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Riptide Storyverse Characters

Note: This list is cached from 1,345 hours ago.

Character Name: Agent(s)
Owner: SM_007

Agents are all identical clones, and there were hundreds of them working for Albatross' evil syndicate. They essentially looked like demonic goverment representatives: They wore black suits, black shades, had slicked, black hair, et cetera. They had normal PP7 pistols, though they mostly relied on their ultra-heightened powers; unnaturally fast reflexes (leading them to be able to dodge bullets), strength, quickness and overall self-awareness. To quote Cypher from The Matrix: "When you see an agent, you do what we do: you run." Agents speak in a slow, monotone voice, and usually prefer not to speak at all (or at least, speak in short sentences) unless something really needs to be said. When two agents are around each other, they have a knack for finishing each others' sentences.
The ultra-deadly agents are mostly gone now, thanks to the United Federation of Planets travelling back in time to stop the criminal organization. Evahl itself is a Force-like power, and those who have it usually see time "slow down" in combat, allowing them to calculate exact responses to almost any action coming their way, leading to those with evahl strengths being nearly invulnerable.

Character Name: Albatross
Owner: SM_007

Wore a black suit, like his agents, only he had grey hair due to old age. Smokes a lot of cigars, and subsequently, coughs a lot (he was dying of what was thought to be lung cancer). Despite being the creator of evahl, he has never used evahl powers himself, though he had used his knowledge of the future to manipulate it to his will. Has, for his protection, an old, western-style revolver, though his agents are all he usually used for his protection, as he was never seen without them.
Created SM_007 and the ultra-powerful agents, and came back in time to use Tridus and his daughter Sashie to gain knowledge of how he could save himself by implanting his mind into an ageless CPU processor. His organization was eventually brought down by the United Federation of Planets, and he himself met his demise when he inhaled toxic gas from the USS Riptide's warp core (there's poetic justice, there, people) in a battle with Tridus, SM_007 and Sashie herself.

Character Name: B3
Owner: SoulTaker

B3 is a sentinent robot created by Psycho_Sam in the void. Its goal is to conquer the world and turn humanity into blue frogs with wheels.

Its robotic, mettalic grey body is approximately 50cm tall. A small device in the bottom of its body enables B3 to hover. Also has two arms and a square head. Likes to wear blue wizard hats, as a symbol of its powerful psionic powers.
B3 is one of Psycho_Sam's earlier experiments at creating sentinent robots. Unfortunately, B3 became incredibly insane, possibly even more than its creator, Psycho_Sam. Has tons of sick world domination plans. B3 has also created its own personal mini-army, by controlling black cloaks with its psychic powers. It enjoys killing people in ways most people would call "very disturbing".

Character Name: Chuck
Owner: Tridus

The Pizza Guy. Chuck works for a Pizza Pizza in Montreal, Quebec. Somehow, he always manages to get the pizza to Tridus in 30 minutes. He's very outgoing and fun.

Chuck is usually seen wearing a Pizza Pizza delivery uniform, that being a white with blue pinstripe shirt, an orange baseball cap, and orange pants (sometimes). He has short curly red hair, a goatee, a diamond stud earring in his left ear, and rumor claims he rings in several other places that most people never ask about.
Chuck and Tridus both know just how the pizza's get delivered so quickly, but they don’t talk about it. Chuck would never bring it up when delivering to Tridus, as its just assumed. He doesn't do deliveries to other people that couldn't concievably be made within the 30 minute time limit using conventional travel, he only makes long distance trips for Tridus' orders (partially because Tridus is an awesome tipper).

If you use this Character, just don't try to explain how he gets where he does, one day I will do that myself. (I do know how, its just never come up)

Character Name: Crazy Lou
Owner: Psycho Sam!

Appearance: Like Psycho Sam!, Crazy Lou is a stick figure. He has two beady, vacant eyes and a very very large grin. He has two hairs which stick out of the top of his head and are slanted slightly backwards.

Personality: Crazy Lou is somewhat passive. He rarely has any sort of opinion about anything, and when he does, it is usually Psycho Sam!'s opinion. He usually does whatever Sam tells him to do, unless he thinks it is wrong(which he rarely does).

