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Paying Customers?

This is actually simply the list of friends who link back to me. If they link to me, then I'll link to them. Thats pretty fair, right? Think of it as an affiliate type program.

So why is it called Paying Customers you ask? This is a *GOON* theme after all. Why not advertise those who have used our services in the past?

Yes, I know that GoonLink™ already has a friends category. Well that is actually simply anybody who I feel like adding that I also consider a friend. People on this list are just a bit more important then people on that list (especially since GoonLink™ actually gets used primarily by me as a way of storing links that I wish I had on the road).

If you're linking to Hired Goons, then you can become a paying customer too. Just send me an email letting me know.

Oh yeah... and if you want to link to me, here is a button you can use. Hired Goons Link Button