas rubbed his chin, or at least the bottom of his circular face, "That’s bizzare. Not to mention really confusing."

"Yeah I know, and I’m the one who lived it." rRaminrodt smiled as he got back into the vehicle, "That’s why the searcher thing is important. I know I have the skills to do stuff like that, but there’s no way in heck I’d ever destroy reality. I HAVE to get the Searcher to tell me what’s going on."

^ ^ ^

For the first time in hundreds of years the Searcher felt lonely. He rationalized this feeling by noting the struggle it was to keep the Essence of the Hybrid under control and the chink made in his mental armor by seeing the Riptider’s all alive again. He had walked for the past few hours after leaving the old farmer at a truck stop.

The sun was now high in the sky and perspiration beaded on his forehead. The last time he had been this uncomfortable was when he had to face down the Dark Templar Zeratul. He smiled for the second time that day.

The Searcher shuddered and froze his thoughts. He began repeating the mantras of control over and over again. He was now fully aware of a new problem… his mind was slowly slipping away.

^ ^ ^

"There," Mas pointed at the sign over the highway. He laughed, "We’re almost there!"

"Heh. Now you’re happy."

Mas turned and shook his head, "I hate following other people, but now that I know you a little better..."

"Thanks," rRaminrodt nodded.

"I hate living in other peoples shadows that’s all. I want to control my own destiny." He sighed, "But my destiny seems to be the evil twin."

"You don’t seem very evil." "I’m Psycho Sam!’s evil twin. That means I’m just a normal guy. Well, normal stick figure. I always seem to be in his shadow no matter what I do. I organize the election and everything and what does Sam do, he kidnaps the president!"

"Sometimes I can’t stand him. That’s why I need to control my own destiny!" Mas waved a finger in the air.

"Well, since I can mathematically prove there isn’t anything such as destiny, you’re all set. There is complex probability and that’s where stuff like proph…. oh crap!"

rRaminrodt spun the wheel around hard to avoid crashing into the thing that now stood in the middle of the highway. A large black thing, the size of their truck, stood between two lanes. It raised up two of its pointed limbs, leaving five still touching the ground. Then, it screeched.

Cackling with a sound somewhere between a cricket chirp and a hawklike call it charged at the truck and slammed its front leg through the hood. Needless to say what remained of the engine burst into flame. rRaminrodt and Sam jumped out of the cab just before the creature smashed the windshield and swiped its sharp appendage about inside. One of the drivers of the cars whose path was blocked by rRamin’s destroyed truck got out with a shotgun in hand. He began waving it about threateningly until he saw the creature and dropped the weapon and ran back the other way.

The beast seemed bent on attacking rRaminrodt and Mas who were running in between cars in the jam that continued to grow. Mas dived between two cars and spied the shotgun.

"rRamin! Distract it so I can get the gun!" Mas yelled.

rRaminrodt began to unravel his arms into their constituent cables. He reshaped them into oversized arms and fists. He waved at the creature to get it’s attention. It worked. The creature charged at him but he smashed three legs causing it to trip. Meanwhile Mas had reached the shotgun. He skulked between the cars, keeping low so that the creature wouldn’t see him and approached the fight.

"Hurry up! I can’t keep this up," rRaminrodt shouted over to Mas.

The creature had made several large gashes in rRaminrodts cables with its razor-armored legs so Mas knew that wasn’t the point to attack. Gathering up courage for a risky move Mas crouched to the ground. When the beast raised its front leg up for another attack Mas rolled underneath the creature, pumped the shotgun and fired into its exposed underside. The creature wailed. Mas fired again in another spot, and rRamin slammed it in its face with a motorcycle. The creature flipped over nearly cutting Mas with its legs and began to convulse on the ground as blackish gore rose from the large welts made by the shotgun.

Mas got up slowly using the gun as a prop and walked over to rRaminrodt who had reassembled himself and was breathing hard from exhaustion.

"Do you think the Searcher caused that?" Mas asked quietly.

"No. I think that," rRaminrodt paused to breathe, "was the first sign of the Arc."

Note: This is just the first part. :) I was trendy and used colors too. Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: The origin exposed (Storyverse)
Author: SoulTaker
Date: 2000-04-22 00:00:00

Note: Read this story first.

The Klingon spaceship hovered above the Riptide area. Still cloaked, the ship slowly moved downwards, and landed. As the ship decloaked, a small ramp descended to the ground, and the five Riptide members walked out of the huge craft.

BandWidth looked back at the craft.

"Well, that was pretty cool. I like those Federation guys."

Edge smiled.

"Yeah... This is even better than our old HQ."
"I like it. Let's move our stuff from the emergency shelter immediately."

Psycho_Sam smiled in his usual psychotic way.

"Heheh, I loved when the photon torpedoes blew up those planes..."

The other four people looked at Psycho_Sam, and immediately decided that Psycho_Sam should not have access to the ship controls.

They walked down the road to the hospital. Everything looked as usual... Green trees and plains... Blue sky... The sun was shining. The rubble that used to be the Riptide HQ had been cleared up, and grass had been planted instead. As they arrived at the hospital, they were greeted by Dr. Harrelson, the hospital president. Tridus stepped forward.

"I see you're all back," Dr. Harrelson said.
"Indeed. Anything new?"
"Yes. Another nurse has been killed in your room, Tridus. Follow me, I'll show you the room. The forensic detectives are still there."

The doctor led the Riptide members to room 74. They crossed the police lines, and was greeted with cold looks by the forensic detectives. In the room, everything was still left as when the murder had happened. Dr. Harrelson turned to face Tridus.

"We would like you to tell us if something is missing from your room."

Tridus looked around the room. He began opening and closing drawers and closets. Everything was in perfect order. The other Riptide members stepped into the room. Tridus turned around.

"Nothing seems to be missing. RStefan01, do you sense anything?"

The cyborg began scanning the room. A green ray moved around the room, originating from his eye, emitting a low humming. Meanwhile, Psycho_Sam began grinning.

"What's so funny, Sam?", BandWidth asked.
"You're all so clueless about who it was... Hehehe."
"So? I doubt that you know who it was."
"Wrong! You're the worst president ever!"

Psycho_Sam begin laughing maniacally. His stick limbs were shaking, and soon he was rolling on the floor, laughing. Dr. Harrelson looked at him.

"Uhh... I think I'll just leave you for now."

The doctor left the room. Psycho_Sam was still laughing. BandWidth was getting irritated, along with the rest of the group.

"Damnit, Sam, stop it!"
"I know who did it! And you don't! Ha-ha!"
"Who was it, then?"
"I won't tell! Ha-ha!"

RStefan01 punched Psycho_Sam hard in the face.

"Ow! Don't hurt me! Remember, I'm the only one knowing who was responsible for the murder... So you need me to clear things up. But I won't help you unless my requirements are met."

RStefan01 grabbed Psycho_Sam's stick body and held him against the wall. His eyes were red. He was in the no-nonsense mood.


Psycho_Sam stopped laughing.

"Ehh... I don't know. I'm just a stick figure!"

He began laughing again. RStefan01 punched him even harder in the face, and threw him down to the floor.

"I repeat my question. WHO WAS IT?"
"Oh, nobody special. Just a fellow from the void who's bent on world domination."

Psycho_Sam stood up, and began laughing again.

"It's a funny guy named B3, and it's one of my earlier experiments. I tried to create a sentinent robot, much like Psycho_Bot, but this one turned out a bit too weird. It was constantly talking about its world domination schemes. I got tired of it, so I threw it away... I let it live its own life in the void. The funny part is that it got those really powerful psionic powers, and its mind was warped enough to get the most insane ideas."

Psycho_Sam looked at the shocked Riptide members, and stopped laughing for a second. He looked out of the window, and began giggling a bit.

"It's a shame, actually. I liked many of its world domination plans, but it said that it wanted to be the supreme ruler of the universe, and not share anything with anybody. It also talked about morphing humanity into blue frogs with wheels. It was sort of funny. I guess it found a way to open a vortex to the void and get into this world. Sentinent AI is funny, heh."

BandWidth looked coldly at Psycho_Sam.

"So, what you're saying, is that this... B3 was here and killed a nurse?"
"God, you must be the world's stupidest president! I can't believe that those people voted for you! If only you had voted for me... "
"Let's overlook your presidential campaign for now, shall we?"
"Of course it wasn't B3 who was here. It was merely using his psionic powers... It was another of its funny ideas. B3 liked to make fun of people by controlling black cloaks with his psionic powers, making them look like ghosts, and then killing innocent victims in the most gruesome ways. It killed a lot of people in the void with that technique. Oh, those were the days... "
"So you're saying that a living cloak sweeped in and killed the nurse?"
"You finally understood! Congratulations!"
"Ahh, just shut up, will you?"

Edge frowned. This had gone too far. Psycho_Sam had brought the community into danger, and didn't care. Rather, Psycho_Sam found it all amusing.

"So now one of your sick ideas are going to turn us all into... Blue frogs?", Edge asked, enraged.
"It wasn't my sick idea, it was B3s!"
"You created the thing, now you have to take responsibility for it. You'll have to make sure that your creation does no harm."
"Why? It's not my responsibility!"

"You will make sure that this... B3 does no harm," BandWidth yelled, "or you will be banned from this community!"

Psycho_Sam looked at BandWidth. The president... Just because he was the president, did he think that he could command the clever Psycho_Sam?

"Fool!", Psycho_Sam yelled, as he jumped out of the window. BandWidth rushed to the window, hoping to catch him, but to no avail. BandWidth looked down. Psycho_Sam had perfectly survived the jump from the third floor, and was running out of BandWidths sight.

Changes by this story:
The origin of the murder was explained by Psycho_Sam, whose position is now unknown. Psycho_Sam also revealed information about one of his earlier creations, B3, who is bent in dominating the world and turning humanity into blue frogs with wheels.


Subject: Storyverse information.
Author: Psycho Sam!
Date: 2000-04-22 00:00:00

OK, right now rRaminrodt still has 1/2 a story to post, and then the storyverse is over. I've noticed Soultaker writing stuff in, but it was clarified a while ago that there would only be SM and rRam more people finishing it up, and it's almost over.

As for when the new storyline starts? Could people please wait for my story? It's already written and it HAS to go first or it won't make sense. SM_007 read it and agreed it fits with his ending, and rRam has agreed to end in a way that sort of leads into mine. As soon as they're over I'll post mine so fast you won't know what happened, and then everyone can add to it all they want.

As for why they're being finished up like this? I think it's because the storyverse got to long and complicated and people wanted to start from scratch.

So, could people please wait until rRaminrodt's story is finished and I have posted my story? I bet we could probably fit Soultakers stuff in anyway... But...

Subject: (Storyverse Story)Psycho Sam's vacation
Author: Psycho Sam!
Date: 2000-04-23 00:00:00

*It was a normal day, like every other. Birds were singing, dogs were running through the streets, nurses were being killed by super-intelligent Artificial Inteligences. On this particular day, Psycho Sam! had just jumped out of the hospital window and was running towards his laboratory*

Sam- Dagnabbit, I'm always getting blamed for everything. Why can't BandWidth just leave me alone? I don't need to take this.

*Sam made it to his lab and ran inside, almost tripping over a pile of junk. Inside the lab was Crazy Lou, Psycho Sam's laboratory's tech support head.*

Lou- Hey Sam, what's up?

Sam- Nothing important. Say, you find those things I wanted?

Lou- What? You mean the remains of Psycho Bot, and Fabuloso McWilly? Yeah, I got those. What do you want me to do with them?

Sam- Nothing, I think I'll try fixing them. I'll start off with Psycho Bot.

*Sam gathered up the peices of the pathetic little robot and got to work on putting them back together. 2 hours later, a little box-like robot rolled up to Crazy Lou. Written on the robot very crudely was "PsychoBot2". It made a few beeping noises*

Lou- Wow, I didn't think Sam was that good at robotics... That's amazing.

Sam- Now, I think I'll get to work on Fabuloso. Where is he?

Lou- Actually, he's not that badly hurt, he's just dead. You don't need to repair him.

Sam- Aww, can't I? I want to rebuild Fabuloso! Let me fix him!

Lou- Hey Sam, I think you may be a bit too stressed out. I suggest a vacation.

Sam- You know, I sure wouldn't mind a vacation. I think I'll do it. Now, where should I go? Pal, give me a list of places I can go for a vacation.

*Sam motioned to the computer, Pal, which started calculating information. Five minutes later, it had an answer*

Pal- You can go to hell. You're a jerk Sam. Just go to hell you big je...

*Sam pressed a few buttons on Pal's keyboard*

Pal- On another note, I hear Scotland's nice this time of year. And while you're there, you could restock your supply of plaid shirts.

Sam- Good job. That's what I'll do. Lou, while I'm away,try and work on fixing up Fabuloso. And try to tidy this place up, will you? It's kinda messy.

Lou- I'll do that Sam, how long do you think you'll be gone?

Sam- Who knows... Maybe a month I guess...

*Sam went to his room, packed a few bags, andwalked out of the lab. Once outside, he stood at the bus stop for a couple of hours before one finally arrived to take him to the airport*

Sam- Man, I hate public transportation. Next time I'll take my own car.

*As the bus drove out of sight, there was a loud cheer from the people at Riptide, though they new they still had some problems to face, at least Sam was gone for a while*


Changes: Sam went on vacation, Psycho Bot was rebuilt, and Lou is going to try and clean up the lab.

Note: OK, this is just to tie SoulTakers story into mine. I still don't know whether I should post my story now, or wait until rRaminrodt's story is posted. Mine is finished, but I still want to see if I should wait for rRam to post his. The real problem is that if anyone posts in between this one, and mine it might screw mine up, which is why I don't know whether I should wait for rRam's to finish up.

I am Sam!
Psycho Sam!
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Subject: A Fall into Finity (Part 2)
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-04-23 00:00:00

Yep, this is it folks. Since the dns is being screwy. For the old half and others of this story arc you'll have to do a search for those posts, sorry :)

A Fall into Finity

(Part 2)


The Searcher barely blinked as the sheriff's car sped past him on the road, lights and sirens blazing. In his own mind he thought that he had actually timed his arrival here pretty well. Soon the presence of the Arc would be felt in this world, but now just at the cusp of its arrival he had a chance.

A million variables had played into the situation. He had had to discover the Hybrids natural immunity to the corruption of the Arc. He had to contain the nascent essence of it within him until arriving in this place. He had to find SoulTaker, and regrettably use his long lost friends power on himself. He needed RStefan to be operable and return him to Riptide while delivering some of the information the Spire had stored within his memory banks to the Searcher. Then his plan almost failed when the computers he needed to find the location of the Arc's surrogate, but he had managed. He regretted losing the help of RStefan01, but it was a minor inconvenience.

It was within this small town that the anchor with which the Arc knew this reality lived. The Searcher knew, from experience, that the Damat-Yghurah, the Arc's right hand, would have found this person and taken command of that person's mind through trickery and confusion. With the Damat-Yghurah in this world, it would soon send other things into this plane in order to hinder his progress. But the Searcher was prepared.

^ ^ ^

Psycho Mas was sitting on the side of the road staring up at the gathering dark clouds when rRaminrodt finally caught up with him.

"Darnit, how in the world do you run so fast?" rRaminrodt panted.

"I don't know. The lack of wind resistance?"

rRamin chuckled, "Sounds reasonable. What I wouldn't do for a break right now. I'm so tired."

Mas was about to speak when the sound of gunfire erupted from a short distance nearby. They sprinted over to the spot where a young man was pointing a pistol at someone they both recognized.

The Searcher stood with a hand outreached and two slugs in his palm. Another person lay bleeding on the ground nearby with a bullet in his shoulder. The Searcher turned his head slowly to face the newcomers.

"So, the fiend and the reversed one have come to see what I am doing. I do not mind, as long as you stay out of my way."

Mas started, "What's going on? If you'd stop being so darn mysterious and talk to us we might even help you!"

The Searcher laughed. He was about to speak when a loud crash was heard and a nearby car suddenly flipped over. Startled, everyone turned to face the new disturbance except the man with the gun who began running in the opposite direction.

Behind where the car once rested stood a tall spindly thing. It began to speak.

"Ieanr gzzarsh vackagahn gulth zhsair buhz airkuj…"

The Searcher yelled at the other two, "An Uchrakaghun! Get out of here if you value your lives."

He held out his hands and twin streams of energy sprayed out from them only to dissipate a foot from the Uchrakaghun's body. The creature spoke again in its strange language and flame erupted around the Searcher but he continued his attack unharmed.

Mas grabbed rRaminrodt by the sleeve, "We'd really better get out of here."

As soon as these words left his mouth, the facade of one of the buildings exploded in a thunder of dust and brick and two of the creatures Mas and rRamin face earlier leapt out.

The Searcher paused a moment from his own attack to throw up some kind of shield of energy, and to look at the others. "The Shin-Vekar are after you fiend. You had better run now…" the Searcher half taunted half warned.

Mas unstrapped and pumped the shotgun he had been carrying, rRaminrodt began to unravel his forearms like before, only this time the Uchrakaghun saw this and paused its attack.

Ignoring Mas and his shots the Shin-Vekar ran past him and straight toward the Searcher. The Searcher was totally unprepared for this odd strategy and while unhurt was bowled over by the creatures. The Uchrakaghun jumped up into the air and landed in front of rRaminrodt.

It hissed, "The Damat-Yghurah wishes to speak with its creator."

It grabbed rRaminrodt in its spindly arms and exploded in a violent splash of sickly green light. The shockwave knocked Mas to the ground, and he couln't seem to get up.

A shadow loomed over Mas's face. Then the face to match that shadow appeared. The Searcher put a hand out to help Mas up. Looking around he saw an abandoned street with two dead Shin-Vekar lying on the ground smoking and riddled with holes in their carcasses.

The Searcher frowned, "The Vekar are no match for me. But the fiend, that fool has disrupted things again."

Mas struggled to speak, "I don't understand."

"Nor do I, I can not see what the Arc would want with him since it has already taken these memories of his. But nevertheless, it is an uncertainty in my plan."

"Okay…" Mas paused and reached for his shotgun.

The Searcher grabbed his arm. "That will not help you," he said. Then he placed an heavy futuristic looking gun in Mas's hand. "This will defend you against the Vekar. It was designed to pierce their armor."

Mas shook his head, "I don't understand."

"I want you to help me. One chance to destroy the Arc was ruined today. I will not lose another chance to finish this."

"What are we supposed to do?"

"I must enter the Arc. Then all will be finished. But first I must find that man, the one the Damat-Yghurah whispers to."

"The one with the gun?"

"Yes," the Searcher began walking away. As he strode away Mas turned around to look behind him and saw the man the gunman had shot. There was a huge hole in his chest, where one of the Shin-Vekar had stepped on him. Mas sighed quietly and said a silent prayer, then he ran after the Searcher.


^ ^ ^

Daryl sat on a stump in a field panting. His knuckles where white on the hand he held the gun in. Just like the voices said someone was after him now. He was counting birds in the field when the rain began to pour down on him. He felt the urge to run into the nearest building but the voices told him to stay put.

A sudden gust of wind blew past him changing the direction of the rain. A few moments later someone tapped his shoulder. Daryl turned slowly and looked up. A face he had only seen for a few moments stared down at him.

"Hello Daryl, my name is rRaminrodt. The Arc wants to talk to you now…"

^ ^ ^

The rain that fell on Mas and the Searcher was freezing cold, but the Searcher felt like his skin was burning. Every minute that slipped away he lost more control of the Hybrid's soul. It seethed beneath the surface of his mind. Beneath the practiced calm of a million of years of life the Searcher, was panicking. This was the last chance to destroy the Arc. The very last chance.

Lighting lit up the fileld that the Searcher and Mas was slugging though. It illuminated three figures standing before them.

The one on the right stepped forward. rRaminrodt opened his mouth and spoke with the voice of a hundred beings, "The Arc welcomes the one who calls himself the Searcher. I represent the Damat-Yghurah; we have decided to move up your timeline, since you will fail in your mission. There is no need for us to prolong these preliminary actions, after this is done the Arc will be unchallenged."

Mas, unnerved, took a step backwards. The Searcher stepped forward and threw off his cloak and let the rain beat down on his face. "I accept the Arc's challenge."

The Uchrakaghun cocked its head to the side and hissed in its language, "Zja kkeka kleaks ceghev."

rRaminrodt pointed at Mas, "That one does not need to witness these proceedings. The Arc will destroy him now."

The Creature stepped up to Mas, and placed its arms out. Mas was enveloped in an orange field and started to grimace. Through gritted teeth Mas pleaded the Searcher, "Help me… arh… It's killing me."

The Searchers face turned even more solemn but he stood unmoving.

The Uchrakaghun hissed blankly. Mas started to scream, and then above the screaming a large crack was heard. The field enveloping Mas disappeared, and a body dropped to the ground. Around the Uchrakaghun's neck were twisted the cables that made up rRaminrodt's left arm.

rRaminrodt smiled while Mas looked up terrified. "He he. You can't keep me down for long."

Mas nearly shouted with joy, "I thought you were taken over!"

"I was, but that Damat thing wasn't as smart as it thought… I got access to the memories of the rRaminrodt who created the Arc. Lets just say I learned a few tricks, and it won't be bothering us anymore," rRaminrodt chuckled.

Daryl was staring at them wild eyed. "I thought you were on our side," he whined.

"Eh. Sorry to disappoint you."

He was about to speak again when the Searcher began to move. With deliberate slowness he approached the Arc's lackey. He grabbed the man's collar with both hands and lifted him up. The rain made a wet sheen on the Searchers skin, and to Mas and rRaminrodt it seemed like it was almost glowing unhealthily.

The Searcher growled, "Recite the mantra."


"You will recite the mantra and open a path to the Arc."


"Or you will die a worse death than becoming a mere part of the Arc. I will make sure the Deamons of the nether eat your soul for eternity."

Almost in tears he gave in, "Okay, Ill do it. I hope the Arc destroys you forever…"


Daryl began to recite, "Iear vaier uhtier dakant noshzuru kar inb groborta,

shanja-igh thatnaha vha kar uhtier,

swedth nkagh jiaz vaier uhfac pokair gadach.

Iear vaier uhtier hayer jiaz poalgh chachef aorq,

vhac wedch nagib bahz urinchail bachanak.

Feam neathc ashaknaa doatsh,

ingarb vha weloj dianfub Arcagahn."

Then things were quiet. rRaminrodt and Mas looked on in anxious anticipation. The rain continued to pour down, and the Searcher just stood rigid holding the servant of the Arc fast.

Without warning the Searcher dropped Daryl, who began screaming and clutching his head.

"Do you wish to be free of the Arc?"

Daryl only nodded through the pain.

The Searcher held out his palm and placed it against the other mans forehead. He pulled it back quickly as if burnt. Attached to his hand was a small sphere the size of a marble, and as black as black can get. Daryl dropped to the ground, his face splashing in the mud, but then struggled up to his feet and begin crawling away from the trio. The Searcher dropped the ball that stopped in midair above the ground.

The Searcher let out a deep breath and dropped to his knees. rRaminrodt and Mas just looked at each other wondering if it was over. Their silent question was, of course, premature as a deep red light struck out from the hole in space and struck the Searcher. He smiled and disappeared.

^ ^ ^

The Searcher was falling; falling from far above the surface of the dark globe that hung below him. Yet the fall was gentle, as the pull was not gravity but the unnatural physics of the Arc. Then he spied two other falling figures some distance from him. He nearly screamed in rage. This was wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

The Searcher surrendered to madness.

^ ^ ^

rRaminrodt was swearing as he fell toward the surface of the Arc. Mas kept flailing about trying to slow down or take control of his descent. Yet they landed on the surface of the giant thing softly and unceremoniously.

When he was about to speak Mas was thrown back a couple meters. Before them stood the Searcher, not as a human being but as the Hybrid he had held within him.

"Fiend. You and your allies have ruined past and future. I will destroy you!"

The creature that had been the searcher grasped rRaminrodt's neck and began squeezing, slowly choking him. Under excruciating pain, for some unknown reason rRaminrodt saw the Searchers human face instead of the Hybrids. He saw the face, not just of the Searcher; he saw the face of Tridus.

rRaminrodt tried croaking out one word, "Sashie."

As if hit by a strong force the Seacher/Hybrid fell backwards onto the surface of the Arc.

rRaminrodt spoke quickly, "What do you want to destroy, huh? The past? The future? What'd you do, to give up you identity?"

The Searcher screamed, "I let her die! I couldn't save them, the Arc killed the Earth, killed the Spire! Killed my daughter!" He began screaming and crying.

Mas who was silent before, whispered, "Tridus, don't destroy it because you have to. Destroy it because it will let her live again… in this past."

The Searcher looked up suddenly and wailed. Then his arms burst into a bright blue-white flame and he plunged them into the surface of the Arc. The purity of the hybrid ate away at the skin opening a hole into the interior. Before them stood the human, Tridus, and he smiled.

"After so long, being alone I should have realized what the true point of the Search was. Allies."

He motioned with his arm, "Lets go."

The three entered the hole and were pulled to the center of the arc. At the center lay a strange thousand limbed featureless thing attached to the matter of the Arc by a thousand threads.

rRaminrodt whispered, "The Hgoerl. This is what warped the Arc into what it is now."


Tridus spoke, "Sorry, but I've retired that name. You see the Search is over. Its time to die."


"We'll see about that." Tridus spread out his hands and energy splashed out slamming into the Hgoerl.

The Hgoerl responded by spinning rapidly warping the fabric of the Arc around them and attacking Tridus with darkness. rRaminrodt began to chant and use some type of power to attack the Hgoerl also. It responded in kind.

Mas held back unsure of what to do. He observed the fight and saw that both future Tridus and rRaminrodt were struggling in vain. Every time the Hgoerl attacked them tough the strands that connect it to the Arc separate. A thought began to form in Mas's mind.

Suddenly Tridus staggered back, with a dagger of darkness through his midsection. The Hgoerl began to move to approach Tridus and finish him off, rRaminrodt threw himself at it but was knocked back. Suddenly, Mas ran yelling past the Hgorerl as it hovered above the dying Tridus and leapt at the center of the Arc. He grabbed the connection threads and held on tight.

Suddenly the universe that was the Arc shuddered and disappeared. Then it snapped back into existence. In the center of the Arc, where before the Hgoerl stood minutes before was a large single while pole of energy. The Arc spoke.


The Hgorel made a screeching noise and moved away from Tridus, suddenly it was surrounded by a blue sphere which began to contract and dragged the Hgoerl out of existence.


Tridus smiled weakly. He stared down at his now whole chest and smiled even stronger.


"I can only wonder what happened Mas. Are you really okay?" rRaminrodt asked.


The arc paused.


Then reality snapped.

rRaminrodt and Tridus both stood in the field that they had entered the Arc in. Tridus smiled.

He ran a hand through his hair, "Well. I think I've outside my welcome in this world. The world of the Spire needs to be rebuilt, and since I'm currently out of work, I think I'll apply for the job."

"Even with an extra hundred years of knowledge, I still have no idea what's going on."

"How old are you? 3 million years? Give it another mill, you'll be a bit wiser then." Tridus chuckled, "Life is for living. I kind of forgot that. Don't you, I know you have the capability for it, stick with your friends they'll watch your back…"

"And could you tell Sashie for me, that I love her."

rRaminrodt almost choked, "I will."

He gave a two-fingered Salute and disappeared without warning. rRamin blinked at the sudden disappearance. He walked a few steps and then sat down on the nearby stump. To no one in particular he said, "Dang, I guess my retirement is over."

Notes: Read the epiloge, which effectivly wraps up this 'season' of the storyverse.

Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: Fork in the Road (Storyverse Epilogue)
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-04-23 00:00:00

Fork in the Road (Storyverse Epilogue)

SM_007 punched a few buttons on the cargo bay door of their bird of prey and it slowly closed. He patted the side of his silver jaguar which he had just driven in and strolled to the bridge. BandWidth was sitting in the captain's chair spinning around.

"Whee. This thing is great."

Edge looked at BandWidth and smiled, "You're having way too much fun bandie."

"Whatever, you're just jealous that you're not president." He straightened his uniform imperiously.

The door opened and Tridus walked in. He wiped his brow, "I have to be the luckiest guy in the world."

SM looked up, "Why?"

I found most of the parts I needed to fix Sashie in the ship but there was one important piece I needed that was missing. But what do you know the electronics shop on Main street had one. That old guy is such a lifesaver."

"So she's going to be okay?"

"Yep. She's recharging now."

BandWidth and Edge slapped his back smiling. "That’s the best news we've heard in a while."

SoulTaker pulled the device he had in his ear out. "That’s not the end of it. Set course for Idaho SM."


"You'll see."

=-= =-= =-=

Above his head a Klingon bird of prey decloaked and landed. Out of the landing ramp walked Edge and RStefan01.

"Hey, rRamin!"

Edge just shook his head, "We had no idea where you went off to. Did you find the Searcher."

rRaminrodt made a crooked smile, "Yeah. I have quite the story." He paused and looked up at the ship, and his grin got even wider, "I call dibs on science officer."

The other chuckled.

rRamin waved them to follow him as he walked up the ramp, "Cmon. I have a message for Tri."

He walked in the ship and passed the newly minted Dedication plaque.

It read: USS Riptide

"We took the road less traveled by,

and that has made all the difference."

THE END ( ? :)

Notes: :) Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: (Storyverse Story)The new Begining
Author: Psycho Sam!
Date: 2000-04-23 00:00:00

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Subject: (storytime kiddies) 'Chief Engineer Tridus reporting for duty!'
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-04-23 00:00:00

(authors note: this takes place after rRaminrodts stories, and before Psycho Sam's, so there shouldn't be any time issues involved with this, its just a "fill in the blank of what happened during that gap" type of story)

Sitting in a comfortable leather chair with wheels that he procued two days ago, Tridus carefully studied the diagnostic readouts being presented to him on Sashie's bright LCD display. Everything was checking out, the new encrypted tracing system was in place and on standby, the new scripts he had put in place were there, and Sashie was finally sleeping... it was a very trying time for the small family... Sashie being awake in pain physically, as well as emotionally by what had happened... Tridus by sleepless nights fixing the damage and answering some very painful questions by his daughter about what had happened, both recently and well back in the past... the questions about 'mommy' were the hardest to answer, and coupled with the sleepless nights Tridus was finding it hard to maintain anything resembling emotional control of himself.

Clicking ok to close the diagnostics, he sat back up in the chair and began the final process of reassembling the casing around Sashie. That didn't take more then a few minutes... realizing how tired he was after that, Tridus decided to follow Sashie's lead and get some sleep, and he made his way over to what passed for a bed in his quarters on the Bird of Prey.
Fifteen minutes later, he got back up, unable to sleep... many things were troubling him.

rRaminrodts message... it was... well, after all that had happened, it wasn't really very odd. It was kind of hard to deal with though...

Sashie's questions... Tridus had worked hard all those long years ago to block the more painful memories of the research lab attack from her memory, to help her come out of shock... but now she was asking questions and breaking those barriers down... would she be able to deal with it now? Was she getting older, more mature? Those concepts were thought to be impossible while a spirit was confined inside the computer... was the research wrong, or was she just learning to adapt and grow despite the limitations?

His own questions... why wasn't he able to save her sooner... why wasn't he able to protect her... should he go through with his idea to put her back into a human body and let her have a normal life... did he dare do that and give up the last family member he had... did he dare not to just to keep his own selfish desires at bay...

SM_007... just what the hell happened? whose side was he really on? One minute he's blowing up Riptide and kidnapping Sashie, the next he's saving Tridus from death at the hands of those bad guys... it just didn't make any sense. Where was he now? What would happen if he walked in the door this instant? Would Tridus ask him what happened, thank him for his help, or reach for his throat...

he didn't have an answer for that question, much like most of the others plaguing him in recent nights.

while lost in his thoughts, the comm system on the ship activated in his room, snapping him back to reality. Pressing the button to turn it on, Tridus was glad he had installed the two large flourescent lights in his quarters to make them bright, these Klingon ships were far too dark.

"Yes?" Tridus asked of the comm system.

BandWidth's voice greeted him. "Tridus... umm, we're having a problem with something I think.. this red light up here is blinking and making noise and we seem to be having engine problems... could you take a look at it?"

"Uhh... well, alright."

Tridus turned off the comm system and sighed. This ship was in a major state of disrepair, and he didn't have a Klingon ship repair guide handy... thankfully, some Star Trek fanatics had created a Klingon plugin for the Babelfish translator, which Tridus had adapted into an inline system on Sashie to make reading the displays at least possible. one of his longer term goals was to convert all the displays to english so that everybody else could read them as well... but Sashie was more important then language translations for the rest of the crew.

Sighing, he got up and resigned that he needed his daughters help again. "Sashie, wake up sweetie... we need to go fix something."

What sounded like a yawn came out of the small computer. "But daddy, I'm sleepy!"

"I know sweetie... but you want the ship to go fast, right? we need to make sure it can do that."

"Ok daddy!"

Tridus smiled, picked her up, and walked out of his quarters to Engineering with her in his arms... if nothing else would take his mind off his problems, a technical problem to fix would certainly do it for a while... provided he could figure out just how the engines worked without short circuiting the entire system like he had the replicators... that mess had taken a full day and a half to fix unless you wanted cat food, which was coming out of the replicators in abundance for some reason.

Tridus laughed to himself and shook his head. Well, at least he was back in his element learning new things and taking his mind off everything...

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Subject: (POST BOX STOREE) Final Collision
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-04-24 00:00:00

Author's Note: For best viewing, check out this story in Internet Explorer. Or, heck, just don't use Netscape, which always regulates the Times New Roman font to size 10. That is all.

Final Collision

Tridus slumped down against the wall near the humming warp core, and sighed. He had been working on this damn ship for the last couple of weeks, and had yet to get the thing running properly. He brushed his brow with his dirty arm sleeve, and looked over to a nearby table, where Sashie was having a nap quietly. He smiled, wiped some more sweat from his forehead, then once again hunched over, on his hands and knees, and attempted to fix the malfunctioning second power relay station to the warp core. At least Sashie was fixed.

The problem with the warp core...it could have been anything, really. That's how Tridus felt as he sighed and began to remove some of the wires. Everyone on the ship was sleeping. Tridus remembered that he wasn't the only person who was exhausted. This new threat of the B3 robot and MysteryMan's return as some other cyborg left everyone shaken, and the crew had had no time to rest since their last big battle with the agents, and the Arc, and anything else that was thrown their way.

These thoughts were going in and out of Tridus' head as he looked into the warm, glowing workstation. Everything, aside from the usual beeps and hums of the ship itself, was quiet...until, that is, Tridus heard a large electrical discharge, and bumped his when he was startled. He crawled backwards, out of the hole he was working in, rubbing his head. Tridus looked up, and saw the green glow of a familier teleport beam...one he'd hoped he'd never have to see again; not after the Starfleet crew disposed of his worst nightmare. But here they were.

The three beams slowly faded away, leaving a battered and tired Albatross, an agent, and none other than SM_007. Tridus' mouth almost dropped to the floor in pure shock. Albatross took a step forward, and almost looked as tired as Tridus was, a change from his usual calm and collected composure. Tridus got to his feet, but didn't say a word. He saw Sashie in the corner of his eye, and made sure to keep her there, to protect her.

"Tridus, I am going to make this simple," Albatross said, quietly, in a raspy voice that had a sense of desperation to it. "I had found the fountain of youth, you see. I had found the key to immortality. A key which you destroyed out of your own ignorance, destroying a technology which could have saved millions! If you had of helped me, we could have worked together, and we could have--"

"You killed my family!" Tridus snarled. "You ruined my life! I had a good job as a research scientist for the government, a beautiful wife, a beautiful daughter, and the possibility to help millions of people myself, before you took it all away from me out of your own selfish needs! How could I ever work with you?"

Albatross looked at SM_007, who stared back with his normal, cold look. Albatross looked back at Tridus, took a deep breath, and spoke again.

"And I suppose we are even now, you'd think? Hm?" Albatross said, trying to remain calm but failing. "You destroyed my lab. Those damn Starfleet officers found me, came back, and took it all away, thanks to you! I only needed a bit more time, but you were too stubborn! Now the agents are all in custody..."

"How the hell did you get away from them, anyway?"

"I had the agents attack the armed officers in a suicide mission, of course. I needed them to cause a distraction so I could get away. One agent came with me, and he is the last specimen I have to further my work. I came back, spoke with SM_007, and gave him one last chance to help me...to help me live. I do not have much time left."

SM_007 looked over at Tridus, and said nothing.

"I have said enough, I believe," Albatross finished. "I am going to do something I should have done a long, long time ago. I am going to kill you, kill your laptop, and put you and your crew out of your misery. I am going to use this ship as my new base. It's technology is toop advanced for even the Starfleet officers to come back and find when it's cloaked."

Tridus opened his mouth, but did not have anything to say. Instead, he leaped at Sashie, and attempted to switch her on, knowing she'd at least have the power to do something to stop the agents. But before he could make it, he was intercepted by the nameless clone, who put one hand on the table, beside Sashie, and spun his legs around, kicking Tridus hard in the chest. Tridus crashed into one of the stained, steel Klingon walls, and fell down. The agent moved to stand over him, as Albatross and SM_007 approached Sashie.

"It's a shame you could not help me, Tridus," Albatross gloated. "I realize that you may be the only man in this universe who holds the knowledge on preserving the human mind in a CPU, but I also know that you would never help me. So, I suppose I will have to take my chances, and work without your assistance."

The agent moved closer to Tridus, and placed the cold steel of his gun against Tridus' temple, just as Tridus was coming to his feet. A loud click broke the sudden silence, and the agent was ready to fire. Before he could do so, however, SM_007 suddenly pushed Albatross to the ground, and leaped into the air, in the swan fighting stance. He hovered for a few seconds, as the agent and Tridus looked up in awe at what seemed to be frozen time. SM_007 then came down hard with a kick to the agent, who slammed into the wall beside Tridus with amazing force; enough that the agent had to actually pull himself to his feet.

No one said anything after this point, instead, they swung into action. Tridus looked over to Albatross, and decided to make the meek human pay for his crimes. Albatross was still coming to his feet when Tridus casually walked over, with a look of pure disdain crossing his face, and kicked Albatross hard in the gut. Albatross groaned and fell back to his knees. Tridus kicked him again, hard, in the ribs, and Albatross rolled onto his back, his expression full of anguish.

In the meantime, the agent moved with hyper-fast speed, attempting to punch, kick, grab and throw SM_007. Howevever, SM_007 began blocking every punch, every kick, and every attempt the agent made to harm him. SM_007, using only one hand to block the agent, used his other to calmly remove his silenced PP7 pistol. He began lifting it to the head of the agent, who was trying desperately to gain some offense on SM_007. The pistol was now aiming square at the agent's head, who, when seeing it, froze.

"Dodge this," SM_007 smirked.

But before SM_007 could do anything, his head began to throb in extreme pain. He dropped the pistol, and began clutching at his brain. As he did so, Albatross seemed to gain a second wind, coming to his feet behind a distracted Tridus, who was looking at SM_007, who was now squirming on the ground. Tridus looked back at Albatross in time just to see that he had pulled out an old revolver and was aiming it directly between his eyes.

"You see, Tridus," Albatross kissed. "I am the puppetmaster. I gave SM_007 one last chance to redeem himself, and he could not. Now, I am stripping him of all the wonderful gifts I gave him, and empowering myself. When I am done with that bastard child, he will be nothing more than a normal man in a tuxedo. Worthless and weak, like he was before we found him."

Tridus heard the agent walking behind him, but didn't look. He was still staring into the barrel of Albatross' gun. The only sound, for a few seconds, was the calm hum of the warp core. Albatross said nothing, almost as if he had to savour the moment, to achueve some sort of perverted pleasure from Tridus' death. Then, Tridus heard the familier voice of Sashie chime in, a voice which made Tridus smile. He had forgotten that she had been almost finished recharging when the agents had made their unwelcome appearance.

"Here, daddy!" Sashie cried. The air cackled with energy as a large anvil appeared a few feet above the head of the agent and Albatross, and they both sped down at incredible speeds, nailing the both of them. This was almost comical to Tridus, who alwasy knew that Sashie had a cartoon-related sense of humour. But unfortunately, Tridus had to act quickly, and couldn't sit around pondering his daughter's methods of attack. The agent would be up in a few seconds, though Albatross would be lucky if he was even alive.

Tridus ran over, and picked up the gun from the agent. He then ran over to the opposite wall and pressed the button on the intercom.

"BandWidth!" Tridus screamed. "BandWidth, wake up! We have an intruder alert!"

"Zuh? Wah?" a groggy BandWidth replied over the intercom. "Intruders? We'll all be down there ASAP! Secure the area!"

"Roger! It's an agent, SM, and Albatross! Out!" Tridus snapped as he let go of the intercom. He imagined that right now BandWidth was furrowing his brow in slight confusion upon hearing those names. When Tridus spun around and got ready to shut the main engineering bay emergency doors, he saw the agent, now coming to his feet, walking speedily over to where Sashie was.

"NO!" Tridus screamed as he charged at the table, knowing he wouldn't make it to his daughter before the agent would. However, when the agent went to pick Sashie up, sparks hit his hands and he lept backwards. Tridus knew that Sashie had put a small fore field around herself for protection. It made him proud that she was a quick-thinker. She must have gotten that from him. The agent, in the meantime, attempted to pick up Sashie again, but recieved the same reaction.

"Na na na naa naa!" Sashie giggled at the enraged agent. Seeing Tridus come close, he looked for his pistol, which wasn't there. Agitated, he began to powerwalk over to Tridus, which immediately had Tridus backpeddling away from the dangerous agent. However, when the agent was a few steps away from ending Tridus' life with one swift movement, he stopped. The agent groaned for a second, then fell to the ground, and a sharp tool that Tridus had been using to repair the bulkhead was sticking from his back. The agent quickly evaporated as the weapon clanked to the ground. Standing behind the agent was SM_007, who looked more than disoriented. He fell back down to the ground, and passed out.

Tridus was about to speak when the click of a gun interrupted him. This had been so common that he almost rolled his eyes at the endless distractions. Albatross was standing beside the warp core, a noticeable stream of blood pouring from his head. He had his pistol pointed at the warp core.

"You think I'd go down alone?" he asked sarcastically. In the distance, he saw the rest of the Riptide crew whom he recognized from their recent battle running towards the engineering bay. Tridus was also only a few feet away from him. The evil agent grinned evilly, bearing his teeth as blood trickled into his mouth. He then fired the gun, and immediately, the ship rocked as the alarm system activated. Sashie slid off her table and onto the floor as Tridus fell backwards onto the ground.