Home: Lou lives in the laboratory with Psycho Sam!, however his room is much smaller than Sam's.

Weapons: Lou does not have any weapons. He is too passive to use them.

Other: Lou works in Psycho Sam!'s laboratory as his head of tech support.

Character Name: Cynthia
Owner: Tridus

Cynthia is Sashie's imaginary friend, conjured up by Sashie's imagination while she was living at the research facility. When she was placed into the computer to save her life, Cynthia came with her, and Sashie almost subconsciously created an AI for Cynthia.

Cynthia sounds a lot like Sashie, except she has a heavier french accent. Cynthia is also not really conscious like Sashie is, Cynthia is just an AI, for now...

Currently, Cynthia is being setup as the main computer interface system to the USS Riptide's computers, as she is far more user friendly then the old Klingon computer system.
In terms of interfacing with the computer, Cynthia is actually public domain, as she will soon be the only real computer interface.

In terms of actualy talking with her and trying to develop her, you'll find her less then responsive to anybody other then Sashie or Tridus, although she will be friendly and act as a perfectly good little girl (computer) for everybody else.

The other thing to remember is that Cynthia is *NOT* sentient. Cynthia is a computer program right now. That may change one day, but right now she is just an elaborate AI.

Character Name: Fabuloso McWilly
Owner: Psycho Sam!

Fabuloso McWilly is a 700lb black man with a large afro, a pair of sunglasses and very jagged teeth. He has a goatee, and is 5'0''. For an image of what he looks like go to Psycho Sam!'s Staff page, where you will ifnd a picture of him. He wears a suit, has gold shoes, and wears a single gold glove, with silver studs.
Fabuloso McWilly died in the explosion of Riptide HeadQuarters, and his corpse has been carted around by Psycho Sam! ever since. Psycho Sam! expects to somehow revive Fabuloso.

Normally, when he's alive, Fabuloso is like Sam's hired goon. He does all the work Sam doesn't want to, or can't do.

Character Name: Ikik
Owner: The Lord DebtAngel

A small ferret, white with black highlights. Owned by the Lord DebtAngel.
Primarily used for comic relief. Has an attention span of 3 seconds. Very easily distracted. Says OOOH! a lot. Also faints when overly stimulated (ferret shock). *Poing*s excessively.

Do NOT kill the ferret! Killing blows are to narrowly miss, and are to be immediately followed by a playbite. Even the super fast bad guys are slower than the ferret.

Do not use in a serious plotline, except in scenes meant to break the tension in a big way.

Character Name: Kwerkeu
Owner: kwerkey

Losing control of his mind didn't just allow kwerkey access to various psychic powers. It also unleashed the darker side of his mind into its own entity. Being pure darkness, Kwerkeu had access to the powers of evil, namely fire and evahl energy. While attacking WizardSlayer partly from boredom and partly because he had called his mother a lowly Daemon, Kwerkeu tripped and fell into a Pit of Doom™ (you know how those things are), so his essence left and tried to take over the closest mind to it, which happened to be kwerkey.

The two minds wrestled hellbent on control of kwerkey's body for days on end until rRaminrodt brought a machine from Dimension 6 to the Riptide HQ that put a mental cage around the evil incarnation. The one drawback, however, is that kwerkey's state of mind determines its strength; if kwerkey is strong, so is the cage, but if kwerkey's mind is weakened from hunger, pain, or arguing with newbies, Kwerkeu may escape the cage and control kwerkey's body until kwerkey can collect his thoughts. Kwerkeu may be, as CWAL would say, an LPD (Lame Plot Device), but kwerkey will not allow Kwerkeu control unless there are no other alternatives due to its lack of kindness; it will attack a Riptidian just as soon as a War Roomer.
Kwerkeu most often gains control of kwerkey's body after kwerkey has released an insanity bomb but before he awakens, which is why he prefers not to use it.

Character Name: kwerkey
Owner: kwerkey

In his youth kwerkey lead a normal life, after high school he joined the local police force for a year until he got in a firefight and was shot, while the gunshot was not life threatening he hit his head hard when he fell down. When he regained consciousness he discovered that he had the ability to read his nurses minds, in fact he could read anyone's mind as long as they didn't know of his ability, but as soon as they knew he could no longer use his power.

