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I will bring you hope, old friend, and I ask only one thing in return. Don't get in my way.
- Magneto (X-Men the movie)
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So what the hell is Hired Goons anyway?

Good Question! The first answer is of course from The Simpsons. Hired Goons is an agency of... well, goons. Mr Burns hires them out in one episode to bring Homer (the Union leader at the time) in for a meeting. This page has the dialog in it, just scroll about halfway down.

But how does that translate into reality? Well, it doesn't. I wanted to own a domain name so I would have more control over my email, and have it be portable. I hate changing addresses when I change ISPs. Truth be told, I have never had to do that before. (a history of "Tridus on the Internet" is something for another page. Sufficed to say I was online with Inforamp in 1993, and am still using tridus@inforamp.net despite not dialing into them since I moved from Ontario in 2001. Paying $10/month to maintain an address like that was pretty silly, so I decided to change.)

But I didn't want to change to just anything. No, I wanted to change once, *ever*. So I had to get a domain name of my own. I didn't know what I wanted... after trying out lots of different things, Hired Goons was suggested to me. And here we are.

Some of my friends could certainly quality as Hired Goons. "The Committee" from the old days were technical goons in a respect, we ruled the Alliston Learning Centre when we were there. Luckily for everybody involved we are benevolant.

Besides... a Goon theme rocks. You get to have guys breaking the legs of Netscape 4 users, ranks like this, and a photo album called the "Gallery of Beatings". Now really, who can argue with that?

Not to mention of course the joy of owning these email addresses. Who wouldn't want to be tie.domi@hiredgoons.ca? chretien@hiredgoons.ca? goon@hiredgoons.ca? The list just goes on and on, any username is cooler when it belongs to a Hired Goon.

This probably doesn't answer your question, because there isn't really an answer. Hired Goons is simply an entity comprised of the people who make it doing things with a silly mafia theme. If you really want to know what it is, get to know me.