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All about my Computers!

Yep, I have enough computers that they get their own page! This will be broken up into two categories: computers I own, and computers that I don't own but am involved with in some way.

Maybe at some point I'll explain where the names come from.

Computers I own

Arianna - built in the summer of 2001

Sashenka - bought sometime in the summer of 1998

Jadzia - bought sometime in 1992-1993 (this is a bit fuzzy, but DebtAngel figures it was 1993. So I'm going to go with that)

Other Computers

I didn't own these machines. (technically I didn't own Jadzia either, but shut up) These are machines that I administered for other people, and in some cases built myself.

Seiya - July 2003

Dalifi - built in 1998

Pikachu - built in fall 1999

Elayne - I forget when

Janona - 2000

Luci - 1998?