By concentration and meditation he has developed his power to a point where he can partially read the mind of people who know about his ability. He can inflict pain in the minds of anyone and in extreme duress can create a psychic shockwave around his body that drives living things insane, damages electronic circuits and knocks himself unconscious.

With this ability to help him kwerkey became a private detective. While he was successful for quite a while something bad happened on a case once, and he began to drink. After a year or so of this he heard of the Sigma Project and traveled to Riptide. He slowly recovered from his alcoholism and rebuilt his life as a model riptide citizen.

kwerky looks like any good movie detective looks like. Trench coat, fedora, a rather grizzled face and the rest; he's a pretty good guy, but doesn't like to admit it. As he likes to say, "Yeah. My heart's in the right place… My chest."

kwerky was currently elected president of riptide. The character is under rRaminrodts control in the DB but that will change as soon as kwerkey asks him to.

Character Name: Kylin Rufaze-Talmussan (aka: Tridus)
Owner: Tridus

Kylin Talmussan grew up in Quebec, and was an acclaimed computer inventor and general geek until being asked to work on a secret Government of Canada project. While working on the project, he met Sarah Rufaze, another scientist. Before long, they were married and had a child, Sashenka. After that, the base was attacked, Sarah was killed, Sashenka was nearly killed, and Kylin barely escaped alive. (for a far more detailed explanation of the attack, try this story.

After that, Kylin turned into a recluse. He took Sashie (now in laptop form) and fled the world, hiding out in a cottage in Northern Quebec, away from everything but the Internet. Until recently, he was content to stay there.

Last year, he met a group online known as Sidewinder while frequenting an area known as The War Room. He later joined this group as a community member under the nickname Tridus, and then a member of the group itself, before its destruction at the hands of its many enemies.

He left with the other surviving members of the group to form Riptide instead, and has since had a lot of adventures. He almost never talks about his past with anyone, making one notable exception with SM_007, who he views as a close friend despite their large age difference. Recent events may have changed this friendship, only time will tell.

Tridus is about 5'10" tall with very long and usually tangled black hair that is usualy tucked behind a large forest green cloak that he is always wearing. He has large green eyes that on a bad day have been known to give off a "glare of death". He has very little ability to fight hand to hand or use firearms, instead opting to use his relative ambidexterity to fight with a pair of orantely designed short-swords (usually conjured up by Sashie, although he used to have two real ones that were destroyed by The Searcher). Otherwise, his primary defense involves what appears to some as a form of magic with his laptop Sashie, some increadible ingenuity and creativity when it comes to creating inventions and ideas, and an uncanny ability to do nearly anything with a computer. He is also a fairly good technician.
Tridus *never* talks about his past. If your going to use him, he mays well not have a past unless someone else brings it up and shows a large amount of knowledge about it. The only exception is SM_007, and even that isn't very common.

Tridus is a sucker for people he percieves as kids. He has a hard time refusing doing things for them, especially helping them out in harmless games and buying them little presents. He's also a very lenient parent, something which upset Sarah to no end. Sometimes he takes people who are by all rights adults and views them as kids in his own eyes because of how much older he is compaired to them, usually without his own realizing he's doing it.

He also has severe trouble sleeping in recent nights, and has been known to go for several days on end with an average of one and a half hours of sleep a night. The sleep problem may clear up as he gets over having the past dredged up again by Albatross and his Agents, and it may not...

He also never uses his real name, opting to go by Tridus. The only people he uses his real name with are friends who knew him before he adopted the name Tridus last year, none of which are around the Riptide community or surrounding area.

Character Name: Mas
Owner: rRaminrodt

Once known as Psycho_!Mas, he was originally the so called 'evil' twin of Psycho_Sam! Since Sam is not the most normal person in the world, Mas was really just an average guy, in a stick figure body.

He traveled with rRaminrodt to help Riptide discover the mystery of the Searcher. In the final battle with the Hgoerl, the 'core' of the evil force called the Arc. Mas swapped places with the Hgoerl and banished it from a large portion of Reality. Now Mas was joined with the Arc, and it became a force for good, wishing to undo what it had done to a large number of realities.