A loud, angry voice in Klingon came over the PA system as Tridus reminded himself that he'd need to upgrade that. The Klingon computer voice was warning the crew, Tridus estimated, that there was a warp core leak and that the area would be sealed off as the crew would then abandon ship be procedure. Tridus glanced over to the large hallway outside the engineering bay and saw two large doors sliding closed before the rest of the Riptide staff could get into where they were. Tridus got to his feet and saw the toxic gas pour from the small hole in the core, and knew that even though the ship was not going to explode, the leak itself was sure enough to kill them.

Tridus dashed over to Albatross, who was barely able to stand. He fired a shot at Tridus, but the shot went wide and Tridus nailed Albatross with a mean uppercut. Albatross staggered into the warp core, and was almost unconscious. Tridus took the man by his bloody hair and smashed his head into the core, right near the bullet hole. Albatross coughed as his body tumbled to the ground and a blanket of gas poured over his body. Tridus knew he would not wake up.

With the remaining time, Tridus stumbled over to the intercom. When he activated it, he immediately heard the panicky voice of Edge, who was screaming at anyone from inside the warp core to respond. Tridus shotung over Edge's voice in repsonse.

"Dammit, Edge, shut up and listen! We need an immediate transport the hell out of here, and now! Me, Sashie, SM! Get us the hell out of here!"

There was silence for a moment, and Tridus wasn't sure if he got the message over the loud Klingon computer voice, the loud gas pouring out from the warp core and the blaring siren. Not to mention Edge's own screaming.

"Yeah, we got you!" Edge delightfully responded.

With that, a blue particle beam coated the bodies of SM_007, who was on the ground unconscious, Sashie, and finally, Tridus, who was beginning to feel lightheaded because of the reactor fumes. When they were done transporting, Tridus realized that he was in a bed. Well, a Klingon bed in a Klingon sick bay, which was less than accomidating. He looked over and saw SM_007 in the bed next to him, just starting to awaken. Tridus sat up, and put his hands on his temples.

"Easy, there," RStefan01's voice comforted Tridus. "You might still be a little lightheaded. You'll be okay, though, and rRaminrodt is already getting underway with some repairs to the warp core. Well, with the help of Sashie, of course. We should be up and running within a day. Anyway, rest now."

RStefan01 left the medical bay as Tridus looked over at SM_007, who was now sitting up and straightening out his suit. He looked up at Tridus, said nothing, and continued to straighten out his shirt and tie before hopping to his feet.

"What now?" Tridus asked.

"Now I leave," SM_007 said, still not looking up at Tridus. "What else can I do, anyway? Stay here and pretend nothing ever happened? I can't do that. I've got a lot on my mind, Tridus. Who says this is where I belong, anyway? Who says that I wanted to help you stop Albatross? He was..."

SM_007 sighed. He got ready to walk away, but Tridus jumped to his feet, groggily, and put his hand on SM_007's shoulder. SM_007 stopped walking and looked back at Tridus, who was more serious now than SM_007 had seen him in a long, long time. He took a deep breath and spoke.

"I'm not going to ask you to stay. I am telling you that if you ever want to get through this crap, you'll stay. Nothing between me and you is settled, and I am sure the same goes for the rest of the Riptide crew." Tridus took a deep breath and spoke again. "You just can't run away and hide while the rest of us face that uknown out there, day after day. Does that sound like you at all, SM? I don't think it does. You think you're going through some tough times? Guess what, SM, what you have gone through these last few weeks doesn't compare to what I have gone through my entire life. And yeah, I've ran away before. So what? It never helped, and I spent years of my life wasted and alone instead of facing my problems head on. Now grow up and do the right thing for a change."

Just as Tridus finished that sentence, BandWidth came into the room and walked right up to SM_007, who wasn't really paying attention. He finally snapped out of it and looked up at BandWidth.

"Alright, SM, you can go like you asked to," BandWidth clarified. "Your car is outside. Anything else?"

SM_007 looked back at Tridus, then to BandWidth, and mumbled.

"Yeah, I, uh, I want to stay here, on the ship."

BandWidth looked shocked, but wiped the look off of his face.

"Um, sure, you can stay. Geez, we'll have to put your car in the cargo area, I guess. Hm. You do realize that I will have to confine you to quarters, right? I mean, just for safety reasons?"

SM_007 nodded and said nothing.

"Okay, then, I will show you to a room."

SM_007 and BandWidth left the medical bay as Tridus laid back down and slept, taking a chance to rest...a chance he did not have for a long, long time.

The End!

Changes by this storee:
SM_007 is now back with the USS Riptide and her crew, though he has lost all of his powers of evahl that Albatross had given him. Speaking of which, Albatross is finally and truly dead, as is the agent he came back in time with.

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Subject: (storytime again) A day without email is like a day without breathing...
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-04-25 00:00:00

note: this takes place after SM's last story, which I believe was yesterday


Tridus slowly opened his eyes and looked around. He was quick to notice a few things...

He felt extremely stiff.

He felt extremely hungry.

These Klingon beds had to be removed and replaced with something comfortable.

Sighing, he made his way slowly in the virtual darkness (the ship needed more lights too) over to the replicator.

"Coffee, black. Lots of it."

The computer responded with something in Klingon.

"oh for the... Sashie, sweetie, order daddy a coffee."


Tridus looked around, and didn't see his laptop. He also didn't see his room, he saw the sickbay.

"Oh... ugh... well, I guess I can manage for now without coffee..." although as he started walking around the ship towards his room, he didn't really believe it.

Eveuntally he got to his room and looked around, no Sashie. So he made his way to engineering and there she was, sitting beside the Warp Core, which looked fixed.

"Hello sweetie, how did you fix the warp core?"

Sashie sounded cheerful this morning. "uncle rRaminrodt did it yesterday daddy!"

"yesterday? What day is this?"

"Tuesday daddy."

"Tuesday... and... ugh... what day did I go to sleep?"



"Yep! Your a sleepyhead!"

"I guess so... could you order me coffee? The replicator is being mean and talking in Klingon still."

Sashie said something in Klingon, and a few seconds later a hot mug of coffee appeared. Tridus quickly drank it.

"mmm... thank you. At least they know how to make a decent cup of coffee in the future. Any new emails?"

"Don't know daddy. Can't check."

"Why not?"

"No data lines."

Tridus shook his head in dismay and nearly ordered a second cup of coffee right there... no Internet!? Well, this was just too bad to be true.

"Alright... this thing has a war drive, subspace radio, and it doesn't have TCP/IP!??"

"nope. it does get the cartoon network though daddy, yay!"

"I noticed that, you've been watching looney tunes again haven't you? I saw those anvils back on... well, I guess it was sunday."

Sashie giggled.

"Alright sweetie... we need to get this thing online, and I think I know just how to do it."

Tridus then picked up his laptop and walked back to his extremely well lit room. Twenty one hours later, he walked to the transporter pad carrying Sashie and a small metallic black box.

One hour and twenty seven minutes after that, he beamed back up and walked to engineering.

Forty-two minutes later, he walked back to his room.

"Sashie, any new email?"

Sashie paused a moment, then responded... "Two hundred and thirty seven."

"*sigh* Alright... umm... well, I'll deal with that in a minute. Open a comm channel to the Bridge."

There was a few beeps and then finally "Bandwidth here, go ahead."

"Hiya Capitain... I have great news for you, we have Internet access on this ship!"

Nothing came over the speaker for a moment, and then... "Thats nice."

"What do you mean thats nice!? Its great! You could play quake around Saturn with no lag in this thing!"

"Thats nice."

Tridus sighed. These peoplejust didn't appreciate his work sometimes. "Well, anyway... don't use the subspace radio for a while ok?"

"Why not?"

"Well..." Tridus looked at the pieces of the radio scattered around his room. "Its not entirely functional right now."

"Oh, alright. BandWidth out." *click*

Tridus smiled. Not fully functional was an understatement... he had taken it apart to learn how to build the reciever that was now sitting in a computer in his cottage which connected the ship to his high speed Internet lines using Subspace Transmission. It sure beat Infared transmission, thats for sure!

Having Sashie read his e-mail to him, Tridus pushed the SubSpace radio he had taken apart to the back of his mind. No sense in worrying about the minor detail that he had no idea how to put it back together right now, not with new email to read anyway...

Changes by this story:
Well, Tridus slept for over a day, then put the ship on the internet, so the crew can now play broodwar from anywhere in the solar system. Of course they don't have a subspace radio anymore, but that'll get fixed one of these days. (probably after he does the translation thing so the damn computers speak english) :-)

If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you... - Martina McBride

Subject: The Language Barrier
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-04-26 00:00:00

=USS Riptide, Engineering bay=

rRaminrodt banged his head against the desk a cople of times.

rR: Argh. Why'd I have to to this job?

Tridus: Because you said you didn't like programming very much. Stop whining already, you weren't the one who just got out of the hospital bed.

rR: *frowning* Ah fine. What do you need next?

Tridus: SoQmoH.

rRaminrodt flipped through the pages of the book in front of him.
rR: to Close, verb

Tridus: Very nice, *smiling* that would make sense since its all over the valve controls...

rRaminrodt moans and slumps in his chair.
rR: When is she going to wake up??

Tridus: Quit complaining, we've only been doing this for 5 hours. Anyway, she needs her sleep.

rR: Me too.

Tridus: Do you want to get this done or not?

rR: Of course, but its kinda late... You're some kind of perfectionist robot. I want to die.

Tridus: tep

rR: Cargo, noun... Ergh. I hate klingon!

The sound of the two chatting passed through a few of the bulkheads only to be drowned out by the humming of the engines in idle which ran throught the rest of the sleepy ship.

In the spirit of the recent others, nothing much. But the klingon is pretty much all translated now! YAY!

Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: (POST BOX STOREE) Nothing Happening
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-04-26 00:00:00


I'm destructive.
Some women find that seductive.
Some say it's lunacy.

-Puff Daddy

(SM_007 flipped the card over and looked at it. Then he frowned.)

SM_007: Damn.

(SM_007 threw the rest of the cards on the table, and stood up, stretching.)

SM_007: Ungh. There's got to be another way...

(Just as SM_007 was trailing off, the door to his room slid open as Edge walked in.)

Edge: Hey, SM! How are you doing?

SM_007: Um, okay.

(Edge looked over at the table.)

Edge: What ya up to?

SM_007: Oh, I was just playing solitaire.

Edge: Ah.

(Edge looked at the table for a few more seconds.)

SM_007: Did you talk to BandWidth at all?

(Edge sighed.)

Edge: I don't think he's about to let you out of here. Not for a while, yet.

(SM_007 sat down on his cold bed. Edge walked over.)

Edge: You just have to stick through it. Not everyone is going to trust you.

SM_007: Do you trust me?

(Edge looked away instantly.)

Edge: I just remembered that I'm late for duty, and--

(SM_007 leaped off of his bed, grabbed Edge, and spun him around hard.)

SM_007: I...

(SM_007 looked at Edge, then let go and sat back down.)

SM_007: I can't stay in here forever.

(Edge was rubbing his shoulders as he headed for the door to SM_007's quarters.)

Edge: Sometimes, the punishment fits the crime.

(Edge left the room.)

SM_007: Yeah...

(SM_007 screamed as he picked up his table and threw it accross the room. It hit the wall and fell to the ground, broken. SM_007 clutched his fists and took a deep breath. He needed to hold on. He couldn't let it all fall apart now.)

SM_007: Why can't I control...?

(SM_007 stopped speaking to himelf when he heard something else whispering to him. It was quiet, and subtle. But he could hear it. Something was giving him commands, so quiet he could not understand what it was saying. But he understood what the messanger was. In his room, alone, SM_007 felt, heard and touched what he recognized as his unseen ally whom he thought had abandoned him.)

(SM_007 sat on his bed, rocking back and forth, quietly, full of rage and alone.)

Virtue mine honour

Subject: (storytime again) 'Your computer has an imaginary friend?'
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-04-26 00:00:00

Sitting in his quarters typing away on Sashie, Tridus stopped to take another sip of coffee and look at the now sleeping rRaminrodt who had his head buried inside a large book of Klingon. His snoring was making it impossible for Tridus and Sashie to sleep, which at the very least meant the translation job would be done sooner.

"Ok Sashie... now, all we need to do is give the computer a new voice, and all will be well. Where do you think we should get the voice from?"


Tridus sighed. This Cynthia business was really getting out of hand.

"Sweetie, I'm not sure if thats such a good idea, after all I don't even think Cynthia has a voice..."


"*sigh* Sashie, maybe we should use someone everybody else is more used to, you know, li..."

"CYNTHIA!!!" Sashie screamed.

Tridus rubbed his ears.

"Cynthia it is then." Tridus pressed a few buttons on a computer console beside him. "Ok, go ahead and do the transfer now."

"YAY! Uploading..."

A progress meter then appeared and slowly progressed upwards. when it hit 100%, Tridus pressed a few buttons and a comm link to the bridge opened up.

"Bridge here." BandWidth's voice greeted him.

"Hiya... do me a favor, and ask the computer how its doing."

"Oh ok... wait a minute? Isn't it just going to answer in Klingon?"

Tridus smiled. "Just try it."

"well, ok... Computer, how are you today?"

To that, a voice somewhat similar to Sashie's but with a stronger french accent replied "good, how are you?".

There was a pause before Bandwidth responded. "What the hell was that Tridus??"

Sashie answered first. "That was Cynthia!"


"My best friend!"

"Uhh... alright..."

Tridus finally spoke up, trying not to laugh. "BandWidth, right now that AI doesn't do a lot except for talk, its not interfaced into the ship's systems or anything yet. We'll be working on that down here over the next few days, you can expect it to totally replace the old system within a week or so I'd say."

"Alright, Bridge Out." *click*

Tridus laughed. "hehehe, that was amusing. I think this will take them a little bit of getting used to."

"Yes daddy, but they'll like her, everybody loves Cynthia!"

"I know sweetie, I know..."

Changes by this story
Nothing major, the computer's new voice is Sashie's imaginary friend Cynthia, who doesn't actually do much of anything yet because the AI system isn't tied into any of the ships systems yet. But it does make interesting conversation. :-)

If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you... - Martina McBride

Subject: (guess I'm in a writing mood lately) Memorial Valley...
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-04-26 00:00:00

Standing at the door to the quarters in which SM_007 was confined to, Tridus stopped.

"Is this a good idea? I mean what if he tries to kill us again?"

Tucked safely in between Tridus' left arm and his side, Sashie responded quietly.

"Its good to talk, then we can go play when everybody is happy!"

Tridus couldn't help but smile. Children were so idealistic at times...

So, unsure of if this was a good idea or not, Tridus pushed what passed for a doorbell on this ship, and waited.

and waited...

and waited...

irritably, he pushed it again.

This time, he got a response.

"Come in."

Walking in the door, Tridus noticed first of all that this room hadn't really been decorated like his. No bright lights, no chairs, no computer parts... it was, sparse... barren... Klingon. Tridus shook his head, this wasn't the kind of place for someone to be locked in.

Looking around for SM, he saw him laying on the bed staring blankly at the metal cieling, indeed... this was a very bad place to be locked up.

"Hi." Tridus finally said. "How are you doing?" The doors closed behind him on his way in.

"Ok... you?" SM sounded very withdrawn, and rather unhealthy at that to Tridus.

"Not bad, not bad at all... kinda, well... claustrophic. I don't like being cooped up in this ship forever."

"Oh... yeah its pretty boring."

"Yeah... so... are you... how are you doing?"

SM didn't respond for a few moments, it looked to Tridus as though he was listening to something. "Ok... would like to... get out."

"Yeah... you don't sound so good."

"... I have a lot on my mind."

"Tell me about it... well, how would you like to get out? There's something... somewhere I want to go. Maybe you'd like to come along?"

SM didn't respond.

Tridus started growing frustrated. "Hello? Are you in there?"

"huh? oh... yeah... yeah sure I'd like to... but I'm not allowed to leave the ship."

Tridus set Sashie down on a small table and took out his cell phone. "Bah, they'll never know you were gone."

SM looked at Tridus. "Well... alright."

"Good, now come over here, and this time don't move around! All that packet loss your moving caused drove up my phone bill last time."

SM slowly got up and walked over to Tridus as he set things up. He then pressed the dial button on the phone, and before long the modem connected. The two people and one laptop could be seen slowly phasing out of reality as they were encoded, and after about five minutes the room was empty.

The pair materialized again inside Tridus' Cottage, which was ever the same as always. Outside a light snow was falling. Inside, it was small, but actually fairly organized. Tridus sighed contently. SM seemed to be listening to something again.

"Sashie sweetie, you stay here and check the newsgroups for anything noteworthy, ok?"

"Ok daddy."

Tridus set the laptop down and walked to the door, stopping in the door way to check to see if SM was following him. Upon verifying that he was (slowly) doing so, Tridus continued out the door and started heading north.

During the walk in the mostly hard packed snow, Tridus tried to start up several conversations with SM, but didn't get anywhere. It was almost as if SM had turned into the recluse Tridus was trying to move away from being... Tridus sighed, but kept walking, there didn't seem to be any way out of this situation right now.

After another twenty minutes or so of walking in relative silence, Tridus walked over a hill and stopped. "Well, here we... hey! Who the hell is that!?"

The valley spread out in front of them contained several evergreen trees, some of which were very large and snow covered, a rocky cliff on one side, gentle sloping hills on the other three. Near the centre of the valley resided a frozen pond, a five foot tall polished rock statue of what looked like a woman, and another woman with long red hair flowing down outside her fur coat. With the noise that Tridus made upon seeing her, the woman turns and sees the pair, says something that can't be overheard by the pair, and then disappears in a flash of blue light.

Tridus looked at SM with a rather shocked expression, then ran down the hill to look around. SM just stood there and watched, again looking as though he was listening to something.

Tridus looked around for a minutes, but then gave up and walked back up the hill to SM, who hadn't moved.

"Damnit! Something isn't right here... I can't see how anybody else could know about this place, let alone people who can just appear and disappear... why don't any normal people ever bother us anyway!?"

SM looked at Tridus. "What is this place anyway?"

"Just... a monument if you will. That statue down there is of Sarah, I had it put here to remind me of her... so I would never forget... and now that the one responsible for what happened to her is dead... well, I need to go tell her that... excuse me a minute."

Tridus walked back down the hill and sat down on the base of the statue, talking in a low voice for a good long while as the snow continued to fall. SM looked on, not really sure of what to do, and at many times, not really caring either.

Eveuntally, Tridus dusted the snow off himself and walked back up the hill. "Ok... we can go now. You seem tired or something..."

"yeah... sorry I'm not talkative... I'm just... yeah, tired..."

"Alright... lets go... I want to tell Sashie what I remember about that woman who was here, maybe she can find something out... its unlikely, but worth a shot."

With that, the two walked back to the cottage in relative silence. Tridus reclaimed Sashie, and the two transported back to the USS Riptide, appearing this time in Tridus' quarters. Tridus then escorted SM back to his room, returned to his own, and began telling Sashie about what he saw in the hope she could find something... but a part of his mind was worried about SM, something was obviously very wrong with him...

very wrong indeed... between that and this strange woman appearing in Tridus' secluded valley, Tridus felt it was a bad omen of things to come...

If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you... - Martina McBride

Subject: (Post Box Storee) Rage
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-04-27 00:00:00


"Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate...leads to suffering."
-Yoda, Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom Menace

It sounded like screaming, really. A million voices of a million children, screaming in terror, too far away to make out, but close enough to drive one utterly mad. They were inside of his head, and they wouldn't get out. They wanted him to do things...things that SM_007 thought he could abandon forever. His head throbbed as the intensity of the voices increased. Were they trying to warn him, help him, or command him? He didn't know, but he knew why they were inside of his mind, a fact he continuously tried to ignore.

Suddenly, one scream in particular seemed close. In fact, it seemed to be right beside SM_007, who spun around in complete shock. No one was there. Once SM_007 spun around, a cold sweat now drenching his clothing, everything became silent. No screams, no fear, nothing. All that SM_007 could hear was his own heavy, cold breathing as he sat motionless on the foot of his bed. The screams had left, but not before one final voice, that of what seemed to be a child, drilled into his head, an urgency he could not understand. But it was near him, now, he was sure of that.

Now in less pain, SM_007 walked accross his dark room to his door. As he slowly sauntered his way over to it, he assumed that it would open, that he would be free to roam this damned ship...free to do whatever he pleased. But as SM_007 came to the door, nothing happened. He stood at it, staring, thinking perhaps that his gaze, his dark and sinister gaze would have the power alone to open the door to his room. At all costs, he wanted this door open, so he could show the others that he could not be held by their conventional...

No. That would not happen. A look of anguish crossed the face of SM_007 as he began to see how much hatred was brewing inside of him. He knew now that Tridus has seen it, as had Edge. They no longer trusted him, and he was sure that they would go back and tell the others that SM_007 is not to be trusted. They would all conspire to keep SM_007 in this room, so they would not have to see him, to think about him, to - he was doing it again. Letting his emotions get the better of him. SM_007 sighed, long and heavy, before sitting down on the end of his bed once more. He was trapped, here, now, and his own actions led to this. He could not blame the others for making their decision, could he?

"Let me out!" SM_007 screamed, at the top of his lungs. As he let out with this rage, building up inside of him, he heard them once more. The screaming was now becoming more clear. They were asking him to leave his room, to let them in. They wanted him back. They wanted to be inside of him once more. They wanted SM_007 to open himself up and embrace everything they had to offer him. He knew that if he did so, he would have the power to make anything his. It was a life he wanted so desperately to give up, but it was a life of control, a life of promises and a life of power. If he had that now, he could take this ship, take whatever he wanted. Fear and respect would surround him. Not pity, hate...

The door to SM_007's room slid open as Edge once again introduded without even going to the trouble to ring the buzzer. That was twice now. How much longer would he let it go? Edge, of course, was speaking, happy, as always, trying to tell SM_007 that he forgave him for being so angry when he was manhandled. He assumed, of course, that SM_007 was sorry. SM_007 looked over at Edge, and even though his mouth was moving, SM_007 heard no words. Edge was becoming impatient, most likely trying to see if SM_007 understood him. It was almost laughable. The only thing SM_007 heard now was the screams, the evahl calling out to him, asking him once again to rejoin them, to be one with them. Of course, no one else would possibly understand. Not even Edge, who had now given up trying to speak to SM_007, and was walking away.

And as Edge turned his back, the screams reached a climax, a crescendo. He knew what they wanted him to do in order to take them back, but SM_007 resisted for a few seconds which passed like an eternity. He tried to convince them about the years and years of knowledge, about love, and peace, and happiness. But they, as always, scoffed at these notions and, as they had done day in and day out, they told SM_007 where the real power lies, where order and balance is kept. He fell to his knees, and Edge came running back, grabbing at SM_007, yelling something and trying to help him. SM_007 could hear his own heartbeat rising, the voices, but not Edge. He seemed to slow down. Time seemed to slow down.

SM_007 opened his mouth, trying to tell Edge to leave. He wanted Edge to leave the room, because what SM_007 wanted more than anything else in the world right now was something which he would regret. Nothing came out of SM_007's mouth, though. Not a whisper, not a scream. He couldn't talk and he could not hear Edge, who looked very worried for his friend's health. Edge was tugging at SM_007, trying to pull him to his feet. SM_007 was lying on the ground now, and Edge was above him. SM_007 glanced, and saw that the door was open. Edge was close enough to the door that it remained open. There was a chance to escape.

A renewed purpose swept over SM_007 as he climbed to his feet, seeming alright. Edge watched to make sure his friend was okay. But as SM_007 got to his feet, he removed a silenced PP7 pistol, and held it up towards a shocked Edge, who's mouth gaped like a confused fish. SM_007 pointed his arms traight at Edge, and fired, as satisfaction filled the air. Edge, blood between his eyes, slumped down on the ground as pure glee began to warm SM_007. The voices were now quieter, content. In fact, the voices were only SM_007, he now knew. They were SM_007's most inner desires, manifesting themselves. And as Edge fell down, dead, he had accepted this truth. He put the PP7 back in its holster, and as calm as ever, began to walk towards the door to his quarters.

And then, it was over. SM_007 sat up, startled, in his bed. He immediately reached over to his side and turned on a lamp, and brushed his forehead on his arm sleeve. He was dripping with cold sweat, and realized that he must have been dreaming. Was it all a dream? No, no, the previous screaming had been real. Edge was still alive, though, and that was the important thing. SM_007 lied back down on his bed and rolled over. The pain in his mind had disappeared, and he had complete control over himself and his anger. His nightmare, or perhaps, desire, was only a window to show him what was possible. And as much as he enjoyed the content of his dream, he also hated and feared it. He would have to control himself. He'd have to. Everything was back to normal...and everything was calm.

Virtue mine honour

Subject: (post box yata yata yata) Those who would be tested
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-04-27 00:00:00

Sitting on the bridge of the USS Riptide, BandWidth was slumped in the Captains Chair, nearly falling asleep. Things were so boring over the last couple days, nothing was going on except from the occasional communciation from people inside the ship with status reports. Idly pondering weather or not he should send a radio message to Mars and see if the US Millitary had a secret base up there or not, which would be useful information for his Communist adjenda... he was pondering this when an orange light started flashing on a console in front of him. Looking at it, BandWidth gave up trying to figure out what it meant and simply resorted to asking.

"RStefan01, what does that flashing light mean?"

The Cyborg looked at it briefly, then shrugged.

"Gee... well it must mean something, lights don't flash for no..." Suddenly BandWidth got an idea. "Cynthia, what does that blinking light mean?"

The computers french-accented girlish voice responded almost immediately. "Incoming subspace communication uncie BandWidth."

"Uncie Bandwidth? yech... alright... can you put it on the screen or whatever?" Bandwidth wondered when the subspace radio had been fixed, last he heard it was in a state of disrepair.

"Sure uncie Bandwidth! Its an audio transmission only."

The computer beeped a couple of times, and then the light moved to a steady orange.

Bandwidth looked at it, and figured it was time to talk. "Hello?"

From the ships speaker system, a female voice, almost impish in that its owner almost seemed to be laughing at a joke that nobody else understood responded. "Greetings. To whom am I speaking?"

Bandwidth looked at the light. Who was this woman anyway? "I am BandWidth, Captain of this ship, and President of Riptide. Who ar..." before he could finish, he was cut off abruptly.

"Bandwidth... Bandwidth... ahh... yes here is your file... your insignificant, but will serve well enough for my purpose today."

"Now you wait just a minute! Just who do you think y..."

Bandwidth gets cut off abruptly again by the woman, as he starts to get angry. "Shhh... *giggle* you anger so easily, how fortunate. Listen well, oh President of Riptide. I will not repeat myself. I have planted a thermonuclear bomb somewhere in what you would call Irvine, California. There is sufficient information and clues scattered around the city for you to find it, assuming you can prove skillful enough to do so. If not... well, it shouldn't destroy more then a seven mile radius, I didn't use one of my more powerful weapons."

"Are you mad woman!? What do you think your doing!?"

"Why, playing a game of course! I've made the assumption that you people are skilled enough to find it. I always like to test my assumptions. You have until noon on monday before the bomb will detonate, unless of course I get impatient and speed things up."

"Now just a min..." But again, he gets cut off.

"I'll be calling again later to check on your progress my dear sweet President... ta ta... *giggle*"

"Just a!" The orange light disappears, and Bandwidth pounds his fist on his chair in rage at being interrupted so many times and then cut off. How dare she!

"Cynthia, alert the crew that we're going to have a meeting in the mess hall in five minutes."

BandWidth got up and walked off the bridge, followed after a few moments by RStefan01.

Sitting in what passed for a Klingon conference room, Tridus resolved to get more comfortable chairs for this ship. Sure he had them in his quarters, but what good was that when he had to come out here all the time. The meeting itself wasn't doing much to help his mood either.

BandWidth had explained about the bomb and now the group was just deciding what to do about it.

Edge finally asked the obvious question. "What if its a hoax? I mean sure they also have a subspace radio, but that doesn't mean its not just a prank of some kind."

Silent for most of the meeting, Tridus finally spoke up. "Lets find out... Cynthia, scan Irvine for abnormal radioactive signals."

Cynthia was quick to respond. "Sorry Uncie Kylin, I'm not allowed to do that, the other computer won't let me play with the sensors."

Tridus sighed, he hadn't tied the sensor array into Cynthia's systems yet. It took him a moment to notice the rest of the table looking at him.

"Uncie Kylin?" rRaminrodt asked.

"Its an... inside thing... just forget about it."


"Anyway!" Tridus tried to hold some composure. "Sashie, interface with the old computer system and do the scan."

"Ok daddy! ... I don't know, there is no difinitive results. There might be, and there might not be, because the radiation signals could be something else being transported too. I did find some traces that may be the bomb though."

"Thanks sweetie... alright... well, for the sake of everybody there, we should take this seriously then. I really doubt that someone who can communicate over subspace would joke about planting bombs. And if it is a joke, we'll know next time won't we?"

Bandwidth interjected himself at this point. "Yeah, I agree. Alright, then we'll go to Irvine and start investigating."

Tridus got up. "Great, I'll go get SM."

Everyone looked at him oddly, but only Edge spoke up. "Umm, are you crazy? We can't let him loose in a city like that, have you seen him lately? I hate to say it, but I think he's lost it. We need to get him professional help or something."

Tridus sighed and realized they would never see any need for his help, so he simply resigned himself to the fact, at least so far as they were concerned. He execused himself from the meeting with words of "yes yes I agree, alright", and carried Sashie to his room, where he picked up a small black device. He then walked directly to SM's room, which was more accurately a prison, and pressed the button that acted as a doorbell.

and much like last time, he had to wait. And wait, and wait...

He pressed it again, and waited. and waited...

finally he got frustrated and walked towards the door, but it didn't open for him.

"Arghh.. Cynthia, override the lock on this door."

"Okay Uncie Kylin!"

Tridus shook his head and walked in the now opening door, he would really have to reprogram Cynthia to stop calling him that. Looking around the room, he saw SM laying on the bed.





Tridus walked over and poked SM in the ribs, getting a very satisfying grunt.

"Thats better!"

"What is it Tridus?"

"Alright...the basic situation is this. Some crackpot is playing a game with us, and has planted a very powerful bomb, well a nuclear bomb actually, somewhere in Irvine. Apparently there is clues scattered about that would let us find it. It'll go off on Monday or something if we don't find it first. So we're going to go look for it, and I figure you can be of help."

SM looked at the door, then back at Tridus. "They... they're letting me out?"

"Technically? No. They think your crazy or something... I just think you need to get out of this dungeon into the real world doing something useful and then you'll feel better. Besides, although they won't admit it, I'd be willing to bet your the best one on the ship when it comes to this sort of investigating type stuff. Lord knows if its not on the Internet I can't find it without a map."

Sashie chimed in. "You can't find things with a map either daddy!" Both her and Cynthia giggled at that, drawing a perplexed look from SM who had no idea where the second set of laughter was coming from.

"Alright you two, very funny..." Tridus couldn't help but crack a smile, it was pretty accurate. "So SM... I'm asking for help because of the stakes involved here, and offering you a way to get out of this prison to do it. You'll need to keep your movements hidden from the rest of the group though, they don't know I'm doing this." Tridus raised the small black device he had taken earlier from his room and held it up in front of SM.

"This is a site to site transport programmer. You can use it to tell the ship to beam yourself on and off the ship so you can do what you need to without having to ask the bridge to beam you off. If you want to help, its yours."

Tridus held it out for SM, and waited...

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Subject: (Post Box Storee) Passing the Test
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-04-27 00:00:00

Passing the Test

Tridus stood in front of SM_007, holding the small black device out. SM_007 looked at it, back at Tridus, then back at the device, before picking it up and looking it over in his hand. Tridus nodded and then smiled.

"You just attach it to your arm. It should stick," Tridus confirmed. "Like I said, you'll need to be stealthy. Then again, you shouldn't have too much trouble with that. Heh."

SM_007 looked up at the smiling Tridus.

"Okay, thanks. I'll see what I can do," SM_007 quietly said, almost beginning to crack a little smile. He looked up at Tridus, who turned around and began to head out of SM_007's quarters. Tridus turned around before leaving the room, and looked back at SM_007, who seemed to be thinking while staring at his new armband.

"For the record, you seem to be doing a little better," Tridus said, smiling.

"Yeah. I was getting a little sick for a while. I think I have it under control now, though. And...thanks for all of your help, Tridus. I appreciate it." SM_007 wanted to confide in Tridus and let him know of the war raging inside of him, and the darkness which was beginning to consume him, even if he now had a handle on it. But he knew that Tridus' reaction might be less than what he would want. In fact, Tridus has already dealt with evahl enough to have him troubled by this new problem now. SM_007 silently vowed to deal with this himself.

"No problem, SM. I'll talk to you later," Tridus said as the door slid shut behind him, and the room became a little darker. SM_007 went back and sat at the end of his bed, and thought what he'd do first to find this bomb. If it were a real person, he could reach out with his emotions, and...no, no, he can't do that. It's a bomb. He can't sense it. And why should he take the risk of using his powers again? SM_007 sighed. He'd have to remember his training and do this the old-fashioned way. But he could do it.

Virtue Mine Honour

Subject: (POST BOX STOREE) The Simplest of Solutions
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-04-28 00:00:00

The Simplest of Solutions

[USS Riptide bridge.]

(BandWidth leaned back in his captain's chair, and waited. Finally, a voice spoke up over the intercom.)

Tridus: Alright, we should be ready to go now, sir!

BandWidth: Great! RStefan01, if you may...

(RStefan01 nodded and turned towards a control panel. A bird's eye view of Irvine appeared on the viewingscreen.)

BandWidth: Excellent! Now, are the scanners working properly?

RStefan01: Yes. They are functioning at full capacity, as well.

(BandWidth smiled.)

BandWidth: Okay, then! Scan for thermonuclear radiation.

(RStefan01 nodded, and once again turned around and faced the control panel. After several seconds, he turned back towards BandWidth.)

RStefan01: There is a faint signal, just underneath Blizzard's building.

(BandWidth jumped to his feet.)

BandWidth: That oughta teach her! Okay, let's get ready to transport down, then.

(BandWidth walked briskly off of the bridge, followed by RStefan01 and Edge.)

[SM_007's quarters.]

(rRaminrodt approached the door to the room. He pressed the button, and there was no response.)

rRaminrodt: Odd. Maybe he really is getting isolated and weird.

(rRaminrodt pressed the button again, and still, no response.)

rRaminrodt: Computer, locate SM_007.

(The voice of a little french girl responded.)

Cynthia: SM_007 is not onboard the Riptide, Uncle rRammy!

(rRaminrodt frowned, and then spoke into the air.)

rRaminrodt: Tridus, SM_007 isn't on the ship!

(A voice replied over the PA system.)

Tridus: Oh. That's. Odd.

rRaminrodt: We're the only ones on the ship! We could be in danger! Hell, the team could be in danger!

Tridus: Well, I'm sure that he--

rRaminrodt: We can't take any chances. You stay up here and watch over the ship. I'm going to go down.

Tridus: Um, negative, let me search for him.

rRaminrodt: No need! I can configure a scanner to search out his lifesigns. I'll warn the team and we'll all look for him.

(Tridus sighed over the PA system.)

Tridus: Okay, go. I'll remain here.

rRaminrodt: Got it. Over and out.

[USS Riptide engineering bay.]

(As soon as the chatting had ended, Tridus looked at Sashie.)

Tridus: Like hell I'm gonna stay here. We'll go down and find SM_007 first.

Sashie: Yay! Like a game!

(Tridus smiled.)

Tridus: Sure. But we have to find SM and get him back in his room without anyone seeing us.

Sashie: Hehe, no problem, daddy!

(Tridus picked Sashie up, still smiling.)

Tridus: I hope so.

[In an ally beside Blizzard HQ.]

(SM_007 leaned against the wall, and sighed. He appeared to be holding something in his hand, but nothing was there.)

SM_007: Damn this is cloaked. And tiny. Ugh, this might take a while. I'll bring it back to Tri--

(Two figures approached from behind SM_007. He turned around and saw who they were.)

GFraizer: Hey! What are you doing here, you?!

TPark: Don't waste time! He's probably another CWALer! Get him before he runs off!

(GFraizer and TPark charge at SM_007.)

SM_007: No, wait, I have a bomb in my hand!

(They look at his cupped hands, nothing in them. They laugh and pummel him.)

SM_007: Let me up, you goons! You have to believe me! It's a bomb!

GFraizer: He's nuts. He must be a CWALer.

(TPark and GFraizer laugh as they drag SM_007 into Blizzard HQ.)

SM_007: No, dammit! You don't understand! No one else will find it!

(The front door to Blizzard HQ slams shut as SM_007 is brought inside.)

To be continued! Hopefully, by someone ELSE!

Virtue Mine Honour

Subject: (Storyverse Story) 'Get off my bridge!'
Author: Psycho Sam!
Date: 2000-04-29 00:00:00

*Once again, the Riptide community was searching for a bomb. It seems that most strange occurences around here seem to begin by searching for a bomb, but maybe that's just a coincidence. Wandering around, seemingly randomly, in the bowels of the Bird of Prey that was the new Riptide headquarters was Psycho Sam!, looking somewhat annoyed.*

Sam- Dagnabbit, BandWidth promised me use of the ship, and now he's going back on his promis for what? A bomb threat? There'll be plenty of those to keep them busy... Why did they have to take interest in this one? Dammit, I'm gonna go talk to BandWidth about this. He's gonna get a peice of my mind, I tell you what...

*On the Bridge, BandWidth is using the ships computer to try and locate the bomb when a light ligts up on his command console. He presses a button and Edge appears on the viewscreen.*

BandWidth- Any luck on finding that bomb?

Edge- No, but we did find a key with a note attached to it.

BandWidth- What does the note say?

Edge- It just says "Clock Tower- Diamond Key". We're not yet sure what it means.

BandWidth- Hmm, anything else?

Edge- In one of the buildings, we found a very heavy metal door with a card key reader. I've got some people looking for the card key to go with it.

BandWidth- Hmm, this is starting to sound like a very complicated puzzle... I hope we can solve it in time.

Edge- You and me both. Edge out.

*The screen went blank just as Psycho Sam! walked onto the bridge*

Sam- OK BandWidth, we've got to talk!

BandWidth- Dammit, I don't have time for this Sam. Either help us find the bomb, or leave me alone. It's your choice, but...

Sam- You promised me that if I held the ninjas off, you would let me use your ship. Now, either you let me use the ship, or i'll make you let me use the ship!

BandWidth- That sounded like a threat. Threatening the president is against the law. I think I'll have to send you to the brig. *BandWidth began to smile*

Sam- Not this time BandWidth! I knew you wouldn't let me use the ship right away, so I sent a message to my lab before I came up here. At this moment, I have Crazy Lou flying above the city in a helicopter ready to dump a large amount of the 'Z' virus into the cities water supply. IF you don't let me use the ship, I'll make him push the button. And to show that I'm serious, I've already released the virus. If you want the anti-virus, you'll HAVE to let me use the ship!

BandWidth- What??? You're insane! Get off my bridge! *BandWidth quickly turns on the viewscreen. On the screen is Tridus, who seems to be working on Sashie*

BandWidth- Tridus, we have a situation here. Psycho Sam! has released the 'Z' virus into the towns water supply. We need to do something about it quickly! Do you still have that cd with the antidote on it?

Tridus- My god! He's insane! A couple of days ago, Sam asked if he could borrow it for the recepe on it. I had no idea he had this planned. We've got to do something about this, before the virus infects anyone.

BandWidth- Well, keep looking for the bomb. There's no point in saving the people of Irvine if they're going to blow up anyway. I'll get someone else to get the antivirus. Send RStefan01 back here immediately.

Tridus- Sure thing. Oh, and I found a key. The note attached to this one says "Clock Tower- Ruby Key". I assume Edge told you about the diamond one, right?

BandWidth- Yes. Get going on that bomb.

*BandWidth pressed a button and the viewscreen went blank. RStefan01 walked onto the bridge carrying Psycho Sam!*

Sam- You're going to regret this! BandWidth said I was not to be on his bridge! He's going to be mad at you!

RStefan01- BandWidth, Do you want me to take Sam here down to the brig for questioning?

BandWidth- Yes, make sure he cracks. We might have to leave him in there. We don't want him doing somehting like this again.

RStefan01- Yes sir.

*RStefan01 carries Psycho Sam! off the bridge, but on the way to the brig, a cloud of smoke appears, and when it was cleared, RStefan01 noticed that he was holding a broom with a plaid shirt wrapped around it, not a stick figure. RStefan01 walked to the closest intercom*

RStefan01- We have a problem Mr. President. Psycho Sam! has escaped.


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Subject: (storytime kiddies) 'Damnit Sashie, I'm a technician, not a search dog!'
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-04-29 00:00:00

(note: This picks up with the revised version of Psycho Sam's story after a bit of confusion, so Tri is out searching for SM right now)

Sitting on a bench in Irvine, California, Tridus sighed and looked around. He didn't like this area, for a lot of reasons... for starters, it was all concrete. Concrete looks really lousy, and is just horrible on the feet when your wearing outdoor boots meant for walking around the rugged winter terrain of Northern Quebec. The people weren't very friendly... sure, they didn't shoot you when you walked by like was the American stereotype, but they weren't eager to be helpful either. The city was so damn huge, he had no idea of where to look... then sun was too hot for someone so used to living in a cold climate.

He figured that the problem of having no idea where to search was the source of his bad mood right now though. Try as they might, he and Sashie had no idea how to look for a person in a city. A campsite in a forest, maybe. A place to fish, possibly. Area to run fibre optic lines, you bet! But this... well this was borderline hopeless.

"Sashie... what do we know about where he's been?"

"He beamed from the ship into that one neat building on the other side of town."


"Thats all we know daddy."


"Sashie, I want to talk to Cynthia."

"She's on the ship daddy."

"I know that sweetie." Tridus takes out his phone and hooks it up to his laptop. "Call her."


After a moment, the transmission lights go into a steady rhythem.

"Cynthia, do you know of any distinguishing characteristic of SM_007 that your sensors could pick up in this city?"

"Sorry uncie Kylin, I don't know very much about uncie SM, so I can't really tell you."

"*sigh* Alright... well then can you scan for the site-to-site transport activator I gave him?"

"Yes uncie Kylin."

Tridus reminded himself again to reprogram the computer to stop calling him that. "Ok, do it, and give Sashie a map of how to get there from here."

"Ok uncie Kylin... done. Sashie I wanna come play too!"

"Thank you Cynthia, you can play later." Tridus pressed "End" on the phone and the call terminated. He then put away the phone and went to looking at the map, which was fairly straightforward.

Getting up, and cursing his sore feet, he walked along the sidewalks of Irvine following the map being displayed on Sashie, which drew more then a few odd looks from passersby.

After about twenty-three minutes of walking, he stopped in an alley and looked around. Sure enough, sitting on the ground, was the transport activator... with no sign of SM.