Mas and the Arc are pretty much the same thing now. While extremely limited at the moment, Mas hopes one day to lend the power of the Arc to other good entities, as a 'force' like power. In the meantime the Arc is in a fairly hard to reach branch of Reality.

Character Name: MechaSam!
Owner: The Lord DebtAngel

Gunmetal grey, 3' tall, 800 lbs. Runs on 32 Crusoes with 128 MB of 4 MB 30 pin SIMM RAM. Runs Obfuscated Linux badly. Has the temperment of a small dog. A yappy one. Rarely fully functional.
Go ahead. Beat it up. Smasm it. Bust it up. Send it to die at the hands of the Super Bad Guy. Just leave enough of him left over for the Lord DebtAngel to rebuild :).

Character Name: Mike
Owner: rRaminrodt

The elderly clerk of an electronics shop in downtown Riptide. Oddly enough he always seems to have the parts you need if you need them badly enough.

Character Name: MysteryMan
Owner: Reed

You know, I really don't know anything about him anymore...I don't even know where he is, or if he's alive...

Character Name: Princess Tatiana
Owner: Tridus

Just where this woman came from, how she got her technology, and exactly what she wants is a mystery to this day. Tatiana suddenly appeared one day with some sightings by Riptide members, but nobody thought anything of it.

Then came the bomb threat.

After that, Riptide has been taking her *very* seriously, although they don't know what to do besides be on guard.

Their guard however, wasn't enough to prevent her from starting another game which lead to the death of SM_007.

Tatiana can best be described as easily bored. She is a scientist of some kind, although nobody knows exactly what she is researching (some suspect its just Riptide itself, while others believe its human behaviour and reactions). She gets great entertainment out of creating problems and challenges for people and watching them try to work their way out of them.

So far as looks go, she has a fairly slim and tall figure, long flaming red hair that she spends hours combing in her favorite mirror, baby blue eyes, and an impish grin that flashes to life whenever she is having fun manipulating people.

With the destruction of her space station, she is currently stationed in northern Syberia in a secret base with her mostly Russian crew.

Of course, right now she is posing as Sarah Rufaze-Talmussan as part of her games, and as a means of getting revenge on those she deems responsible for the loss of her space station.
For any story not written from Tatiana's viewpoint, she is Sarah Rufaze-Talmussan (aka Tridus' wife and Sashie's mom), and will act accordingly. She is extremely intelligent, cunning, and manipulative, with an extensive background in Riptide history as well as the personal backgrounds of most of the Riptide Staff, however she would only publically show knowledge to the Riptiders that Sarah may know. Of course, since Tridus will be telling her everything (he's been totally fooled by the disguise, and Sashie has as well), you can expect her to know most of if not virtually everything about Riptide.

If forced to defend herself, Tatiana's preferred method of fighting is with Martial Arts, which she is extremely proficient with. While she is disguised as Sarah, don't expect her to use them except in matters of life and death (her own death mind you, not anybody elses).

Tatiana rarely sees other peope as people, instead seeing them as either tools (her crew) or subjects of her scientific research (the Riptiders).

If you want to write something with her, you should read up on the information of Sarah. If you want to write something from her viewpoint, best bet would be to do a search for stories by Tridus which have her in them somewhere (search for Storyverse Stories with Tridus in the username and Tatiana somewhere in the body), as they all give insights to her mind. (I'd recommend Shadows of the Past especially)

Character Name: Psycho Sam!
Owner: Psycho Sam!

Description: Psycho Sam! is a stick figure.He has a very large smile which makes him look somewhat insane (Actually, very insane), and two big eyes which never seem to look in the same direction. He has three hairs coming out of three locations on his head making a total of nin hairs.

Psycho Sam! wears a plaid shirt (either red, blue, or green), a t-shirt (usually black), some blue jeans, and a pair of beatup black running shoes.

Weapons: Psycho Sam!'s primary weapon is a chainsaw, but he also uses a double barreled sawed off shotgun.

Powers: If Psycho Sam! looses a limb, is decapitated, or is completely chopped up into little bits, because he is a stick figure he can redraw himself. In a case where he is completely destroyed, he can take over any drawings close to where he was destroyed.

Personality: He is somewhat odd, and very eccentric. He never really seems keep his mind on something for very long before he goes off and does something else that catches his attention. The person he hates most is BandWidth, because he got to be president instead of Sam. Sam has had BandWidth kidnapped, and tried to kill him during that time.

Home: Psycho Sam! has a laboratory in the swamp next to Riptide Headquarters. The laboratory's main computer, Pal9000, hate's Psycho Sam!.

Character Name: Ravage! & Basin
Owner: rRaminrodt

Friends of BandWidth who were killed in the bomb blast that destroyed the Riptide Offices.

Ravage! was a tall thin Mad Max type who had guns and other small arms weapons strapped all over every square inch of his person. Mildly insane and quite devious.

Basin was a shorter person, who wore an odd suit of medieval style armor made of porcelain, which he constantly drew on with crayon. He spoke a bizarre form of german, with very bad grammar. Completely insane, but very observant, he almost defeated the Agents and their bomb plant, but was fouled up by the language barrier.

Killed off partly due to overabundance of characters, partly due to their banning and being unable to participate in the storyverse. They are currently unbanned and have made comments about "returning".

Character Name: Rolando
Owner: rRaminrodt

Rolando is basically the anti-rRaminrodt. Not much is known about the history of this person other than the fact he tried to claim the Riptide "R" as his own symbol and use it to take over the area. When rRaminrodt figured out the puzzle of the "R" (and won himself a gift certificate to the Riptide Mall) Rolando flipped out and went into hiding.
He usually sporadically and randomly attacks Riptiders with bizarre, high-tech devices. Ie. 'the inside out gun'. He hates Riptide with a passion. There are also rumors of a connection between him and Psycho_Sam!

Rolando is primarily a plot device for me to use at random times. Pretty much to shove other characters into bizarre situations, or as a Deus ex Machina.

Character Name: rRaminrodt
Owner: rRaminrodt

rRaminrodt is an ancient entity at the center of bio-mag-tech spheroid made of cable-like "tentacles". His current incarnation is one with an Imperial General. rRaminrodt's human body can 'unravel' into the tubers that make up the sphere or can completely unravel into the spheroid itself, although the human form is the most natural during an incarnation. When threatened he most often unravels his limbs to use as melee weapons as they are highly durable and much stronger than a normal human body, occasionaly he will also use a spell or two if he can remember it.
rRaminrodt favors order over chaos and he has been known to take whatever means necessary to accomplish a goal, and has gone over the line before. Most of the time though he is very thoughtful and careful about his actions. Due to his long experience (over a couple hundred years) with the QMS rRaminrodt knows a smattering of everything. This makes him a true jack-of-all-trades, but his favorite subjects are Quantum Reality Theory, general physics, and building stuff. Thanks to his newest incarnation he is now a tactician and trained military officer also.
His full name is actually rRaminrodt n’Ad Zharid, the last name signifying the current incarnation.

As revealed in the Searcher-Saga rRaminrodt was once VERY powerful, but lost much of his ability as a penalty for reincarnating into the same person more than once. Before, he actually considered himself on vacation in the Riptide reality, but recent events have shook him out of his reverie. He plans on being a much more active member in the Riptide community from now on. Recently rRaminrodt died and was reincarnated into one of the generals leading the forces of MysteryMan.

Character Name: Sarah Rufaze-Talmussan
Owner: Tridus

A research scientist of exceptional talent, Sarah made her greatest achievements in the field of high technology before accepting a secret job for the Government of Canada in the Northwest Territories in an attempt to use technology to win the arms race with the Communist Nations of the world.

While there, she met Kylin Talmussan who was working on the same project. Although at first they fought constantly, that quickly changed and within a year they were married. Within a year after that, they had their only child together, Sashenka Talmussan.

When the research facility was attacked by Albatross' agents, Sashenka witnessed what she believed to be Sarah's death. Since Tridus later destroyed the facility to stop the attackers from getting away with the technology, its highly unlikely that Sarah survived the encounter.