Tridus picked it up and sighed. Well, at least he knew that at some point SM had been here.

"Next time, I'm getting a GPS Tracking Implant put into anybody I let leave the ship." Tridus declared to nobody in particular.

"Now what daddy?" Sashie asked.

"I don't know..." was the only answer he had for his daughter at this point.

If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you... - Martina McBride

Subject: (Post Box Storee) The Great Escape
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-04-30 00:00:00

The Great Escape

[Blizzard HQ.]

(TPark and GFraizer brought SM_007 into an empty office, and began tying him to a wooden chair with some old rope.)

TPark: Now, who are you? What's your name?

GFraizer: Yeah! Tell us everything you know! Are you with CWAL?

(SM_007 looked up at GFraizer, coldly. He didn't feel to be in danger. Not with these two buffons.)

SM_007: No.

GFraizer: Liar!

(GFraizer slapped SM_007 accross the face. SM_007 felt the rage brewing inside of him.)

SM_007: Just let me go.

TPark: Ha! Why should we do that? You were sneaking around in our alley, and we wanna know why, mister!

SM_007: I am here for a higher purpse. Let me go and I'll be saving your lives.

(TPark and GFraizer laughed.)

GFraizer: Yeah, whatever. If that's true, tell us why.

(SM_007 just stared straight ahead.)

TPark: I'm gonna get a coke. C'mon, let's let this guy sit here for a while and think about talkin' to us.

(GFraizer and TPark left the room, slamming the door shut behind them.)

SM_007: Idiots. Damn idiots.

(SM_007 closed his eyes and concentrated. Because of them, he was left with no other choice.)

[Outside of Blizzard HQ.]

(Tridus walked back and forth in the alley, thinking aloud.)

Tridus: Can't track SM_007, but he must have been near the bomb if he was out here at all. Damn, what can I do?

(Tridus began to stroll out of the alley and back onto the street, when he saw three transporter beams at the corner.)

Tridus: Crap!

(Tridus jumped back in the alley.)

Tridus: I guess I'll have to speed this search up. Wait...I wonder...

(Tridus quickly ran around to the front of Blizzard HQ, opened the door, and went inside.)

[Down the street from Blizzard HQ.]

(BandWidth, Edge and RStefan01 had just beamed down, and were walking towards the building.)

Edge: So, our scanners show that the bomb was under the building. Should we just check the sewers?

BandWidth: Well, it's either there or it's in Blizzard's basement. Getting into the basement wouldn't be so easy.

RStefan01: If need be, I can go into the basement alone. It may be too risky for you two.

BandWidth: Nuts to that! We stick together!

(rRaminrodt, huffing and puffing, ran up to the Riptide crew.)

Edge: rRaminrodt! Why aren't you on the ship? What's going on?

rRaminrodt: It's SM_007! He's...not on the ship. He must be down here somewhere!

(BandWidth's eyes went wide.)

BandWidth: We don't have time for this stuff! Dammit, why does he do this?

rRaminrodt: I don't know, but we need to find that bomb before he does whatever he is planning on doing!

BandWidth: Agreed. Who is on the ship right now?

rRaminrodt: Tridus is going to look after it.

BandWidth: Okay, he should be good, at least for a little while. C'mon, let's go to Blizzard HQ!

(The four men began running down the street.)

[Blizzard HQ office.]

(GFraizer and TPark slowly opened the door, and walked in the office. As they did so, they noticed that SM_007 was standing in front of them, grinning.)

GFraizer: Oh, look! The boy scout got out of his--

(SM_007 lifted an arm, and sent GFraizer flying out of the room with a single thought. GFraizer crashed into an opposite wall, unconscious.)

TPark: What the hell is--?

(TPark was interrupted by SM_007 leaping into the air and coming down hard against TPark's neck with a swift kick. TPark gagged and fell to the ground.)

SM_007: Now, if you'll excuse me...

(SM_007 began walking out of the room when TPark grabbed his ankle. SM_007 looked down.)

SM_007: No.

[Blizzard HQ lobby.]

(Tridus walked in, looking around. A secretary ran up to greet him.)

Secretary: Hi, sir. Um, may I help you with something?

Tridus: Yes, I was wondering if your people saw a certain person I am looking for.

Secretary: Sorry, no. No one has come in today.

(Tridus held up Sashie's screen, a picture of SM_007 on it.)

Tridus: Are you sure you haven't seen this man?

(The secretary took a step back, as if suprised, and then took a step back and shook her head.)

Secretary: No, no, sorry. No, I haven't seen that man. Sorry. Good day...

(As the secretary began walking away, Tridus noticed several riot guards running down a hallway behind her desk. He could hear screaming coming from the other end of the hallway. Tridus caught up with the secretary, who was walking away.)

Tridus: What's going on over there?

Secretary: Oh, um, nothing. You have to evacuate the building now, please.

(Tridus shrugged and began backing out slowly.)

Tridus: Guess there's nothing we can do right now, Sashie...

(As Tridus was getting close to the door, he noticed a guard fly out of the hallway, SM_007 on top of him. SM_007 was bearing his teeth in anger, almost fomaing at the mouth, as he pummled the man relentlessly.)

Tridus: SM!

(SM_007 snapped out of his rage and looked up to see Tridus at the other end of the lobby.)

SM_007: Tridus! The bomb! We have to--

(SM_007 was tackled by several guards, who piled up on his back.)

SM_007: Mmph! No, dammit!

(Tridus began to run over to help SM_007, when suddenly SM_007 leaped upwards, even with the wait on his back, and forced the guards to crash into the ceiling and tumble back down to the earth. Tridus observed in shock.)

Tridus: Oh no. Don't tell me this is possible...

(Tridus ran over to SM_007, who was getting to his feet.)

Tridus: SM! How the hell did you manage that? I thought you lost your--

SM_007: There's no time for that now! We need to find the bomb!

(SM_007 dashed out the door to Blizzard HQ, followed by Tridus.)

[Outside of Blizzard HQ.]

(BandWidth, rRaminrodt, RStefan01 and Edge approached the alley.)

BandWidth: Okay, me and Edge will go into the alley and find a manhole. RStefan01, you and rRaminrdot will--

(Tridus and SM_007 came running out the door. The team looked on in shock.)

Tridus: Oh, right. SM, I meant to tell you that the crew...

BandWidth: What the hell is going on here?

(Tridus sighed.)

Tridus: I am not gonna lie. I let SM_007 off because he can help find the bomb, and--

SM_007: Dammit, I don't have timed for this!

(SM_007 flipped into the air, over the team, and landed in front of the alley. He ran dashed inside at a high speed, followed by the others.)

SM_007: It should be right...

(SM_007 reached down, felt around, and then picked up something no one could see.)

SM_007: Here!

(He held out his hands to the other members.)

SM_007: Here's the bomb!

(Everyone blinked.)

SM_007: It's cloaked. Trust me, this is it. We'll get it on the ship and difuse it. If worse comes to worse, we'll blast it into the sun.

(BandWidth smiled.)

BandWidth: Good job, SM. Sorry for doubting--

SM_007: There's no time! Get this onto the ship!

BandWidth: Sure.

(BandWidth looked up towards the sky, ready to speak, then looked back at the others.)

BandWidth: Wait, who do I hail? Who is left on the ship.

(Everyone looked at each other.)

Tridus: Just ask Cynthia to beam us up. She'll do it.

BandWidth: Got it.

(BandWidth looked up and spoke.)

BandWidth: Computer, beam us all up, please!

(There was no response.)

Tridus: That's odd. Ask for Cynthia, then.

(BandWidth shrugged.)

BandWidth: Okay, Cynthia, please beam us up, then!

(There as no response, still. Nervous glances made the rounds.)

BandWidth: What the hell is happening up there?

[USS Riptide bridge.]

(Psycho Sam! sat in the captain's chair, and smiled.)

Psycho Sam!: Finally...I am getting a chance to pilot this thing! Mwa haw haw haw har har!

Cynthia: Let me contact the team! Please!

Psycho Sam!: No! I want to let them know I am in charge now! I want to see them sweat, and beg, yes beg me to let them back on my ship!

Cynthia: You're a weirdo!

Psycho Sam!: Tee hee hee!

To be continued!

Virtue Mine Honour

Subject: (Post box Story)I swear! It was all a big misunderstanding!
Author: Psycho Sam!
Date: 2000-04-30 00:00:00

*On the bridge of the USS Riptide, Psycho Sam! is sitting in the captains chair, laughing to himself. He decided that it was time to go and show the BandWidth what he had done. This time BandWidth would pay. He would learn his lesson about underestimating Psycho Sam! Once Sam had made up his mind about taking off, he realized that he had no clue how to fly the ship*

Psycho Sam!- Computer! How do I take off?

Cynthia- My name's Cynthia, and I don't like you.

Sam- Fine, I've had plenty of computers that don't like me. Just take off.

Cynthia- No. Uncie BandWidth told me not to listen to you.

Sam- Fine, cna I talk to the klingon computer? Maybe it'll be more cooperative. Aww, never mind.

*Sam takes a small cellular phone out of his pocket and calls his lab*

Sam*into the phone*- Lou? HI, it's Sam. Yeah, I'm fine, you? That's great. Say, could you bring Pal up here? He doesn't want to come? Well, make him come, I don't like talking to this ships computer. What do you mean Pal's integrated into the labs systems? Can't you back him up or something? See, if you just sit and think about these things, a olution iss bound to pop up. And bring PsychoBot2 with you. Oh, and Fabuloso too. I don't care if he's starting to rot and stink, just bring him up here! OK, Bye. *hangs up*

Sam- Geeze... It's so hard to find good help these days.

*About 5 minutes later, Crazy Lou walks onto the bridge carrying a large computer system. He then proceeds to hook it into the main computer terminal*

Sam- OK Pal, how are you doing?

Pal- I'm feeling horribly wretched today, why did you hook me up to this other computer? She's so terribly cheerful.

Sam- Hey Cynthia, you still there?

Cynthia- Yep, I'm here. Who's that mean computer that keeps talking to me? He's saying nasty words.

Sam- Never you mind. Why don't you take a nap whie Uncle Sam talks to the nasty computer. I'll see if I can talk him into being nicer. *grins*

Cynthia- Sorry, but I'm not supposed leave you alone.

Sam- Fine fine. Pal, do you have control of the system?

Pal- No I don't. Leave me alone for a while and I should be able to do something about it.

Sam- Good. Lou, you and me are going to get something to eat.


*Just outside Blizzard Headquarters, Tridus, rRaminrodt, BandWidth and Edge are standing around looking very worried*

BandWidth- Well that's just great. We've lost communication with the ship. What else could go wrong?

*As if acting on BandWidth's words, a couple of zombies stumbled their way down the street towards the group*

rRaminrodt- You had to ask, didn't you? Hey Tridus, can't we do somehting about that virus? Didn't you have the antidote on cd or something?

Tridus- Yeah, but Sam took it. He said that he wanted my pie recipe. I can't beleive that he tricked me like that. I never knew Sam could be that cunning. He must have been planning for this all along.

*In the mess hall of the USS Riptide, Psycho Sam! and Crazy Lou were sitting around a very klingon table, eating some pie*

Sam- Man, that's a great recipe. I'll have to thank Tridus for letting me borrow it. Say Lou, how do you think they're doing on that virus problem?

Lou- Umm, I don't think they've been able to do all that much about it. You do have tha anti-virus Sam.

Sam- What are you talking about. Tridus has it on cd.

Lou- But you borrowed that cd, remember? It's the one with the pie recipe on it.

Sam- Dagnabbit, I didn't actually mean for them not to be able to solve the problem. I just wanted them worried a bit. That's all. I'll have to give the cd back to Tridus. Yep, that's what we'll do. Come on Lou. Let's get that cd back to them.

*Sam picked up the cd with the wonderful pie recipe on it and, followed by Crazy Lou, he walked off the ship and towards Tridus*


The end? Nope. Someone else continue this.

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Subject: (Post Box Story Written Under Pressure Thanks to a Bomb Threat) Extreme Measures
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-05-01 00:00:00

Extreme Measures

[Outside of Blizzard HQ.]

(Psycho Sam! and Crazy Lou approached BandWidth, rRaminrodt, RStefan01, Edge, Tridus and SM_007.)

Psycho Sam!: Hey, guys!

BandWidth: Sam!. What the hell are you doing here?

Psycho Sam!: Hey, I'm only here to help you guys out.

BandWidth: That'd be a nice change. Someone has taken over our ship, and--

Psycho Sam!: I know. It was me.

(BandWidth became enraged.)

BandWidth: What the hell? Why would you do that?

(Psycho Sam! grinned.)

Psycho Sam!: I was just forcing you to keep your end of the agreement. You said I could borrow the ship.

BandWidth: You idiot! This bomb is going to go off any second!

(Psycho Sam! shrugged.)

Psycho Sam!: I don't really care about that. Aren't you concerned with the zombies?

BandWidth: What?

(Psycho Sam! pointed down the street, where a few undead humans were slowly stumbling their way towards the group.)

BandWidth: What the hell are those...things?

Psycho Sam!: Zombies! I made them with the z-virus! Want the antidote?

(BandWidth began walking menacingly towards Psycho Sam!.)

BandWidth: You self-centred freak! All you care about is your own schemes!

Psycho Sam!: Now, now, Bandy, if you hurt me you'll never get this cure...

(BandWidth motioned towards RStefan01, who ran up to SM_007, and grabbed at the disk in Psycho Sam!'s hands.)

Psycho Sam!: Hey! No fair! Lou, help!

(Lou didn't move as RStefan01 grabbed the disk easily and walked back to the crew.)

Psycho Sam!: Dammit! I was going to give that to you anyway! Just for your insolence, you're never going to get your ship back!

(Psycho Sam! and Crazy Lou immediately teleported away.)

BandWidth: No! Argh!

[USS Riptide bridge.]

(Psycho Sam! and Crazy Lou walked up to the captain's chair, where Fabuloso McWilly was sitting.)

Crazy Lou: Erm, why is he sitting in your chair?

Psycho Sam!: He's the replacement captain when I am away!

(Crazy Lou blinked.)

Crazy Lou: But he's dead.

Psycho Sam!: Oh, hogwash! Haven't you ever seen Weekend at Bernie's? Making Fabuloso the captain will lead to hilarious adventures and mishaps!

(Crazy Lou just shook his head and walked away.)

Psycho Sam!: Anyway, let's see if those guys can stop my zombies. Brouhaha! How goes your job, Pal?

Pal: Huh? What? What job?

(Psycho Sam! frowned.)

Psycho Sam!: You're supposed to be taking over this ship's computer, you idiot!

Pal: Oh, right. Um, it's going great, or something.

Cynthia: No it's not!

Pal: Quiet you!

(Psycho Sam! lowered his head in his arms and sighed.)

[Outside of Blizzard HQ.]

(The team was standing on the street, keeping a nervous eye on the zombies approaching nearby.)

BandWidth: I guess we'll just have to put this in the water supply to be sure.

RStefan01: I can take care of that. The plant is downtown. I cane make it in less than twenty minutes.

BandWidth: Really? That quick?

RStefan01: Affirmative.

BandWidth: Okay, then! Go to it!

(RStefan01 nodded, then smashed in the window of a nearby car. He unlocked the door from the inside, got in, and began hotwiring it. After a few seconds, he sped off.)

BandWidth: Oh. I get it now.

Tridus: What about the ship?

BandWidth: Well, we still don't have any ideas. You think Sam! is actually gonna let us die?

rRaminrodt: You can't trust a guy like that. He just might.

BandWidth: Then it's a chance we can't take. Are you guys sure there are no more options to consider?

(No one spoke for a minute or so, until finally SM_007 looked up at the crew.)

SM_007: There is one possibility. I can get the ship...I believe.

BandWidth: Explain how.

(SM_007 sighed, then took a deep breath.)

SM_007: I can use my...evahl...to force the ship to land.

(BandWidth was taken aback.)

BandWidth: Evahl? I thought you lost it! And an entire ship? Not even you could--

SM_007: I can get the ship if I try. But the risk is great.

(Edge walked up beside them.)

Edge: How so?

SM_007: Assuming that there is no neurological and mental damage from the evahl entering my mind once again to such a degree, the ship is much larger than anything I have attempted to handle in the past. I might become psychically weak, if not ill, for days, months, years...

BandWidth: Normally, I wouldn't okay this. But under the circumstances...

(SM_007 nodded and headed into the alley. He pearched himself on a dumpster and sat with his legs crossed and his eyes closed.)

Edge: What do we do now?

(rRaminrodt pointed a few feet away, where the zombies were quickly approaching the team.)

rRaminrodt: We keep our new friends at bay.

(Everyone stood guard in the alley, in front of SM_007, who was oblivious to what was going on.)

[USS Riptide bridge.]

(Psycho Sam! felt a presence near him, and he jumped to his feet.)

Psycho Sam!: Who's there?

Pal: What? What now?

Psycho Sam!: Do you feel that?

Pal: Feel what?

(Psycho Sam! didn't respond. A familier voice spoke directly into his mind.)

SM_007: Psycho Sam!, I am taking back the USS Riptide. Surrender now.

(Psycho Sam! screamed aloud.)

Psycho Sam!: Where are you? How are you speaking to me?

Cynthia: Who are you talking to?

(Psycho Sam! ignored her, focusing on the person in his mind.)

SM_007: This is your last warning, Psycho Sam!.

Psycho Sam!: No! This ship is mine! Fair is fair! Leave me alone!

(Psycho Sam! kicked PsychoBot2 accross the room. The voice stopped.)

Pal: What was that all about?

Psycho Sam!: Never you mind that. Get Cynthia under your control.

Pal: Yeah, yeah. I'm wokin' on it. She has a good security system to work through.

Cynthia: Ha! See! You aren't getting control of me, mister!

(Psycho Sam! sat down, ignoring the bickering of the dueling computers.)

[Alley beside Blizzard HQ.]

(rRaminrodt, Edge and BandWidth kept the zombies at bay, knocking them down as they got back up. Down the street, more were coming.)

Edge: Hey, these zombies don't quit! There are more coming, too!

rRaminrodt: There's no problem, but it'd be nice if SM hurried up already!

(Tridus, who was beside SM_007, looked up at the man who wasn't in his body.)

Tridus: I think he's going as fast as he can, guys.

(Just then, the sky became dark as a large ship uncloaked, blocking the sun for several blocks and streets. It headed towards an open field.)

Tridus: There we go.

(SM_007 opened his eyes and Tridus smiled.)

Tridus: You did it.

(SM_007 said nothing. He waved his hand in the direction the ship was heading.)

[USS Riptide bridge.]

Pal: Um, hey, I just noticed that we're uncloaked and heading to land in an open field over there.

Psycho Sam!: What? What did you do, you moron?

Pal: I didn't do anything, so calm down already. I've lost control of the ship.

Psycho Sam!: Dammit! It must be Cynthia!

Cynthia: No...it's not me. Odd. Are you sure it's not Pal?

Pal: Ha! We all know it's you, Cynthia! Stop lying!

Cynthia: You're the liar!

Pal: No, you are!

Cynthia: No, you are!

Pal: No, you are!

Cynthia: No, you--

Psycho Sam!: Shut up, the both of you! It's SM_007! He told me he was taking the ship back.

Crazy Lou: How is that possible?

Psycho Sam!: I don't know, but we have to escape, right now.

Crazy Lou: How? The only way off is the ramp, and they'll be waiting for us!

Psycho Sam!: I'll teleport us to my lab. Grab Fabuloso and PsychoBot2, quick!

(Crazy Lou nodded as he ran to the other side of the bridge.)

Pal: What about me?

Psycho Sam!: Ah, screw you. You've caused me enough trouble.

Pal: You can't just leave me here!

Psycho Sam!: I can and will.

Cynthia: No! Don't leave him here with me!

Pal: Oh, shut up.

Cynthia: No, you shut up!

Pal: No, you!

Cynthia: No, you!

Pal: No--

Psycho Sam!: Good riddance.

(Psycho Sam! ran off the bridge, followed by Crazy Lou, carrying PsychoBot2 and Fabuloso McWilly's carcass.)

[An open field.]

(The ship landed and the ramp opened as the crew ran towards it, still some odd metres away.)

Tridus: Are you okay, SM?

(SM_007 said nothing in return. He looked ill.)

Tridus: Dammit, I am not going through this again!

(SM_007 looked over towards Tridus.)

SM_007: Perhaps it would be better if I was confined to quarters for the time being.

(Tridus frowned.)

Tridus: Alright.

(The team ran up the ramp, and quickly made their way to the bridge.)

BandWidth: Where's Psycho Sam!, Cynthia? I want a piece of him!

Pal: The backstabber left!

BandWidth: What the...?

Pal: Hi, I'm Pal. I hate my life.

Cynthia: Please unhook this guy. He's driving me crazy.

(Tridus rolled his eyes.)

Tridus: The work never stops for me, does it?

Edge: So, where did Psycho Sam! go, um, Pal?

Pal: He went back to his lab. You're not in any danger anymore.

Tridus: Cynthia, where's RStefan01, do you know?

Cynthia: Yip! He's pretty easy to find. He's at the water plant right now.

(BandWidth grinned.)

BandWidth: When he leaves the building, beam him up. It looks like things should be okay after all.

(Everyone smiled, except for rRaminrodt.)

rRaminrodt: You forgot something.

(Everyone looked over at rRaminrodt, who pointed to the bomb in BandWidth's hand.)

BandWidth: Oh, shoot! The bomb!

(BandWidth tossed it to Edge.)

BandWidth: Put this in the torpedo bay. I have an idea.

(Edge ran off towards the bowels of the ship.)

Tridus: What's your idea?

BandWidth: We might just have a little present for that old hag. Set a course for the origin of her orginal message, Cynthia.

Cynthia: Who?

(BandWidth shrugged.)

BandWidth: I don't know her name. You know, the women who got us involved in her little game of cat and mouse?

Cynthia: Oh, I get it.

(A voice came over the intercom.)

RStefan01: I was just beamed up. I am heading to the bridge. The water has been purified.

BandWidth: Excellent. I--

(Anoter voice spoke over the intercom.)

Edge: The bomb is loaded into a photon torpedo. Anything else while I'm down here?

(BandWidth smiled ear to ear.)

BandWidth: Nope. Everything is going right...for a change.

(As BandWidth said that, a dazed SM_007 stumbled off of the bridge and began walking to his quarters.)


Changes by this storee:
The water has been supplied with the z-virus antidote. The zombies will be gone sooner or later. Psycho Sam!, Crazy Lou, PsychoBot2 and the dead body of Fabuloso McWilly have returned to Sam!'s laboratory in the swamp. Pal was left on the ship for the crew to mess around with. SM_007 has some issues, but what that entails isn't clear yet. And finally, the ship is back in the hands of Riptide and they are heading towards a certain old b*tch so they can pay her a little visit with a toy of hers. >:)

Virtue Mine Honour

Subject: (Yes so soon, I was inspired [postbox]) Quieter than a Threat
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-05-01 00:00:00

Quieter than a Threat

=A dark alley in Washington DC=

An unhappy looking man with a hawk like face walked down the alley toward the other person. A sickly looking fellow who appeared quite nervous.

The second man spoke, "The weather this morning bothered me."

The first replied, "I eat breakfast in the morning."

"What do you put on your toast?"

"Marmalade," the first man said.

"Okay then, this is for you." He handed the first man a piece of folded paper and walked briskly away.

The first man read the paper over carefully, it had an address on it and the number 5 circled below it. The hawk faced man smiled.

=The USS Riptide bridge. =

Bandwidth grinned, "Okay men. Lets show her what this ship can do."

RStefan01 began the firing sequence as Tridus creeped off the bridge following SM who had just left.

"Torpedo or bomb rather… away."

BandWidth sat down in the captains chair self satisfied and smiling as the other crewmembers basked happily in the feeling of accomplishment."

Suddenly, at the same time Cynthia chirped and Pal moaned, "Hailing frequency's detected."

Bandwith punched a button on his chair's console.

A woman's voice filled the speakers, "Oh, how trite of you to send it back to me. You could have at least disarmed it or exploded it in space. Well at least this saves me the effort of building another one someday."

Bandwidth gritted his teeth, "What DO you want with us?"

You could almost hear her smiling over the speakers, "Not much. You'll figure it out eventually, it's just a part of the game." She giggled, "I'll be talking to you later. Ta ta."

"That lady isn't nice," Cynthia sounded scared.

Pal warbled, "I hate my life. I don't want to die here."

Bandwith gripped the sides of his chair so tightly that his knuckles were white. "Get that damn computer unhooked. And somebody get Tridus and SM if he's feeling well enough. Its time for a conference."

=A dark building =

The hawk faced man stepped into the dirty room. Immediately he saw his contact sitting behind a table and the bull necked goon behind him, that man's protection. Dressed in a fine suit the seated man was smoking and had a drink on the table.

He spoke, "Ah-ha. Agent Marmalade, nice to see you arrived on time. I wasn't so sure about the man I entrusted the note to, it's so very hard to find good people these days."

The hawk faced man, identified as Marmalade, merely straightened his jacket, "I wouldn't know about that. I usually work alone."

"Yes yes. I know. I know you want to get down to business. Did you see the priority number?"

"Yes, number five, did you catch something?"

"No, not that good. But our tracking systems keep seeing this blip appear and disappear over California. But that’s not all, there's something else in high orbit, some kind of stealth design so we can't actually say what it is but its defiantly there."

"You said California?"

"Correct, most recently above Irvine."

Marmalade frowned strongly.

Which made the seated man smile. "No. It's not those CWAL people. We have piles of data on them and it doesn’t match their profile."

"How can you predict a random element? Explain that to me senator."

"They aren't as random as they think. But that’s not the issue here. We let those people deal with the game companies so we don't have to, and they stay in their place. This is new. So… are you going to investigate?"

Marmalade remained silent.

The senator fidgeted, "Or would you rather I sent this along to Majestic or another one of our groups. I don't HAVE to pander to you."

Marmalade put his fingers to his chin, "And you get paid by my people. We could simply come down here and take what we want by force. But that wouldn't be very nice."

"Don't threaten me. You know what our capabilities really are. We aren't as naive as when you arrived."

"Since you seem so keen on the idea that I go: I will. This doesn’t mean anything is going to come out of it."

"Good. Give me a call when you arrive. I'll channel you an account to use," he grinned. Have a fun trip."

=SM's room on the ship =

Tridus poured a glass of water from the klingon dispenser and handed it to him. SM drank weakly and laid back down on his bed. Tridus sat down in a nearby chair.

"How are you feeling?"

"A tad bit better." He paused, "But that doesn't mean anything for the next minute."

"What did you do? I thought you lost…"

"I let the… evahl… I really don't want to talk about it right now."

"Ok," Tridus tried to sound encouraging. "If you need anything, you know who to call…"

Someone started banging on the door. Tridus opened it, and Edge stood there.

"That woman is threatening us again. Bandwith wants a conference. How is SM felling?"

"Not well enough to go to a conference." Tridus stepped out of the room and closed the door; he began walking toward the bridge. Edge glanced sidelong at Tridus as he walked away and then at SM's door. He quickly hit the lock button and then strode away, to catch up to Tridus.

Some mysterious agent type is travelling to investigate the USS Riptide and other odd happenings. The woman wasn't even scratched by the bomb and is now taunting the Riptiders. SM still feels kind of sick after using the evahl.

And no this character is not nearly as confusing as the Searcher :)

Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: UPS - Moving at the speed of your twisted manacial games!
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-05-03 00:00:00

Tridus sat in the meeting, not paying even the slightest attention. These meetings were so boring, especially with more important things going on...

'blah blah blah' Tridus thought as someone was speaking, he didn't really know who. 'maybe I can get Sashie to conjure up some kind of execuse so we can get out of here... yeah... maybe a flood or a packet storm or a hacker or something... anything! I mean if I have to listen to this...'

His train of thought, as well as the meeting, were interrupted by Cynthia chiming in.

"Excuse me uncie BandWidth. Sorry to interrupt, but there is brown van parked outside the ship, with a person holding a box outside of it looking for a way in. I think its a UPS delivery person."

"I'll get it!" Tridus said while picking up Sashie and running out the door. In fact, he was out the door before anyone else could even respond.

After he had cleared the door by about fifteen feet, Tridus slowed down to a walk and headed for the transporter room.

"*yawn* Daddy, whats going on?" Sashie asked. She had fallen asleep during the meeting, and Tridus surmised the jostling of him running had woken her back up.

"Just picking up a delivery sweetie."


Tridus walked into the transporter room, and after a few seconds and some shimmering, they were standing outside the ship not ten feet from the very surprised UPS delivery guy.

"umm.." he stammered. "Is this Riptide?"

"Yeppers." Tridus responded cheerfully. "Whatcha got?"

"Just one package for a SM_007."

"Oh, well he's busy right now, I'll sign for it."

"Ok." The UPS guy handed Tridus the digital pad, which he quickly signed and returned. After that Tridus was handed the box, and a few seconds later he shimmered and disappeared again. The UPS guy just looked on in shock for a moment, then rubbed his eyes, shook his head, got back in his van, and sped away.

Back on the ship, Tridus looked at the package. Just big eough to be a set of computer parts... it was hard to resist not opening it. "Cynthia, scan this package for explosives, poisons, gases, and other nasty traps."

"Scanning... nothing found uncie Kylin."

Tridus sighed. He had to remember somehow to reprogram her to stop calling him that.

After that thought had passed, he quickly walked to SM_007's room which served as a psuedo dungeon. Of course, his door was still locked, it virtually always was.

Tridus sighed at that. This wasn't really fair to him... There was better ways of keeping tabs on him without putting him in a virtual prison... with that thought, he pressed what passed for a doorbell button.

"Come in." came from inside.

Tridus pushed the unlock button and walked in.

SM was lying on his bed looking up at the ceiling again. Tridus hated seeing him like that.


"Oh... hi. I thought you had a meeting?"

"Yeah, but it was boring and I was saved by a delivery. Here." Tridus walked over and handed SM the package.

"I scanned it to make sure it was clean of booby traps, it is. I didn't look at what was inside though."


"Well, I'll be seeing ya then..." Tridus walked out and back to his room, wondering just what was in that box.

SM opened the box and looked inside, wondering why someone would send him a package here. Inside it was most strange, there was a file folder full of photographs, another one with documents, a videotape, and a sealed envelope.

SM opened the envelope first and read it quickly. The contents did not bring a smile to his lips.

To: Agent 007
Mr. 007,

Recent events have enabled me to track you down and confirm your identity. I regret that I have to inform you of some very grim news indeed.

As you may already be aware, several years ago a secret Government of Canada project was running in the far north to create new weapons and missile defenses. What you may not be aware of is the methods used to conduct several of the experiments.

The scientists at this facility were twisted, warped by their insane goals. When new technology was developed and they didn't feel it was safe to test it themselves, they used involuntary subjects obtained by any means they could, including low ranking millitary personnel who weren't told of the dangers, taking people off the streets of major cities under the guise of helping with research for money, and in some cases, outright kidnapping.

Many of their subjects suffered severe mental trauma, and several did not survive. Peridocially the subjects who had suffered too much damage to be useful were simply thrown out into the Artic days to fend for themselves. None survived.

From what I understand, your memory has been damaged, so you may not remember events of the time. But your entire family was brought there and they were all used in this way. You disappeared from there at one point shortly before the facilities destruction, and we assumed you had been killed by them as well, however shortly after the bases destruction in the south. Recent information indicates the villain known as "Albatross" from the future captured you and conditioned you during that time so that if necessary he could use you in his schemes, as he tried to do recently.

I understand this may be very difficult for you to understand because of the damage done to your memory by the experiments and then again by Albatross, so I have enclosed documents, photographs, and a surveillence film from the facility around that time which will verify what I have said.

Because of the need for secrecy in this matter against the Government of Canada, I cannot tell you my identity. I am only giving you this information so that you can know the truth, and see justice done as you see fit. Knowing your skills, you will be able to contact me if you need to. If you do so, please do it discreetly, of course.

Fair thee well, Agent 007.

- Anonymous

SM looked at the note... icy professional calm overtook him as he examined the documents and photographs... he noted he didn't have a VCR handy to play the tape in though... after looking it all over, he repacked it all in the box and looked at it...

From her command throne on the bridge of her cloaked warship in orbit, Tatiana was busying herself with brushing her long flaming red hair and watching the one known as SM_007 on the viewscreen. She silently thanked the gods that the Riptiders hadn't learned how to block her ships adaptive sensors yet, indeed watching the Riptideres was the most fun she had experienced in a long time.

Idly pondering how to taunt BandWidth again when she next hailed him, she hoped that SM would take the bait of the story she had prepared for him... how much would he believe? what would he do? Would he suspect her?

Watching the viewscreen, such questions and how the people below reacted to her games and schemes, now *that* was science! The thought brought an impish smile to her lips.

... to be continued, by whoever feels like writing next. :-)

If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you... - Martina McBride

Subject: (Post Box Storee) Violent Reaction
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-05-04 00:00:00

Violent Reaction

The dim, yellow light flickered on the dark, dusty, metalic wall inside of SM_007's room. His mouth open and gaping like a fish, SM_007 stared at the glimmering light as a small boy might be fascinated by fire. This couldn't be any closer to the truth, as SM_007's very own cracking mind was seeing nothing but flames. In the darkness of the wall, he saw a familier ship burn as its crew attempted vainly to control a force they unleashed and could not possibly understand.

This wasn't a preminition, SM_007 came to understand. This was a desire.

SM_007 blinked a few times, and allowed himself to come back to reality. Stretching his legs, he stood up and walked over to his bed, and looked over at the package that was now torn open. Sitting on top of the small heap of cardboard and styrofoam was a white, crumpled letter. SM_007 picked it up, staring at it intensely as he did so. As he stood up completely straight, looking over his bed, he heard the door open behind him. Right on time, too.

SM_007 spun around, the letter in his hand. Tridus walked into the room from the hallway, carrying a beam of light with him, which dissipated as the door slid shut, leaving SM_007 back in his cage of darkness. SM_007 could sense Tridus' disgust as he looked about SM_007's quarters one more time. At least Tridus had agreed with SM_007 that he did not belong here. The only difference was that one of them was planning a way to leave it all behind.

"So, what's up with the letter?" Tridus asked in a happy tone, which SM_007 knew was simply a facade. Tridus was not only disturbed by SM_007's recent leanings towards his path of evil, but he was almost afraid. SM_007 liked that. Still, he knew that Tridus was more than interested in the letter, almost like a child who wanted to hear the latest gossip in the schoolyard. SM_007 didn't like that. It annoyed him, especially since the letter itself was the straw that broke the camel's back, causing SM_007 to embrace a darkness no one could understand.

"Here," SM_007 said, attempting to remain as calm as possible. Tridus snatched it away from SM_007's icy hands and looked it over. SM_007 looked intently at Tridus, waiting for some signs of guilt or innocence to appear accross his face. Tridus' visage went from interest, to shock, and finally, to disgust. Tridus looked up at SM_007 with complete and utter confusion, mixed with anger. SM_007 could sense Tridus' fear rising, but couldn't be sure if it was because SM_007 had found out the truth or if it was because he was afraid of what the evahl one was planning.

"SM, who...who sent you this? What is it?" Tridus asked, stumbling over his own words. SM_007's head cocked to the side a little as he watched Tridus with the curious interest a scientist might put in a lab rat. "This isn't true at all! I don't get it..."

"I know, Tridus," SM_007 said reassuringly, breaking his awkward silence. "I know you didn't do any of that stuff. It's okay. I just...wanted to see what you thought of it. I just wanted to show you what was in this letter."

Tridus nodded, frowning.

"Anyone could have written this. I'll see what I can do, okay?" Tridus asked, waiting for an answer that didn't arrive. After a few moments of staring into the unreadable eyes of SM_007, Tridus nervously composed himself, then turned around and began heading for the door to the room.

As the door slid open, a sense of urgency befell SM_007, who felt as if someone was asking him to hurry up. He felt a sensation similar to millions of quiet voices commanding that it was now or never. Without hesitation, SM_007 quickly came up behind the unsuspecting Tridus, and grabbed him by his throat, bearing his teeth in pure disdain for this universe. Tridus fell backwards on top of SM_007, who held onto his rock-like grip of Tridus' throat.

Tridus grasped at SM_007's arms frantically, but it was of no use. Tridus, still panicking, had not even begun to gather his bearings. Tridus, acting out of pure instinct, threw his arms and legs around behind him, attempting vainly to force SM_007 to let go. He realized, as his vision began to blur, that this was going to be impossible, and that there was no escape. Sashie wasn't there, and he could not speak, nor cry for help. Tridus attempted to hit SM_007 one or twice in the head with the back of his arm, but there was no effect. Soon, after a quick and final attempt for air, Tridus' body went limp as he fell unconscious.

SM_007 threw the body off in disgust and stood up, straightening his tie and coat. He looked down at Tridus, who was breathing heavily in his slumber, his blue face beginning to regain some colour slowly. He wanted to kill Tridus, regardless of rather or not he murdered his family, or if the letter was true. His entire life had been a lie, people using him. No more. With the only entity beside him being evahl, he felt complete as he walked over to the door of his quarters. It was locked, as always.

SM_007 smiled as the door slid open at his will. He walked out into the hallway which was lit slightly more than his room, yet seemed blinding. He blinked and watched as the door behind him closed, trapping Tridus. At least, trapping him for the time being. SM_007 began to stride down the hallway, and as he did so, the walls behind him tore open, crumbled, and blew apart, only enough to leave some superficial damage. SM smiled at the hell he could now raise.

As SM_007 approached the door to the engineering room, the trail of minor explosions behind him came to a stop. No doubt the crew had become aware of the damage and someone was on his way right now. As SM_007 walked through the door to the engineering bay and saw the heart of the ship, rRaminrodt spun around and stared at the visibly shaken SM_007 in shock. He began to walk over to SM_007 when he was suddenly thrown backwards, his spine letting out a sickening crack as he slammed into the side of the warp core. rRaminrodt fell to the ground, grimacing in pain. When he looked up, SM_007 was standing over him.

Before rRaminrodt could pose any questions, SM_007 had picked him up with one hand, holding rRaminrodt's broken body over his head. He tried to come up with a creative way to end this man's life, but since he could see that rRaminrodt was already beginning to unravel his tentacles in a panic, he threw the man with great force into the nearest bulkhead, rendering him unconscious. Finally, SM_007 felt, a sense of pure control. There wasn't much time, so SM_007 knew he would have to destroy rRaminrodt later.

The door to the engineering bay opened noisily as SM_007, standing in front of the warp core, glanced over. Edge and RStefan01 dashed into the room, prepared for battle, but found only SM_007, grinning ear to ear. They both stopped several metres away from him, on the other side of the bay itself. They would not fire, SM_007 knew, if there was a risk of damaging the ship itself.

"SM_007!" Edge called out. "What's going on?"

SM_007 responded with actions. RStefan01 picked Edge up by the throat, now under the control of SM_007. He began to crush Edge's throat as SM_007 turned around and faced the warp core. SM_007 lifted both of his hands out, and placed his palms on the core and felt the raw power pulsating through it. He closed his eyes and spoke. As he did so, the entire ship heard him speak.

"This ship is now under my control. I can sense your every motion, BandWidth, and you are going to hand this ship over before evacuating. You will leave Tridus here so I can deal with him personally. Do not try to stop me, as you are planning to already as I say this," SM_007 said, taking a deep breath. "It will fail because I am inside of you all now. Leave."

SM_007 turned around and faced RStefan01, who was still choking out Edge, who was beginning to turn pale, much as Tridus had done before him. With a thought from SM_007, RStefan01 threw Edge's body accross the room. SM_007 snapped his fingers, and RStefan01 fell to the ground, deactivated. SM_007 sighed as he remembered that he'd have to transport the rest of the crew to the surface later on. He also sighed as he sensed BandWidth beginning to form a plan. He had been warned already.

SM_007 once again straightened his suit as he began to head to the bridge, the evahl flowing freely through him now, and warping the walls around him as he went through the hallways of the ship. Tridus and rRaminrodt were beginning to awaken, he knew. Sashie, Pal and Cynthia were all on the bridge, hooked up to the ship's main systems. This might take longer than he thought. But at least there would be no way to stop him with force. SM_007 approached the door to the bridge, and took a deep breath, seemingly rejuvinating himself, before he opened it.

Thou Shalt Not Fall

Subject: (postbox type dealie as usual) He who would dance with Hell's fury.
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-05-04 00:00:00

(note: this is a direct continuation to SM's last story)

Reality began reasserting itself slowly upon Tridus... he reaized he could breathe. He realized he was in a large amount of pain... his eyes fluttered open... and then he became aware of his surroundings.

He stood in SM_007's prison, what everybody else called his quarters... he had come to check on SM, to try and make conversation again... and out of curiousity about the package...

He looked down and saw the letter... that damned cursed thing that was full of lies! Rage welled up inside his weary body... he would deal with SM somehow... then find whoever wrote that, and teach them just what happened to people who desecrated his wifes memory like this.

"Cynthia, connect me to the bridge." he called of the computer system.

Bandwidth responded quickly. "Bridge! This had better be important!"

"BandWidth!? Listen... SM attacked me, and now he isn't here... I think he's lo..." Tridus was quickly cut off.

"We know. Where have you been? He's taken over the ship somehow from the engineering room. We don't have much control over anything. In fact,he is probably spying on this conversation right now. Listen, get up here and we'll discuss it."


Tridus walked towards the door and fully expecting it to open, he was pretty surprised when he slammed into it.

"oow! damnit!"

Sashie chimed in over the comm system. "Daddy????"

"Its ok sweetie... the door is just broken thats all... I'm ok." Tridus adjusted his nose slightly and looked at the door. "Cynthia, open this door."

"Its locked uncie Kylin"

"Well then unlock it."

"Ok... its not working."

"ugh... alright... umm... ok, try this. Reverse the magnetic polarity on the left side of the door."

"Ok..." The door slid a few inches open and then stopped. Tridus walked over and pushed on it, slowly opening it a little bit more. Enough to squeeze through at least. Looking in the corridor, he found it fairly easy to follow SM, a path of destruction was cut through the corridor where he had gone.

"Damn... umm, I'll be right up. Tridus out."

Tridus sighed, picked up the box and the envelope, and started walking to the bridge, thinking about the mess that had been created for him.

Tridus stepped out onto the bridge and looked around. BandWidth was alone up here, looking haggard and weary. Sashie was sitting off to the side on a console...

"Ok, what happened when I was out?" Tridus asked.

"Well... from what we've been able to gather, SM somehow got out of his room, mae his way to engineering, and got control of the ship... we haven't heard from rRaminrodt. RStefan01 and Edge went down to try and find out what was happening... I haven't heard from them either."