Sarah was a tall woman with a slim figure, long straight dark hair which was usually in elaborate brades, large dark eyes, and tended to wear plain clothes with a scientists white robe over top. She was an exceptional scientist and without a doubt one of the best, if not the best, in the facility. She was extremely dedicated to her work and tended to get obsessed with it from time to time. When annoyed, she tended to respond with verbal barbs and intellectual wars more then physical violence.
(note: the below information is all still correct for the actual Sarah. Right now Tatiana is posing as Sarah, so this information describes how Tatiana would be acting while in the role of Sarah)

Sarah is probably dead. If she is alive, a good reason would be needed for why she hasn't tried to contact Tridus in the last three years. Best bet is simply to ask me before using her at all, although talking about her in a story is cool. Tridus rarely talks about her, so its highly unlikely anybody in Riptide knows who she is, unless of course they have been doing external research on the subject. (that would also be hard to do, since Tridus is basically the only person alive who knows anything about it now, and he isn't about to tell anybody much... except for what he told SM_007 in The Legacy of Science).

Character Name: Sashenka Rufaze-Talmussan (aka: Sashie)
Owner: Tridus

Sashenka (or Sashie as everybody calls her) is a six year old girl whose consciousness was taken out of her dying body and placed inside a specially designed laptop computer. She now residedes in the computer without really aging, only slowly becoming aware of the events that caused her to be placed there (previously Tridus had blocked the memories out).

Sashie has the unique ability to alter reality around herself. She can do such things as create inanimate objects, forcefields, digitially encode and transmit people and other objects across the Internet to another location (aka Teleporting, or "Netwalking" as Tridus calls it), and several other abilities.

The laptop itself Sashie is encased inside is black with a large flat panel display, is well polished, and is never kept far from Tridus' sight. Several connectors are on the back to plug in external devices, and the system has interchangable devices like batteries and dvd-roms. As for the hardware itself, no real manifest exists, as Tridus is constantly upgrading/changing things.

She has the same voice she used to as a living girl three years ago, but now it comes through the digital speakers on the system. Her personality also hasn't changed much from her usual sunny disposition (she doesn't age really).

No description of her as a living girl are known. Tridus is the only known person who knows what she looked like back then, and he doesn't talk about it. He also either doesn't have any pictures, or has them hidden.
Sashie is fairly easy to use, just remember your dealing with a little girl who can alter reality who is kind at heart. She will defend people, and will attack bad guys to defend her friends/family. She doesn't like doing things with many other people however, and sometimes will simply just stop responding to some people unless Tridus is around.

There are numerous examples of what Sashie can do, but if in doubt, just ask me if she can or can't do something. (the biggest limitation is that she can't create living objects, like people)

Character Name: SM_007
Owner: SM_007

Never knowing his true age, SM_007 was close to 25 years old when he died. He wore a black, sharp tuxedo and had black, short, spikey hair. At one time, SM_007 was a master of evahl, but he was robbed of his powers. When he felt the evahl slowly returning to him, it quickly consumed him, and haunted him up until he took his own life. Was also known for carrying his trusty silenced PP7 pistol into battle. Loved a good martini, too; shaken, not stirred. Was generally respected, and was a calm and calculating person. SM_007 always considered himself honourable.
SM_007 was originally the founding father of Riptide, and was a figurehead for a long time, but he did lose his influence over the group when he turned on them to help his old mentor, Albatross (who had actually "created" SM_007), back when evahl was still consuming his soul. Before dying, SM_007 redeemed himself and his sacrifice is now spoken of in the highest regard. Was especially good friends with Tridus, whose life he saved before the USS Riptide, the ship SM_007 was on, crashed into a space station on a suicide course in an attempt to destroy Princess Tatiana (who survived the encounter).

Character Name: Soldier
Owner: rRaminrodt

These faceless troops currently serve their leader the recently returned MysteryMan. They wear an advanced dark brown and black body armor as a uniform and carry a powerful beam rifle and a blast pistol. Aside from these weapons soldiers are quite profiecient in the martial arts.

They do not have much of a personality as an individual and usuall live just to carry out thier orders. They really have the personality of a perfect soldier.
-This is pending some changes once I figure out what im doing. ;)-

Character Name: SoulTaker
Owner: SoulTaker

SoulTaker is an undead skeleton, always wearing a dusty, black cloak. His face is a combination of a skeleton face and Tridus' face, the consequence of being forced to transfer one of The Searchers souls to himself. He posesses powerful necromantic powers (as demonstrated in this story), but does not like to use them. Despite his harsh, somewhat evil look, he's very friendly, honorable and responsible.
After posessing one of The Searchers souls, SoulTaker locked himself up at RStefan01.coms farm, trying to claim control of the new soul. Later, he was seen shortly at the Riptide headquarters, helping Tridus after he was wounded by an agent (in this story). He was not seen after that, since he wants be absolutely sure that the new soul won't affect his actions, due to the fact that the future Tridus soul could pose a threat to Riptide. He'll be returning to Riptide as soon as he's sure that he has control of both souls.

Character Name: Sudirt (aka: Dark Lord Tridus)
Owner: Tridus

Sudirt is one of Orazath's most trusted agents. As an exact lookalike for Tridus, his job was to come to Riptide and replace Tridus, then in general stir up chaos.

His handiwork is very apparent to anyone around at the time, the mere mention of the name of "The most reveared Dark Lord Tridus" brought many people cowering to their knees. The members of Riptide were less daunted by the force of his evil, but they still had a hard time dealing with him. Eveuntally he was defeated and put on trial by then President MysteryMan.

While on trial, he managed to get ahold of Sashie and nearly destroyed her in an escape attempt. He was killed by SM_007 in this story.
When he was alive, Sudirt was Tridus. Everyone, including Tridus' own daughter, believed he was Tridus. People who haven't heard that Sudirt was killed may still believe that the infamous "Dark Lord Tridus" and just regular Tridus are indeed the same person.

Of course, short of somehow being resurrected, Sudirt is dead. With Orazath and Albatross also dead, this seems pretty unlikely, however an external source with the power to resurrect people may at some point want an agent who can pass so easily for a member of Riptide.

Sudirt does *not* posess many of Tridus' memories, although he does know of the details of what happened as a member of the same organization that committed the attack which killed Tridus' wife (or so Albatross would have us believe). At any rate, he knows enough truth about Tridus' past to be able to pass as Tridus with anybody except someone who has heard Tridus himself give intimate details about the story (and thats very rare), or who was there themself or somehow involved enough to know the details.

Character Name: Terrorists
Owner: Un-King WizardSlayer

Terrorists controlled by WizardSlayer to enforce his martial law and to help him gain the Riptide presidency.

Character Name: The Lord DebtAngel
Owner: The Lord DebtAngel

6'4", White, brown hair, medium build, wearing a light brown trenchcoat.
Seen going to the grocery store with his pet ferret and robotic Sam!. Not considered armed or dangerous, but approach with caution nonetheless.

Crimestoppers: We give cash for you turning in your friends and loved ones. Call 222-TIPS.

Not currently involved in any major stryverse plotlines, due to complications such as a full time day job that actually requires work.

Character Name: The Searcher (Future Tridus)
Owner: rRaminrodt

One day without warning, an entity appeared in Riptide. Wielding a large amount of power and seemingly bent on some mysterious goal. He forced SoulTaker to unleash the soul of a Hybrid within him and commanded RStefan01. Later, it was discovered that the Searcher was on a mission to destroy the Arc, a powerful evil force that was swallowing entire universes.
At the culmination of the Searchers quest, in a rainy field in Idaho, he finally purged himself of the pain of thousands of years of life and defeated the Arc, with the help of Mas and rRaminrodt, the creator of the Arc.
After this was done, the future Tridus vowed to return to his timeline and rebuild. He asked rRaminrodt to tell Shasie that he still loved her, and disappeared.
He was, and still is, a master of the Twisting Nether. (See WC II)

Right now he's in the future again, alive, and recovering from being the Searcher. I don't particularly think he'd like to be bothered. His history is still somewhat shrouded in mystery, especially how much of his future is part of this realities future…

Character Name: WizardSlayer
Owner: Un-King WizardSlayer

A young, white, middle 20's aged man, with dark sunglasses, a triangle shaped gotee, and bleached spiked hair. He usually wears a dark black shirt, a black trench-coat, and black pants.
Oh ... and he's evil and has currently taken over the Riptide building with his Terrorists.