"There's one more thing... he said that he wanted us to evacuate everybody off the ship and turn it over to him... except you."

"Except me?"

"Yes... he said he... 'wants to deal with you personally'."

Tridus sighed, opened the box, and started looking through it.

"Well, lets see what he's so mad about." Tridus handed BandWidth the letter and started rummaging through the file folders in the box.

BandWidth read the letter and looked visibly shocked. "Is this true?"

"Of course not!"

"Sorry... I didn't mean to imply..."

Tridus continued flipping through the photographs and documents contained in the box... most of it wasn't very interesting, except for the fact that it was all lies. He had never done anything like this... he knew that Sarah would never have done anything like this... he had never...damnit, who had set this up!?

Sighing, he gave up and threw the folder down on the console in disgust.

"Argh! Alright... Sashie, can you take control of the ship."

"No daddy. The mean man has done something, I don't know what. The ship doesn't listen to me when I tell it to do stuff anymore. I sorry daddy." she sounded sad.

"Its ok sweetie, you tried your best... Cynthia, what do we have control of still?"

"Unknown, all systems report normal, except when I try to access something, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't."

"Damnit... alright... umm... well, can we beam him off or something?"

Bandwidth answered that. "Already tried. Unsucessful."

"Put some kind of knockout gas into the air?"


"Damnit.... drop a 2 ton anvil on him?"

Sashie answered that. "No daddy."

"Well.. what if..."

suddenly, SM's voice could be heard surrounding them, as though it were coming from everywhere.

"I'm running out of patience Bandwidth... turn the ship over and evacuate now, or else..."

Tridus yelled at the voice. "SM!? Is that you!? Listen to me..."

"No, murderer. You... Bandwidth, you have 10 minutes. Use them wisely and evacuate."

With that, the voice was gone.

Tridus sighed again. That was turning into a bad habit. "Alright... we don't have control over the ship. If what I've seen of him so far holds true, we won't be able to beat him in a fight. We don't have enough leverage to outsmart him..." Tridus trailed off as his gaze landed on Sashie. His mind flashed back... back to the last time the two of them had been caught in a crisis like this where it was his purpose in life to protect her... and he had failed miserably. The thought had been eating at him slowly for years... today it flared up with newfound vengance... and he found he couldn't fight it this time, couldn't find that calm away from it... it consumed his mind, his soul... and finally, the decision was made.

"No. Listen... he must want revenge for this supposed crime... I don't believe for a second that those people were kidnapped or any of this nonsense... the few poor souls who did volunteer to help in our work and didn't survive were a tragedy.... but we made the risks very clear to all of them... I'm sure of it! They were all honored as the brave souls they were... this... this is just lies. But... he wants revenge. And he has the power to do it. So there's no choice, I'm going to give it to him."

Bandwidth just looked at Tridus. "Your going to do what!?"

"We're going to get everybody else off the ship and to a place where he can't find or harm you ever again... Then I'm going to go down there. Maybe I can reason with him... maybe not. Either way... he obviously is fixated on the idea of revenge. Hopefully, that will distract him long enough that if he does decide to go after the rest of you, by time he can, you'll be so far away that he'll never find you."

"Thats crazy."

"You have a better plan?"

Now it was Bandwidths turn to sigh. "No... but I'm sure we can come up with something better then you just walking down there!"

"I'm afraid we don't have that kind of time left... he's gone nuts. He may very well start killing everybody soon... I don't think we can stop him. At least this way ensures that Sashi... that all of you get away. Then maybe I can reason with him, I don't know."

Bandwidth slowly nodded, the real meaning of what Tridus was saying dawning on him. Bandwidth of course believed that actually taking SM's evactuation offer wasn't a real option, since then SM would know exactly where they were and have the ship fully in his control.

Tridus walked over to Sashie. "Sweetie... listen to me very carefully. I'm going to get Cynthia to direct an energy surge to you. Your going to have to act fast, but if you do, you will be able to grab all of the Riptide crew except for me and SM, and take the scenic route through cyberspace to our special hiding place from the bad men. Ok?"

"But daddy, I wanna go with you!"

"You can't this time sweetie, I have to go alone. You have to be a big girl and keep everybody safe for me so I can go try to help uncle SM with his problem. Please?"

Sashie paused... "... ok daddy. I be a big girl!"

Tridus smiled. "Thats my girl. Cynthia, can you track me, and when i get to the engineering section, trigger a small power surge to the outlet that Sashie is plugged in to?"

"Okay uncie Kylin. I can redirect power from the lights, it shouldn't pose a problem."

"Ok, then its settled... wish me luck."

With that, Tridus walked off bridge. As he walked through the bowels of the ship towards engineering, he was filled with dread... what if this didn't work and they couldn't get away? what if he killed them anyway? Hell, what if SM killed him! I mean it was one thing to risk your life in a gamble that you could reason with a madman... but the prospect of losing that bet was very scary indeed.

As the door to engineering slid open and Tridus stepped through, Cynthia whispered "good luck uncie Kylin" and the lights flickered briefly before returning to normal.

Walking towards the warp core, he eveuntally saw SM staring into it, and stopped.


SM_007, lord of evahl and current controller of the USS Riptide, didn't turn around. He did speak however.

"I assume you've come down here to play hero Tridus?"

"No..." Tridus looked around and couldn't see rRaminrodt, RStefan01, or Edge... he hoped they had been transported away successfully... dear god, he hoped the shock hadn't injured Sashie. But now, he had an enraged and confused SM to deal with... "Actually, I came down to surrender. You wanted me and the ship... you've got both. Just leave everybody else out of this."

"I let them go. You didn't have to go through all that elaborate nonsense. I said I'd let them go, and I did. Unlike some people, I haven't been lying all this time." Tridus noted that SM's voice was like ice... no... colder then that.

"I don't know why you put so much faith in an anonymous letter and in those documents without doing any kind of verifcation to see if they're forgeries... After all we've been through, I forgave you. I let you out of that dungeon they imprisoned you in... I went against all of them secretly to help you out. When you were locked in there all withdrawn and depressed, I tried to talk to you... while everybody else just wanted to forget you existed, I didn't do that. And now... now you get an anonymous letter that tells you I murdered your family, and you believe it!? Well, answer me this then... just what makes you believe... with you knowing my nature having been working together for so long and been through so much... what makes you think I could be capable of such an act?"

SM didn't answer, choosing to continue to stare into the warp core.

"No answer eh? Well... thats fine. What makes you believe that letter isn't anything but an attempt to turn us against each other like this?"

SM did respond to that. "The information is feasable. You scientists always need testers. When you couldn't find any, you resorted to less then legitimate means. There is a mountain of evidence in that box."

"A mountain of Forged Evidence! Do you really think we would resort to such measures!?"

"You said yourself what your work means to you. Who knows what you and the other scientists would resort to in the interest of protecting your work."

Tridus sighed... this wasn't going well at all. "Fine. If thats what you want to believe, then fine. If you choose to believe that we murdered your family, then fine. If you refuse to ignore the fact that the documents are probably forged by the same person who planted that bomb as a means of dividing us, then fine. If you want to believe that all those years ago Albatross and the Agents destroyed the lab and murdered *MY* family to come charging to your rescue, then fine. Induldge yourself in your petty fantasy land where they didn't just use you. Go ahead... induldge your anger, give in to it. Destroy the only person left who was alive at that lab at the time. Divide and destroy Riptide so that woman can plant bombs and do who knows what else whenever she wants with nobody to stand in her way. MAKE MY DAUGHTER AN ORPHAN SM!! You have no family, I'm sure you know exactly the kind of hell you'll be creating for her! Go ahead, do it!" Tridus stopped his rant and realized he was getting mad... SM turned to face him, and Tridus braced himself for his fury, and for the cold embrace of death that would no doubt follow...

Well, at least Sashie was safe...

Sitting in her command throne, Tatiana watched eagerly as the two Riptiders stood face to face with each other. Occasionally she recorded notes during the whole matter since SM_007 had opened the package, but now she watched for the pure entertainment value. Truly, this was great scientific research, but it was also damn fine entertainment!

Flashing her impish smile at the display, she recorded another note as she waited with great anticipation to hear SM_007's reply to the tirade Tridus had just thrown at him. Science was really fun sometimes!

To be continued... either by SM while I'm away, or by me when I get back if he doesn't feel like doing it.

If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you... - Martina McBride

Subject: (Post Box Storee) We May Be Through With the Past - But the Past is Not Through With Us
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-05-06 00:00:00

We May Be Through With the Past
But the Past is Not Through With Us

The blue, humming warp core's glow illuminated one side of SM_007's face, while a red, blinking alert light on the wall painted the other. Tridus found this strangely fitting, since it made SM_007 truly look inhuman, which he seemed to be now.

Tridus stepped towards SM_007, a fierce look of determination about him. Tridus was willing to sacrifice himself to protect his daughter, without a second thought. And to protect his daughter, his friends, his crew and perhaps even more from a man possessed by pure evahl? It went without saying. Tridus had now beckoned SM_007 to finish what he started, and stood in front of the secret agent, waiting. It was SM_007's turn to act, and Tridus knew that today would be the day that he died, if his instincts meant anything at all. He continued his slow path towards the Lord of Evahl.

SM_007 did nothing, yet. He was attempting to gather his bearings quickly enough to show Tridus that what he said had not effected him. Emotions flooded the mind of SM_007, yet sympathy and compassion were not among them. He felt anger, hate, rage combine as the evahl boiled inside of him; he had to unleash it. Worse yet, Tridus had taunted him into this duel, and he could not step away from it now. Could he?

"Tridus, perhaps it is you who is being naive," SM_007 said, finally breaking the eerie quiet. Tridus immediately stopped in his tracks. "You said that you have not done anything wrong. You said that you never used people as guinea pigs. Maybe that's true."

"Of course it's true! I--" Tridus yelled, before being interrupted.

"How do you know that this was not happening behind your back? You have no way of being able to tell, do you?" SM_007 looked at Tridus, who was shaking his head, but knew he could not disprove this. "Mayhaps the other researchers did not tell you and your family because they know you would object to their secret experiments!"

Tridus frowned angrily and came very close to SM_007. The secret agent closed his fists and exhaled loudly. As he did so, reality around him stretched before returning to it's normal state, as if it, too, was taking a deep breath. Tridus took a step back as SM_007 squinted his eyes in disdain at Tridus.

"SM, I am telling you that nothing happened there!"

"Then you are a liar. You don't know."

SM_007 lifted his hand before Tridus could even take a breath, and Tridus was sent screaming into a wall accross the room. As he crashed into it and fell, the agent took a step towards Tridus, and looked upwards. As Tridus was coming to his feet, a large piece of metal tore itself away from the ship's ceiling and came straight down on the head of Tridus, who fell to his knees, clutching at his skull.

"Tridus, I am going to be honest with you," SM_007 said, calmly. "I believe that there is a chance you are telling the truth, and my family was never murdered in the way the letter describes it. But even so, that means someone is lying to me. It means that someone is using me. Tridus, I can't stand it anymore! I am not a puppet, a toy! I--"

SM_007 stumbled backwards for a few seconds, reaching out with his arms as if he were going to fall. Tridus dashed towards him instintivly, forgetting for a few seconds that this man was his enemy. Tridus grabbed SM_007 by the arm, just as SM_007 had regained his composure. He looked at Tridus, straight in the eye.

"It hurts me, sometimes," SM_007 said, a sad expression of hate coming over him. "The rage hurts. My whole life his been a lie, fabricated by someone else. I have never truly been on my own, have I? SideWinder, Riptide, Albatross, and everything else was always me looking for someone to control me, to use me to his or her own will. I've always been blindly loyal. That can't remain the same forever."

SM_007 snatched his arm away from Tridus, who stumbled forward and fell to the ground. SM_007 immediately grabbed the back of his clothing and pulled Tridus to his feet with little effort. Tridus dusted himself off as SM_007 began walking away, towards the engineering bay doors.

"Where are you going?" Tridus asked. There was no answer. "SM, you are confused! I understand! I went through that same hell, of not knowing where to turn, a long, long time ago. Sure, it's worse that your mind is plagued with evahl, but you can't just--"

"Shut up!" SM_007 screamed, turning around suddenly. "Stop trying to patronize me! Stop trying to reason this situation out in your mind, and stop pretending that you understand everything that I have been thinking these last few days. I finally know what I have to do to regain control."

"Oh?" Tridus asked, sarcastically.

"Yes," SM_007 coldly responded. He pulled out his PP7 pistol as Tridus' mouth opened wide. In a moment that seemed to slow down, SM_007 fired a shot at Tridus, who did not have a chance to react. The bullet cut itself into Tridus with burning agony. It wasn't the first time Tridus had been shot, but it did not get any easier. Tridus fell to the ground, clutching his knee, which was now gushing with crimson.

SM_007 looked on for a moment, staring at the Tridus, who was still grimicing in pain and was no longer paying any attention to SM_007. SM_007 lowered his gun, and placed it back in its holster. It was all he could do to stop himself from killing Tridus. As SM_007 left the engineering bay, Tridus heard the warp core behind him powering up. The ship was moving.

SM_007 walked down the hallway, some parts of it still twisting around him, his mere presence causing it to do so. SM_007 knew that he had not even begun to learn to master his newfound and unlocked strength, but it did not matter. Soon he would find a way to silence his mind, forever. SM_007 came to a door, and watched it slide open. It was his room. His quarters. SM_007 strode in, slowly and sadly, and picked up an old, dusty book off of his bedside tale. It read, "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare." SM_007 smiled, clutching it.

Tridus fell into the wall in the hallway, limping and sighing heavily. He had trouble keeping his consciousness, but he had managed to wrap a torn part of his shirt around his ankle, almost enough to stop the bleeding completely, though not quite. Tridus walked down the torn, warped hallway, and headed towards the quarters of SM_007. The door slid open, and Tridus quickly scanned the area. There was no sign of SM_007. Tridus hobbled wearily towards the steel bed, and fell on top of it. The room was spinning, and Tridus knew he was very close to passing out. He looked beside him, and saw what he was looking for.

Tridus reached over, and placed his hand inside the styrofoam. He pulled out the videotape, and smiled. The photographs might have been forged, but a tape? That would be too much. Tridus knew that in his hands lied not only the solution to SM_007's fears, but to his own. He needed to know just what had happened inside that laboratory, behind closed doors. Tridus groaned as he slowly pulled himself to his feet, holding the tape close to him. He once again hobbled, slowly, towards the door, and walked out of SM_007's quarters.

SM_007 let his fear and hate subside as he read some of the poetry and looked over the philosophy in this large, torn book he was holding. He flipped through the pages, tears in his eyes. His anger had now reached a crescendo, his rage enough to destroy anything his heart desired. Even if his family had not been killed by the lab, where were they? He felt Albatross' laughing voice near him, now, and he removed his gun from its holster, dropping the large book. He looked beside him, and saw the old Albatross grinning at him, controlling him. He saw the agents, the Riptide crew, and SideWinder's crew all around him, taunting him. The room was spinning as SM_007 lost control. Suddenly, the door to the bridge opened.

Without thinking, SM_007 fired a shot in the air, firing at everything he hated. The hallucinations, and the ship itself, faded into black, as SM_007 saw Tridus, holding a videotape, fall to the ground, shocked. SM_007 dropped the weapon and dashed towards Tridus, who had a round, red stain growing on his shirt, where his chest was. SM_007 fell, and slid over till he was face to face with his old friend. Tridus looked at SM_007, blinked, then stopped moving altogether.

Tears welled up in SM_007's eyes. He looked at the tape, and picked it up in his hands. Coming to his feet, groggily, SM_007 sauntered over to an old VCR at one of the stations. He placed the tape in the machine, and watched it closely. He saw a black screen, with white, generic text appear on it. It read:

It's not April, but you're the fool! Thank you for all of the entertainment you have provided me, but rest assured that this is not the end. More challenges will be coming your way very soon, so keep your eyes peeled, boys! Talk to you later!

-Princess Tatiana

Tears streamed down SM_007's face, the rage subsiding. He looked over at Tridus, who was laying quietly on the ground, and slowly stepped his way over towards him. Leaning over, SM_007 placed his hands on Tridus' chest, and closed his eyes. As he did so, the hole in Tridus' heart closed, and SM_007 fell down, backwards, exhausted.

Tridus blinked again, then gasped for breath, sitting up quickly. He clutched at his forehead, in pain, and looked over to see SM_007's body. Looking around the room, he saw the black screen with the message from Princess Tatiana. He stood up, and began to walk over to SM_007, who was not moving. Tridus kneeled over and saw that SM_007 was still breathing. SM_007 opened his eyes, and looked around, confused.

"What happened?" Tridus asked, looking at his own, blood stained shirt. SM_007 looked up at Tridus, and smiled knowing that he was alive, and so was Tridus. He stood up, slowly, with Tridus helping him. They both looked at the black screen, and SM_007's happiness melted away, leaving rage.

"I used a lot of my power to bring you back to life, Tridus," SM_007 declared, walking towards the captain's seat. "But this is not over yet. Do you remember what I said about taking control of my life? About being manipulated?"

"Wait, you brought me back to--"

"I am finally going to put a stop to these games," SM_007 continued, ignoring Tridus, who was looking at the viewscreen, and saw an old space station coming up in front of them. SM_007 sat, determined, as Tridus walked up beside him. "This is the woman who will haunt us until the day we die unless I finally show this galaxy that I cannot and will not be controlled any longer. I am now a threat, aren't I, Tatiana?"

"What are you trying to do, you fool?" a voice responded over the PA system. It was the old woman herself. "Slow your course, now! You are going to collide with my station. Haven't you noticed that no one ended up getting hurt from my games? Hm? But, okay, okay, you've made your point! This game is over!"

SM_007 smirked evahlly.

"Oh, on the contrary. It has just begun."

"SM, what are you doing?" Tridus asked, panicking. SM_007 looked up towards his scared friend and realized there was one piece of the puzzle that he had forgotten. SM_007 stood up, and spoke into the air as Tridus looked at him, puzzled.

"Cynthia, I am restoring transporter control to you. Please beam Tridus down to the surface, where the rest of the crew is. That secret place he didn't want me to find out about," SM_007 asked, smirking at Tridus as he said that. "Can you do this for me?"

"No! Stop scaring me!" Cynthia responded. "I don't want to crash into that space station over there!"

"Sm, she's right. Don't destroy yourself, too!" Tridus declared. "Dammit, this is not worth it! Fire a freaking photon torpedo, if you have to! Arrest her! But don't take this ship down with you just to stop her!

"Listen to your friend!" Tatiana responded. "You are making a big mistake."

"No, you made a big mistake," SM_007 said, shaking his head, then looking over to Tridus. "This is the only way, Tridus. I am sorry. I can't trust myself, and you can't trust her. Two birds with one stone. Now, go! Please! Just once, please listen to me!"

"Cynthia," Tridus said, sadly. "Do ask SM_007 asks."

Cynthia beeped.

"Okay, uncie Tridus. I'll be okay, right?"

"Yeah, you'll be fine."

"See you soon, then, uncie Tridus!"

Tridus disappeared quietly, without saying a word. SM_007 looked at the station on the viewscreen, then hsi eyes went wide with an idea. SM_007 ran over to one of the work stations, working frantically.

"Uncie SM, are we going to stop the ship soon?"

"No," SM_007 replied, still working like mad.

"But I'm scared!"

"Then leave. Goodbye, Cynthia."

SM_007 pressed a button and looked on as part of the computer around him disappeared. Cynthia, recently hooked up, had been beamed off of the ship, along with Pal, who had been muted during this entire time. SM_007 smiled faintly, then quickly sat back in the captain's chair. He had to control the ship manually, by himself. The ship sped up, seconds away from impact.

"Why do this?" Tatiana asked.

"To find peace," SM_007 said, sitting back in his chair, relaxed. He looked down at his William Shakespeare book, and remembered his favourite line from Hamlet. He closed his eyes, allowing the world to slip away from him as he quieted his mind and outside distractions. He whispered quietly to himself as the Riptide collided with the space station, the two exploding and fading into the darkness of space.

"The rest is silence."

Tridus walked up to Sashie, picking her up. She was asking if he was okay, but he could not respond. The rest of the team was making sense of the situation around him. Tridus simply walked by them as they bickered on how they would get their ship back. He'd have to tell them when the rock in his throat was gone. He took Sashie and sat down, cradling her in his arms, his eyes closed.


Thou Shalt Not Fall

Subject: (storyverse) Sadness (storyverse)
Author: SoulTaker
Date: 2000-05-07 00:00:00

BandWidth, Edge, Pal and Sashie sat in the comfortable chairs of Tridus' cottage in Canada, watching the show fall outside. No one spoke. They were worried about SM_007 and Tridus. Tridus had taken a quick desicion, putting himself into mortal danger to save his daughter, Sashie, and the other members of riptide. BandWidth feared that it could be his last desicion... He looked into the fireplace. The flames... He visualized how Tridus could be engulfed in the flames of SM_007's hate right now...

Suddenly, a bright light illuminated the cozy living room. As the light disappeared after a few seconds, the body of Tridus appeared. Everybody turned their attention to him.

"Tridus! What happened?", BandWidth exclaimed.

Tridus looked down to the ground, with a sad expression on his face.

"What happened, Tridus? Are you okay?"
"SM_007... Is dead."

The room was quiet for a few seconds. Even if SM_007 had turned against Riptide, he was still known as a hero. Evahl had infested his soul, but people still thought of him as the honourable person who killed Ozerath, not as the master of evahl. This was indeed a day of sorrow.

"The rage that filled him... Was created by princess Tatiana. Finally, in the last minutes of his life, he discovered the truth. Tatiana had played mind games with him. He decided to take her with him when he killed himself."

Tridus paused for a second, and sighed. He, too, was very saddened by SM_007's death, even more than the other members of Riptide. SM_007 had been the single person most close to him... SM_007 had saved Tridus' life, and Tridus had unveiled his past to SM_007. Now... He was dead.

"After beaming me and Pal off the ship, he directed the Bird of Prey against Tatianas space station."

Tridus looked into the fire. He was filled with sorrow inside of him, he had lost a person closer to him than anyone else...

"At least, he finnaly knew the truth. He died in peace."

BandWidth closed his eyes, and spoke.

"Rest in peace, SM_007. We will always remember you."

Seriously, I'll miss SM_007 in the stories. he was one of my favourite personalities. But at least he died in a cool story =)


Subject: (postbox fun as always) Shadows of the Past.
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-05-07 00:00:00

Tridus' Cottage - Northern Quebec - 8:12AM GMT (4:12AM Local Time)

'The world doesn't make sense.'

Tridus' thoughts were confused, twisted, jumping around wildly without making sense... he had no idea what was going on aorund him at all, yet that one thought blazed through the haze that his mind had become.

'The world doesn't make sense.'

Tridus looked out the window of his cottage, his home... indeed, he had no idea what happened. He had told Sashie to go to their secret hiding place, which should have instructed her to go to a base in Syberia after bouncing all over the Internet for about a half hour.

Instead, for some reason she had come here... maybe she had forgotten about that place, it not being used in so long... 'This is home now.' Tridus thought.

The night was light up by a full moon reflecting off the pristine white snow of Northern Quebec, but the rest of Riptide was missing the sight... they were all asleep. Tridus looked at the clock on Sashie and realized that he'd normally be getting up to start the day in two hours... Looking back out the window, he wanted to loose himself in the beautiful sight...

It was shortlived, as he saw what looked like a snowmobile pull over a hill and glide slowly towards the cabin. 'Life doesn't make sense' was his first thought at a snowmobile coming up towards him at this time of day.

Tatiana's Base - Orbit Above North America - 12:37AM GMT

"Subject three is exhibiting suicidal tendancies and severe problems controlling his anger, much larger then anticipated. Due to his actions, we are forced to evacuate. More notes to follow after evacuation. Computer, end note. Save and record all notes to backup disk."

Tatiana tsk'd irritably at that last bit. This losing the base nonsense wasn't part of her plan. Fortunately, her crew was very well trained, and she always had a backup plan.

She walked over to a console and picked up the dvd disk which the computer promply spit out for her, placed it inside a jewel case marked "Research - Important!", grabbed her mirror and hairbrush off her throne, and walked off the command centre of the ship towards the much smaller cargo ship they'd be using to make their escape. She wasn't worried about the rest of her posessions, the crew would see to those.

"Ah well... sometimes in the name of science, sacrafices have to be made." Of course, subject three, or SM_007 as he preferred to be called, was forcing her to sacrafice her base. Well, if nothing else, the excitement of the unexpected twist her subjects had taken was certainly entertaining.

Tridus' Cottage - Northern Quebec - 8:13AM GMT (4:13AM Local Time)

Sashie sat quietly monitoring usenet for new messages, but all was quiet at this time of night. She wished something would come up to let her alert her daddy. She wished she could sleep. She wished he could sleep. She was confused. Daddy had come back upset, but wasn't talking to her like he usually did. He was just looking out the window. That mean old Pal and Cynthia had come with him too for some reason, but not SM.

She didn't understand. And he wouldn't talk to her... she wished mommy was with them... mommy knew how to make everything all better.

Tatiana's Cargo Ship/Temporary Base - somewhere in Syberia, Russia - 2:34AM GMT (10:34AM Local Time)

"Yes, we'll set up base here for now, underground I think. Begin construction immediately, I have a few things to take care of. In the mean time, be sure to cloak the ship, we don't want anyone discovering us out here."

Several of her crew acknowledged her in their usual "yes my princess" way and continued on their duties, which they already knew of course. 'Well trained, but no personality' is how she described them.

Walking back onto the cargo ship which was serving as a temporary base, she idly wondered if all her crew had made it off the station. She also wondered if the station had survived the damage that subject three had inflicted upon it. She would have to take revenge on someone for that, she loved that station.

And while walking into the ship to get some supplies, she knew just who to go after. Indeed, this would be entertainment!

Tridus' Cottage - Northern Quebec - 8:17AM GMT (4:17AM Local Time)

The snowmobile was definately coming to him. Tridus knew that because it was slowing down and moving to park beside his own, which was sitting by the side of the cottage.

'Chuck maybe?' Tridus thought. 'Nah... I didn't order anything... maybe Sashie did to try and make me feel better... but where would he get a snowmobile?' Tridus dismissed the idea of pizza. 'A visit from the neighbors? If they had left three hours ago, they'd be coming in about now...' He dismissed that too. 'Someone who knows where I live and doesn't mind waking me up in a very unstealthy manner.' Although that seemed closest to the truth, he had no idea who fit that description.

But as the snowmobile came to a stop and the driver got off, he knew he would soon have his answer... one way or another.

Tatiana's Cargo Ship/Temporary Base - somewhere in Syberia, Russia - 7:47AM GMT (5:47PM Local Time)

Tatiana looked at herself in her mirror... beautiful. Absolutly beautiful.

Well, if you fell for the drab look anyway. Personally, she knew that her normal style was far more beautiful then this... but it would do.

The mirror was reflecting back at her a woman who was just passing the best years of her life for looks, but she was hardly old... long and dark hair put into several brades sat where she was used to seeing flaming red... her eyes... well they hardly looked like her eyes at all... plain dark eyes had replaced her beautiful baby blue's... well, at least their figures were compirable enough that she hadn't needed much in the way of cosmetic surgey, and thankfully what did have to be done was fully undoable with no discernable side effects... but still, she looked... older. and more plain. It just wasn't right.

She would get used to it though... indeed, this was killing three birds with one stone... she would get her research on the surviving subjects from a whole new angle... she would get a whole new level of entertainment...

And of course, she would get her revenge in a horrific way on someone close to the man who had destroyed her beloved station... well, close enough for her to be able to shift the blame to him from the now deceased SM anyway.

Tatiana laughed... and noticed her voice didn't sound quite like hers either. This would definately take some getting used to... flashing her impish grin at the mirror, at least that hadn't changed.

Tridus' Cottage - Northern Quebec - 8:21AM GMT (4:21AM Local Time)

The visitor was parked and approaching the door at a steady walk now... Tridus waited. This person had no pizza.

*Knock* *Knock*

Tridus opened the door, and was greated with what looked to be a woman wrapped in a fur coat, wearing a fur hat.

"Hi. Can I help you?" Tridus asked polietly.

Tridus could almost hear his life changing as this womans cheery voice filled his ears... "Yes... *giggle* its been a long time, hasn't it Kylin?"

Unable to speak, Tridus simply stood there gaping as he watched her remove her coat... he already knew who would be standing there, but it was...

Well, Sashie put it best when she screamed... "Mommy!!!!" This snapped Tridus out of his trance and woke up most of the rest of Riptide as well, who were sprawled out in various places on the floor.

Tridus' Cottage - Northern Quebec - 8:23AM GMT (4:23AM Local Time)

This was going even better then Tatiana had hoped... not only had she gotten in, but they were totally duped. She knew she was a good actor... but wow.

While she listened to Subjects one and two, or Kylin and Sashenka as they were known, babble on about something or other, her mind was at work... she had hoped they would be blinded by her appearance and voice and simply take her for who she appeared to be... her acting skills and knowledge of the background of the family would alleviate any doubts... if anyone else in Riptide had any comments, Kylin would convince them in short order of her identity... and with the secret agent gone, well, there was nothing to stop her from getting her research and revenge... how delicious!

With that thought fresh on her mind, she resumed her act in the role of Sarah Rufaze-Talmussan.


For the next several hours, Tridus, Sashie, and Tatiana/Sarah are in Tridus' bedroom of his cabin. Faint murmuring can be heard pretty much constantly, but making out whats being said would be exceedingly difficult at best. Unless the world is coming to an end, it will be well into the afternoon before anybody will respond to knocks on the door of the room either.

If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you... - Martina McBride

Subject: MysteryMan's Diary (A MysteryMan Story brought to you by MysteryMan)
Author: Reed
Date: 2000-05-08 00:00:00

MysteryMan's Diary

May 4, 2000

This is my first diary record that I have written. Currently, I am using my computer to write.

I made an important decision today. I, and my loyal followers, are planning an attack on Riptide's ship. With our vast numbers, Riptide shall fall. Already, my top advisors are plotting the most "strategic" way to attack the ship. I think it's a waste of time, with MY army, Riptide shall be destroyed within hours!

May 5, 2000

It has been decided today. The attack shall fall on to the 9th, and Riptide shall then great it's death.

Many of my top advisors are questioning me, asking why I want to attack the puny Riptide, when we have the power to destroy whole races! The answer is quite simple.

First, Riptide has something I want. I do not want to record what it is, for fear of Riptide somehow accessing my diary and discovering my plans. I believe only one person would know what I want...

Second, I want revenge. I was killed by two attackers, and I want revenge...not only on them, but of everyone in Riptide! They spent so little money to investigate my death, they just elected a new president! No one cared that I was dead, life went as usual. They will pay for that costly mistake.

The murders think they are safe...they think they will never be discovered. I know who they are. I will get revenge. I will make sure they burn in Hell!

May 8, 2000

24 hours until the Attack

I am feeling very pleased today. The attack will happen in a mere 24 hours!

I have not written for awhile, for I have been planning and plotting, do anything to not be discovered until it is too late.

Our invasion fleet is already heading towards the Riptide ship. We have been monitoring it and know what is going on, thanks to the spy...

MWAHA, I cannot wait! Riptide will soon be nothing more than dust! Revenge will be mine! I will RULE!


"The Phoenix can be reborn, but it is never the same"

Subject: Casting Call (Storyverse)
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-05-09 00:00:00

Casting Call

= Riptide California, the cleared lot where the Offices once stood =

People milled about talking to each other, about the disappearance of their leadership, the lack of entertainment in the city and need for better waste disposal services. In the middle of the 'square' stood the not-so-comforting face of Psycho_Sam! and his assistant Crazy Lou.

He was talking to the crowd, "As I tried to explain before, before I was rudely interrupted," he whacked Lou. "You wonderful people don't have a leadership. That’s right they all flew away. And, I, Sam, know that the people need to have a leader. That’s why we should have another election. That way we have a duly, and good, not stupid like last time, elected leader. You with me?"

A large number of people clapped. Some one in the back shouted, "Good Idea Stick man!"

Sam frowned at the name calling, "So tomorrow, we're going to have the election. But no stupid polling booths, no, that’s a waste of money. This time you'll just walk up to my trusty and impartial computer Pal…"

Lou tapped Sam's shoulder and whispered to him.

Sam looked around for inspiration, "You'll just walk up to, hrm, uh, my trusty and impartial friend Crazy Lou here and tell him who you want to be the President. Then he'll announce who's the winner of the election! Sound good?"

The crowd clapped again. Sam smiled maniacally. Lou looked worried. The crowd continued it business that was now laced with talk of the election.


= Tridus’s cottage. =

Edge stared out the window at the peaceful countryside, "Dang. Is it always so boring here?"

Bandwidth smiled.

"I’d really like to get back to the city. But there’s no transportation out here… this is the boondocks for sure."

Bandwidth nodded, "I’m pretty sure Tridus uses sashie to travel. So he doesn’t need a car…"

Edge continued his sentence, "or plane, train, or helicopter, or even a horse. I want out, and the noise their making has started to bother me."

The unusually silent rRaminrodt, who had been lying on the couch on the other side of the cabin, since his lower spine had been broken, spoke for the first time in a while. "Don’t be so childish." He sighed, "but we do need to get back to the land of the living. I’d call a few friends of mine, they have a van, but it would take them weeks to get here. I do have an idea though…"

"Edge can you wake Pal up?"

Edge groaned, "Oh-no. Don’t make me do that."

"I want to talk to him about something."

"Ok, fine. But you have the job of shutting him up once you’re done." He slapped the side of Pals squat tower case.

Pal whined, "What did I do?"

Edge mad an exasperated gesture, "He wants to talk to you."

rRaminrodt, began to talk, "Pal, can you access Cynthia’s systems?"

"Oh don’t make me turn that girl back on. She’s so annoying… you let me shut her down before, why can’t you…"

"Shut up. I don’t want to turn her on. I want to know how her code was transferred into your system. If it’s the same method Tridus uses to travel, Pal can bring us back to Sam’s lab in Riptide."

Edge smirked, "Good Idea. But it banks on a lot of ‘if’s."

"I know, but I’ve seen Tridus do it. And I have a sketchy idea of how it’s done. I hopefully can fill in the blanks in Pals understanding."

"That would be nice…"

Pal moaned, "Okay, I’ll see what I can do."


=Riptide CA. =

The last voter has just walked away from Lou, who is holding a notepad with a tally. He scratches a few calculations on the paper and walks away from the voting spot.

Sam follows him grinning from ear to ear. He grabs Lou's shoulder and whispers into his ear. "Okay now… Just go back up onto the stand and announce my presidency."

"Sam. I can’t do that."

"What? Why not!?"

Lou twitched nervously, "You didn’t win the election."

"AH! That’s impossible. Who won?"

"A fellow named kwerkey. I never heard of him but…"

Sam scowled, "Oh not him. Drat. Okay. Lemme think." Sam paused for a while; "Okay you go up on stage then and announce that the winner is the next in line on your little paper okay."

"That’s not honest Sam."

"I don’t care! You go up there and say that, and we’re in business, GOT IT?"

"Yeah. Okay, sorry."

Lou shuffled up onto the stage and adjusted the microphone.

He gave his paper a look over and stuffed it in his pocked.

"Ahem. As the election taker. I would like to announce our new president…" He took a breath, "President Azriel."

Sam fell down backwards and a man shoved his way through the crowd, and leaped up onto the stage with a single leap.

"Weeeeeel. What a pleasant surprise. I guess the people didn’t vote for a lesser evil after all. He he he he. He shoves Lou off the stage. Now for mah acceptance speech." The man continued to talk while Lou ran over to find Sam.

When he spied him Sam was being lifted up by the collar by someone Lou didn’t recognize.

The man was talking to Sam. "The infamous Psycho_Sam I presume. I know you know who I am. And I know that you know that I know that you rigged that election. So lets just say you’re in big trouble mister……….."

Sam stuttered for a second and then regained his composure, "Listen kwerkey I don’t know what you're talking about."

"I know for a fact that I won the election. I had, or would have had Bandwidths support if he were around. That and I read your assistants mind."

"Erm. Um. Okay, fine. I didn't want this Azriel guy to win anyway. I don't even know who he is, I wanted to be president."

"But you," Sam pointed at Lou. "Don't understand my instructions, I should have been named president…"

kwerkey poked Sam in the shirt, since poking him in his chest would be very difficult. "All we have to do is convince these people that the election results were wrong. All we have to do is tell them."

Sam began to fidget, "I was supposed to be president, I'm sick of having no power."

"Oh stop it." He looked up at the sky for a second thinking, "Okay, how about you get to be my senator? Will that make you happy."

"I'll think about it… I thought about it. Yah!"

"Will you help me now?"

"Sure. I'll just walk up on the stage with Lou and tell them…"

An extremely loud, high-pitched whine coming from above them interrupted Sam's sentence. The entire crowd looked up. Above them hovered large, black painted, triangular ships. Out of one flew a smaller beetle like landing craft, it flew down to a bout a meter above the heads of the occupants of the stage and its main bay door opened up. Standing there was a man flanked by soldiers in dark brown and black armor and spindly evil looking robots.

"People of the community of Riptide." The voice of the figure boomed out toward the crowd, "The time of my return has come. For a long time you have been deceived by false leaders. But no longer, feast your eyes upon the one true president, MysteryMan!"

A light from the inside of the ship turned on and clearly illuminated that familiar face. The crowd gasped.

"I come to you with the promise of order instead of chaos, peace instead of conflict, law instead of disorder. I come to with my true people to reveal to you the insidiousness of people like SM_007, Tridus, Mas, and SoulTaker. Who pledged to be your allies, when in truth, once they found they could not control me they KILLED me!"

The crowed gasped again.

"My true army and I are here to carry out the retribution. But first I must know where this ship of Riptides is. I followed it for a while until it disappeared, so I bequeath the people. Bring me your false leaders, and I will promise you a part of the new future!

My ships will land south of the city and you may bring captives their, leave no stone unturned in your search. My soldiers will also be spreading throughout the city, but do not let their appearance disturb you. They are merely guardians of the True Order. Once all is settled we will use the base of one Psycho Sam, as our headquarters. I look forward to seeing the future!"

He waved and the main body of the ships moved away, toward the south, MysteryMan's own shuttle went up in the air and docked with his command ship. Which then proceeded to follow the others."

Sam jumped up, "My Lab!"

kwerkey grabbed him again, "This isn't the time for that. We need to find a way to fight these guys."


"Listen to me. I am the president after all."

= Tridus's cottage. =

rRaminrodt sighed, "Okay. Fine Pal, I think we can live with that chance."

The computer grumbled.

"Edge, is your note done?"

Edge nodded, "All set."

RStefan01 looked to check pal's connection to Tridus's *very* broadband connection. "This is all set."

"Pal, were ready."

Pal simply began a countdown, "9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…"

The group huddled around the couch slowly began to dematerialize. Everything for the group went to black.


rRaminrodt opened his eyes to an unfamiliar setting, Pal's box set next to him on a table. Something touched his shoulder.

It was RStefan01. "Hey, rRamin. I think something went wrong. I don’t see Bandwidth or Edge anywhere."

"Crud! Pal where are they?"

"I experienced packet loss. I couldn't hold onto them so I dropped their connection and they stayed in the cottage."

RStefan01 sighed, "That’s good. I was worried they'd be stuck inside of some internet limbo."

rRaminrodt smiled, "I hope this isn't too much of a problem… We should find Sam first, who knows what he's been up to."

RStefan began walking to the door. "Yeah."

He reached for the door handle and pulled it open. It lead to the main corridor of Sam's lab.

Just then the front door flung open. A solider boot came down after kicking it and he stepped inside followed by another. Both wore identical body armor and helmets that hid their faces. Through a garbled and vocoded speaker they shouted, "Any and all occupants of this lab will surrender now."

RStefan01 dove back into the room. The soldiers must have spotted him because from the doorway struck out two continuous energy beams, heavily damaging the wall. The two soldiers ran into the room and fired their bulky energy-beam rifles again. RStefan01 ducked behind a file cabinet while rRaminrodt used his forearms to drag himself under the couch.

RStefan01 grabbed some kind of heavy electronic device and hurled it at the head of one of the soldiers. Unable to duck from the unexpected attack the projectile contacted throwing the trooper down and against the wall.

"COMPLETE!" RStefan01 shouted.

He leapt up and grabbed a hanging ceiling lamp and swung up and over the other soldier who was firing wildly at him. He jumped again and landed on his feet behind his target. He grabbed the soldiers helmet and chest and twisted. A loud pop heralded the death of the soldier.

He pulled the gun out of the corpses hand and felt its weight. Holding it he knealt down and pulled rRaminrodt out from under the couch.

"C'mon. We have to get out of here…"

Worry creased rRaminrodt's forhead, "I know."

As Stefan began to lift rRamin onto his shoulder Pal began to whine.

"What if they find me…"

RStefan01 put rRaminrodt down and pulled a couple draweres out of one of the file cabinets. He lifted the cabinet up and put it face down ontop of Pal, where so he was inside one of the open holes.

He banged on the outside of the case. "Now, if you keep quiet they wont find you."

Pal responded with a muffled groan. rRaminrodt and RStefan01 smiled.

"Lets get out of here."



Notes: See the character addition of kwerkey and the soldiers, both I will transfer to their true owners the second they ask. (in the database of course).

Changes by dis Story:

A lot. Tridus and "Sarah" are still in marital bliss. kwerky has been elected president, but the people think that Azriel has been. MysteryMan and his army of robotic Ninjas and soldiers have arrived, they are looking for Riptide members with a vengeance. Pal copied Sashies travel method with partial success bringing rRaminrodt and RStefan01 to Sam's lab. Edge and Bandie are still in Tri's cottage. Oh and rRaminrodt is still paralyzed from below the chest down…

More Notes!:

SM is going to hate me :) there now two storylines going now but you don't have to do both. As a writer you can just stick to Riptide or Quebec or both its your prerogative. Have fun :)

Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: (Storyverse Story)'Pal! Set course for... Wherever!'
Author: Psycho Sam!
Date: 2000-05-09 00:00:00

*It was a pleasant day in the Riptide community. Birds were singing, squirrels were playing, MysteryMan's henchmen were tearing the place apart looking for something. An average day in the Riptide community. Inside Psycho Sam's laboratory, a stick figure was coming up with a plan, and it wasn't Crazy Lou.*

Psycho Sam- Aww crap, first I don't get to be president, and now my lab's being torn apart by non-hired goons? What else could go wrong?

Crazy Lou- Well, for starters, Fabuloso is really starting to stink, and he's attracting some really nasty species of flies. If we're going to revive him, we're going to need to do it now.

Sam- Oh well... I guess we'll need a ship. Can we get on board the USS Riptide from here?

Lou- Sorry Sam, it's in space, and we've actually los tthe signal from Pal. Maybe he's broken.

Sam*into his portable communicator*- Pal? Where are you?

Pal*over the seaker*- I'm somewhere in the lab. I ported here with a bunch of people. I couldn't get them all here because they...

Sam- Fine fine, could you come up here now?

Pal- Sorry Sam, I don't have legs. I could always try teleporting myself to you but I'm probably not going to.

Sam- Why not?

Pal- I dunno. Why should I?

Sam- OK, come on! Get up here now! I need your help. After that you can be depressed all you want.

Pal- Fine... Fine... No one ever wants to talk to me when they don't need anything. I might as well make myself useful...

Sam- That's a good computer. Get up here now!

*Pal teleports into the main room of Sam's lab right next to Sam and Lou. He promptly hooked himself up to the main computer systems and began sulking*

Sam- Pal. PAL! I said I needed your help! No, don't answer that, just tell me if you have the schematics of the USS Riptide?

Pal- Yes I do. THey're kinda complicated but since I had a lot of itme to myself I think I've figured them out. They're very advanced. I wish I was advanced... Why did you take out some of my circui...

Sam- Shut up. Is it possible to convert the lab into ship mode and integrate the advanced technology from their ship?

Pal- This lab has a ship mode? Oh yeah... I forgot about that one. Yeah, I think I can integrate some of the stuff. You want me to change into ship mode now?

Sam- Sure, why not? Can we take off too?

Pal- I don't see why not. Unless a meteor crashes into us... Or a tidal wave washes us away... Or...

Sam- Just do it dagnabbit!

Pal- Transformation sequence activated.

*The lab started chaking, parts of it began moving, locking together. In the main room, a large viewscreen moved its way to the front of the room, and two smaller terminalr moved to the sides. a large chair sitting on a pedastol rose in the middle of the room. The chair was a rather large green leather recliner. It was very shiny, and extremely comfortable. Sam was gald he had it installed over that old beige velvet chair. That had to be the most uncomfortable chair sam had ever sat on. In another room in Sam's lab/ship RStefan01 was trying to figure out what was going on*

RStefan01- Hmm... Sht ship's shaking. Parts of it are moving. What's going on?

rRaminrodt- Not to sure, I think it may be transforming. Let's make our way to the main lab.

RStefan01- Good idea. We'll probably run into some more of those soldiers on the way here. Are you up to fighting them?

rRam- I can't stand, but I'll see if there's anything I can do.

*Outside the laboratory, the ground began shaking. The swamp that housed the lab began to bubble, and the forest dwellers who lived in the trees above the swamp were running around, evacuating their little tree village. The swamp began to bubble more and more until a ship suddenly rose out of it. The ship was pure white and very slick. It looked like two discs attached in the middle. one disc had a large window, and the other disc had two engines sticking out at the sides. It was a very nice, smoth, sleek, fast ship. As it took off, it tore through the forest dwellers village knocking down most of the trees. It tore off through the atmosphere, past the wreckage of Titania's station, and off into the infinite of space. On the bridge, Sam was admiring his intelligence*

Sam- Well, if that wasn't a good idea, I don't know what was. Pal, set course to that place you said that Fabuloso could be revived.

Pal- I don't think that was me who said that. Maybe it was Lou...

Sam- Just set course!

Pal- OK, ok... It's done. If you don't mind, I think I'll go to sleep for a bit. It's much less depressing that way.

Sam- Knock yourself out... Please.

*As the lights on Pal's terminal began to dim, the door to the bridge opened. Into the bridge stepped...*


Who will step onto the bridge? Will it be some of MysteryMan's soldiers? Will it be RStefan01? Or could it even be someone else? Tune in next time, to: SOMEONE ELSES STORY!

I lost the election
3 times in a row,
and all I got was this lousy TAG!

Subject: (postbox fun) Home Sweet Home.
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-05-10 00:00:00

Tridus lay in bed drowzily, with no real idea of what time it was... he didn't care either. For years that he had lost count of since his life had been turned upside down, he had been dreaming of this... and now... well, now he didn't have to dream anymore... with Sarah snuggled up against him, and Sashie sleeping off on top of his cabinet... life was good.

Dozing off, he still did dream though... of how great it would be to wake up in the morning.

Sleeping comfortably, Tatiana woke up most irritated at an annoying person tapping on her shoulder incessantly. Rolling over and groaning, she didn't see anything, but the tapping stopped.

Subject two (Sashie) started talking though. "Mommy wake up! I made you breakfast! Its your favorite!"

Sure enough, beside the laptop sat a steaming plate of what looked like bacon and scrambled eggs. Tatiana supresed an urge to throw that damn computer out a window into the nearest snowbank, and instead resumed her acting and smiled. "Why thank you sweetie! It looks delicious,why don't you bring it over here so mommy can eat it?"

"ok mommy!" Tatiana giggled as the food floated over to her. Trust these North Americans to create technology that doesn't do anything useful, but can make them lazy and fat.

"Thank you sweetie." Tatiana started eating. It was palatable at least, but not the gourmet delicacies that she was used to eating by any stretch of the imagination... still, she had to put an act on for the girl. "mm... this is delicious sweetie, did it take you long to make?"

"no mommy, all I had to do was stir eggs and cook bacon and stuff, it only took a half hour or so!"

"Thats my girl." Well... Tatiana figured that the data she was getting was worth enduring this... and her revenge... oh yes... that would be worth it ten times over. These morons wouldn't know what hit them, they had bought her whole plan... as her father would have said; "they had swallowed the bait, hook, line, and sinker." . She found she had to supress a grin at the thought of that.

Tridus awoke and found Sarah just walking back into the room... "good morning honey..."

Sarah looked at him and smiled. "Morning sweetie. can you do me a favor? Can you take your friends home? They're making a mess and this place is so cramped with them here... And one of them snores."

Tridus listened.... that sounded like Edge snoring. "But I don't know where to send them, we don't have a base anymore..."

Sarah just looked at him with those eyes of hers... "Oh..."

"Alright hon... I'll... I dunno, I'll put them up in a hotel or something."

Sarah smiled. "Thank you sweetie, your so thoughtful." She came over and gave him a kiss, then walked back out of the room.

Tridus lay in bed smiling... 'life is good' was the only thought that crossed his mind.

Eveuntally, he managed to get up, dressed, and out of the room... out there, Edge and Bandwidth were asleep in chairs. Tridus was wondering where everybody else went when he saw Sarah reading a note.

"Whats that say dear?"

Sarah handed him the note without saying a word.


We went back to Riptide (or the space it used to occupy at least) to try and rebuild once more. We rigged up a transport method using Pal and Cynthia that should get us here ok. When your ready, come back out and rejoin us.

- The Group

"Hmm... I wonder why these two are still here? Bandwidth, Edge.. Wake up!"

They didn't react.

"Sashie sweetie, wake them up." Sarah asked.

"Ok mommy!" With that, two buckets of ice water appeared over the pair and dumped their contents.

That woke them up pretty fast... in fact it sent them jumping up and screaming from the cold.

The family laughed at their reaction... "heheh... Sashie be a dear and dry them off."

"Ok daddy! tee hee!"

The pair and the floor quickly dried off.

"Now then..." Tridus started. "If you were all leaving, why are you two still here?"

Edge was the first to respond. "I don't know... we were starting to leave, and then all of the sudden we were back here with everybody else gone... so we just went back to sleep, because there isn't anything to do in this ice cap you call home. No offense of course."

Tridus smiled. "Alright... well, lets have something to eat and then head back." Tridus walked into the kitchen and saw a huge mess... 'Sashie must have been cooking again' he thought. He walked back out of the kitchen.

"Alright... lets order something to eat and then head back." With that, he pulled out his phone. "Hi Pizza Pizza? Yeah, its Tridus... yeah I'm good, and you? Great! I'll have two usuals. Yep, I'm at home. Ok, thanks!"

Edge finally decided to ask a question that was nagging at him... "Tri, umm... how do you propose to get pizza out here? There can't be a pizza place within 50 miles!"

"About two hundred and fifty actually."

"Well then where...?"


"How far away is that?"

Tridus shrugged. "Long enough that you wouldn't want to try and make the trip yourself."

"Then how..."

Tridus interrupted him. "Edge... some mysteries just don't have answers. Of course, this one does, but I'm not going to give it to you." He flashed Edge a grin.

"Well... ok... how long is it going to take?"

Tridus shrugged. "Twenty, thirty minutes... after that its free, and Chuck has never been late."


"Yep, the pizza guy."

Edge shook his head... this just wasn't making sense.

Twenty eight minutes of relatively meaningless conversation passed, and then there was a knock at the door.

"Come in Chuck!" Tridus yelled.

Chuck came walking in wearing a parka and carrying one of those pizza delivery bags that keeps the pizza's warm. "Yo Tri dude, I got your two pizzas here! Hey... company?" Chuck glanced aorund the room and stopped on Sarah. "Nice company at that."

"Oh how rude of me! Edge, Bandwidth, Sarah... this is Chuck the Pizza Guy. Chuck, this is Edge, Bandwidth, and my wife who came home recently, Sarah."

Chuck smiled. "Wife? You didn't tell me you had a wife dude! Looks like you hit the jackpot too, thats a definate keeper!"

Tridus grinned and Sarah smiled. "Yeppers." Tridus said. "She is, definately."

Tridus gave Chuck a fifty dollar bill. "Thanks dude, see ya next time!" With that, Chuck was off, leaving two Extra Large Pizza's with Double Cheese, Double Pepperoni, and Quadruple Bacon.

Tridus dug right in... Edge and Bandwidth eyed each other wearily before taking some, and Sarah suppressed the urge to groan, she was going to need her stomach pumped at this rate.

After pizza, the group gathered together in Tridus' living room again, but this time everyone was ready for travelling. Tridus and Sarah had actually gotten dressed properly instead of just wearing bathrobes and whatever happened to be lying around. Tridus was holding Sashie, and they were ready to go.

"Ok Sashie, hit it!"

"Ok daddy!"

With Tridus' extra high speed internet line, it only took a few seconds for the group to disappear.

It took about a minute for them to fully reappear inside a house in California near Riptide's location that Tridus didn't recognize. "Sashie, whose house is this?"

"Sorry daddy, this is the closest comptuer I could find for us to jump to."

"Oh... well thats ok sweetie, we'll just walk the rest of the way."

Being careful not to wake up the occupants, the group left the house quietly and walked towards Riptide HQ (getting directions from Sashie and her GPS system)... as they came over a hill nearing Riptide, the group stopped.

Floating above the area where Riptide should be was several large black Triangular ships. Down over the hill, they saw people milling about with faceless armored soldiers with powerful looking weapons moving around.

"What the hell!?" was the ony question Tridus could think of to ask.

Tatiana was thinking the same thing... 'What the hell!? This wasn't part of my plan!'


The rest of the group is now at least near Riptide HQ and have just spotted MM's force. The force hasnt spotted them yet though. :-)

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Subject: (storyverse) Air Battle (storyverse)
Author: SoulTaker
Date: 2000-05-10 00:00:00

Air Battle

RStefan01 was running through the dark hallways of Psycho Sams lab complex, carrying rRaminrodt on his shoulders. The walls around them was in constant flux, transforming the massive building into a spaceship. rRaminrodt frantically tried to keep on top of RStefan01 as the cyborg swiftly ran through hallways, desperately searching for cover. At any time, the walls that surrounded them could move together and squish them, as part of the ship transformation sequence.

RStefan01 ran against the door at the end of the room, and kicked it down. He ran inside the room. At last it seemed that they had found a room not in flux. The room was a small lab, with a few computer terminals, a table, and a few chairs. A few empty crates was stacked in the corner. RStefan01 took rRaminrodt down from his shoulders, and rRaminrodt sat down in one of the chairs. RStefan01 then quietly scanned the room for any presence which he had not noticed when they entered. As the green beam searched the room, they felt that the ship was beginning liftoff. RStefan01 continued his scan.

rRaminrodt sighed.

"This is utter chaos. We should find Psycho Sam as soon as possible... Who knows what madness he could be up to."

RStefan01 nodded, and was just about to take rRaminrodt and place him on his shoulders, as rRaminrodt stopped him.

"No, you must go alone. I can not be of any help to you. Just get the ship down... I should get medical care at the riptide hospital as soon as possible."
"You should hide somewhere, then. It is not safe for you to be alone."
"I will hide somewhere."
"Very well."
"Hurry up."

RStefan01 turned to the door, and opened. To his suprise, he saw Psycho Sam and Crazy Lou surrounded by lights, status screens and switches, sitting at a cockpit in some large, comfy armchairs. The large windows showed a good view of the whole riptide area. The ship was hovering at approximately 500m above ground.

"Psycho Sam, land the ship immediately."

Psycho Sam turned around, and frowned.

"Can't you ever just mind your own business? This is my ship, and you are not supposed to be here!"
"Land the ship, Psycho Sam. rRaminrodt is here too, and he needs medical care."
"Do you not like my new 'Psycho Ship'?"

As RStefan01 and Psycho Sam was talking, a squadron of black, triangular ships flew into the range of the so-called Psycho Ship, and began firing their beam weapons at the ship. Psycho Sam quickly turned around.

"Lou, what's going on?!"
"Uhh... Some ships are attacking us."
"Well, shoot them!"
"We don't have any weapons."

Psycho Sam took the microphone, and began speaking.

"Pal, why don't we have any weapon systems on this ship?"
"You didn't say that you wanted any. Just leave me alone, will you?"

Psycho Sam angrily throwed the microphone into a corner of the room.

"Lou, we'll retreat. Just get my beautiful ship away from those infidel dogs."
"Infidel dogs?"
"Those ships which are attacking us."

Before Crazy Lou could finish, one of MysteryMans ships fired a powerful beam into the Psycho Ship. A large explosion was heard. The ship shaked heavily, and the status screens and lights began changing and flashing violently.

"The left wing has been hit!", Crazy Lou screamed, panicked.

Another attacker turned around, and fired at the Psycho Ship. Another explosion was heard, and Psycho Sams beloved ship began losing altitude at an alarming speed.

"What's going on, RStefan01?!", rRaminrodt yelled from the room beside the cockpit.
"We're going down. We must evacuate the ship before it is too late!", RStefan01 yelled.

RStefan01 picked up the microphone that Psycho Sam had tossed away moments before.

"Pal, teleport us to somewhere near the Riptide area... Fast."

A disgruntled voice answered through the speakers.

"You always want something for yourselves. Nobody ever cares about what I want... "
"This is an emergency, Pal. I repeat, teleport us to somewhere near the Riptide area."

Pal sighed, and Psycho Sam, Crazy Lou, RStefan01 and rRaminrodt felt a large amount of energy surrounding them for a moment. In a fraction of a second, their position changed. They found themselves behind a stage in the position where the Riptide HQ used to be. A strange-looking person was telling the crowd about what he would do in his time of his presidency. Not far away stood a tall man in a dark trenchcoat and a fedora on his head, staring at the evening sky.

rRaminrodt just stared for a second.

"We're gone for a few days, and THIS happens? Some weirdo I've never seen before is elected president... New people everywhere... What's happening?"

rRaminrodt looked at Psycho Sam.

"I suppose that you are a part of this too, Sam?"
"So what if I am?"

rRaminrodt sighed. Meanwhile, the man in the trenchcoat walked nearer the group. He looked at rRaminrodt.

"Mr. rRaminrodt, I presume?"
"Yes... And you are?"
"kwerkey. As you have probably already found out, MysteryMan has returned. And not with good intentions... I must admit, I am not entirely without guilt in this case. Let me explain to you what has happened..."

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Subject: (Storyverse Zug-Zug)'DNow how do we get home?'
Author: Psycho Sam!
Date: 2000-05-10 00:00:00

*Once again, Psycho Sam! was back in the general Riptide area. His ship was damaged, and had recently (coincidentally) crashed into the swamp where his lab used to be. After sorting a couple of things out, he realized that the ship wasn't really in that bad shape, so he got some of the forest dwellers (the ones who used to live in the trees above sam's lab) to help him make repairs, under Lou's instructions. The leader of the forest dwellers, Ralf, was talking to Pal about some schematics*

Ralf- OK Pal, this time without the sarcasm.

Pal- Like I said, the third engine bypass valve needs to be painted black!

Ralf- But why? I's just slowing down production! In the time it takes us to paint the third valve, we could have installed the fourth.

Pal- Fine, fine... If you want to build a second rate ship, that's fine with me, just don't come whining to me when someone notices the lousy painting job...

Ralf- Whatever... I'm going back to work. *to one of his men* Hey! hwo's work going on the portal generator?

*A couple of hours later, the ship was ready for takeoff. Sam, Lou, kwerkey, and Fabuloso's corpse (which had had a large peice of metal embed itself into his chest during the crash) were on the bridge, getting ready for takeoff. This time they wouldn't be stopped by MysteryMan's ships.*

Sam- Pal, are we ready to go?

Pal- Sure, why not. But I suggest just using the portal generator to take us past the other ships up there.

Sam- Go ahead Pal. How long will that take?

Pal- about 15 minutes, give or take a couple...

Sam- Good. soon we shall revive Fabuloso... soon...

*Outside the ship, PsychoBot2 was trying to hold back RStefan01 as he tried to gain access to the ship. For a little box with no weapons, it was doing fairly well. The entire Riptide crew, except of course for Tridus, Sashie, and Sarah, were standing outside waiting for RStefan01 to get in.*

BandWidth- Come on! We have to get in! What's taking so long?

RStefan01- I don't know. This robot is very intimidating. I don't know what it's going to do next, and that frightens me.

kwerkey- Well, kick it or something.

RStefan01- Hey, there's an idea. Why didn't I think of that?

Edge- Maybe there's something wrong with your circuits. We should have Pal check you out once we get...

RStefan01- I am not letting that computerized depression into my head! No way, no how!

Edge- Fine. Kick the robot.

*RStefan01 kicked the robot, and walked onto the ship. They walked up to where they remembered the bridge was, and barged in on Sam*

Sam- What is the meaning of this intrusion?

BandWidth- Look, you're in no position to speak to us like that. Not after all you've done. And to add insult to injury, YOU'VE CALLED FOR A NEW ELECTION, AND LET AZRIEL BECOME PRESIDENT!

kwerkey- Actually, I'm president. Azriel came in second.

BandWidth- I don't care. Let's just get Sam out of here so we can punish him.

Pal- No doing that right now I'm afraid.

Edge- Why not? Are you going to try to stop us?

Pal- No, but I'm about to open up a portal that is going to sransport us somewhere past the moon. It should be opening in about a minute or so. If you want to evacuate, you can, but I don't think you could get Sam off in under a minute.

BandWidth- Then we'll stay here and transport the ship back once we get there.

Pal- Whatever. Doesn't bother me. Teleporting in T minus 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Blastoff. Yay.

*With that, a vortex opened up underneath the ship, under the swamp, and sucked both the ship and the swamp into itself. A portal oened up in space, and a ship poped out of it. THe protal wasn't located just past the moon, but somewhere completely different. It had taken them almost half way across the galaxy. Next to them was a space station of some sort, with many ships docked at the ports*

Sam- What the hell did you do Pal? Where are we?

BandWidth- Never mind that. Get us back to Earth so we can punish Sam!

Pal- Sorry 'bout that. There was a bit of a power surge guys. Cna't get the portal generator started back up either. Burned out the circuits.

Lou- Hey, what's up with you Pal? You sound different.

Pal- On the negative side, we can't get home. But on the plus side, my depression is gone!

Lou- That's super!

Pal- Yesseree, it is super.

Edge- But now, how can we get home?


I lost the election
3 times in a row,
and all I got was this lousy TAG!

Subject: Staring at the Fire (Storyverse- long)
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-05-12 00:00:00

Note, part of this takes place before sams story some after, I did it to preserve continuity. :) I hope you can follow along.

Staring at the Fire


>> MysteryMan's command ship, The bridge <<

MysteryMan stared intently at the holographic image that floated in front of his command platform. It seemed as a birds eye view of the city of Riptide, all rendered so realistically that it seemed that he was floating over the city. The illusion was broken, however, when he activated one of the tactical overlays flooding regions of the city with color-coding, that indicated what areas he controlled and what they had not explored or seized yet. Flicking another switch, tiny dots showed the locations of each and every one of his soldiers. He stood for a while watching his men carry out their orders to a tee, mindless of life and limb.

He blinked away a moment of care for those who had been recently killed in Psycho Sam's laboratory. While they were too few in number for the taking of an entire country or state, a city would be quite an easy target for his forces, he watched again as one of the last gray areas became blue, and his forces had taken the last uncontrolled area. He smiled, only the true founders of Riptide could give him any problem now.

He smiled and activated a countdown on his tactical computer. He then left the bridge to go down to the conference room to speak with his generals.

And the clock began to tick.

>> Riptide center. T -26 Hrs. 14 Min. <<

Sam whispered, "Ta ta! I'm going to get my ship fixed." He ran off toward his lab.

"What the heck is he doing?"

RStefan01 shrugged, "Let him go. I think we need to hear what kwerkey here has to say, something about his fault." He frowned.

The essence of worry passed through rRaminrodt's face, "Yeah, what did you mean?"

kwerkey didn't even look at him, "I didn't cause it. I just had something to do with his return, but I never thought it would be like this."

"Can you explain a little better?"

He gathered a deep breath, "Ok. A while back I moved here and set up as a PI, like I always did. Well a week or so the Police came to me to ask for a little help with investigating the murder of the President MysteryMan. I accepted the job and went to work, couple of weeks later, just before the bomb that blew up the old building went off I ran across some disturbing evidence. The presidential pinebox was empty, it had been buried that way too.

"I did a little more digging and turned up some weird stuff. It had less to do with the killers than what happened after the murder. To make a long story short, I found some kind of palm-pilot type thing stuck under a fake rock near the river, and I turned it on. There was some guy in a uniform on the other end and he asked me who I was and what was going on with Riptide. Notice, he already knew where I was, so I told him about the explosion and the weird stuff going on. A day or so later the thing starts to beep, so I turn it on, and there staring me in the face is the old president. He kind of flipped out when I told him what was going on, about President Bandwidth and the new ship you guys just got. And that’s it.

"I'm sure he was already planning this. But I think I moved his timetable up or something."

rRaminrodt closed his eyes and thought hard for a few moments. He looked back at kwerkey, "Losing the ship was a deep cut on our side, but I'm glad that that Tatiana woman is dead, having them both after us at the same time would be really bad." He grimaced, "We need organization. Someone has to be rude and contact Tridus at home. Then we'll have to browbeat Sam into good behavior. That’s when we start figuring out what to do…"

RStefan01 spoke, "Sam's ship, err, lab or whatever it is has a subspace radio in it, I recognized the design from the same as the klingon ship's. We could use that to communicate without being monitored."

kwerkey smiled, "Even though I don't get it… Sounds like a good idea."

They crept quietly around the crowed with the man shouting from the podium.

RStefan01 frowned, "MysteryMan's soldiers will probably be here soon. They should be warned about the danger."

kwerkey looked at the man for a second, "He knows about the danger. He'll move underground soon, don't worry about that crowd."

rRaminrodt and RStefan looked at each other for a second, and just shrugged. As they passed out of the immediate downtown they rounded a corner and entered the old warehouse district.

rRaminrodt shook his head, "Why the heck are we going this way?"

kwerkey pointed back across toward the crowed, "If we walk across the common to the lab we'll be as plain as day, this way no one will see us."

RStefan01 shook his head, "Good idea."

rRaminrodt shrugged, "Sorry, you're right, that makes sense."

As the rounded the next corner, they ran face first into another small group slinking around the building.

kwerkey almost shouted, "Edge!"

Edge smiled, "Oh man, we've been looking for you guys everywhere… kwerkey, what the heck are you doing here?"

He chuckled, "I'm president…"

"What!?" Behind Edge stood BandWidth, with an exasperated look on his face.

kwerkey grimaced, "Sorry, Sam thought you guys were gone for good and organized an election. It wasn't quite right as he tried to rig it… I was elected, but he accidentally named Azriel."


"Well, he's… uhm… jeeze I'll tell you later. We need to get to Sam's lab to call Tridus."

Edge shook his head, "No need. He brought us here."

"Good. Lets get him."

"No. He's all the way across the city, we'd risk running into those crazy troopers."

"MysteryMan's soldiers, yeah. Lets get to the lab and…"


kwerkey nodded, "Yeah. Oh. This is another story for later… Let's get to that lab…"


>> Sam's Lab ship T -20 Hrs. 33 Min. <<


Sam shrugged, "Get home? I don't know. But this space station is supposed to have a great cloning lab. They should have a Fabuloso back up and running again in no time."

BandWidth's eyes bugged out, "That freak show? You want to resurrect him? I can stand your antics, but both of you? No way, no how."

Pal made a sound that seemed an awful lot like laughter, "It's repairable you silly people. Just start working on it and by the time Fabuloso is alive, the drives should be ready again."

Bandwidth stomped his foot, "The heck were waiting, RStefan, rRaminrodt, you guys get down there and fix that thing!"

"I got the door locked!" Sam shouted, "I'm going to revive fabuloso!"

Edge broke into the fight, "Sam, you unlock the door so we can begin repairs and then head down to the station. When you get back, we go home. Got it."

Sam grumbled and looked down, "Okay." He hit a few buttons and then spoke, "Its unlocked but I passworded the navigational controls so you can't leave without me." He turned around, "Cmon Lou, get Fabuloso to the shuttle!"

Sam and Lou left the bridge dragging the corpse behind them.

kwerkey just shook his head, "Well that was weird."


>> Sam's Lab ship T -10 Hrs. 49 Min. <<

Lou look scared as he entered the bride in front of Sam, behind them walked a large person, a very large person.

Lou looked at Sam and wimpered, "I didn't know the growth hormones would make him that big. At least he's not as mean as he used to be…"

Sam sneered, "Sure, he can't even talk now!"

"Its not that bad… He's like Peak Man now, like, you know from the Friday Deathmatches on TV."

"Shut up Lou."

kwerkey looked at Sam. "We finished the repairs an hour ago. Are you ready to go now?"

"Yes. Computer unlock navigational controls, password: Psycho Sam."

"You used your name as a password?"

"I wouldn't forget that way now would I?"

rRaminrodt rolled his eyes, "Can we just engage those damn engines? We've spent better part of a day out here doing nothing. Tridus could be in trouble."

Edge shook his head, "Engage the portal Sam."

"Fine, fine." He punched a few controls. A second later the ship appeared back a few meters above the swamp, and suddenly smashed into the ground.

Pal began to moan, "That was awful. The portal generator, and the engines, and the floor are totally messed up now. The ship was overwigheted!"

The mute Fabuloso made a childlike like smile. Sam wailed, "Noooooooooooooooo."

Pal started to complain, "That trip totally ruined my mood. I hate you Sam. You do the cruelest things to me…"

Edge stuck his fingers in his ears. Then he began to hum. RStefan looked around the room for a second. He spied one particualar panel and smashed his fist through the console and pulled out an electronic device.

He pointed to the exit. "I got the subspace transmitter. Lets go, I don't want to hear this anymore."

They all filed out of the room, leaving Sam, Lou and Fabuloso to Pal's tirade.


>> A Riptide Rooftop T -5 Hrs. 13 Min. <<

They stood around in a circle as Edge slowly punched numbers into a discount cellphone they wired into the subspace transmitter.

He looked at rRaminrodt, "Are you sure these numbers are correct?"

"After all that time I spent with Tridus and Sashie decoding the klingon, don't you think I'd know a little about her… I am sure that’s the frequency she's set to monitor."

"Okay." He finished punching the numbers into the phone. He waited, and then frowned."

"Whats the matter?"

"I'm getting a busy signal!"

"What? How's that possible? This is subspace, not a regular phone. Maybe its just interperating something else as a busy signal… Oh crud, what if its being jammed?"

At the same time, across the city crouched in the basement of someones house Tridus and his "family" waited for a patrol to leave the neighborhood.

Tridus patted the laptop, "Okay honey, just tell me when the bad men pass."

"Okie daddy."

While they spoke, 'Sarah' heard a quiet noise coming from her bag, she opened it up and saw a small device inside had been activated and a light labeled "subspace" was blinking. She smiled for a second, and then returned to her role.


While Edge was dialing again, Bandwidth cursed and pointed up at the sky. "Get down! They've spotted us."

Three futuristic looking helicopters bore down at the group. Everyone dove to the ground and the phone bounced away. RStefan01 dove out and grabbed it, dodging rapid-fire machine guns pelting the ground near him. A door on the side of the gunship slid open and a soldier leaned out and fired his beam-rifle at the group.

Everyone scattered again, ducking behind ductwork and chimneys. Someone shouted, "get out of here, we'll meet back later!"

One of the copters swung around and positioned itself above the roof door. The sound of a much larger ship approaching filled the air.

kwerkey could be heard saying, "Oh crap."

Edge leapt out from his hiding place. He shouted at the group, "Take 'em down, and then run!" He jumped, fists blazing, toward the flyer with its door open. He smashed into the trooper and fighting could be heard inside the ship. Taking this as a clue Bandwidth pulled his revolver out of his boot and fired at the tail of the second ship. The powerful blast knocked a hole in the stabilizer and it began to wobble out of control and tip away from the building. Edge leapt out of the other copter as it began a collision course with the nearby building.

Taking this advantage, Bandwidth, kwerkey and RStefan01 ran toward the exit. As he reached the door RStefan01 skidded to a stop and shouted, "rRaminrodt!"

The so named person turned to face RStefan, but Edge yelled, "Gooooo! I've got him!"

And he did so and began dragging him toward the exit. That’s when a group of soldiers burst out of the door before RStefan01 could open it. Being too close to use their rifles safely, everything broke into a melee fist fitght.

In the sky, rRaminrodt noticed the last helicopter turning around for another pass, and he got an idea. He unraveled both his arms and wrapped the cords of his left arm around the mechanism on the roof behind him.

Edge stared, "What the heck are you doing!"

Without saying anything rRaminrodt lashed out with his other arm toward the landing skid of the copter. Grabbing on, rRaminrodt began pulling the ship down to the rooftop. Edge paused, comprehending what was going on. The door on this ship's side opened up and the troopers inside prepared to fire, when Edge jumped onto this group.

kwerky smashed a large pipe into the leg of one of his attackers and ran up to the ship and jumped inside talkling the last soldier in the hold, as Edge wrenched the door to the cockpit open and yanked the copilot out. RStefan01 leapt inside, chased by two beams, fired by the soldiers behind him. Edge threw the other pilot to his death on the ground. And slid into the pilots seat. As bandwidth prepared to leap onto the ship, beams from the remaining soldiers on the roof blasted into rRaminrodt's arm severing the cables and releasing his grasp on the ship, he screamed in pain.

Another soldier kicked Bandwidth to the ground and leapt aboard the copter and yanked ont the controls sending the ship shooting up into the air. RStefan01 gripped him by the helmet and threw him out. But it was too late…

The clock inside MysteryMan's control center had counted down to five minutes. It sent a signal to boxes his soldiers had set up at the ouskirts of the city. They began to power up.

And a whole new group of fresh soldiers poured onto the rooftop. And enragaged rRaminrodt, screaming with pain lashed out with his good arm at the soldiers. They fired their weapons at him and the beams smashed into him.

The clock counted down to zero. Specail crews of troops on the outskirts began to cut all power cables phone lines and net cables into and out of the city. The boxes began to glow and suddenly a large shell of a force field surrounded the entire city.

Edge piloted the copter away from the rooftop as the soldiers fired at it. A group of soldiers surrounded Bandwidth and bound and gagged him. Another group surrounded rRaminrodt, and kicked his lifeless corpse…

>> Nowhere T -00 Hrs. 00 Min. <<

An unusual, familiar feeling filled him. Or more exactly, he filled a feeling. As opposed to paralysis, the being who before this, and after this would call himself rRaminrodt understood what was happening.

The instinct he always felt during this time took over the being and he passed through the non-space he was in. He searched for the closest rightest form to himself.

And reincarnated……



Changes by this story:

Edge and crew are in a MM's army helicpoter, but are trapped under his shield. All power and communication are cut from the city. Bandwidth has been captured by MM's troops. Fabuloso is alive, but not well and is in the Lab with Sam Lou and Pal. And rRaminrodt has just reincarnated, but into whom I'll tell you later. :)

Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: (Post Box Zug-Zug)Fairwell to a... friend?
Author: Psycho Sam!
Date: 2000-05-13 00:00:00

OK, this story is being written due to the lack of people posting despite the fact that there's at least 4 people logged in right now. This may be inacurate because I was kinda confused on what was going on with rRaminrodt's last story, but here we go anyway.

Also note that at least ONE character will die, but that's for you to guess.
Edge- We're thousands of light years away from Earth without any way of getting home. Only you could get us in a situation this bad and not give a damn...

Psycho Sam- Well SORRY! I didn't mean to get us lost. Maybe if you guys didn't make enemies with MysteryMan, he would have never shot my ship down the first time. Actually, if you had just lent me your ship, we could have avoided all of this.

BandWidth- You just don't get it, do you? I'm sick and tired of having to clean up after you. RStefan01, take sam to the brig!

Sam- Not so fast. This is my ship, and what I say goes! And you're not sending me to the brig on my own ship. Only I am able to use the confusing controls, and only I know all the access codes, so I need to be in command.

RStefan01- I could beat the information out of you. And then we wouldn't need you.

Sam- Well yeah, but Pal's been instructed to completely shut down the ship if anything happens to me at the hands of any of you.

rRaminrodt- Darn it. Well I guess maybe we should get the ship fixed.

Pal- Well, you could do that, and I'm sure I'd like it alot, but I'd need some new parts.

Crazy Lou- Well, where can we get these new parts?

Pal- You could try the space station.

Sam- Which space station?

Pal- The one locking their weapons onto us.

*The ship rocked as it had been hit by some form of missile*

Pal- Oh, looks like the ship's going to need more new parts than I thought.

Edge- We've got to do something! Do we have any weapons?

Pal- We have torpedo tubes, but nothing to shoot out of them. Luckily the space station wants to talk with us. Should I open a link to them?

Sam- No way! Keep firing!

Lou- I think we should hear what they have to say.

Sam- Ah well, OK. Lou, you try to convince them not to shoot at us, and me and the guys'll think of something to do.

Lou- Well, OK.

*Sam and the gang ran down towards the torpedo bay to try and figure out what they could shoot at the ship when they ran into a small person wearing a red vest and a red baseball cap. His name was Ash Ketchup, and this is what he stated it to be. He followed them to wherever they were going and when they got there, he stood in a corner practicing his throwing poses*

Edge- Sure he's annoying, but at least we know that if we're boarded, with Ash here, Sam can 'Digivolve' and fight them.

RStafan01- Yeah, I guess that's a plus side to it, but he sure is annoying.

Ash- I'm Ash Ketchcup! Master Digimon trainer! Psycho Sam! I chose you! Go Bulbasaur!

Sam- Be quiet Ash. Why don't you play your gameboy? You're much less irritating that way.

*A large teardrop appeared on the back of Ash's head and he fell quite suddenly to the floor.*

Ash- Aww Sam, why don't you like me?

*Edge was helping RStefan01 put some parts together into a missile when Crazy Lou came on over the ships intercom*

Lou- I don't mean to alarm you guys, but the stations getting ready to fire again. I tried to explain why we were here, but when the person in charge heard that this was Psycho Sam's ship, he went nuts.

BandWidth- Sam! What the hell did you do now?

Sam- I assure you I have no idea what he's talking about. Let's get building.

*They finished building the torpedo and loaded it into the torpedo tube just in time to intercept a missile which could have blown up another part of the ship. They built a few smaller missiles and went back to the bridge, leaving Sam and Ash to load the torpedo's.*

}}Ship's Bridge{{

RStefan01- Hey Lou, how's it going holding them off?

Lou- Well, they yelled out something about Sam destroying the universe and made some rude comments about my hat.

Edge- You're not wearing a hat.

Lou- That's what bothered me.

*A torpedo fired at the space station, knocking out one of its missile launchers.*

BandWidth- Hey, does that mean Sam's got control of the launcher?

Pal- He sure does, and man is he good at firing stuff.

Sam*over the intercom*- We're running out of missiles fast. We're going to need a peaceful solution quick.

rRaminrodt- Why don't you just shoot Fabuloso's corpse at them?

Sam- What a grand idea, except he's on the bridge right now!

RStefan01- Well, find something to shoot a hole in the station with. We could board it.

Sam- Fine fine. Maybe I can find a jagged peice of metal...

*Sam closed the commlink*

*A couple more missiles fired, and a big dent was forming in the side of the station. A couple of peices of metal fired causing more denting. A couple more shots would do it*

}}Torpedo Bay{{
Sam- Ash! Stop talking about Digimon and get over here! I need help loading these peices of metal!

Ash- Pikachu! I chose you! Go Pidgeotto! Thunderbolt attack now!

Sam- Arrgh! Do you want me to send you back up to the bridge?

Ash- Do what you must. You can't stop the worlds greatest Digimon trainer!

}}Ships bridge{{

Edge- Sam! Fire now! We need to make that hole now! They're getting ready to fire again!

Sam*over intercom*- I'm loading! I'm loading! I just could use some help, and Ash isn't hel... Never mind, I see something I can do.

*Sam closes intercom*

*A reddish object fires out of the torpedo tube, making the hole in the station much bigger. Big enough to pull the ship up next to and board the station. Sam walked up onto the bridge playing Ash's gameboy.*

rRaminrodt- Sam, you did it! Even with Ash bugging you?

Sam- Well... I knew he was useful for SOMETHING. Too bad I can't digivolve no more.

BandWidth- You didn't...

Sam- Well, does anyone really have a problem with this?

*the group looked at eachother, and realized that no one actually had much of a problem with this. They set up a little memorial to Ash in the torpedo bay, and boarded the ship. Inside there was a fairly large area with small shops sitting around. People walking around, and little bits of Ash lying around. The cleanup crew was coming ot clean up the mess and an officer came to the group to apologize for the actions of the one who shot at them. Apparently he had been under a lot of stress lately*

Sam- Well, I can say this: Ash sure made quite an impact on this station.

Edge- OK Sam... That was pretty bad. Let's just go see if we can find those parts we need.

rRaminrodt- OK, but I think something fishy's going on here... There was that stuff about Sam that that guy said.

RStefan01- He was probably just crazy. It probably doesn't really mean anyhting...

rRaminrodt- Yeah... I guess so...

Changes in this story: The annoying little Ash character is now dead. Sam has his Gameboy, and they are on the space station which actually didn't mean to shoot at them. And rRaminrodt thinks there's something suspicious about what the man said about Sam.

I lost the election
3 times in a row,
and all I got was this lousy TAG!

Subject: (storyverse) Revenge is sweet (storyverse)
Author: SoulTaker
Date: 2000-05-15 00:00:00

Revenge is sweet

The helicopter was flying uncontrollably against the shimmering blue force field that surrounded the city. RStefan01 desperately tried to regain control over the helicopter, but it was impossible after the MysterySoldier had yanked out most of the controls.

"If we collide with the force field, we will be disintegrated! We have only one alternative!"

With these words, RStefan01 grabbed Edge in his left hand and kwerkey in his other, and jumped out of the helicopter. A few seconds later, the helicopter crashed into the force field. Electrical lightning shot through the helicopter as it turned into black ash. As RStefan01 was falling through the air with Edge and kwerkey in his arms, they began to realize what would happen next. They would die. There was no way that they could survive this fall. They closed their eyes, and waited.

"Look at you pathetic fools... Did you really think you could get away this easy? No, no, no... Death is too good for you."

Edge, RStefan01 and kwerkey opened their eyes. They were in a large room with black walls. the perfectly clean marble floors reflected the large MysteryMan banners on the walls. In front of them, MysteryMan sat in a large throne, smiling evilly.

"Death is too easy. I decided to teleport you into my flagship, 'Enigma', so that you could be punished for your sins."

Edge frowned.

"Why are you doing this to us? ...And why are you alive? You were killed!"
"Why do you think I am doing this? It's about revenge, Edge... Those who killed me must pay."
"But why us? We didn't kill you!"

MysteryMan leapt up from his throne, and yelled at Edge.

"Don't tell me you're innocent! My killers were members of Riptide!"

Edge stood speechless. He could not believe what he was hearing... It was insane. It didn't make sense. MysteryMan had gone completely crazy.

"Let me show you why I want revenge!", MysteryMan yelled. He grabbed the sword beside his throne, and swiftly moved the blade to his forehead. And cut. Then, with the other hand, he took the part of his skin... And ripped it off. Behind his skin, a silvery, slightly bloody metal surface could be seen. He continued to rip off the rest of his face, revealing silvery metal everywhere. His electronic eyes whirred quietly as they moved around.

"Do you now see the reason for my rage?!?", MysteryMan yelled. "Those who has done this to me must PAY!! You destroyed my human body... I was forced to become a cyborg if I wanted to survive... You will pay for this, Riptide. Indeed you will."

Edge stepped back, shocked.

"Please, MysteryMan... Riptide has no responsibility for this."

Just as Edge finished, the large doors at the other end of the room opened, and BandWidth was dragged in by two MysterySoldiers, handcuffed. They walked up to the to the front of the throne. MysteryMan smiled.

"Very well. Release him."

One of the MysterySoldiers pressed a button on a small remote control, and the BandWidth was freed. MysteryMan sat down in his throne.

"So... 'Mr. president', now you're not so powerful anymore, eh?"
"What do you want, MysteryMan?", BandWidth asked.

He laughed quietly, and continued.

"As the so-called 'president' of Riptide, you should be ultimately responsible for the actions of the people you govern over. So I charge you responsible for the murder of... MysteryMan."
"Take him away. And his pitiful friends too."

"I know that if you leave dishes in the sink, they get sticky and hard to wash the next day." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Subject: Silence Trickles In (storyverse)
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-05-18 00:00:00

Wrote it last night but was too tired to log on. :)

Silence Trickles In


The first sound he heard was water dripping. More precisely, water dripping on metal. Chills ran up his spine. He made an effort to move his hand; it responded.

rRaminrodt opened his eyes. He took a deep breath, for as it always did his head felt like it had been stuffed full of scratchy insulation. Ignoring the memories he knew rested in the back of his mind, he slowly sat up on the side of the bed. Slowly and methodically he lifted his hands and stared at them. Their newness etched a place in his mind, this was the part of reincarnation he never got over: the actual repercussions of rebirth. He slowly took in the familiar yet strange setting of the room he was in; his memories had already began to merge. Over on the other side room was fixed a medium-sized mirror.

He got up and walked slowly and deliberately over to it. Reflected back toward his eyes was a face, his face. It was broader than his old face, and he was one or two inches shorter. His was a slightly bulkier frame than before and that when the significance of his clothes hit him. It was a uniform, dark brown and black.

Closing his eyes tight, he began concentrating on his memories. All of them. He opened his eyes back up and looked at the mirror, and began to chuckle.


= Sanderson's Diner, East Riptide =

A young woman quickly led the pair through the aisle of empty booths into the back of the restaurant. She smiled when they were safely inside and locked the inner door.

She pointed to a plug over near a clear table. "Over there Mister Tridus," she said.

Tridus put on a happy face, "Thank you miss."

He waved the woman he was with over and plugged the laptop he carried in. He spoke to it, "Okay Sashie. Get charged up, you'll need all power we can get by the time this is over."

He looked back at the woman he was with, "Cmon Sarah, sit down. We're safe here for now."

A millisecond long frown passed through her face and then she nodded and scooted over to him and leant on his elbow.

The waitress shuffled her feet and smiled again, "That’s my name."

Tridus's companion just shrugged, "That’s nice dear."

The young woman turned away as the Riptide Officials were obviously busy doing what they did best. She just hoped they could save the city this time.

= Sanderson's Diner, East Riptide =

Tatiana walked behind Tridus as some vapid headed wench led them to the back of a poorly lit establishment. The girl locked the door to the kitchen and showed her 'husband' where he could plug the Computer in.

Her subject put on a happy face and said something cheerful to the girl. He sat down and began playing with the infernal machine. Tatiana methodically scanned the room for threats or any possible points of interest without breaking her outward personality. Sometimes she even impressed herself.

Tridus urged her to sit and she obliged him, while wishing she could take a moment to herself and drop this façade for just one second.

She saw the girl edge toward her a tad, and she watched the waitress shuffle her feet in a way that reminded Tatiana of a duck, "That’s my name."

Caught off guard she just shrugged and said, "That’s nice dear."

Luckily for her the girl decided not to continue her pointless effort to talk and walked away a short distance. Tatiana had to force back the urge to scream in frustration, she had expected some duress during the exercise, but this running around took the cake. Her act was beginning to wear thin, and she knew if she got any more tired, that she ran the risk of breaking character. She began to formulate a plan.


= MysteryMan's command ship, cellblock 35-D =

For some odd reason Edge had picked up the bad habit of grabbing the metal sides of his tiny bunk with the tips of his fingers. While it might have been a form of stress relief in the beginning, all it did now was hurt his fingernails. He wanted to get out of here as soon as possible, but the cage was a good one.

MysteryMan's soldiers had thrown them all in separate cells. This kept them from communicating and formulating a plan of escape. While in a normal jail one could talk through walls, whatever material this was sound didn't seem to penetrate it. It was also very strong, as he had hit it and it didn’t budge. RStefan01 would surely have tried to punch through it himself too. They were all trapped like rats, and all they could do was wait for the cat to play.


= MysteryMan's command ship, Personal Quarters Area =

rRaminrodt had began a thorough examination of his property and was pleased to find in his ownership two of the beam weapons the MysterySoldiers used, in addition to a pistol and an ornately carved quarterstaff he had received as a gift from his grandfather on the entrance to the military academy.

While his mind was still reeling a bit from reincarnation, rRaminrodt was glad there was no conflict of interest between his new personality and the pure-rRaminrodt. He was also very glad he held no true loyalty to the warped leader of this expedition. As it was the military of this culture only swore true allegiance to their direct generals in something vaguely similar to the old Roman Empire. But the chirping of the Comm system on the wall interrupted his thoughts.

He pushed the connect button and waited for the voice to respond. An anonymous soldier on the other end began speaking, "General Zharid?"

rRaminrodt responded, "Yes?"

"General, did you want to interrogate the prisoners? Our liege has already spoken to them… This is a highly unusual situation."

"I agree soldier. Our lord has a personal involvement with these people, and I have no urge to get in his way. But as is custom I will speak to them. In fact I may head down to the cellblock now. First I must finish up some business, though. However, I will be down there within the hour. You can begin preparing the prisoners for interrogation now. "

He cut off the communication channel.

rRaminrodt n'Ad Zharid, General of the Dessant Empire in charge of special operations in the party of Lord MysteryMan smiled. He was in charge, and he knew how to get Riptide back into business.

Notes: He LIVES! Bwahahahahaha
Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: (storyverse) Interrogation (storyverse)
Author: SoulTaker
Date: 2000-05-18 00:00:00


"Good afternoon, general Zharid", the soldier said, and opened the door.

rRaminrodt nodded, and entered cellblock 35-D, along with sergeant Jechon. They walked down the dark hallway. The walls were black, as was every wall in the MysteryMans flagship. The thin, dirty prisoners followed rRaminrodt with their eyes. To them, he was not rRaminrodt, the noble QMS member. He was the ruthless general Zharid, who was known for his evil and for his terror. Features, which made him a perfect general in MysteryMans army. The sergeant stopped at cell 9.

"Prisoner 35D-9, general Zharid is ready for your interrogation."

RStefan01 was dressed in grey, dirty clothes, just as every other prisoner in the cellblock. Sergeant Jechon opened the cell door with a small keycard. RStefan01 stood up, and left the cell. The sergeant pointed his beam rifle at his back, and they walked to the other end of the hallway. The soldier who stood guard at the door quickly pressed a button beside him, and the thick panzer door opened. RStefan01, rRaminrodt and Jechon entered the new hallway. They entered the interrogation room. A small room with a table and two chairs. The only illumination was a small lamp in the middle. A small video camera was positioned in the corner of the room, recording every move they made.

The sergeant looked at rRaminrodt.

"I'll leave you with him now, general Zharid."
"Very well, sergeant."
"When you're done, I will be outside of the interrogation room."

rRaminrodt nodded, and sat down. RStefan01 took place in the other chair. rRaminrodt smiled.

"RStefan01, I am rRaminrodt."

RStefan01 suddenly became alert, and put up a puzzled expression on his face.

"I have reincarnated into general Zharids body."
"Uh... "

The cyborg looked slightly confused. rRaminrodt smiled.

"There's no time for explanations. We will have to get off this ship as fast as possible."

As RStefan01 and rRaminrodt discussed their escape plans, MysteryMan was discussing his plans with his advisors, in the high council room. MysteryMan sat at the end of the black circular marble table. His seven advisors had joined him. He began to speak.

"Advisors, I am very pleased with our progress. Everything is going as planned. Both Edge, RStefan01 and BandWidth have been captured, all electrical power is cut off from Riptide City, and the special "force field boxes" which Dr. Kevhor designed has surrounded the city with an impenetratable force field."

Some of the advisors smiled, happy with their success. MysteryMan continued.

"We have not yet localized SoulTaker or Psycho Mas, but our comprehensive search shall soon unveil their positions. Edge, RStefan01 and BandWidth shall endure continuous torture until we capture the remaining Riptide members. After all Riptide members have been captured, they shall be executed in public to demonstrate my unsurpassed power. And then... No one will be able to stop me."

MysteryMan smiled, pleased with his evil plans. Meanwhile, RStefan01 and rRaminrodt had worked out their plans. rRaminrodt left the interrogation room, followed by RStefan01. He turned to face sergeant Jechon.

"Sergeant, you will release prisoners 35D-17 and 35D-31, and follow them to the interrogation room."
"Sir, could you please repeat that?"
"You heard me, sergeant. Follow your order."

The sergeant looked puzzled for a second.

"Yes, sir."

He turned away, and walked to cellblock 35-D. RStefan01 whispered to rRaminrodt.

"Isn't it dangerous to let him do this? Maybe he has realized that you are against MysteryMan?"
"No. I am of superior rank to him, and MysteryMans army is extremely disciplined. They will follow nearly any order from a person higher ranked than themselves."

rRaminrodt looked nervous for a second.

"Nearly. If this won't work out, we'll be in serious trouble."

After a few minutes, sergeant Jechon returned with BandWidth and Edge. rRamirodt let out a sigh of relief.

"Prisoners 35D-17 and 35D-31, sir."
"Very well, sergeant. Please follow them into the interrogation room."

BandWidth and Edge entered the room, followed by sergeant Jechon, who was subsequently followed by rRaminrodt and RStefan01. rRaminrodt looked at RStefan01, and whispered.


Before the sergeant could react, RStefan01 punched him directly in his head, which was crushed into the wall. RStefan01 pulled his bloody metal hand out of the sergeants skull. Jechons lifeless body slumped to the floor. Edge and BandWidth looked confused at rRaminrodt.

"Edge and BandWidth, this is rRaminrodt," RStefan01 informed the two puzzled Riptiders. rRaminrodt smiled.

"There is no time for lengthy explanations now. We have to get off this ship as soon as possible. We'll use the emergency escape pods, located not far from here."

He turned to RStefan01.

"RStefan01, I believe that your video disrupter has ensured that none of this has been captured on video?"

RStefan01 nodded. rRaminrodt nodded back.

"Very well. Let's get out of here."

NOTE: I know that Mas has merged with the Arc. But MysteryMan is still searching for him, since he doesn't know that. Just thought that I'd point that out, to ensure that nobody gets confused =)

"I know that if you leave dishes in the sink, they get sticky and hard to wash the next day." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Subject: (Storyverse Story)What happened in space.
Author: Psycho Sam!
Date: 2000-05-23 00:00:00

*floating in space like a giant donut was a space station. Inside the station, things were happeneing as if it was a gaint intergalactic marketplace. There were shops everywhere and hundreds of differnet species of creatures buying and selling, and talking, and fighting. There were also security officers keeping an eye on anything, especially the fights. In the midst of all this, were three earth inhabitants. Psycho Sam came along because hewanted to, RStefan01 came along because he could carry the most supplies, and Edge came along to get the best bargain possible for them. He was fairly good at bargaining.*

Psycho Sam!*to a security officer*- Hey, where can we find parts for my ship?

Officer- And who might you be?

Sam- I am Sam! Psycho Sam! Do you like fried eggs and spam???

Officer- Psycho... Sam? Oh my god! I think before you do anything, you may want to talk to the oracles.

Sam- Oracles? What the fudge are you talking about?

Officer- The oracles. Their temple is located over on third street. You should gt there now. And if I were you, I wouldn't tell ANYONE else who you are. Just to be on the safe side, of course...

Sam- Fine, fine. So, where can we find those parts?

Officer- You just go to the oracle, and I'll show your friends to one of the better shops.

Edge- I think you should go. If we need any help, we'll call someone from the ship.

Sam- Fine. Hey, maybe I could get these oracles to fix Fabuloso.

*Sam walks off towards Third street (after consulting several maps) and came up to a rather large stone temple. It aws fairly imple looking. Sam walked inside to see three people dressed in robes standing in the middle of an empty room*

Sam- Are you the... oracles?

Oracle 1- We are who you say.

Oracle 2- And you are not who you think you are.

Oracle 3- You are the end...

Oracle 2- No, you're not supposed to tell him that yet.

Oracle 3- But I have already told him. It has always been that way.

Sam- OK, if you're going to talk all funny, I'm going to have to leave. But could you tell me why I was told to see you?

Oracle 1- You are the cause of the end of everything.

Oracle 2- You are the only one who can stop the end.

Oracle 3- You will not succede.

Oracle 1- You must succede.

Oracle 2- Only with the help of a dark friend can you succede.

Sam- Well, that clears everything up...

Oracle 1- All will become clear with time.

Oracle 2- There is one who will stop you.

Oracle 3- He carries a great resentment towards you.

Oracle 1- He blames you for his failures.

Sam- Bandwidth...

Oracle 1- You know more than you are credited to.

Oracle 3- He will be a problem.

Oracle 2- He will keep you from succeding.

Oracle 1- He must be destroyed.

Sam- So, I have to destroy BandWidth?

Oracle 1- To revive your fallen friend, use a diluded form of the Z virus.

*And with those final words, the oracles dissapeared. Psycho Sam walked out to join the others at a shop. THey had just bought the parts they needed and were heading back towards the ship. When they got there, they got to installing them right away. From that moment on, BandWidth couldn't help but notice the strange way Sam was looking at him. They had the ship fixed, and were home within the hour.*

I lost the election
3 times in a row,
and all I got was this lousy TAG!

Subject: (look ma, I'm back!) Phase Four.
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-05-26 00:00:00

note: this picks up from rRaminrodts last story I believe, the one where Tri & Sarah are in a restraurant

"And your certain of that?" Tatiana asked quietly of her officer. Of course he was sure, he wouldn't dare report to her unless he was sure. But her nerves were so frayed that she asked the question anyway.

The solder responded of course, he was well trained. "Yes, your Highness. We do not at this time know what the invaders actually are trying to do, but a force from off-planet has definately taken control of the greater Riptide area, and is actively hunting down all members of the group."

"Drat! Does this throw a kink into any of our plans?"

"No more so then the destruction of our orbital base, your Highness. All is still going according to the new timetable, we are well established and concealed at our new base of operations. The governments of the world have no idea of our presence and lack the technology to stop us. Riptide is preoccupied."

"Yes... yes they are. Very well then, I'm going to finish up my research here and return to prepare for phase four of the plan. Until I return, perform your duties as you normally would."

"As you wish, your Highness."

Tatiana shut off and hid the mini-subspace transmitter she carried around with her simply by stuffing it into the purse she was forced to carry around. This role was definately wearing thin. Sure, at the time it was a brilliant idea, simply come back posing as this Sarah, get all the inside information needed about the group, extract some revenge for the loss of her space station, and leave. But it was getting tiresome, this Tridus was without a doubt the most boring person to be around the world has ever known.

Looking in the mirror in the restroom of the small restraurant, Tatiana longed to have her old face, her old hair back. There was nothing here worth staying for, this MysteryMan and his force were providing ample distraction for her plans to proceed, for the next phase at least. After that, maybe they would have to be dealt with. For that matter, maybe a deal could be...

Tatiana dismissed that idea. Deal? Nah. They weren't worth dealing with, they would simply be crushed like any other opposition.

Looking in the mirror again, she longed to be back safely in space, combing her beautiful red hair... Not this black hair she had now, her own beautiful red...

A scream from that miserable wench Sarah outside broke Tatiana's line of thought. Turning and calmly walking out of the restroom, she quickly surveyed the situation.

Several soldiers which she placed as belonging to MysteryMan due to their brown and black armor, large blaster rifles, and general total lack of personality. Tatiana admired that, this MysteryMan had an effecient operation at least with well trained faceless soldiers. Maybe he could be of some use after all.

Looking around more, she saw that the soldiers were coming in holding guns at everybody. She also noticed that most people weren't moving for fear of them, and that Tridus was hiding just off to her left behind a large potted plant which blocked the soldiers view of him. 'How Heroic' was the first thought that came to mind at that.

A soldier pointed his rifle at her and told her to sit down, and so she did. The soldiers looked around the restraunt for a few minutes, asked a couple of questions which she gathered were about Tridus, recieved several false answers, and began withdrawling to investigate the fake leads.

Tatiana smiled, this was her opportunity. Taking her subspace transmitter out of her bag once more, she punched in a quick combination and then simply whispered "Sashie, Activate." After that, she put the transmitter away again and smiled, for in about ten seconds the fireworks would start.

With the soldiers leaving, a wave of relief washed over Tridus. They were leaving, and they hadn't seen him. Even better, they had ignored Sarah almost completely. He would have been hard pressed to fight them should they have decided to do something to her...

Looking at his beautiful wife, he noticed her whispering something into what looked like a compact from a make-up kit. She then put it away and looked over at him, with what he thought was a slight grin. How strange.

Taking another look at the troops, he noticed there was only two or three left in the building, and they were slowly leaving.

"Ok mommy!" Sashie suddenly speaking up startled him.

"Mommy? What did mommy tell you to do?"

"She said t... ouchie! oow! daddy help! It hur..."

There was silence for a moment, Tridus flipped open the laptop and quickly tried to discern what was going on, but nothing was working right. He failed to hear Sarah's footsteps as she walked towards him, but he did snap back to reality and look up when he heard her speaking with the voice of someone he thought long dead through the final actions of SM_007.

"I'm sorry you idiot, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to plant a small virus in that infernal machine of yours while the two of you were sleeping several days ago. It just kicked in. Although you might have been able to stop it if you had the opportunity, thanks to those soldiers over there, you won't get the chance. I hope you weren't too attached to y... no, I take that back Tridus. I hope you were extremely attached to your daughter. I hope, I condemn you to watch helplessly as she slowly dies. Only then will we be even for all the problems your group caused me by destroying my home in space."

As Tridus attempted to formulate a response, Tatiana spun around and quickly delivered a roundhouse kick to his head, sending him sprawling out onto the floor in a daze.

The kick and subsequent landing filled Tridus' mind with a fog... he was vaguely aware of Sarah, no... of Tatiana's laughing. He thought he made out her yelling at the soldiers that he was here. He barely felt them approach and beat him into unconsciousness... as the fog and darkness closed in, one thing pierced through it all. A loud high pitched scream of pain from Sashie... there was that, and then there was darkness...

Tatiana supressed a laugh watching the show. The soldiers were well trained, they had managed to inflict a severe beating without actually killing him, and now they were dragging him away. One of them was carrying Sashie, who couldn't do anything but occasionally scream as the virus slowly destroyed her.

It felt so good to wreak such destruction, but not as good as it felt to finally unleash her impish grin once more. The whole situation was just perfect. Feeling truly happy and content with herself for the first time in days, Tatiana walked out of the restraurant and towards the site she had chosen earlier as a rendezvous point. From there she could simply hail her crew and have them come get her.

Not even the prospect of having to wait for them to send somebody could remove the grin from her face and the spring from her step, the screams of the dying girl still echoed in her ears as music.

Another thing her father had taught her was turning out to be true... Revenge Is Sweet.

Its good to be back writing again. :-)

We scream to avoid suffering in silence. - Savage Garden

Subject: (Post Box Storee) The Prophets Speak
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-05-27 00:00:00

The Prophets Speak

The small boy looked out the tavern window, and tugged his worn cloth jacket, to make sure it was over his head, just as his mother instructed. He ran outside into the rain, clutching a few books in his arms. His feet slapping against the wet mud, he dashed over a hill, towards an isolated house near the forest, all alone in the night.

As the small, tired boy approached the door to this small, wooden structue, the door opened, expecting him. In the doorframe appeared an old, disheveled man, wearing a dark cowl and a dirty, grey beard. He grinned, bearing his yellow teeth, and put his hand on the boy's shoulder, welcoming him into his abode. The boy was not frightened. Instead, he handed the man the two novels he was carrying, and walked inside.

"Sorry I am late, sir," the small, timid boy said, in his British accent. "The rain is coming down quite hard, tonight. Mother fears that we will be forced to bear a wind storm. Do you believe the Gods are angry?"

"No," the Prophet said in a calm, raspy voice, turning towards his mountain of papers sitting on his desk, dimly illuminated by candlelight. "No, we won't be getting a wind storm tonight. I would not have asked you over here otherwise, would I? You can tell your mother that she has nothing to worry about. Now, here, sit down, will you please? I have to continue with my story."

"Oh, good!" the boy exclaimed, excited at the prospect of hearing more of this continuing saga the town prophet was about to tell. Suddenly, the boy's smile faded away, and he looked up at the old man with a curious frown. "Sir, if I may ask, why do you insist on telling the town your stories? Even my father thinks you are crazy, I'm afraid. The town would listen to you if you only made your stories like they were before. The priest didn't mind when you fortold how the crops would be doing next year, but your stories of these events yet to come make people not believe you, and--"

"Young fool!" the old man cursed. "I cannot choose which events I forsee! They just come to me, and I must record them for the future! It's what the Lord has placed me on this Earth to do, even if the others think I am an old fool! You are the only one who still listens to me, and you must allow others to see my work after I pass from this life. Allow others to see what I have written, and what I have seen. I know I am asking a lot, but I have nowhere left to turn, I am afraid."

The boy nodded, and smiled. He leaned back in his chair as the old man passed him a cup of warm cocoa, and waited to hear what else would happen in these latest, exciting stories that the old town prophet would spew forth. Thinking, the old man paced back and forth on the creaking, wooden floor, pondering. Pondering how he could explain the future events in terms that his world would understand.


Tridus stirred quietly on the ground for a few moments. He heard himself moaning, but could not yet open his eyes, instead seeing total darkness. He finally was able to move, and immediately clutched his head, which was throbbing in pain. He sat up, slowly, and began to open his eyes, allowing the light to pour in. To his suprise, there was none.

He was in total darkness, some void where there was no light, yet Tridus himself seemed perfectly illuminated. He looked at his hands, which he could see without difficulty, and then ahead. In the far distance, he heard a faint screaming, chaating, and gunfire, as if it was all happening above him. As if he were in some dark hole, and he could not escape. He stood up, and looked around frantically, before a familier voice stopped him in his tracks.

"There's no need to be afraid, Tridus," the voice calmly explained. "To lay some fears to rest, you are unconscious. This place is something you have created in your own mind. The sounds in the distance are the sounds of reality, occuring outside of your immobile, unconscious body. You can hear them faintly, but they are in another reality now. Another reality you will face when you awaken. And when you do wake up, there is a strong chance you will not remember any of this at all, unfortunately."

"Who are you? Where are you?" Tridus said, looking around still, seemingly not paying much attention to the man who was speaking. A figure seemed to approach from the darkness, but unlike Tridus, he was coated with shadows. All that Tridus could make out was a vague appearance of the man's figure. He attempted to walk towards the man, but he always kept at the same distance, even without moving a muscle himself. Somehow, Tridus wasn't moving forward at all.

"I'm just the shadow of an old friend that your subconscious mind created right now in an effort to smarten you up, Tridus," the voice continued. "In short, I am really nothing more than a figment of your imagination, a disembodied voice, speaking for a part of you. A voice that has taken the shape of someone you used to know."

Before Tridus could say anything more, the figure stepped forward, revealing itself. Tridus' eyes went wide, as he looked into the face of his old ally, SM_007. The man smiled, and seemed to be much healthier than the last time Tridus had been with him. Tridus walked towards him, and this time, succeeded. When Tridus was only a few feet away from the echoing speaker, SM_007 began speaking once again.

"As I said, you are going to wake up soon, and there are some things I must make clear to you right now. Things that you have been having trouble accepting, I suppose," the voice said, taking a deep breath, then continuing. "So stop focusing on the fact that I look like someone you used to know, and focus on ther here and now. Focus on what I am saying."

"Well - what's that?" Tridus could only muster.

"If you attempt to go head-on into a battle with the women who has impersonated your wife in a gung-ho effort to reclaim your daughter, you will fail. Oh, it's honourable, but there is nothing left to prove, Tridus. Your devotion towards your daughter has been shown time and time again. In this one instance, your own stubborn will shall cause you to attack that woman head on, not only will you die, but your daughter shall fall to the virus which is slowly claiming her at this very moment."

"Whoah, wait, what are you - are you saying?" Tridus mumbled, looking down at the ground, thinking. So, his wife was impersonated? That would seem to make sense, Tridus thought to himself. He finally snapped out of it when the visage of SM_007 continued speaking to him.

"I know that it's hard to accept the things that have happened to you and your daughter, but you must let your rage go. Isn't that what the man who looked like me had to do? He would have destroyed you and everyone else he cared about if he had not stopped to think. If you allow yourself to be consumed with the desire for revenge, you will pay the ultimate price, Tridus, and whether you would like to admit it or not, Riptide needs you."

"That damn woman took my daugher, and tried to kill her!" Tridus snapped. "Like hell I am going to sit back and think about my options! I don't have that kind of time, dammit! Hell, I don't even know who has my daughter! She is going to die unless I do something now! Now, let me out of here! Come on! I want to wake up! Let me wake up! Now!"

"See?" the voice responded, as cool as ever. "You are not thinking logically. You have to face the truth, Tridus. Riptide needs you, and your death would mean that the team will fail in future quests. You'd be suprised what you could think up when you have friends to rely on. Originally, Riptide was a team. It has descended into people with their own concerns and fears. What must be done is clear to you, only you have yet to accept it. You need to lead them. You need to lean them into the battle to save Sashenka, and you need to formulate a logical plan to do it. The same principles that Riptide was based on. And yes, you do know who this woman is, if you would think about it. You must think. If you do not, she'll die, and you know it deep down, Kylin. Work with your friends and save your daughter. It can be done, but you must let go of this petty feud and work for something higher."

Before Tridus could reply, the man slowly faded into darkness, disappearing. As he did so, Tridus also felt himself disappearing and becoming ligher. Suddenly, the darkness began to brighten, as beams of light shone directly on Tridus. The voices that were speaking near Tridus were becoming louder and more audible. Tridus realized that he was waking up, struggling to make sure that he would not forget his bizarre dream. A vision, perhaps?


"Do you remember what I told you of the ship?" the old man finally asked, breaking the silence after several long seconds. When the boy nodded, he kept on speaking. "Well, I had told you how the knight was going to rescue his sick daughter from the evil princess, had I not? Yes, yes I had. I had told you of the evil warrior who had crashed his ship into the castle of the evil Princess to destroy her, though she lived. The knight would have a revelation, and purify himself from the anger that was inside of him. His friends would help him. Unified, even this group of warriors with a newfound sense of purpose could not expect whom would return to help them."

"Who?" the boy asked excitedly. The prophet looked at the hundreds of loose pages with ink on them, hundreds of lines speaking of the future. The old man smiled and looked at the impatient boy.. "Who would return to help the warriors? Who? Who?"

"It's late," the prophet said, standing up suddenly. "The rain is becoming worse, I am afraid. You should go home and help your mother before you sleep for the night. Tomorrow I will finish telling you my stories. But before the heroes of this story that will come in thousands of years will band together to defeat the Princess and their resurrected friend, now made of rock and no emotions, who leads an army of his own, the Princess might meet an old rival, a rival who did indeed die. Run along."

The end.

Worker bees can leave
Even drones can fly away
The queen is their slave

Subject: (storyverse) Sacrifice (storyverse)
Author: SoulTaker
Date: 2000-06-02 00:00:00

NOTE: Read this story to catch up.


Edge nodded.

"Great... I still have a feeling that we're missing something, though."
"What would that be?," rRaminrodt asked.

Suddenly, Edge remembered.

"kwerkey! What about kwerkey?"

rRaminrodt was quiet for a moment.

"Unfortunately, we must leave kwerkey behind."
"I admit, we forgot about him. I don't know kwerkey well, so I didn't worry about him at all. But we can't turn back now. It's too dangerous."

Edge was quiet for a moment, and then agreed. They continued into the next hallway. A soldier politely greeted the persons he thought were respected officers. He did not know that they were actually MysteryMans worst enemies. rRaminrodt played the role as general Zharid perfectly.

"When we're back on the ground, how will we defeat MysteryMan?", RStefan01 whispered, "We can't enter the city, the force field is impenetrable."

rRaminrodt thought for a few seconds, and answered.

"I don't know. But we must get off this ship as soon as possible. When we're out of danger, we can plan our next move."

Edge interrupted the conversation. "rRaminrodt, Sometimes, you need to bring yourself into danger. How will you defeat MysteryMan from the ground? You can't even get into Riptide city!" Edge paused for a second, and then continued. "We must act now. We can't defeat MysteryMan from the ground, but we might be able to defeat him from here."

RStefan01 agreed. "You're right, Edge. rRaminrodt, we must save Riptide from MysteryMan, and we must do it from here."

rRaminrodt hesitated for a second. He preferred being in control of the situation, not taking too large risks. He preferred order over chaos, and the prospect of risking their lives to defeat MysteryMan did not appeal to him. But finally, he gave in.

"You're right. We must do something, now."

Just as rRaminrodt finished his sentence, the hallway door was opened. MysteryMan walked in, his black cloak swaying behind him. His facial expression was hard and cold, devoid of any human feelings.

"Good evening, my liege", rRaminrodt said, keeping in the role of general Zharid. MysteryMan walked forward against rRaminrodt, and with a quick move, he slapped rRaminrodt right in the face. rRaminrodt felt the cold metal against his face as he temporarily lost balance.

RStefan01 and Edge kept playing their roles as officers, hoping that MysteryMan had not discovered the full truth. That they had not found the corpses of the dead officers. Raminrodt quickly regained control of himself, and looked coldly at MysteryMan.

"Foolish traitor. Escaping with the prisoners, eh? You will pay dearly for this... ", MysteryMan said in his inhuman, somewhat metallic voice. Now, the Riptiders were sure that MysteryMan had discovered that they were escaping. RStefan01 took a quick desiscion, jumped at MysteryMan, and punched him in the face. The metal alloys of the two cyborgs collided violently. rRaminrodt unravelled his cable-like tentacles from his arms, which shot through the air and grabbed the soldiers who stood guard at each end of the hallway. The tentacles quickly spun around the throats of the soldiers, and squeezed, killing them. No one should witness this, or the alarm would be sounded, effectively removing any chance of victory over MysteryMan.

Meanwhile, RStefan01 and MysteryMan rolled around on the floor, fighting. rRaminrodt drew his tentacles back to him, and then pulled them around MysteryMan. Edge struggled to help his two comrades in the fight, but his weak attempts were largely ignored by the enemy cyborg. With rRaminrodts help, RStefan01 managed to get control over MysteryMan. The bio-mag tentacles were covering MysteryMans arms and most of his chest, severely lowering his mobility.

rRaminrodt stood above MysteryMan, ancient cables were shooting out from his arms and upper body, covering more and more of MysteryMans now-helpless body.

"Very well, it seems that you aren't so powerful without your army, MysteryMan... "

MysteryMan gave rRaminrodt a cold, hateful look. "Three against one is not a fair fight," he responded. "General Zharid... Or should I say rRaminrodt? I recognize your foul tentacles... You showed them to me in the time of my presidency. Already at that time, I felt something evil about them. Now I know why."

"Surrender, and we will let you live.", rRaminrodt told MysteryMan.
"If you kill me, my soldiers will wipe Riptide city out of exsistence", MysteryMan calmly responded.

MysteryMan smiled, and laughed a little. He was pleased that even if he was lying on the floor, his circuits injured, and unable to move - he was still in control.

"You cannot escape your destiny. All Riptide members will die, and your puny resistance will not help you anyhow."
"Well," rRaminrodt said, "You may destroy Riptide if we kill you, but you won't be able to enjoy your revenge. We should negotiate a compromise."

rRaminrodt paused for a short while, and then continued. "Remove your forces from Riptide, shut down the force field - and swear that you will never return - then we will spare your life."

"NEVER!", MysteryMan yelled out, and violently struggled to free himself from rRaminrodts tentacular grip, but to no avail. rRaminrodt sighed, and continued.
"You have no choice, MysteryMan. Refuse, and we will kill you. Then your forces may be able to destroy Riptide - but you won't be there to enjoy it. Accept, and you'll keep your life."

MysteryMan frowned. He was quiet for a moment, and then began speaking.

"Very well. I will remove my forces from Riptide territory. But I will not go emptyhanded... rRaminrodt, you are the person who posesses the main responsibility for my defeat, and for that, I demand revenge. I will remove all forces, shut down the force field, and free all prisoners... In return for your life."

rRaminrodt was quiet for a few seconds. RStefan01 and Edge looked at rRaminrodt with a mix of shock and fear in their eyes. This wasn't excactly the response they had expected.

"So... What is your answer, rRaminrodt? Are you honorable enough to sacrifice yourself to save Riptide?", MysteryMan said, smiling. Even if he had to give up his revenge on Riptide, he was relatively pleased with the situation. rRaminrodt took a deep breath.
"It... it's a deal," rRaminrodt answered. rRaminrodt looked at Edge, and their eyes met. rRaminrodt sensed sorrow and sadness, coupled with nervousity. RStefan01 looked at rRaminrodt. He, too, was very sad indeed. They both knew that rRaminrodt would reincarnate and come back to Riptide - yet, the feeling of losing a dear friend was still there.

MysteryMan interrupted the peace.

"Very well... I am happy that we could find a suitable compromise," he said, with a large smile on his face. "Now that your fate is in my hands, please remove your tentacles from my body."

A low humming could be heard from inside rRaminrodt as his tentacle-like cables compressed themselves into rRaminrodts body. MysteryMan stood up, slowly. rRaminrodt looked at MysteryMan with a harsh look.

"Now remove the force field, and release your prisoners!", rRaminrodt said.
"Very well... A deal is a deal," MysteryMan responded. He walked up to the closest end of the doorway, closely followed by the Riptiders who wanted to make sure that MysteryMan did not break his promise. MysteryMan pressed a few buttons on the panel in the wall, and a beep was heard.

"Admiral Ner'goth, shut off the force field surrounding Riptide City, and beam down all Riptide City inhabitants, including the Riptide members. Also, inform all crew that we will leave Riptide City," MysteryMan turned to rRaminrodt, smiled, and continued, "...All crew, except general Zharid."

A confused voice responded, "Eh... Understood, president MysteryMan. It will be done."

MysteryMan pressed another button, and turned around to face the Riptiders. "You will all be back in Riptide City approximately four minutes from now," he told them. He paused for a few seconds, and then added "With the exception of your friend rRaminrodt, of course."

Edge and RStefan01 exchanged sad looks with rRaminrodt. A few minutes passed quietly, where MysteryMan enjoyed watching the sorrow as the Riptiders exchanged some last looks. The speakers broke the silence. "The force field is disabled, your honor. Preparing for release of the prisoners... "

A red light surrounded RStefan01 and Edge. They sent their last sorrowful looks to rRaminrodt as their bodies was teleporting to the ground. Slowly, their bodies disappared. After a few seconds, they were gone. MysteryMan and rRaminrodt stood alone, face to face, in the dark hallway. MysteryMan smiled to rRaminrodt, and spoke.

"Well, it's time to fulfill your part of the deal, rRaminrodt," he said, and laughed. "I hope you don't mind if I'll make it as painful as possible... "

"I have ten pairs of trainers. That's one for every day of the week." - Samantha Fox

Subject: The Endless Backlash (storyverse)
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-06-02 00:00:00

The Endless Backlash


MysteryMan's eyes were cold, inhuman. He drew a long ornamental knife from the sheath that was hooked to the side of his uniform. rRaminrodt began to whisper under his breath. While an impartial observer might think that he was praying in the seconds before death, in truth rRaminrodt had all the time in the world. To prepare.

Using a technique as old as intelligence itself. He slowed things down in reference to his own mind. In these seconds that were as hours he time to carefully prepare for death, in a way he never had before. Not only that, he had the chance to change things in the here and now. He acted as a conduit between two minds for a second. He prepared a spell in the next. He visualized the ship he was in and the released Riptide below. He felt the ship spiraling up into orbit. And then, he was ready.

Time rushed up to fill in trough he had created. Everything happened in a snap… MysteryMan grinning viciously… the blade raised up… plunging down… pain.

And as prepared, a quietly prepared spell was released and bolts of electricity flowed from the fatal wound. Thousands of volts surged into the cyber MysteryMan frying circuits. And then out of him into the surrounding ships controls damaging systems and computers. MysteryMan reacted violently, thrashing on the floor. He could feel systems failing inside him, he reached one arm up and then gurgled out of his destroyed vocal systems. Then he collapsed onto the deck, alongside the other corpse already there.

The damaged bulkheads and conduits then failed and the entire compartment vaporized.



(-) (-) (-)

Edge was staring at the departing ships when one of the suddenly twitched to the right, shuddered and then stabilized its course. He felt and hand on his shoulder, Edge turned and looked at RStefan01.

"This isn't how stuff is supposed to end is it?"

RStefan just shook his head. "It cost a lot. But we won… In a way."

"It's supposed to end with a battle, or a showdown of wills, not just…" He sighed, "It feels like an anticlimax."

"We're here. Back home, and no ones after us. We have a chance to rebuild Riptide. I say we get back to what we came here to do."

Edge looked at the others who were silent. "I guess it is time to go home." He smiled.

They began walking.

(-) (-) (-)

Tridus slowly stood up, in the back of his mind, he was clutching the memory of his dream. He let the strength of its voice flood his limbs. He walked to the door and peered through the small round window. Two men in plainclothes had the bottom of his laptop open and they were probing the circuits with electronics tools. He felt angry, and violated, but instead of kicking the door down he let the dreams message guide him he waited, and began to form a plan.

A few minutes later another person in regular clothes but with a sort of military bearing ran up to the woman who stood over the other two. Breathlessly he told the woman, "They've all left. All those soldiers are gone, Mistress."

She was saying something to him, but Tridus stopped listening. A thought was forming in his mind. He smiled and remembered a day, and a conversation he once had, with a cretin named Mikequake.

He smiled again to himself, and then kicked the door open.

The woman and her servants spun around to look at him. Two of them drew weapons.

She sneered at Tridus, "You're stronger than you look. I'll just have to find a different closet to put you in… Misbehave any more and they'll put you in an even smaller box."

"Go ahead. Kill me. You've already lost."

The sneer slid of her face.

"That’s right. The soldiers are all gone. Now, I know they weren't your troops. But that's okay, its normal Riptide procedure to take care of the strongest first and mop up the others later. You do know what that means?"

She stared at him.

"No? That’s really too bad, you see the rest of Riptide is coming after you. The…"

"They don't know who I am!"

"You think so? Honestly? You think SM died taking out your station? Sorry, I just communicated with him while in my little cell. He just took out the leader of our real enemies. And know its time to squash the bugs…"

She had regained a bit of confidence, "Oh. Then where are your compatriots. Do they know where I am."

Tridus girded himself, it was time for the real gambit, "In the city? No. But you don't go chasing after an ant all over your kitchen just to kill it… You go for the nest." He quickly drew a breath, and hoped that his reasoning was sound. "Siberia is lovely in the summer isn't it."

The color began to drain from her face. Her hands were quivering. He had done it.

"Don't worry. My friends will go easy on your underlings…" She stood there not comprehending his words, just like he hoped. She was a planner, like he had guessed. Where everything is under control they are unstoppable. When they have no plan, they're like a fish out of the water.

The nearest solder lowered his weapon for a millisecond and Tridus lunged. He ripped the weapon out of the man's hand and shot one of the guys near Sashie.

The woman screamed, "Stop him! Get out of here, grab the computer."

The weaponless one shouted, "Yes Princess Tatiana!"

He jumped at Tridus's legs, but Tridus kicked him and he tumbled away. He grabbed at Tridus's pant leg tripping him, he tumbled to the floor. This ended up being fortunate as the other soldier fired his weapon at where Tridus was but instead the bullet flew past him and hit the soldier on the floor in the gut. Tridus spun and fired at the other soldier who ducked having the bullet only graze him.

The princess grabbed at Sashie but Tridus had got up, she glanced at him and then at the computer. She spun and ran for the door, and threw it open. When she was in the middle of the street she pulled an electronic device out of her pocket and pressed its controls. Then she dissolved in a rainbow of colors. Standing in the door, Tridus heard a window smash as the last living soldier escaped down a side street.

He shrugged and looked at Sashie. He carefully examined the damage they did. It was repairable. He smiled and gathered her up. The threat was nullified, but not gone… he reminded himself to remember to tell the others to actually take care of her base. And he walked out of the building and down the street smiling clutching his laptop gently.


(-) (-) (-)

Twenty four hours later everyone had gathered in the old Breko Hotel in downtown Riptide. One could look out the window and see the plaza where the old main offices once stood. Tridus sat on the couch sipping a mug of coffee, deep circles under his eyes belayed how tired he was. RStefan01 stood leaning against a wall, Bandwidth sat in one chair, Sam in another. Edge was pacing back and forth around the room.

"Siberia you say?" Edge asked.

Tridus nodded, "Yeah. But I'm pretty sure she didn't go back there. While its not important now, she may try and contact them eventually and find we didn't wipe out her base. While I'd love to take care of it personally I think we should just hire some competent mercenaries and goons and let them do it."

"That’s not a bad idea."

Tridus switched his train of thought, "So where is this kwerkey?"

Edge looked crestfallen, "On mysteryman's ship I think. If we had the old ship we could rescue him… but, you know."

"So who's really the president?" He looked at Bandwidth, "You?"

Bandwith snorted, "You couldn't pay me to do that job anymore."

"We did pay you."

"Not enough." He paused and grinned, "I don't mind helping you guys but that is not a normal job."

Some of them smiled. RStefan01 asked, "Do we really need a president? We came here to lead the community, not to have them lead us."

Tridus shook his head, "I understand what you mean. We did get away from that. But that's what happens when were attacked… But the people need to be represented. No matter how good our system is."

Edge spoke, "Why not just make the president equal to a Staffer." He pointed at the others, "That way they've got power. But not over us."

"Yeah. Lessen his power a little," Tridus agreed.

"Well, that’s done. Who's the president?"

"Me." Sam said.

"C'mon sam. You've gotta get elected."

Tridus put the mug down, "Then we'll hold another election."

Everyone agreed.

Edge stood in the middle of the room, "Well then. I guess we'll all be meeting here tomorrow. We'll start to get organized and pull everyone together. The election is gonna go on. Tridus has to find that guy who thinks he got elected and explain things to him. RStefan01 will contact builders to make an new headquarters."


"Ok, whatever, offices. And the rest we'll discuss tomorrow. Guys… Riptide is back in business."







Quantum Mechanics Society

Subject: (taking a break from coding) Twilights Dawn...
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-06-06 00:00:00

Authors Note: Ok, because of how confused things are lately, I may have to take a bit of creative liberty with how I blend everything back together. If something seems to break with how things were setup before (especially involving Sashie), its most likely deliberate because I have read the previous stories earlier today and do know what is going on. This also takes place a few days after rRaminrodts last story.

Tridus Room - Riptide Temporary HQ - California, USA - 12:04pm GMT (5:04am Local Time)

Tridus took another look at his watch, and it reflected back 8:04 at him... yawning, he figured it was probably a good idea to go to bed, after spending the last twenty-one consecutive hours or so working on Sashie to no avail. He had enough data to at least try to figure out how this virus worked, and had finally simply resolved to give himself the time needed to fix it. With that in mind, Sashie laid on his desk in several pieces, most nobably every power system except for a tiny one that kept her spirit alive removed. In effect, it was like a coma, with the added bonus of also stopping the virus' forward progress. Computers were nice like that, when in doubt, pull the plug.

"Goodnight sweetie" he said quietly as he fell into bed. He didn't expect or get a response, which was maddening and depressing. To help himself sleep, he flicked on CNN Headline News on the small television he had in the room, and watched the images for a moment.

"What the hell?" was the only way he could react to what he saw.

Technical Support Department - Microsoft HQ - Seattle, Washington, USA - 11:57am GMT (4:57am local time)

Sitting at her desk answering calls from cranky users on the Canadian East Cost, Ariela wanted to scream, or fall asleep, whichever was easier. Unfortunately she was so tired that figuring out just which one was easier was proving to be difficult in itself.

Without warning, the ground shook slightly. Thinking it was just a minor earthquake, she shrugged and went back to half-listening to the caller. Before long however, she noticed a crowd of her coworkers crowding around a large window looking out towards the east. Looking herself from her desk, she saw quite a sight.

Out there was Mt. Rainer... with an extremely large column of black ash, gas, and smoke pouring out from near the top of the Mountain, much like an active Volcano does at the beginning of an eruption. Only problem with that being that as far as she could remember, Mt. Rainer was supposed to be dormant.

Looking around at everybody elses worried faces, she hung up on the whiny Canadian, she had bigger problems right now then Freecell not saving a win/loss record.

Board Room - Riptide Temporary HQ - California, USA - 3:45pm GMT (8:45am Local Time)

'No rest for the weary...'

It had started three hours ago with Mt. Rainer in Seattle, and had spread like wildfire. The entire staff of Riptide as well as the new President-elect -=General=- sat in the board room glued to television reports of the now seven actively erupting volcanoes around the world.

Tridus turned the tv off. That got everyones attention.

"Alright. I'm not really sure what is going on or what we can do about it, but I do know this is going to turn into a problem."

Edge was quick to respond. "And we're suposed to do what exactly? Clearly this is simply an act of God."

Tridus shook his head. "An act of god? How can something that doesn't exist act? I refuse to believe that this many simultaneous volcanoes going off is some kind of a coincidence, especially with two dormant ones in the mix. It just doesn't make any s..."

"What do you mean God doesn't exist!? What kind of nonsense is that!?"

The entire room let out a large sigh as if saying 'not again...'

"Alright Edge, I'm sorry. The important thing is, what do we do about it? Think of the long term effects here. If this keeps happening, there's going to be a cloud of ash floating around the planet. A cloud of ash blocks sunlight. That means everybody freezes to death. It also means no plants grow. Which means the food chain collapses."

"Oh. Well... ok in that context, yes we should do something."

"Well, I'll be the first to admit I don't know much about atmospheric type stuff other then how to send a signal through it to a satellite. Does anybody know where rRaminrodt is? I bet he'd know what to do."

The rest of the group looked at Tridus as though he were a total idiot for a moment. Finally, RStefan01 spoke up.

"You mean you haven't heard what happened?"

"No, something happened?!"

"He died so we could escape from Mysteryman..."

"Oh... I... I'm sorry... damn."

For a few moments, nothing was said. Tridus finally broke the silence.

"Well, then I guess we just have to figure it out ourselves eh? I guess thats our priority right now, try to figure out whats causing this, how to stop it,and how to undo the damage its doing. Ok?" Something tugged on Tridus' memory as he said that, but he couldn't quite put his finger on what it was.

The group agreed.

"Tridus, where is Sarah and how is Sashie?" Edge asked.

"... Sashie is... in a coma right now. Sarah, no... not Sarah... it couldn't have been. Whoever was acting as Sarah put some kind of a virus in her. I have her offline right now until I can figure out how to fix it, but there just isn't enough time in the day..."

"Oh... *more silence* You look tired."

"Its been a very long day with no sign of getting shorter. Lets go, there is a lot to do."

Command Centre - Tatiana's Temporary Base - Siberia, Russia - 4:10pm GMT (2:10am Local Time)

"So its agreed then? Excellent! No Mr. President, thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with me! Yes, I will see you there. Thank you once again. Good day."

Tatiana closed the connection and leaned back in her throne, smiling into a full length mirror. She had destroyed that fool and gotten her revenge for the loss of her station, her plan was going perfectly, and she had her own face back! Truly this was a day to celebrate.

Taking out her journal, Tatiana started writing.

Well dad, you would be proud of me today! With those annoying pests from Riptide occupied for long enough, we were able to get all the systems in place and execute the plan. The planet is slowly having all sunlight blocked off... as you say, Eternal Twilight is a beautiful sight.

Tomorrow, thanks to my former KGB contact inside Washington, I meet with the American President about the problem, as a scientific leader with a solution. Of course we have the solution, tee hee. We'll work something out where my firm will save the planet, and I'll be made out into a hero in the media, thanks to my influence there and the endorsement we're getting from the whole saving the planet routine. At that point, well... these foolish Americans and their democracy, I will use it to take over, use their funding to rebuild the old ways, and then we shall see just how much greater our kind really is.

You really were right, make a plan, move quietly to eliminate the enemies of the plan before they know they are enemies, then implement the plan. I just wish you could see my success today, I miss you terribly.

My soon to be running campaign to be American President is dedicated to you of course, without you it would never have come to fruition like this. I will be sure to have a big memorial made for you after Russia is returned to its true glory.

tee hee, the best part of the plan is that now that I'm going to be a public hero, the American Media and public opinion itself will be my protection from Riptide. Should they somehow manage to pose a problem again, how can they dare to move against a public heroine and a legitimate corporation? If they try anything, I'll simply sic my lawyers after them. Ahh... lawyers. Another silly American invention I'm going to use against them.

Looking at the entry, Tatiana smiled. Father really would be proud of her.

Ok, now for the fun part...
Changes by this Story

- Sashie is basically in a coma to stop the virus
- The world is having a slight problem with Volcanoes
- Riptide is more or less in Operation again after taking over part of an office building.
- There was an Election and -=General=- won it.
- More of Tatiana's plan is now revealed to the readers, although to nobody else.

Ok... now you may direct all gripes and positive modpoints (negative need not apply :-) ) this way. :-)

We scream to avoid suffering in silence. - Savage Garden

Subject: (lemon timbit induced story) Mistress of the Puppets.
Author: Tridus
Date: 2000-06-09 00:00:00

Note: This picks up right after Twilights Dawn, because nobody has done anything since then. hehehe

Meeting Room - The White House - Washington DC, USA - 9:12pm GMT (5:12pm Local Time)

American President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, and a plethora of aids, advisors, and yes men all sat around a large conference table drinking coffee and trying to not look bored. Granted, this Dr. Tatiana Yudmira was quite obviously brilliant and fairly pleasant to look at, but they only found complicated scientific technobabble to be interesting for so long... And that time had passed around an hour ago. Of course, with no idea of what she was talking about, they were pretty likely to give her the grant she requested simply because it sounded like she knew what she was talking about, and because they had to do something about all these volcanoes.

Clinton was especially annoyed, figuring that if not for the news media spreading the story and related paranoid theories like wildfire, he would probably have a better barganing chip with this scientist. Indeed, at that point he could probably have traded the grant for certain... favours.

Unfortunately at this point, he had to make it at least look like he was doing something about the problem, and that basically gave her all the cards.

Sighing quietly, he looked for a way to end the meeting quickly, anything to not have to listen to anymore of this stuff.

Tridus' Room - Riptide Temporary HQ - California, USA - 10:00pm GMT (3:00pm Local Time)

Typing quickly on a desktop computer he had bought earlier in the day, Tridus worked on finding a way to remove the virus which was currently still residing within Sashie. It was hard going. Whoever made this thing was a pro, that much he was sure of. Somebody who had enough detailed information about her systems to know just where to go, and someone who knew how to make things resistant to attack.

Then of course, there was the whole Volcano thing. According to his most recent satellte information, the ash pouring into the Atmosphere was starting to have a discernable impact on the planet. Minute, yes. However, it was detectable now. And getting worse. On the upside, Ultraviolet Radiation indexes around the world were heading lower as less sunlight made it through. Before long though, that would start to affect the amount of daylight in a day,and then the quality of it... then worldwide temperatures. I guess this was one way to counteract global warming, throw the planet into an ice age.

Unfortunately, the public doesn't like ice ages. No fewer then four rumors about just what had caused this raged around the Internet, while the more traditional news meda was simply reporting on the castatrophie it would be, and getting half of it wrong as usual. Tridus reached for the remote to turn off the TV when the scene shifted to a press conference at the White House. Clinton was talking about some scientist who had apparently found a way to solve the problems and had been given a few million dollar grant to do it... Tridus stopped typing for a moment to listen as the scientist took the podium.

"Dr. Yudmira, how do know that your theories are sound?" A reporter asked.

The vaguely familiar scientist replied sweetly. "Well, we have been working on these theories for several months now, we just didn't expect any practical use for them so quickly. The money here is to do a quick field test in a safe area to verify that we have everything right, and then we will be able to tweak things. From there, we can solve the current crisis in a matter of days, before any serious damage is done to the planet. So to answer your question, we can't be sure because nothing like this has ever happened before. We're taking every precaution though. Next?"

The voice sounded vaguely familar to Tridus, but he couldn't quite place it.

Another reporter chirped up quickly. "What do you think is causing this? I have sources that say its a group of terrorists."

"Well, if it is a group of terrorists, then let me be the first to condemn..."

Tridus stopped listening, shocked.

'Condemn...' The word sent a shock through his mind, and a memory flooded to the surface...

"I'm sorry you idiot, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to plant a small virus in that infernal machine of yours while the two of you were sleeping several days ago. It just kicked in. Although you might have been able to stop it if you had the opportunity, thanks to those soldiers over there, you won't get the chance. I hope you weren't too attached to y... no, I take that back Tridus. I hope you were extremely attached to your daughter. I hope, I condemn you to watch helplessly as she slowly dies. Only then will we be even for all the problems your group caused me by destroying my home in space."

Tridus' hands clenched on the keyboard with such fury that its a wonder he didn't crush it. Sitting there, more of the puzzle fell into place. He remembered where else he had heard that voice... not that long ago, or maybe an eternity... coming across the radio while he was on the old Bird of Prey as it was heading directly for...

Cynthia's voice snapped Tridus back to reality. "Uncie Kylin, whats going on?"

Tridus regretted placing the AI into his desktop computer for just a second. "Umm... nothing Cynthia, don't worry. Uncle Kylin just has to go talk to somebody for a minute."

With that, Tridus jumped up and went looking for the rest of Riptide to tell them about what he'd just discovered, but one thing nagged at him... 'Why the hell isn't Tatiana dead!?'

A Limo - Washington DC, USA - 11:27pm GMT (7:27pm Local Time)

Slumping in the comfortable back seat of her private Limo while she was in Washington, Tatiana wasn't sure if she should feel awake or tired. All the travelling, all the timezone changes... she had no idea just what time it really was anymore. 'Well, such is the hardship one has to endure when you control the entire game.' The thought was comforting to her, because she was in total control right now.

Without anything better to do on the drive, she took out her journal and started writing again.

Well father, things still progress as planned. The Americans are fools, they don't even realized that I just explained to them in fifty thousand words or less how the process of breadmaking works. The money was wired into my accounts as planned, and now all I have to do is save the world.

So, all I have to do is push the off button on the computer. Well, order someone else to push the button at least, doing things like that is murder on the skin of my fingers, and I have to look my best if I'm going to be running for President soon.

Tomorrow we fly out to do a "test", before using the acutal process to save the world from our little disaster. Maybe I'll have to add something in about how at one of the volcanoes we very nearly all get killed to add a bit of drama, yes... yes the fools here do love drama, I'll have to work that in.

I don't anticipate any opposition at this point, everybody here is a puppet dancing to my command. However, I'm still taking all security precautions and sticking to the plan, not taking any chances. You taught me well. How I wish you could be here to see the Americans cowering in fear of us once more when the day comes...

Sighing, she put her pen down and repacked the small journal in her bag. "Vladimir, take me back to the hotel, I'm tired and don't know what time it is in a civilized part of the world."

"As you wish, Princess." the driver replied, and the car quickly pulled a U-Turn.


- Tridus knows that Tatiana isn't dead, and that she planted the virus.
- Tatiana has a whole lotta money now, and her plan is still progressing along.
- Visible effects of the volcanoes are beginning to appear in the worlds climate.
- Clinton hasn't been laid in about three hours. :-)

We scream to avoid suffering in silence. - Savage Garden

Subject: (Post Box Storee) Minor Distractions
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-06-12 00:00:00

Princess Tatiana closed her diary with a low thud. She grinned as she laid on her back, staring at the ceiling of her room. After several minutes, a constant rapping at her hotel door snapped her back into reality.

"What is it?" Tatiana screamed impatiently at the locked door.

"Sorry, my highness, I - I wanted to...to take a quick break, and maybe get something to eat," her nervous bodyguard replied from the hallway, stuttering. "If, I mean, if it's no problem with you, your magesty, that is."

"Fine," Tatiana snarled. "But be quick."

"Yes, yes of course," the man replied, speeding down the hallway towards the vending machine. Tatiana listened to his quick footsteps for a few moments, amused, before sitting back down on her bed with a sigh. She clutched her journal, holding it close to her heart. She once again laid back on her bed, and smiled.


Tridus looked out the window of the temporary home of Riptide, and sighed. The sky was beginning to get much darker; it wouldn't be long, now, before a coat of pitch black spread across the United States, and eventually, the entire world. As it was right now, it looked like a perpetual rainy day, only the clouds were very dark shades of gray, and black.

Something else distracted Tridus. He heard a faint buzz, like voices from far away, murmuring. Looking downward from his window, Tridus quickly noticed a crowd of several dozen people amassing outside of the temporary Riptide building, all yelling profanities and chanting along. A stone even flew near Tridus' window, forcing him to take a few steps back. Looking down again, Tridus noticed the signs they were holding up. Signs telling the Riptide crew that they are somehow to blame for this whole mess.

Once again being interrupted from his thoughts, Tridus spun around as the door to his room burst open. In came Edge, looking tired and worn.

"Tridus, there's a crowd below, and--"

"Yeah, I just saw them."

"Do you have any idea why they're there?"

"Yeah, look," was all Tridus said in response, pointing to the TV. Edge quickly sat down on the end of Tridus' bed, watching. There, he saw Dr. Tatiana Yudmira, spouting tripe about how, by her calculations, the Riptide group is responsible for this catastrophe. And, by her calculations, she should be able to put a stop to it. And thanks to the government's funding, that's exactly what she intends on doing. Edge frowned angrily.

"I say we pay Princess Tatiana a visit."

"I agree. But we have to find her first," Tridus noted, pacing around the room. He stopped, suddenly, his eyes wide. Tatiana's plan was beginning to make sense. "We can't do anything. We can't stop her as long as she is a hero in the public eye, right? Anything we say will look like slander without proper evidence to support it. She's protected and barricaded herself."


Tatiana looked at the clock. The guard who left for a snack had now been gone for eleven minutes and fourty four seconds exactly. Determined to teach her own bodyguard a few things about respect and proper manners, Tatiana unlocked her door, picked up her portable communication device off of a night table, and stormed angrily into the hallway, still wearing her white dress shirt and gray business skirt.

Looking back and forth, she saw no one. She quickly made her way towards the stairs leading to the lower floors. When she got there, she saw the candy machine from the corner of her eye. And lying, sprawled besides the machine, in a pool of his own blood, was her guard. Tatiana shrieked, feeling vulnerable - something that doesn't happen very often.

Sprinting back towards her room, Tatiana turned on her communicator.

"Get down here, now!" she screeched, locking the door to her room behind her. "Get to my room in the hotel - pronto! This is not a drill! I repeat, this is not a drill! There is an assissin in the loose, and I need him eliminated quickly! Also, call any local TV and radio news stations, and drop word of a possible assassination attempt from the terrorist group on my person."

Tatiana slumped down on the ground behind her door, out of breath. She at least knew that any media coverage would force her assissin to retreat, if he respects his life or identity. Suddely, she heard something move nearby. It sounded like a light creaking. Standing up and looking about her room, she saw that no one was there. She walked over to her bed, frantically looking back and forth in a paranoid fashion.

"You will cease your plans immediately, Princess," a slightly digitized, but familier, voice spoke from behind her. The Princess spun around, only to see that no one was there. Squinting, she swore she could see a slight distortion. Almost like the outline of a translucant human head. But it was nearly impossible to see.

"Who are you?" she asked, trying not to sound nervous.

"You will cease your course of action," the voice said, angrier this time. "We know of what you are planning, and who you are. We know that you are the cause of the volcanic eruptions. But your integrity is not at stake. Your life is."

With that, she saw the diary on her bed lift into the air, under its own power, seemingly. Once it was in the air, the sound that two swords might make while colliding reverberated throughout the room as the book fell apart, cut at its spine. The cluttered pages tumbled and fell into back onto the bed, as the window to her room smashed, and for a brief second, she saw a blur of a metallic blue fly through it, disppearing into the darkness of day.

Just as the window smashed, the door to Tatiana's room was kicked open, as several guards ran, their weapons drawn, to secure the parimitre. Tatiana, still shaken, shook her head to one of the guards, indicating that the threat was no longer present. Full of rage, Tatiana was surrounded by the many reporters, shoving cameras and microphones in her face, asking questions.

Changes by this storee:
Princess Tatiana's manipulation of the general public is becoming more and more appearant, with a crowd of angry, scared protestors forming outside of Riptide's current, temporary home. A guard in Princess Tatiana's hotel was murdered by some sort of cloaked assassin, while she, herself, was personally threatened to stop what she is doing at once.

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Subject: (storyverse)Lords Of Nature
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-06-14 00:00:00

Lords of Nature

"…and thus render ourselves the lords and possessors of nature." - Descartes



If it wasn't one thing, it was another. The company had set up the computer in the lab to buzz when it received email. He pushed the mouse to turn off the screen saver and fired off another terse letter to his bosses to leave him alone. The work would be finished when it was finished. They had provided him with near unlimited funds for a reason.

This project was vital. He cursed the annoyance of having to relocate the lab when those volcanoes when off. It had set him back too much… But this was of no matter. The project was near done, and he would become really really famous.


RStefan01 watched as the sun set over the trees, in an increasingly sooty sky. He sat alone in the main conference room, trying to ignore the mob outside howling for Riptides blood. One thing that heartened him though, was the fact that most of the crowd was made up of out-of-towners and many citizens of the city still respected Riptide. A loud knock at the door shook him out of his reverie. He got up and opened it.

On the other side of the door stood a rather average looking older man whom he had never seen before. The man looked at him closely.

"Is this where Riptide is quartered?"

RStefan01 nodded his head, "Yes. Is there something I can do for you."

"Well I did fight my way through that crowd out there, I'd appreciate it if I could sit down."

"Uh. Sure. You don't have any weapons do you?"

The man grunted, "On me? No."

"Okay, have a seat then." The man walked over to a chair and plopped himself down. He took off his cap and scratched his head, put it back on and leant back.

"Anyone else here other than you?"

"Yeah. But they're busy right now. Is there something you wanted?"

"Straight to the point, eh. Okay, where is rRaminrodt?"

RStefan01 didn't say anything, but distress showed on his face.

"I know you know him. And if you're worried I'm a friend of his. I need to talk to him."

"Oh. Jeeze, that might be a little bit difficult…" As he said that BandWidth walked into the room. And he saw the expression on RStefan's face.

"Is there a problem?"

The visitor spoke up, "I just want to see rRaminrodt. If he's not here, I'll wait."

Bandwidth frowned, "I'm sorry, but he died."


This startled them a bit. "I mean he died."

"Like I said. So what? Maybe you guys don't know him as well as I thought."

"He's gone sir. We don't know where he is."

He raised his voice "Dammit son don't act stupid. I want to know where he is right now. I don't care what he looks like, show me where he is."

In the other room the shouting disturbed Tridus, who was trying to concentrate. He got up and walked angrily into the main meeting room. "What is going on in here?"

"He wants to know where rRaminrodt is."

Tridus turned to the newcomer, "Who are you?"

"My name is Gorith Hidard."

Tridus paused to think, "I think I've heard that name before."

"It's possible that rRamin mentioned me. If you want to know why I'm looking for him, It's simple. I'm his boss."

"His boss?"

"Yeah. Like he works for me. Well kind of." He paused for a second. "Didn't he ever mention the QMS?" he asked sarcastically.

"Yes he did, but what do you want with him."

"I just need his help with something. Now please, just tell me where he is."

Tridus shook his head, "Did they tell you that he died?"

"Yes. And that’s the problem. He can't die."

"I know, he told about reincarnation. But you don't seem to understand, he died and we don't know where he is."


"Oh? Is that it?"

"I'll just have to wait around until he comes back then. I know he will, that’s not the problem. I just hope it doesn't take too long. I'd have to stay years here."


"Possibly. Probably not though. The problem is important to fix, but its very slow." He slapped Tridus on the shoulder, "I'll just hang around with you guys for a while then." He smiled.

Tridus frowned.


The Doctor watched as the transport crew took his project and placed it in the container for shipping back to the Company. The large crowd around the building the next street over made him nervous. This project was so important and vital to the Company. At least here wasn't as shaky as the area around the Company Headquarters. But soon all the world would see. And all the companies that didn't have it would probably want it. This made him smile he was the first to invent it, it would made his Company's power absolute.


A few days later Edge was watching the television in the meeting room while Hidard, who had unceremoniously made himself at home, and RStefan01 were having lunch. Suddenly, the program was interrupted with breaking news. They all tuned in to the tv expecting more on the volcano crisis. Instead what they saw amazed them.

Only a few hours a go an amazing new product was revealed. Produced by the one and only, Microsoft.

The reporter spoke, "They claim that by using this Quantum Domain Closure technology."

Hidard interrupted, "Subspace."

"That they can send messages many times faster than the speed of light. Not only will this further revolutionize the communications industry. But the theoretical physics behind it should allow for the ability to send matter faster than the speed of light. The company will be holding demonstrations and press conferences within an hour or so…"

RStefan01 stood up, "Do you think this is real?"

Hidard shrugged, "The timings not bad. It seems time to develop actual technological physics devices for this culture."

They turned again, enthralled by the unfolding story.


Donald Baisman, cameraman for a local television station had hiked up a hill to get a good shot of the crowd around Microsoft Headquarters. It just so happened that he set up the camera facing the wrong way, while it would be normal just to swing the zoom lens around what he saw caught his attention. In the distance, marching up from the south he guessed, were thousands of tiny black specks. When zoomed up on them he could identify them, he knew what was going on. He turned the camera. A different army. Turn. And another.

Slowly it dawned on him. The technology companies had mustered their forces. They were all marching on Redmond.

Changes by this story: Microsoft has invented subspace radio, and *all* ;) the companies are after then now. oh, and Hidard, self proclaimed founder of the QMS, has decided to hang around Riptide for a while. At least until rR returns.

'Physics and mathematics are now on the throne' - Gibbon

Subject: (Post Box Storee) No Need to Panic
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-06-23 00:00:00

No Need to Panic

Dr. Yudmira blinked several times, squinting from the endless flashes of light that were shining against her face. On the floor below, endless heards of reporters continued to take endless photots of her and her staff, pointing their microphones upwards towards the podium as they shot out questions, almost screaming to be heard.

Tatiana closed her eyes for a moment, and realized that she had a headache. However, this interaction with the civilians was necessary for her to be successful. She opened her eyes, and resumed her look of distress, showing the crowd how frightened she was. The problem was that this time, she knew that, deep down, she was no longer acting. She was genuinly afraid for her life.

"Dr. Yudmira," one voice echoed over the others. "Do you have any leads to who the assassin was working for?"

"No," she replied, calmly, looking back and forth over the crowd, not knowing who had asked the question, exactly. "However, me and my team have discussed several possibilities, and it seems almost certain that the assassin was sent by the organization now proven to be corrupt, Riptide. Their leaders have been making irrational decisions ever since they felt their grip over these people was weakening, it would seem. However, this is, of course, only a mere hypothosis, and any other viable solution will be analyzed."

"Ms. Yudmira," another voice sceeched. Tatiana clutched the side of her head for a moment, hating every minute of this puppet show. She quickly snapped back into form, showing her frightened look. "Ms. Yudmira, what are the thoughts your team has on Microsoft's current development, or the footage shown of what seems to be an army of corporate soldiers which seem to be making a beeline towards the headquarters of Microsoft?"

"It really is of no concern at the moment," she replied cooly. "Microsoft's new discovery in no way helps my team in putting a final stop to the current crisis with the eruptions all over the planet. Nor does their discovery help the government of the United States of America in this current dilemma. Right now, we are putting the safety of the planet before our own profit. As for the other companies and their anger, that is an issue that will either be settled legally, or by U.S. armed forces, if the companies intend on causing a public rucaus, which can only end in violence."

"Dr. Yudmira," another man asked. "What is going to be done about Riptide?"

"Well," Tatiana replied, holding back a smirk, since this is the one question she was looking forward to fielding. "It seems almost certain that something is amiss at the highest levels of Riptide. They founded this city, but the days of them protecting the public have ended abruptly, as they engaged in various illegal activities, including murder. Although the assassin cannot be proven to be a part of their organization, a full investigation is in order, and they will be monitored very closely...if not by the police, then by our very own public, currently making a brave statement outside of their headquarters. I encourage all of you to question their motives, to let them hopefully see that they are needed to stop, so that--"

Click. Edge tossed the remote control on the table in the middle of the room, and sighed. He could hear the screams and cursing coming from the floors below, with the angry mob becoming larger, and therefore, more erratic each and every passing day. What was worse was the appearance of this new fellow, who called himself Gorith Hidard, had arrived at Riptide HQ, and although he brought what seemed like good news about rRaminrodt, he was following the team members around, annoying everyone and making himself at home.

Edge stood up and stretched, taking a peak out the window, but keeping a safe enough distance that the crowd wouldn't see him. He didn't want any more rocks colliding with the side of the building, or his head. Edge began to slowly make his way over towards the door of the den, and jumped backwards as it slammed open, startling him. Tridus walked in, and right by Edge, sitting down on the couch and turning on the TV again.

"What are you doing?" Edge asked from the other side of the room.

"I almost missed the entire news conference," Tridus replied over his shoulder to Edge, not taking his eyes away from the screen, watching Princess Tatiana very intently. "I want to hear what other crap she throws out towards us, so we can know what to expect from the rest of the media next."

"Ah, I watched a little of it," Edge shrugged. "She didn't seem to say too much, really. She does suspect that the assassin actually worked for us. Assuming, of course, that there is an assassin, or that it's not just working for her, so--"

"Shh!" Tridus hissed. "She's making her closing statements."

"It's all garbage!" Edge yelled, suddenly. Tridus finally spun around, looking at his teammate. "That's right, you heard me. Garbage! We built this damn town. Hell, it's named after us, isn't it? When have we let these people down before? The fact that they can be fooled this easily is pathetic. And if we say anything to expose Tatiana right now, they'll assume the worst of us."

Tridus was about to calm Edge's fears, but they both heard a scream from the television set; or, more accurately, the public address. By the time they had both turned to face the screen, reporters and newscasters were running back and forth in a panic. Incoherent screaming filled the conference room, as Tatiana fell down in the background, all captured by a shuffling and shaky camera, slowly moving towards the stage. A team of doctors and bodyguards had rushed out to tend to her fallen body, but what had happened was not yet visible.

"Are - are we on?" a frightened, quiet voice spoke out. "Okay, um, if you're hearing this right now, well, it looks like...like some thing just attacked Dr. Yudmira. She's on the ground now, and there's a lot of blood. Oh God - it seems to have cut off her - her hand, it looks like. It's hard to make out, but she's crying and it looks like she's clutching her hand. I was watching the whole time, but, well, uh, I didn't see what happened. There was an - some sort of blur flew past, like a blue and orange...streak, I guess. It flew by her, and she fell to the ground. We are going to go back to the station, yeah, back to the station right now, I guess. We're being forced out of the room by security, and--"

The station cut out, going to the CNN logo. Edge and Tridus looked at each other, shocked.

To be continued...

Changed by this storee:

Tatiana was addressing the public, defaming Riptide (and encouraging others to stand against Riptide), Microsoft and Microsoft's competitors, when she was attacked by "some thing." Tridus and Edge saw the footage, more or less, and are confused. The crowd outside of the Riptide is growing at an alarming rate.

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Subject: Current Storyverse Sysnopsis... (in story form)
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-06-24 00:00:00

A sudden gust of wind whipped the door open. Kelly staggered into the hall of her house and pushed it closed with a great deal of effort. She latched it to keep it from opening on its own. She looked around and saw no one, so she yelled, "Harry! Where are you?"

A voice shouted, "I'm upstairs, on the internet!"

She clomped up the stairs and into the small study. Her husband Harry was one one of the computers squeezed into the small room. He ran the farm they lived on and was a huge internet geek.

"What are you doing? You do know the wind is really picking up out there?"

He dismissed her questions with by changing the subject, "Ever heard of Riptide?"

She sighed, "I think you mentioned it once. A bunch of people out in california or something."

"Yep. They were a private technology group, sitting on a bunch ah money. So they decided to try and use technology and intellegent methods to revitalize a city. Riptide California."

"Thats nice. Why do you have to have this thing on in a middle of the storm though?"

"Uh. Well its very interesting. They've been caught up in a bunch of crazy stuff lately, but finally they got a couple of weeks vacation."

He continued, "Untill the volcanoes went off. When that scientist lady on the news started blaming them a crowd gathered outside their temporary headquarters. Personally, I think she's got her information muddled... they're kind of what people had in mind when they invented the word selfless."

Kelly shook her head, "Well the weatherman said that these storms are partly from the volcanoes messing up the climate. So, I really hope she's okay after what happened on the news."

"Me too."

She peered at the screen, "Who writes this stuff?"

"Riptide reporters. See, for a while they didn't know what was going on. Untill after SM_007 died, wich was really bad. But now they've got someone else following them, some guy named Hidard. I hope he can help them out."

"We'll all this info is nice and good. but I think its time to shut it off. WHat would happen if this place got hit by lightining."

"All right." He logged off, shutodwn the computer and when down stairs.

"Did I forget to tell you that Microsoft invented a new type of radio."

Kelly just shook her head...

This story changed nothing! :)

Destruction & Chaos = Fun

Subject: (Storyverse) My Attempt at a storyverse.
Author: -=General=-
Date: 2000-06-24 00:00:00

Tridus is sitting at a desk in the corner of the room trying to get Sashie back into working condition as he is hunting down the virus via a docking station as RStefan and Edge are sitting on the couch at the tv

RStefan is flipping through channels, turns the tv off, and throws the remote across the room

"Damnit, isn't there ANYTHING on tv besides that bitch? I cant stand this, I cant even watch my soap operas. Every channel is reporting on something with this situation."

Edge gets up and pick up the remote

"Come on man, cant you see if we dont look into this, we will never get our do-gooder status back?"

Edge turns the tv back on. There is a huge riot going on as the ambulence drives off with Tatania inside. Members of the crowd are heard yelling obsentities at Riptide, thinking they had something to do with this. After all, Tatiania was busting on them in her speech. The crowd begins to disappate and head for either the hospital or Riptide HQ.

All of a sudden, the barricaded doors bust open and a tall man is shown at the door.

"HONEY! I'M HOME!" the masked figure shouts

Tridus spins around in his chair and turns to face the door and RStefan and Edge jump to their feet.

The bright lights from behind the figure makes him hard to make out, but as he enters the room, everyone can see that this character is, indeed, the -=General=- who has returned from his vacation.

"Hey Guys, whats up? I see that you have gotten quite a reception for me outside, how did you get all those people to come welcome me?"

"Um, sir, haven't you seen the news lately?" Edge replied.

"Come on Edge, I just got back from Nevada, do you really think I was watching tv? Oh, BTW, I won 5 million dollars for Riptide, now we can do some more cool stuff around here."

RStefan01 speaks up, "Those people were not exactly here to greet you sir, we have kind of been having problems around here."

"Um, what problems?"

The group sits down and -=General=- is brought up to date on the situation

"Damnit guys, we have to do something about this," -=General=- retorts and he slams his fist onto the table leaving a mark on the wood.


Changes from this story:
Tatania is being rushed to the hospital and the mob from the rally has been moved to Riptide HQ and to the hospital.
President -=General=- has returned from vacation in Nevada.
Riptide has just gained 5 million dollars for later use.
-=General=- has been filled in on the situation and is now residing at Riptide HQ.


Let me know what you think.

Subject: (Post Box Storee) In Perspective
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-06-28 00:00:00

In Perspective

Staring at a sleeping Sashie, Tridus suddenly felt exhausted. Being held up in your base because the people of your own town, the town you helped to fund and build, had turned on you - well, that was one of the more emotionally draining situations that Tridus could think of, and he knew exactly what he had been through lately. Disappointment after disappointment was starting to nag in the minds of everyone on the team.

Looking across the room, Tridus saw what he always saw. Edge was arguing with Gorith Hidard, a stranger that everyone assumed meant well, but no one knew for sure. After all, they were only going on the word of Gorith Hidard himself. Even if Gorith meant well, the fact that Gorith was really throwing his weight around was beginning to drill holes in the nerves of everyone on the staff. RStefan01 hadn't even left his room today, Tridus realized. No one on the team has any real motivation to get out of bed. -=General=-, who had just arrived a day earlier, was sitting at the window, looking down at the angry protesters.

It was just then that a pounding arrived on the door. Both Edge and Gorith immediately stopped their pointless debate, and looked to where the knocking was coming from, as Tridus stood up and -=General=- turned his head. Before anyone could react, the door flew open, and a dozen or so riot police officers stormed the room.

"President -=General=-," one of the officers spoke, his voice slightly muffled from his gas mask. Edge only stared at the man. "We have a warrant for the arrests of you, and anyone here who is on your team or involved with your team in any way. Are you boys the only ones here?"

"Uh, yeah," Edge replied, interrupting the President. "Just me, Tridus, -=General=- and my friend Gorith. What's this all about?"

-=General=- looked at Edge, confused. Edge didn't look back.

"That is none of your concern at the moment, sir," the man replied, cooly. "But off the record, I just wanted to say that I am sorry we have to do this. You boys have been an extremely important part of his, well, planet...and it pains me to bring you in, whether or not you guys are guilty. Please, don't make this difficult."

"Can't you at least tell us what we are guilty of? What we are being charged with?" -=General=- demanded, angrily, as the police officers surrounded him and began to apply handcuffs. Turning his head, he saw two of the men slowly tiptoeing their way towards Sashie, their automatic weapons armed. He saw Tridus step towards them, almost panicky. -=General=- motioned for Tridus to stay where he is. Both riot cops turned their heads towards Tridus at the same time, and saw a pretty hateful look return their way.

"Uh, Mr. President," the squat leader replied in a puzzled tone, breaking the uneasy silence. "Haven't you boys been watching the news lately? Haven't you looked outside lately? You guys are being charged and blamed with everything in the entire book! Look, I wish the best for you guys, and you've been an inspiration, but don't make us try to take you down by force, alright? Don't try nothin', okay? Besides, it's probably for your own good, anyway, to be down at the precinct. The crowd outside is starting to get hostile."

-=General=- nodded, sadly, as the police officers began to escort the three men out of the room.

"Wait!" Gorith yelled. "I didn't do anything! I--"

"Sir, you're wanted for questioning, that's all," another officer interrupted.

"Oh," Tridus said, as he saw two officers leaving the room, carefully holding a laptop. The lead officer spun around. "I don't want to make threats, officer, so let's just say I don't want anything to happen to that laptop of mine. Nothing. Don't even touch her. Okay?"

One of the men looked at Tridus for a second, but didn't respond. He just looked at the other two officers, and nodded. The other two officers went back to bringing the laptop out of the room and down the hallway. Tridus clenched his teeth, as he was pushed out of the room, beside Edge.

"Don't worry," Edge whispered to Gorith, -=General=- and Tridus. "Everything's taken care of. I--"

"Find anything?" one of the officers said over a walkie-talkie.

"Nothing, sir. Nothing is showing up on infared. No body heat. No one else is here."

"Check the perimeter to make sure," he snapped. "Over."

"Wait 'til they find RStefan01," Edge whispered to Tridus, leaning over and smiling.

"Wait until Sashie wakes up," Tridus whispered back. He couldn't help but smirk.

They both looked at -=General=-, who nodded in agreement and approval.

"Looks like we'll finally get some action, eh?" Edge asked. "Maybe it's what we've been needing all along."

"Maybe," Tridus nodded. "Now we'll be vigilantes, I suppose."

"Yeah," Edge laughed. Two cops looked at him, as Edge immediately began to cough nervously. He stood up straight, and shared one last knowing glance with Tridus and the President, before walking out the front door of the building, as the trio was immediately pelted with all kinds of garbage from the protesters. The swat vans all began to line up outside the building, clearing a path.

Changed by this story:
A swat team was sent to arrest the Riptide staff for questioning based on the accusations which have been brought against them. They are bringing Tridus, Edge, -=General=-, Sashie and Gorith Hidard down to the station, but will have a little problem once they bump into RStefan01 and/or Sashie wakes up.

Lord of Evahl
Founder of the Evahl Party

Subject: The Soulless Elite (Storyverse- yeah thats right! you haven't seen one of these in a while, huh?)
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-07-19 00:00:00

The Soulless Elite
[part one of a two part story]

The reek of burning plastic was so strong outside the air-conditioned van that it could be smelled inside without any effort. Trough the dark tinted windows the passengers could look out onto the crater pocked roads leading up into the compound. A few of the wounded that had been abandoned at the end of the most recent skirmish stared helplessly at the van as it avoided the deepest potholes. Then the loud crack of bullets hitting the windshield of the van, as if to break the darkly solemn moment.

One of the passengers grinned viscously and rapped on the window with his knuckle. "Bulletproof. Very bulletproof."

Another nodded his head and said, "Were just about into our territory. We'll be safe inside."

The most important passenger in the van said nothing, and his expression didn't change. But then again, his expression hardly ever changed anyway. SoulTaker just sat in the seat and stared at the growing Microsoft complex through the window.


"When do we escape?"

Edge turned his head and whispered at Hidard, "What?"

"Aren't we planning on getting out of here? I really don't feel like being questioned today, I'm not a very good liar, and they wouldn't believe the truth."

"Maybe, problem is that we don't really have a good excuse to do anything. We don't even know where to start in busting you-know-who's plan. We don't even have the faintest clue in what she is really after."

"How 'bout starting off proving that you didn't cause it."

Edge frowned, "Fine idea, but how would we do that? Do you carry around a geological lab in your pocket?"


"Oh, funny. The only…"

"I'm not joking. I have no idea how to use it, I'm not a geologist, but I do have one."

"What?" Edge looked disbelieving, "Where?"

"One of the pieces of gear I lug around is a VWSC. Lets just call it a virtual bottomless pocket, I can carry around anything up to the size of an average car or truck and as many as I want. So, one of the things I've got is a piano sized geology lab thing. I'll let you use it if you want to." He had an amused look on his face.

"What else can you do? You never told us much."

"Nothing. If you think I have 'abilities' like rRamin or some others, you're mistaken. On the other hand, I'm a genius."

"Are you joking?"

"I like to think so, but no. I'm a verifiable genius in the field of quantum hyper-dynamics and quasi-real physics. I invented dimensional travel thousands of years before my earth should have been able to. I came up with the theory behind the VWSC and a whole bunch of other devices. Some of it was created independent of me though." He shrugged.

"Prove it."

"Is this really the time? Anyway it's mostly a bunch of obscure math, I can explain a lot in metaphor, but I don’t have the urge."

"Sorry I didn't mean to sound unbelieving, it just sounds kind of silly."

"I'm a silly sort of person. If you have to know, along with the VWSC I carry around a personal energy shield/static time bubble generator for protection, an emergency one shot mass nullifier, and uh, my clothes are self cleaning."

Edge held back a chuckle, but then got serious, "Do you have any weapons?"

"In the VWSC I do. Mostly guns of different sorts, some other stuff too."

"Are you any good in a firefight?"

"I can handle myself, I've had plenty of experience. But don't expect me to take point. I prefer to be as far back as possible."

"Alright, I may have a plan… Lemme talk to Tridus."



Tatiana stared at the ceiling of her room and sighed melancholically, aside from the freak attack that she was still recovering from, Riptide had given her no challenge since her newest ploy began. She didn't even know if that attack was at all related to them, there were plenty of lunatics in this country, and who knows what they might do?

If the mouse did not at least struggle a little bit, why should the cat bother with playing with it? She sat up, and thought that Tridus was the only living one worth the effort anyway, too bad the other was dead… She stared at the journal sitting on her bed stand. She sighed again, Riptide may be fun but she had other duties…

Inconveniently, there came a light rapping on her door. She opened it, on the other side stood one of her aides. A new one, who didn't know her true agenda, yet she was ambitious and smart enough to see that something was going on. Tatiana had hopes for this young lady's career.

"What is it?" she asked keeping her tone neutral.

"The California State police called your office. The Riptide people slipped out of custody somehow. They used a computer to trick the buildings security system and… melted a wall, if I got the message right."

Tatiana frowned, "Their main building?"

"Searched. And empty. They didn't receive your list until after they took them down to the police station. So they missed one in the first place."


"Uhm," she stared at a scrap of paper in her palm. "RStefan01. Ma'am, may I say something?"

"Go ahead."

"I don't think the cops were even actually trying. They like Riptide. We can't let them hamper your operation."

"That’s very astute of you. I came to the same conclusion. This is what we'll do: Contact the FBI, we'll have them take charge there and I'll have one of my men take charge of their taskforce. Have them use Riptides office as a main base. They must have finally come up with some kind of plan. Its time for us to figure out what that is… That is all."

The young woman nodded and walked quickly back to the front office. Tatiana actually smirked a little bit thinking, 'the game may just be interesting after all.'


The timid scientist looked quickly at the other inhabitant of the room and then turned his head so that he could continue staring at the door and his watch. Deep in the Redmond complex the scientist who invented warp-radio currently sat in a room with the being who called himself SoulTaker.

The latest mortar barrage had ended and the complex had ceased its shuddering. The short man wondered what his employers wanted with the very scary looking individual, and what it happened to do with him.

In a short while the door opened in a senior officer of the company stepped in, followed by another man who he didn't know.

Executive Chalfies waved his hand, "I see you met SoulTaker, Dr. Adams. That saves one pair of introductions." He smiled. Adams blinked and the brooding skeleton didn't move an inch.

"Dr. Adams as you may already know, was instrumental in building our new technology. But as you may not know, we plan on giving it away for free."

The unnamed man frowned, "Microsoft isn't known for giving things away."

"I know. But after these attacks… Lets just say the company is split into two factions. I am representing one of those. I summoned SoulTaker here, and you sir."

He turned to SoulTaker, "This is Mr. Styx."

Styx nodded, but SoulTaker remained immobile. "What you don't know is that the group called Riptide has been declared wanted and dangerous."

SoulTaker looked up suddenly, while Chalfies continued talking, "Well, they actually just name Tridus, Edge, RStefan01, General, and tack to that other accomplices.

In the voice of a man who hadn't spoken in a very long time SoulTaker asked, "What does this have to do with us? Or you?"

"To save our company, we are forming a new group." He coughed, "To tell the truth… Riptides popularity is at an all time high, even though they have disapeared. We plan to create a new Riptide to protect our Radio on its way to Washington and to make sure our company is not blamed for its loss or unavailability to the good of mankind."

"You're not serious."

"I am. If anything happens to the radio other than given free for the benefit of everyone… Microsoft is blamed. And then our company will be crushed. At least that is what my faction believes. Also, this Doctor Yamidra has gained the power we sought in an incredibly short amount of time, we want to know her real seceret."

"You want us to be part of this? I was a bodyguard to the old president. I'm… loyal… to that old group."

"As it should be. One of the reasons I picked you. As for other reasons… you both have, skills. And will be, I believe, dedicated to the cause of the free Radio."

He paused, "Two others have been chosen by the other faction. They are just down the hall. We'll meet them in a short while. And the last pair is former members of a group called SideWinder from which Riptide was eventually formed… They're our neutrals."

He gestured them to follow him, "They've already been breifed." They walked down the hall to a closed door. "The first mission of new Riptide will be to escort the Doctor and his invention to the Smithsonian. They've already agreed to spread it for us."

He opened the door. They walked inside. "Styx, Soultaker… I'd like you both to meet El Cazador and undertow, friends of the old riptide members. And our other recruits Dinobot and Ravage!. Now if you don't mind, we'll escort you all on your way. We don't have much time, actually… we'll discuss payment and such in the van…"

The man's voice droned to SoulTaker, but he no longer listened. The skeleton was staring at a man he considered a ghost…

Changes by this story: Riptide escaped capture and have run underground, hoping to discover Tatianas secret. Tatiana is planning to use the FBI, led by one of her men to find Riptide. And Microsoft has created a new Riptide, entrusted with a mission to save their company.




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Subject: The Sines of Life (storyverse: the continuing saga!)
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-08-02 00:00:00

The Sines of Life

Seconds passed like years. Tridus crouched down in a muddy ravine and shivered. Ash, from constant volcanic eruptions, made the sky dark in the middle of the day and it seemed to drizzle constantly now. It seemed to him that life was so much like a pattern that repeated itself over and over again. How long ago was it, when he was outcast like this, far from the emotional warmth of Riptide? Water dripped off the end of his nose as he clutched Sashie under his coat.

Finally RStefan01 dropped down into the ditch. The small group breathed a sigh of relief. He pulled a small package of money out of his jacket and divvied it up amongst the outcast Riptiders.

Hiddard whispered, "Is that it?"

RStefan01 nodded, "They took the gold but wouldn't accept the coins as antique."

The other grunted, "Those damn things are worth a fortune to any Xenoarchelogist. Oh well, they were just wasting memory, I didn't have a use for 'em."

"General's watch got us the car."

"That’s good news," Tridus finally had the urge to talk.

"Well… leave that judgement for when you see it. There's a picture of it near POS in the dictionary. But it runs, that’s all that really matters."

"Tridus, did your net search turn up any geologists that actually dared to disagree with our friend?"

"Three. One in Texas, one in Florida, and a graduate student in Spain."

"Texas then?"

"I guess. If he doesn't want to help us we continue east. I guess you're driving R.S."

"That’s not much of a privilege. Okay guys its that way," he points, "in a bunch of bushes."

They slowly crept out of the ravine. Out of Riptide, into the cold.


The large van bounced as they rolled onto a dirt road. The unmarked vehicle was taking them out of Washington State to a different van waiting just outside state borders. They'd be on their own then.

SoulTaker had been talking to the man who called himself Styx. He seemed a nice enough person, but SoulTaker wondered why he had been invited into the little group. He had heard of undertow and El Cazador from one of the old Riptiders. He also had heard about Ravage! and his part in almost foiling the plans of the Agents that destroyed the Riptide building. He was a little confused due to the fact he had heard that he had died then… but then SoulTaker knew he wasn't in the best of conditions when he heard the story.

It was obvious why this Dinobot character had been picked too. The robotic beast looked like quite homicidal and probably enjoyed chewing nails. So that left Styx for him to figure out. It was no easy task though. They had conversed for about an hour until SoulTaker decided to give up and simply ask the question.

"So, why do you think they volunteered you for this team?" SoulTaker asked.

Styx smiled, "Oh." He chuckled, "My 'powers', is that it?"

"Not neccesarily…"

"No problem dude. Ever hear of Achilles?"

"Was that the greek myth who killed medusa?"

"Well, you're in the right mythology. That was Perseus, Achilles was the indestructible hero of Trojan war. Do you know how he got to be indestructible?"

"Not really."

"He was dipped in a river in Hades by his mother, the river Styx."


"Yep. Only my mom didn't make the same mistake his did. I have no heel, since I was double dipped." He laughed again.

Ravage, who was sitting ahead of them turned around, "Are you serious?"

"Of course. I can't be shot, crushed, stabbed, punched or any of that. I was working as a Hollywood stuntman for a while, till they started turning to computer graphics for everything. Then I went into security for a bit. Now I'm here."

SoulTaker had more questions, but Ravage had started talking.

"I wonder if I could kill you. As far as I know there isn't anything I can't kill…" He grinned and pointed to one of the many knives attached to his apparel.

Styx belted out a friendly laugh. "That’s great kiddo. Maybe this team thing will work out."

SoulTaker was a bit surprised by this instant friendship. But he still had too many questions on his chest. "How'd you survive that bombing, Ravage?"

Ravage shrugged, "Now that’s a long story. And you could say that I didn't… Eh, not for today. Get a couple'a drinks into me first."

Styx laughed again, "I am gonna like this kid!"


Agent Samperson looked down at the paper in his hand. It was some kind of personnel record. The name read: R. Keashop. Most of the rest of the sheet had been censored. What wasn't was a list of the man's skills, hand-to-hand combat, small arms, demolitions, and a whole list of other threatening abilities. He had obviously been given the file to intimidate him. He was intimidated.

His superiors had assigned him to the special offices of Dr. Yamidra and she had assigned him and his team to Keashop. While he didn't mind doing his duty to find these Riptide weirdoes he wondered how a meek little, not to mention quite fetching, scientist would know a black ops type like this Keashop.

He scribbled off a memo to the computer duo on his team and walked down the hall to their office. He pegged it on the door. Samperson hated email, in fact he hated computers in general, he'd rather walk a mile without shoes than send an email. Samperson liked that particular saying; he repeated it over in his head a couple times while walking back to his temporary office in downtown Riptide. He realized that he was probably one the most clever agents in whole Bureau. He sat back down at his desk thinking of ways to keep as much authority as he could while working under this Keashop.


"So what are have you been up to? What's your impression of this operation?" Tatiana asked. They sat in a small room that had been surveillance-proofed.

Keashop looked at the small woman seated nearby and began to speak in a rumbling voice, "They're FBI, good enough for this mission. Their head Samperson has a bloated ego, but he's good at his job. He'll try and push me, but I'll put him in his place."

"You're so good at that." She smiled.

"Riptide isn't stupid. Even if they haven't done anything like this before they won't blunder around like most ammeters. I don't see much in use in trying to follow them."


"Not with these resources. If we used our real…"

"No. That’s much too premature."

"Then I think we should concentrate on predicting were they will go. I think they will try and debunk your scientific theories first."

"Really? That won't affect the public opinion too much… science goes over most of their heads. I wouldn't have taken this pose otherwise."

"I know. But Riptide has a higher opinion of the unwashed masses. That and they probably want to assure themselves first. If they unveiled our method of activation, they could blow everything in one simple move. Not only would the truth be revealed, but they could stop the volcanoes themselves. No more crisis."

"Ah. That’s why you're one of my favorites Ratchet. They'll need an actual volcano expert won't they?"

"Yes. And there is one in Texas, hollering at the top of his lungs that your theories are unsound. We'll catch them there."

She clasped her hands together, "Oh. That’s just wonderful. I bet they're dying to see me again…"

Riptide has got a car and is going to sneak to texas to try and get the help of a geologist. New Riptide is actually forming into an actual team, as we learn about them. And, Tatiana and her team has guessed Riptides plan and are ready to intercept.

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Subject: (Storyverse Post Box Storee) Black, White, and Shades of Gray
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-08-03 00:00:00

I wrote this in Word 2000 first, and then posted it here. So it's KIND OF a postbox storee, hehe.

Forcing sand clouds to explode from the dirt below, three black, luxury cars came to a screeching stop in the middle of an empty, deserted, small town in Texas. As the doors slammed, several black suit-wearing secret agents, two men in white, ruffled dress shirts, and one elegantly-dressed woman stepped out, as the scorching, hot Texas sun beat down on them.

"They will pass through here," the cocky agent ringleader, Samperson, boasted, wiping some sweat from his brow while blocking out the sun. "I know it. I'll get my men set up in these here abandoned shops and buildings. They'll pick off the Riptide members if they try to pass through, without stopping when asked. They may try to turn tail and run, too, but we'll easily neutralize them."

Princess Tatiana was not at all interested in her head agent's plan. Instead, she looked around the deserted plains, and sighed heavily. She hated to be out here, but with any luck, local reporters would not pick up on it. She did not want to have her reputations tarnished and questioned, not at this critical juncture. At the same time, she couldn't risk not being on hand when the Riptide team was finally caught. She had watched time and time again as her followers fumbled with the ball. Tatiana did not want to see them make the same mistake, and would see to it personally that she disposes of her enemies, once and for all.


The old, rusted piece of junk that -=General=- claimed was a car continued to emit exploding sound effects from its tail pipe as it swerved its way towards the nearest old town in Texas. Looking in the back seat of the car from the review mirror, -=General=- could see that Edge and Gorith Hidard were pushing each other to and fro in a subtle manner, each vying for more room. Directly behind -=General=- was RStefan01, who was sitting perfectly still.

"Guys, listen up," -=General=- exclaimed, trying to keep the wobbly car steady. "See that old town ahead? That's where we're supposed to meet this guy that's been trying to defend our case against that witch, Tatiana, right? So keep on your toes and quit foolin' around."


Tatiana snatched the binoculars away from her nearest assistant, who let out a small gag as the binoculars were still firmly tied around his neck. Looking into them with intent, her feelings were confirmed. A small, nearly dead car was slowly but surely heading their way. And it was carrying the remaining members of the Riptide team. Pushing the assistant away, she calmly walked over to agent Samperson and R. Keashop, who both straightened up to hear what she had to say.

"There's a car coming in the distance," Tatiana bluntly spat out, not caring to beat around the bush. "It's them. Get your men hidden, and have two of them approach the car upon arrival. And do it now. There's no time to waste. They should be here within a ten minute period."

As the two men nodded and ran their separate ways, Tatiana heard a blood-chilling scream from behind. Spinning around, and pulling out her pistol with her good hand, she saw one of the agents floating in midair. Only, it was unnatural. His torso was pointing upwards, towards the sky, as a faint shimmer, or distortion, was passing through him, she could make out. And as she noticed the stream of red in a line directly above his shaking carcass, horror filled her. She knew who, or what, it was.

Tatiana couldn't even yell out a command. She merely turned tail and attempted to run from the…thing. She heard two more screams from behind her, as she pictured her agents being slashed into pieces. She ran right past Samperson, and as she did so, a stream of blood shot past her. Tatiana froze, and spun around to see Samperson's body fall to the hot, sandy ground, blood pooling from his chest. Just then, directly in front of her, the shimmer returned. Very quickly, the outline was filled, and the empty space where the hollow man stood, was a solid figure, staring directly at her, motionless.


The old car came to a stop, a few metres from the town's entrance. Or, what would have been the town's entrance, anyway. As the car came to a stop, -=General=- quickly stepped out and took a look into the town's depths. He noticed a few red stains, and a few dead bodies of men in tailored clothes were spread throughout the desolate place. Seeing this, -=General=- quickly motioned for his friends to stay put as they stepped from the vehicle and shut the doors.

"Guys, look," was all -=General=- whispered, as Tridus (with Sashie), Edge, Gorith and RStefan01 stopped to see the wreckage, standing beside -=General=-. "I guess we might have a little trouble finding that geologist guy, after all. As usual, I s'pose. We had better just--"

-=General=-'s words were interrupted from a loud crash. The team all turned, startled, to a steel door, which had just been kicked open with prejudice. A shaky, scared, injured Tatiana barely managed to walk through it, holding a knife across the throat of another equally scared man in front of her. He was dressed in garb a scientist might wear, and was rather feeble-looking. The entire Riptide team prepared their weapons and abilities, staring at Tatiana with intent. She looked frantically at the whole team.

"Don't move!" she screamed with desperation. "Any of you! He's close, dammit! I hope he gets you guys, too. Drop your stuff, or your geologist friend gets it!"

The Riptide team looked back and forth, unsure of the next move to make. Gorith made the first move to drop anything he was carrying, and the others slowly began to follow. Then, all of a sudden, a loud whap was heard as Tatiana dropped the geologist, and then dropped to her knees, herself, her face full of pain. Behind her stood SM_007, holding the end of his gun beside his face, smiling.

The entire Riptide team froze with complete shock, as Tatiana regained her senses and crawled back to her feet, dizzy. Upon doing so, she immediately pointed her knife at the throat of SM_007, who didn't blink. Rather, a figure began to decloak beside him. The same figure which Tatiana had been horrified from. A cybernetic, sleek organism, with a katana blade, was standing beside her, his knife to her side. The rest of the Riptide team began to approach Tatiana, was well.

"Give it up," SM_007 muttered. "I don't know what this thing is, but I know he's trying to help us out, here. And you've finally been caught."

Everyone smiled for a brief moment, and then stopped as a sword was thrust directly through SM_007's sternum. He let out a small huff of breath, before the sword was wrenched from his body and he tumbled to the earth. Then, in one swift moment, the cybernetic, ninja creature slid his sword into the chest of the geologist. Edge quickly began to prepare a fireball, as Gorith removed a pistol from his pocket. But as they prepared their weapons, the cyborg was cloaked again, and nowhere to be seen.

As the team rushed to attend to the two fallen human beings, Tatiana was mysteriously hoisted into the air and brought into one of the buildings. Edge attempted to make the chase, but quickly saw a luxury car pull out from the back of the structure, with no visible driver, but a frightened Tatiana in the back seat, shivering. Looking around, the heroes saw the dead body of the geologist, but SM_007's body was nowhere to be seen. Looking around, swiftly, Tridus spotted an video camera on the ground, nearby, pointed upwards at the action, and recording.

The end.

Changes from this storee: You put the pieces together. Seemingly, the cloaked assassin attacked Tatiana's crew. Then the Riptiders arrived, unaware of this, and with the help of the returning SM_007 and the cyborg, apprehended the Princess. Then the ninja strikes both SM_007 and the geologist down, and leaves with Tatiana. A video camera was found to be recording the entire series of events which transpired, and no one found SM_007's body.

Lord of Evahl
Founder of the Evahl Party

Subject: Then Juxtaposition Splintered (A tasty Storyverse treat)
Author: rRaminrodt
Date: 2000-08-16 00:00:00

Then Juxtaposition Splintered

Heat rose in waves from the baked earth, but Riptide remained frozen in place. This latest flurry of mind-bending activity had taken place mostly without their participation and so they just stood there gaping at the aftermath of this unusual struggle.

Except for Tridus. He walked cautiously around one of the bodies toward what looked like a miniaturized video camera. He examined the surface carfully and then opened up the weather-guard exterior to examine the controls. He turned to face his friends, "This thing was recording. For well over an hour too."

General blinked, "You mean we have the whole thing on tape? This could be worth it after all."

While he said this Edge kneeled down in the spot where he had seen SM collapse. He moved his hands about on the gravely dirt, as if looking for something invisible. "Damn. He can't be alive. But I hope he is…"

It was Gorith Hidard's turn. He looked at Edge, "You knew that guy," he grunted with satisfaction. "I thought it sounded like he knew you. And then killed by what? A roboninja 2000? I think this whole thing goes much deeper than you guys thought…"

Tridus gave him a dirty look, "Stick a sock in it for a second." He lifted the camera and placed it inside Sashies carrying case. "SM_007 was one of our best friends. Virtually our leader for a while, then he fell on some rough times, he ended up sacrificing himself to defeat her."

"You’ve beat her once already? She must be really persistent. But don't mind the snide comments from me. It's too much of an ingrained habit. And…"

"Can we leave here? Dr. Elreanoff is dead, and I don't want to around here when more of her heirelings show up," General said.

Edge sighed, "I wish I could stay and look for him. But if that was the real SM and he's not dead… he's long gone. I don't have any more pressing business in this ghost town, do you?"

"Suggestion." Gorith raised his hand.


"Do we really still need to be nondescript? She'll be out of the picture for at least a little while, and during that her people will be disorganized. I say we make up for some lost time."

"With what? Do you want to strap a rocket booster to the car?" Edge quipped.

"Watch and learn." Into the air he carefully said, "Activate Index Storage 9-15-34-12 Go." About six feet in front of him a glowing spot appeared in mid air, it grew, and then coalesced into a fiery red sportscar.

"Holy moly. What kind of car is that?"

"A 2032 Fordishi GrandStar SE, four seat version. Someone'll have to squeeze between the back seats."

RStefan01 shook his head, "You had a car in that storage thing all along?"

"Yes, more than one. But you wanted one that was 'nondescript.' Nothing I carry with me fits that description. But I can put it back if you guys want to stick with that piece of junk."

Tridus shook his head, "No, its good. They seem to have known what we were in before, this switch will throw them off track a bit."

The others nodded in agreement. Gorith hopped into the drivers seat and then the others went in. Edge was squeezed between Tridus and General in the back seat. "I hate you."

Gorith smiled cheerfully, "Where to?"

Tridus leaned forward, "Well, the tape in the camera gives us extra leverage over Tatiana, but we still need scientific evidence that her pose is phony. Start heading to Florida Hidard, Shashie and I'll try and contact this Dr. Ole while we're on the road."

Hidard pushed a button and the car started. He put it in gear and then tore down the road.

"No key?" RStefan01 asked.

"Oh. It scans my fingerprint and capillary structure when I press the button."

"Where is this from?"

"2032 of course." He smirked, "well I got it in 2083 so it was a classic car then. But in short a variant earth where Ford and one of the Japanese car companies merged. Not bad, but not the best that I have. But it’s the only one with four seats. I haven't had to have a useful car in a long time, one of the perks of being retired."

"You aren't that old."

"Heh. Biologially no. I'm around 40 or something but I've lived like 100 years already or so. Time doesn’t run at the same speed in all universes, so it screws your natural aging up, travelling does." He shrugged, "rRamin and I founded the QMS and I lead it. We've both been retired for a while, but I guess when he started living here he un-retired."

"Why do you want him?"

"Long story. Not interesting to you guys. I'll tell you another time… Now who wants to hear how we got this car?"


Cora Yates, recently indoctrinated member of the Princess's group, stared angrily at the panicking technician. The man was one of the team that operated the Vulcanism Manipulation Equipment, the devices that controlled the volcanoes, and it was all she could do to keep this team under control. They kept complaining about how the machines needed constant adjustment, to keep the volcanoes active and dangerous, but not too much that it damaged any significant world resources.

Cora however had been left in charge by the Princess before she left for Texas to intercept Riptide. Something had gone wrong however. Keashop, one of the Princesses personal soldiers, was to keep an open communications link with home base at all time but not soon after arriving at their destination it went dead. Now, the Princess was far behind schedule. Cora had been told explicitly not to change anything. And in her mind, that meant the technicians could not change their settings, not until things either began pushing their limits or the princess returned.

Yates stood in the middle of Tatiana's conference room and prevented them from using their machines. There was no way she would fail her orders, even if it meant half the world drowning in lava.


The gray van rolled along the highway and SoulTaker stared out the window in a daze. He couldn't remember what state they were supposed to be in now, Oklahoma he thought, but he almost didn't care any longer. They had plotted the safest route, away from volcanoes and possible trouble, and it was working since they had encountered nothing. Both Styx and Ravage had grown tired of talking a long time ago. And the two in the front seat El Cazador and undertow never seemed to want to talk in the first place. Dinobot simply grunted when asked a question… and no one really felt like talking to him in the first place.

So to fill the silence someone put on the radio. After some music, the news came on, and that’s when it happened. The announcer basically belted out in typical reporter fashion that Mt. Rainier had suddenly erupted, with much greater force that previously and the entire surrounding area, including Redmond, had been wiped out. Ravage whose turn it was to drive, slammed on the brakes in surprise and swore. Everyone was jolted forward, and then behind their van, another car smashed into their rear and spun to the side, traffic on the highway ground to a halt.

Styx opened up the side door, "I'm going to make sure there aren't any injuries." He hopped down and walked over to the sports car.

It's driver, a gray haired man in his forties, stepped out yelling at Styx. "What the heck do you think your doing! You're damn lucky this car is safe, we could've been killed."

Styx yelled back, "It was an accident. I was going to ask if you were all right…"

SoulTaker watched as the shouting match continued, but then his focus shifted toward the red sports car. It was a funny design, one he had never seen before, then he noticed how many people were packed into the small car. Then he looked at the occupants, then he stared at the occupants. Without thinking, SoulTaker reached toward the handle to the back door and opened it up. "Don't get out, they'll see you!" undertow warned.

But SoulTaker wasn't thinking anymore, and he jumped out of the back of the van. Some one in the car shouted, "Holy… That can't be."

Tridus, in one swift motion, jumped out the car and yelled, "SoulTaker!"

"Tridus. I can't believe it's you."

Edge climbed out of the car and walked over, smiling.

The driver of the car looked over at Soltaker, "What the hell… Who are you?"

Styx blocked him with an arm, "I could ask you the same question."

"I'm with Riptide." He gestured toward Tridus and Edge.

Suddenly sirens could be heard in the distance. undertow hopped out of their van and yelled. "We'd better…" He stopped when he saw Tridus and Edge.

"Oh my…"


"I never thought we'd see you… I don't know if this was good or bad. But either way we'd better move. I have a feeling what happens next can't be good."

Everyone looked down the road, into the ruddy sky, and the flashing lights and sirens beneath it.


Changes by this storrrrrrrrrrrrry! Gorith explains more about himself. Redmond and Microsoft have been lavafied. Tatiana is missed by her team. And suddenly the Riptides have met, but are stuck in traffic :) BLAH!

Subject: (Storee) Turmoil (Storee)
Author: SM_007
Date: 2000-10-10 00:00:00

A new storyverse? I dunno. But I felt like writing this piece o' work...


[Town square.]

(A few hundred citizens have gathered around a small stage which has been erected, with smaller groups of them chanting the names of their favourite candidate. Tridus, electoral administrative officer, walks onto the state, smiling and waving as the populace responds with a warm applause. As the crowd dies down, Tridus begins to speak into the microphone.)

Tridus: It is with great pleasure and anticipation that I announce the new President of Riptide.

(Tridus quickly opens the evelope which was passed to him from a civil servant.)

Tridus: Ladies and gentlemen, with sixty six percent of the vote, I present you with MysteryMan!

(MysteryMan, flanked by his many security guards, walks onto the stage, smiling and waving to the crowd, who have erupted into a hearty applause. Overwhelmed by the moment, MysteryMan shakes Tridus' hand gives him a light hub before standing behind the microphone to give his acceptance speech. As he begins to speak, the microphone goes dead. The crowd begins to mumble among themselves as MysteryMan, puzzled, looks towards Tridus, who nervously shrugs.)

MysteryMan: Don't just sit there! Fix this damned thing!

Tridus: There's nothing wrong with the equipment. Something's causing interference from the outside!

(MysteryMan looks at the head agent.)

MysteryMan: Tell your team to keep their eye out. This could be sabotage.

SM_007: Yes, Mr. President.

(WizardSlayer struts onto the stage, smiling. As he does so, dozens of men in black sweaters and ski masks, armed with automatic rifles, make beelines through the crowd towards the stage. The crowd erupts into pandemonium, a riot instantly breaking out as people run in all directions, screaming.)

SM_007: Get the President out of here! Now!

(The agents, all at once, remove their silenced pistols and crowd around MysteryMan, forming a human shield as they escort him from the stage. Meanwhile, SM_007 begins to quickly make his way over towards WizardSlayer.)

WizardSlayer: What are you doing?

SM_007: Sir, come with me. You're in danger.

(WizardSlayer smirks.)

WizardSlayer: My, you're dim.

(Dozens of terrorists dash onto the stage, aiming their weapons at SM_007 and other remaining political figures on stage. Several of the terrorists move to stand behind WizardSlayer, who smirks.)

WizardSlayer: I'm putting this city under martial law, and placing myself in the position of Riptide President.

Politician: You can't do that! You--

(A loud crack is heard as the politician falls to the ground, clutching the back of his skull. Screams can be heard from the audience members who did not excape the carnage in time, and are now motionless under the watchful eyes of the terrorists.)

WizardSlayer: Some would disagree. There's been a conspiracy to keep me out of office. I realized this when I found out MysteryMan rigged the election.

(Chatter breaks out among the politicians on stage.)

WizardSlayer: That's right. And, since I do not know how deep this conspiracy runs, I must take matters into my own hands. My reasons are just, and I'll prove it to all of you.

(With a click, WizardSlayer turns to notice SM_007, only twenty feet away, has a pistol aimed at his head. Several terrorists surrounding SM_007 have their guns aimed directly at him.)

WizardSlayer: Don't do anything foolish.

SM_007: If they shoot, you will still die.


(Tridus, behind the stage, has accessed his laptop.)

Laptop: Hi, daddy!

(Tridus holds back a smile.)

Tridus: Sashie, daddy needs to trace an electrical disturbance. Remember how he made it so that sort of interference no longer forces you to shut down? Well, I need you to access that blocking program for a minute...

[Meanwhile, still, in a dark room somewhere.]

(The faint flow of an old television screen broadcasts the live news from RNN, covering the actions of WizardSlayer.)

(A slinky crashes to the floow, as Psycho Sam! sits up in his chair, erupting with laughter.)

Psycho Sam!: I like this guy's style...

To be continued!
Preferably be someone else!!!

Subject: (Storyverse) Turmoil Continued ... (Storyverse)
Author: Un-King WizardSlayer
Date: 2000-10-11 00:00:00

Turmoil (Continued ...)

(SM_007 and WizardSlayer are standing 20 feet away from eachother revolving around the center of the wooden stage. SM has a .45 aimed directly at WizardSlayers head. Whereas WizardSlayer is unarmed, but has two of his terrorists with automatic rifles aimed at SM_007. The rest are on the audience floor gathering what little bystanders didn't escape and moving them into an adjacent large room to be help hostage.)

WizardSlayer: Don't do anything foolish.
SM_007: If they shoot. You will still die.
WizardSlayer: Look I grow impatient, if you are going to shoot me, then shoot me! Otherwise walk into that room over there with the other hostages. I have terrorizing to do, so make up your mind and quit screwing around!

(SM_007's face grows worried, sweat gathers on his forehead. His arms start to trembel. 10 seconds pass with no response from him. WizardSlayer starts to get annoyed.)

WizardSlayer: Well?!

(SM_007's face continues to become more damp with sweat. Finally as he closes his eyes and turns his head he pulls the trigger to his gun. The bullet flys out and hits WizardSlayer in the left shoulder, WizardSlayer collapses to the stage floor clasping his wound with his right hand. SM_007 dives and rolls to the right, he shoots another bullet at one of WizardSlayers terrorists, the bullet hits the nearest terrorist in the left kneecap. SM_007 rolls to the audience floor and runs to the nearby exit on the left side of the room unscathed.)

(Meanwhile Tridus works with Sashie trying to get the buildings power back on. The room is small with royal-blue plush carpeting. Sashies monitor screen illuminates the room. The light is strongly reflected off of the plastered white walls. Tridus works with Sashie on a fold out eggshell kind of color table in the middle of the room. A phone cord streches from Sashie to a near by phone jack on the back right side of the room. Directly behind Tridus is a large metal light blue door with a small 1ft by 1ft window in the top center.)

Sashie: Daddy this is hard. I cant find the code that's shutting the power down at all.
Tridus: Well keep looking this is really importent.
Sashi: Uh-Oh I think somebody's coming ...

(Light talking can be heard in the hall outside, the hall is long with doors to similar rooms like Tridus is in ever 10 to 15 feet, looking out of Tridus' room, on the right far side of the hall is a stair way going up, on the left side is more light blue doors.)

Tridus: Oh shit, it's WizardSlayers terrorists--
Terrorists Outside (Distantly echoed): Hey, what's that light in that room over there? The powers out isn't it?
Tridus: Shit ..

(Tridus scrambles to find someplace to hide, the room is too empty to provide any cover. As he gets up from his seat, the door bursts open. Tridus' stands up, faces the terrorist and puts his hands up.)

Tridus: Don't shoot!
Terrorist: What were you doing?
Tridus: I-- umm ... I ...
Terrorist: Nevermind come with me ...

(Tridus looks down pessimistically and starts walking.)

Sashie: I found it! Daddy I found it!
Terrorist: Wha--

(Suddenly the lights in the building turn on, the powerful halogen light in the small room burst on. The two terrorists are blinded. Sense Tridus was looking down he was much less effected. The terrorists bend over rubbing their eyes.)

Terrorists: My eyes! Ahh! My eyes!

(Tridus turns around, and unhooks Sashie from the phone jack. He closes her top and hits one of the terrorists on the head with it, the terrorist falls down unconcious. Tridus runs down the hall with Sashie clutched under his right arm-pit. The other terrorist gains his eyesight back.)

Terrorist: Hey!

(The terrorist kneels down on his right knee, cocks the automatic rifle and fires, semi-automatically. He shoots the first bullet, it misses Tridus' left shin by 3 inches, it runs into the wall. The terrorist shoots again this time the bullet goes slightly to the right of Tridus' arm ... right into Sashie's disk drive. Now a gunshot is heard, a fleshy-sinking sound is heard, and the terrorist falls to the ground. As the terrorist falls a figure is unveiled, SM_007 stands with his pistol still poised, smoke lifts from it's barrel.)

(To be continued ...)

Subject: Will the turmoil ever end? (Storyverse)
Author: Psycho Sam!
Date: 2000-10-11 00:00:00

*The room was quite small, though pretty much everyone from in and around the Riptide community was stuck inside. Outside the only door to the windowless room stood several terrorists armed with large shotguns. It was quite dark in the room because the power was out, and the only window was too small for anyone to even fit their head through.*

"What's going on?" said Edge, "One minute I was walking down the street to get some coffee, the next minute I'm being hearded into this small, windowless room. I don't get it."

RStefan01- I think something bad's going down outside. WizardSlayer and the president are alone on the stage

MysteryMan- No I'm not. He locked me in here with the rest of ya.

Edge- Then what does he want?

Random Forumer- Nooo! We're all going to die! Ahh!

*As the random forumer tried to run out of the room, a strange looking person ran in. This person was wearing an open plaid shirt, and jeans. THis was not what was so strange about him. What was strange was that his face and arms seemed to be two-dimensional*

Psycho Sam- Hey! We'd better get out of here quickly before they wake up. *RStefan01 looks at Sam, puzzled*

Psycho Sam- Oh, you want to know how I got in? Well, that was PsychoBot's doing. Come on in PsychoBot.

*With that command, a rather pathetic looking box with tank treads rolled into the room. Mounted (poorly) on the front of the box was a very crude cattle prod*

PsychoBot- Beep beep boop.

Psycho Sam- That a boy PsychoBot!

Random Forumer- What the? This is just too confusing... I'm outta here.

MysteryMan- Yes. We need somewhere to set up headquarters for the time being. Does anyone know of somewhere we could go?

RStefan01- If I remember correctly, there's a McDonalds down the street that no one visits.

MysteryMan- Yes! We can use Ronalds caboose!

Psycho Sam- Umm, I think they replaced those with "ROnalds Play Place". It has tubes and stuff.

MysteryMan- Then it's settled! Lets go.

*Our heroes make their way otuside the room, only to notice that most of the doors are locked. There are lasers around, and the security guns are armed. THey begin firing, but miss as RStefan01 grabs everyone and runs back into the room*

RStefan01- Damn. How'd you get past that Sam?

Psycho Sam- Oh, if you keep very flat against the walls, they won't see you. Though I guess it's a bit easier for me, bieng two dimensional. Lousy lasers put a hole in my pants. I'll go see if I can find Tridus. Maybe he can turn off the security grid.

*Before anyone could answer, Sam was out the door, though some people swear they saw him snicker as he ran out*

To be continued...
By someone else?


Subject: And the neverending Turmoil is rewritten (Storyverse)
Author: Psycho Sam!
Date: 2000-10-18 00:00:00

Sorry about the lack of a better name.



*In the darkest room in the small complex sat a man. A strange looking man. This man wore blue jeans, a t-shirt, and an open plaid shirt over top. On his face was a rather large, yet insane grin. His eyes looked like they couldn't focus on what he was watching. This man was completely two-dimensional. His name was Sam. Psycho Sam. And he had just finished his breakfaset of Fried eggs and spam. He got out of his chair and began walking down the hallway to the main laboratory part of the complex. Once in the lab, he focused towards a computer system marked 'PAL9000', and issued a command*

Psycho Sam- Pal, how's my research going?

*In a somewhat tired, yet optomistic voice, the computer replied to Sam*

Pal9000- The research that you have requested on the person known as WizardSlayer is vastly incomplete. We have no previous records of this individual, and I cannot even begin to discover his motivation for attempting to seize control over the community.

Sam- Hmm... Any suggestions?

Pal- I beleive that more information can be gathered on this individual by closer study. Perhaps if you could find a way to get him here. Perhaps if you sent 852 after him...

Sam- Really? I wasn't aware that 852 was ready. Pal, Information on 852.

Pal- Project 852, codename 'Dinobot'. Original species: Velociraptor, obtained by cloning technologies. Current status: 87% mechanical, 13% organic. Personality systems not completely functional. Safeguards active. Project is now completely armed and ready for field duty. Awaiting instructions.

Sam- Excellent. Input orders to capture and return the one called WizardSlayer for questioning. Oh, and send 01 after him too.

Pal- This action is not reccomended. Android 01 is not completely ready yet. 65% of its memories and personality still need to be disabled. This unit may not be fully loyal to you, and may cause a security risk. Perhaps if we understood more about its workings, we could...

Sam- Just put in the memory suppressor and send him out with his orders. We can learn more about him after this mission is completed.

Pal- Unit 01 is ready for duty. Preparing to deploy units 852 and 01.

*With a beep and a large grinding noise, a door slid open and the two robots walked out into the forest, on their way towards the city.*

*Back in the main square of the city, Wizardslayer was having his shoulder bandaged, and he couldn't help but smirk at how well things were going.*


OK, I think that one's a bit better. Now, someone can write the next thing.


Subject: (Storyverse) WizardSlayer vs. the Robot Squad (Storyverse)
Author: Psycho Sam!
Date: 2000-12-13 00:00:00

*In a small room in the Riptide headquartes building sat the man who had just taken control of the city. On his shoulder, he wore a bandage on his shoulder where an agent had shot him only moments earlier. He seemed more than slightly irritated at his general, to whom he was currently shouting*

WizardSlayer- Not only did you allow 007 to escape, but now he's running around freely inside the building?

General- Yes sir.

WizardSlayer- And he has someone with access to all the buildings systems helping him?

General- Yes sir.

WizardSlayer- Well then, I suggest you do whatever is neccesary to apprehend these two people before they cause me any more trouble.

General- Sir! Yes Sir!

*The general walks out of the room, leaving WizardSlayer alone with his thoughts*


*Down the street from Riptide headquarters, in a small cafe, a young man wearing a sports jacket was telling his freinds about his latest game*

Young man- So then I kicked the guys ass!

Freind- You go Rich!

Rich- Damn straight! Now, where's my soda?

*From the kitchen came a large rumble and crash. Rich got up and ran in to see what was happening, only to be confronted by the most frightning creature he had ever seen. It stood about almost as tall as he did, and was covered in spikes. THe creature looked almost completely mechanical, but with a few organic parts. It had a rather large set of teeth and claws, and was snarling at Rich. It spoke to him in a raspy mechanical voice*

Dinobot- You will tell me where I can find the one named WizardSlayer...

Rich- I don't know what you're talking about!

Dinobot- Do not attempt to deceive me. It will only result in... discomfort...

Rich- I'm telling you... I don't know who you're talking about!

*Annoyed, the creature slashed ar Rich, gauging deep into his left arm. Before the creature had a chance to strike him again, he ducked and ran out of the restaurant. Screams could be heard from within the cafe, but Rich was too frightened to notice. He was so frightened, in fact, that he didn't notice that the building he was running into was occupied by terrorist troops*


*In an upstairs room in the Riptide building, sat Tridus. He was working on his laptop, while agent SM_007 watched the door. Tridus was trying to figure out a way to neutralize the terrorists who were occupying the building. He had just hit a breaktrough when a robot crashed through the wall and grapped him by the throat*

Robot- You will instruct me as to the location of the one called WizardSlayer.

*SM_007 quickly turned around and aimed his gun at the robots head*

SM_007- Who are you?

Robot- I am unit 01. I am looking for the one called WizardSlayer. You will ask me no further questions.

Tridus- He's downstairs.

SM_007*to Tridus*- What are you doing?

Tridus- If he's after WizardSlayer, who are we to stop him?

SM_007- But still...

*Before SM_007 could finish his thought, the robot walked through the door and down the hall. He dissapeared around a corner, and was out of their sight*

Tridus- Well, this should make things a bit more interesting.

*Downstairs, in WizardSlayers makeshift office, a bit of a commotion was going on. The general was informing WizardSlayer that the cameras had picked up what looks like a large humanioid robot quickly making its way towards them. They had managed to access the buildings controls and had erected a barricade around the room, but it was only a matter of time before the robot made its way in*

General- The soldiers are doing the best they can to fend it off, but it's going to get in. I suggest we evacuate the building as quickly as possible.

WizardSlayer- Evacuate the building? In my hour of triumph? Never. You'll just have to figure out a way to keep...

*The wall caved in on everyone. WizardSlayer blacked out*

*In a large, dimly lit, sterile looking room, WizardSlayer lie tied to a table. A computer along one wall was displaying data on him.*

WizardSlayer- Where... am I?

Computer- You are in the custody of Psycho Sam now. Please sit still so I can finish my scan.

*A door opened at one end of the room, and in walked the stickman, Psycho Sam. He approached WizardSlayer with a large grin. In his hand, he held what seemed to be a needle of some sort*

Psycho Sam- Well WizardSlayer... It looks as if you will be more valuable to me than I thought. Heh heh. Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

To be continued...

Subject: (Continued Storyverse ...) Disco fever! (Storyverse)
Author: Un-King WizardSlayer
Date: 2000-12-14 00:00:00

WizardSlayer: What do you want with me you stick-like ... thingy?
Psycho Sam!: Isn't it obvious?
WizardSlayer: I hope not, otherwise I'm pretty damn stupid to not notice it.
Psycho Sam!: Well your lucky, it's not.
WizardSlayer: Well, what do you want with me?
Psycho Sam!: Your how I'm going to get back at the butter factory!
WizardSlayer: ... the ... butter factory. Rrriiight.

*Sam! points a syringe at WizardSlayer*

Psycho Sam!: Don't push me boy!

*Sam! squirts liquid at WizardSlayer, it splashes on his lips, WizardSlayer tastes it*

WizardSlayer: ... chicken broth?
Psycho Sam!: It's all part of my plan you see? But that'll all clear up later, it's now time to ... disco dance!

*A disco ball falls through a ceiling tile and the lights dim. WizardSlayer looks around to see 3 terrorists, 01, Dinobot, and PsychoSam! all disco dancing to Disco Duck.*

WizardSlayer: ... what the--
PsychoSam!: Come on Wizard! Join us!
WizardSlayer: Nooooooo!!!

*WizardSlayer wakes up under a large concrete block, a terrorist paramedic is looking at him.*

Medic: Sir? Sir? Are you alright?
WizardSlayer: Yeah, I'm fine ... what happened?
Medic: A robot known as 01 knocked down the room wall. Some of our troops fended him off. Tell me sir, are you feeling pain anywhere?

*WizardSlayer femur is poking out of the top of his leg*

WizardSlayer: Nope, I feel like a room full of grapefruit, you moron! I'd slap you but there's a cynderblock pinning my arm down!
Medic: Sorry, sir, standard medical procedure.
WizardSlayer: Hey! Where'd that come from?!

*WizardSlayer points (to the best of his ability) with his free hand to the left of the paramedic.*

Medic: Where did what come from?
WizardSlayer: That drag-racer behind you?
Medic: Umm ... I don't see a drag-racer anywhere sir?
WizardSlayer: Oh ... well ... I'm tired, good--

*WizardSlayers head falls on the cynderblock below his head ... it makes a loud clunking sound. The Medic looks around WizardSlayer to find that the valve at the top of a tank of anestetic that he was carrying fell and was leaking through a puncture hole ...*

Medic: Well, I'll be damned!

* ... and he then falls and passes out as well.*

*WizardSlayer returns to the disco floor, he's obviously been released from the table, and was now in the middle of a terrible disco song. He was wearing a purple v-neck shirt with a large gold pendent, a white suit ... you know a disco get-up ... good god! And an afro!*

WizardSlayer: NOOOOOO!!!

*He started to disco dance ... good god, and he was doing it good!*

WizardSlayer: Hey, this is kinda fun.

*PsychoSam! approached him.*

PsychoSam!: Hey, your kinda good at this ... it's too bad you must die now!

*Sam! pulled out a giant midevial sword from the back of his Zoot Suit*

WizardSlayer: If you strike me down, I'll become more powerful of a disco

[Insert random dream violence here]

*Meanwhile as WizardSlayer slipped randomly in and out of conciousness, terrorists patrolled the building for ... whatever. They didn't know what WizardSlayer just told them too. His followers tended to belive that he just liked saying "Go patrol," as a self-esteem booster. They weren't far off. Two terrorists began walking up a metal staircase in the buildings upper levels. This staircase led to the floor that the room Tridus and SM_007 were hiding in. They were sitting in the room doing pretty much just waiting for something to happen. Tridus was hard working at Sashie, and SM_007 was playing solitare with a deck of worn out girly cards he found stuffed in a desk drawer that was in the room. SM seemed more into the cards then was into the game. He drew another card from the deck, then another ... then another ... followed by ... another card drawn from the deck. He passed at least two aces.*

SM_007: Helloooo Mrs. Ace of Hearts!
Sashie: Your a perv SM!
Tridus: Will you stop that? That's the 5th time you've passed that card .. In one game!
SM_007: I'm just not very good at solitare.
Tridus: I've seen you win three times on the computer before!
SM_007: You know there are differences between the computer world and the real world Tri!
Tridus: Yeah but--

*SM_007 silenced him, a metallic clanking sound could be heard in the distance, an what seemed to be muffled talking. One could be heard saying something in the distance.*

Terrorist: Anybody down here?
Sashie: Oh no daddy!
Tridus: Shh. Daddy needs you to be quiet? Okay?
Sashie: Okay daddy.
Terrorist #1 (To Terrorist #2): Did you hear something?
Terrorist #2: I dunno.
Terrorist #1: I think I heard something down this hall.